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FALL 2016 Teams


Provide a research based set of design recommendations to improve on the current notification system.



Watson Wang is a student at Purdue University. He is currently pursuing degrees in Web Programming & Design from the Polytechnic institute with minors in Computer Science and Art & Design. He works as a freelance design consultant for Purdue CARE this summer. His goal is to ship AWESOME experiences.



We are partnering with the YWCA of Greater Lafayette, an organization that aims to aid victims of domestic violence, to solve an existing complication within their organization.


Alaina Creager is a determined Computer Graphics Technology student with aspirations to inspire the world of design. She is currently a graphic design intern for Purdue University and is looking to further her design experience. To view her design work visit


Soho Yun is currently a junior at Purdue University, majoring in Computer Graphics Technology with a focus on Virtual Product Integration. She aspires to work in the 3D modeling/visualization and simulation field as a design engineer. She is also passionate about the creative process of UX design and enjoys creating visuals & advertisements for her school organization. She can be reached at


Wave Upatising is a senior at Purdue University majoring in Computer Graphics Technology and Web Development & Design. She is currently a graphic design intern at Purdue’s Student Life and Operations Management. Upon Graduation, Wave hopes to pursue a career in web development, graphic or ux design. She can be contacted by email at

Paperclip Fitness

Redesign the mobile app for Paperclip Fitness - a startup that aims to connect patrons with each other and with the staff of the gym.


Kendra Moyars is an ambitious student at Purdue University studying Computer Graphics. She someday hopes to thrive in front end development and user experience design. She has spent the last year as a web developer intern at Purdue Marketing and Media extending her knowledge in development and design and enhancing her communication skills. In high school she worked as an intern for a small non for profit company maintaining, developing, and redesigning their web pages and graphics.


David is a junior pursuing a degree in Computer Graphics Technology, with a focus in Human Centered Design and Development. David has a passion to help others and found the perfect fit in the field of UX. David is is driven, passionate, and a natural leader that works hard to get things done. Currently, David is learning crucial skills through studios and an internship to help redesign service kiosks for low-literacy populations.


CHI 2017 Design Competition

Our goal is to find a solution to help treat the symptoms and negative effects of dyslexia.


Alethia Jong is a Junior studying Computer Graphics Technology at Purdue University. Her focus is in Web and Game Development, and she has experience working with Purdue’s Team ISEEK on the mobile game Project Saksham. For Project Saksham, she has done graphics and conceptual design work as well as gamification and UI/UX work and research. She worked with the team to bring a working alpha version of the game to production, and currently is working on rolling out a beta.


Jackson Tibbett is a student studying computer graphics with a focus in web development and design at Purdue University. He is also pursuing a minor in management. Jackson developed a passion for Ux design and research while studying at Purdue. Jackson currently holds a intern position as a Ux Designer and Researcher for Citybase. Jackson has been working with a team of three interns that are evaluating and redesigning payment kiosk for the city of Chicago.


Abby Perez is a student at Purdue University who is pursuing a degree in both Human-Computer Interaction and Brain and Behavioral Sciences. She is currently the Head of Marketing and Social Media for the Purdue University Gaming Group and Purdue Filipino Association. She loves to share her passion for User Experience (UX), and is working as a UX intern and researcher this semester.


Effectively redesign and develop a more modern website for Neuro Vigor - A Purdue Research Foundation startup that aims to showcase a novel solution that reduces disease and spinal injuries.


Cameron Grundy is a senior in Computer Graphics Technology at Purdue University. He specializes in programming, more specifically in HTML, CSS, PHP, and the Javascript MEAN Stack, with additional familiarity with C++ and Python. Cameron most commonly utilizes his programming skills for app and web development, and he looks to find a job in either a web-
related field, or in a design-centric UX role. Cameron also interned at an Indianapolis company called TechPoint, where he developed many of the aforementioned skills in an intensive program that bridged the gap between the classroom and the workplace. In his spare time, Cameron enjoys gaming, as well as playing the bass guitar. Cameron is most easily contacted at his email,, or during the day at his Cell, 219-741-3468.


Kaela Disney is currently a college student at Purdue University, majoring in Computer Graphics Technology. Kaela just completed an internship with NASA’s Jet Propulsions Laboratory, where she improved her technical, leadership, and communication skills daily. Her interests vary between web development and user experience, and she hopes to one day have a successful career that incorporates both of her two focuses of study. In her spare time she loves to travel and be outdoors, as well as hang out with her friends and family. Learn more about her by contacting


Experienced with front-end web development, he has worked with Purdue Bands & Orchestras & the Purdue Office of Marketing & M edia. He’s also worked with a small movie theater doing web design and graphic design work. When he’s not busy designing, you can find him making music with Purdue’s athletic bands. You can contact Nick at

Construction Management

We are working with Purdue's Construction Management to create a web app and kiosk that includes graduate composites and features distinguished alumni.



