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Nancy Rasche is an Assistant Professor of Practice at Purdue University in the User Experience (UX) design major. She was involved in the design of the UX major where her focus was on developing and iterating the vertically integrated, industry engagement Experience Studio courses. Starting with 1 declared major in 2016, UX design now has almost 200 undergraduate students. In Fall of 2023, the Experience Studio had 16 sponsored student teams.

Her teaching focus is in the area of experiential education, industry-engagment, and studio-based active learning. Her research areas include improving the user experience of enterprise software solutions and expanding opportunities for marginalized student groups to get professional work experiences before graduation. You can contact her at or view her personal website.

Nancy Rasche, Instructor

UXD Faculty

Paul Parsons, Associate Professor, started Fall 2015
Nancy Rasche, Assistant Professor of Practice, started Fall 2015
Rua Mae Williams, Assistant Professor, started Fall 2020