Multi-functional Carbon Nanotube Films and Composites

Event Date: October 24, 2011
Authors: A. Marconnet
Journal: Nanotechnology for Defense Symposium
Nanotechnology for Defense Symposium, Seattle, WA, 2011

Aligned carbon nanotube (CNT) arrays and composites offer a unique combination of thermal, mechanical, and electrical properties ideal for many applications. Vertically aligned CNT films are being developed as thermal interface materials for electronic systems and thermoelectric power generators. Thermal characterization using thermoreflectance techniques and mechanical characterization of the in-plane elastic modulus using a novel MEMS resonator based measurement, show that some of the key fundamental properties of these films are better than the best competing solders and commercial greases [1,2]. Thick aligned CNT composite films offer an advantageous combination of thermal, mechanical, and electrical properties useful, for example, in aerospace applications by providing mechanical reinforcement, electrical shielding against lightning strikes, and spreading of heat through the structure [3]. The enhanced thermal conductivity of flowable materials with suspended nanoparticles (CNTs, graphene nanoplatelets, etc.) shows promise for cooling applications [4].

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