Nicholas Wong is a student at Purdue University, majoring in Human Centered Design & Development. Combining a well-organized approach with strong technical and written skills, Nicholas is highly committed and thorough in detail-oriented projects, and enjoys balancing his time between independent and team related ventures. Currently, he is looking to broaden his design intuition and experience. For more information, contact him at


McKenzie is a sophomore studying Computer Graphics Technology at Purdue University. She hopes to have a career in User Experience and worked with children this summer teaching web design and photoshop and digital music classes. To contact/learn more about her send an email to


AJ Vetter is a student at Purdue University studying Human Centered Design & Development. He has experience doing design and film in commercial, non for profit, and corporate settings. He has filled roles including, but not limited to: Graphic Designer, Video Producer, and Digital Marketing Manager. AJ is passionate about nonprofits and companies benefiting something greater than you and I. For more information, contact him at

City Base

We are working with CityBase Inc. to develop a system to engage citizens with their local parks by encouraging them to create and host events within the parks system.


Megan Tietjen is currently a student at Purdue University, majoring in Web Development and Design while also dabbling in Human Centered Design and Development. She is currently a Web Design Intern at Purdue’s Krannert School of Management. Upon graduation, Megan hopes to find a job that allows her to flex all of her design, research, and development muscles. She enjoys conducting user research and incorporating testing into her design process in order to create websites users actually want to visit and continue to visit. Megan has also been an intern at Purch for the past 2 years where she gained an understanding of the role social media plays in marketing and building a brand online. Additionally, she’s worked with both the Product development and traffic teams and set up numerous web marketing campaigns. In her spare time, Megan loves doing yoga and going on walks with her energetic dachshund, Molly. To view some of her work visit,


Owen Gick is a current junior at Purdue University. His major is in Computer Graphics
Technology. He plans on specializing in Human Centered Design. He enjoy working on computers and with people. Contact him:


Si Qiu is currently a junior studying Human Centered Design and Development at Purdue University. Her hometown is Wuhan, China. One of the best choices she has made is to study in another culture environment, which gives her the opportunity to communicate with people from different countries. She is now looking forward to becoming a UX designer, who creates and refines user experience. She enjoys novel ideas and always hopes to turn them into reality. Contact her:



Sam Gulati is a designer dedicated to designing intricately detailed, aesthetically pleasing and functionally simple experiences for people based on the fundamentals of research, psychology and human emotion. Passionate about the design startup business model research and development. His works can be seen at and he can be contacted via e-mail at


Zach Barnett: Computer Graphics Technology student, focusing on Web Development and Design at Purdue University. Zach is looking to work in areas related to his interests in computer graphics – from designing web applications to product-focused animation. He can be reached via e-mail:


Jeff Cardwell currently attends Purdue University and is pursuing a dual degree in Computer Graphic Technology and Communications. In the future, Jeff plans to collaborate in efforts in the the political realm, mission field and private sector to assist in the development of real-time solutions that benefit low socioeconomic communities and families. For more information, contact Jeff via email at



Morgan Mahoney is a Junior at Purdue University studying Computer Graphics Technology with a focus in Human Centered Design and Development. She hopes to pursue a career in User Interface Design. Morgan has a passion for design and hopes to someday inspire and innovate with her work. Her skills include aesthetics, UX skills, and communication skills. She spent her summer working on a project in Washington DC, backpacking in Ireland, and then coming home to an internship working with CG Visions here in Lafayette, IN.


Madeline Kiley is a current senior at Purdue University pursuing a degree in Computer Graphics Technology concentrating in Web Development and Design with an interest in User Experience and a minor in Art & Design concentrating in Electronic Time Based Art. My skills are diversified amongst web development, design and user experience as an individual and in team work. She spend the summer working on design work with 4 color printing, designing mortar board covers and Adobe products. Focusing to pursue a career in Graphic Design, UX and Web Development.


Matthew Basham is a junior studying Web Programming and Design at Purdue University. He hopes to use his personal experience and skills he learns in classes to be a creative front-end designer. He spent the summer working as an entrepreneur in a web development company; where he learned essential skills in client communication, project management, and HTML/CSS. Matthew is actively learning more through his studies and the current projects he is working on. You can contact him through his email: