Congrats Summer 2018 Graduates & Undergrad Researchers!

Congrats Summer 2018 Graduates & Undergrad Researchers!

Yuqiang Zeng Commencement
Summer Group Celebration
Debraliz Isaac-Aragones poster session
Yuqiang Zeng earned his PhD and Prahlad Kulkarni received his MS degree this summer. We had several undergrads working in the lab as well.

Yuqiang Zeng defended his PHD thesis on "Tuning Thermal Conduction in Thin Films" in July and graduated in August. He was one of the first two students to join the MTEC lab in 2013 and has been instrumental in developing our experimental and computational capabilities. Congratulations Dr. Zeng!

Prahlad Kulkarkni defended his MS thesis on "Experimental Investigation of Foam-Phase Change Material Interactions for Thermal Energy Storage" in July. HIs work on the fundamentals of phase change in porous materials spanned both work for thermal management of electronics and thermal energy storage. Congratulations Prahlad.


MTEC also had several undergraduates working this summer:

  • Debraliz Isaac-Aragones worked in the lab through the SURF program focusing on thermal transport in composites conducting both experiments and modeling efforts. Her mentors were Rajath Kantharaj and Aaditya Candadai.
  • Radhakrishna Korlam worked through the PURE program jointly with Prof. Weibel's group to investigate thermal transport in high conductivity, flexible fabrics. His mentor was Aaditha Candadai.
  • Luis Delgado and Kimberly Bui worked with the MTEC lab in collaboration with Prof. Xiulin Ruan's group through the BRIDGE program to study thermal energy stroage in composite phase change materials. Luis will join Purdue as a graduate student in August 2018.