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SPRING 2016 Teams


research and development of knowledge management systems


Abby Perez is a student at Purdue University who is pursuing a degree in both Human Centered Design and Psychology. She has an eye for detail and has a passion for research. Her dedication to her work is what sets her apart from everybody else. When working in a team, she listens to other’s ideas and collaborates to achieve shared goals. You can reach her at or 765-490-8159.


Jason Brier is a computer tech student, UX researcher/designer, and front-end developer looking to be a part of shaping the future of technology. He is skilled at applying his creativity to craft appealing and effective systems and experiences that make user interaction intuitive and enjoyable. He can be reached at or 812.639.8904.


Sam Ensign is a junior at Purdue University seeking a Computer Graphics degree. Sam is a social media enthusiast and comprehends the effects marketing and media implementation can have on an organization. Sam prides himself as competent in multiple areas, including web development, user experience, graphic design, and marketing. You can contact Sam at or (765) 421-5576.

CG Visions

We are working with CG Visions to improve the experience of their online floor plan configurator, specifically on mobile devices.


Yue Zhao is a senior in Computer Graphic Technology at Purdue University. She was originally from China and it is her third year in United States. User Centered Design fascinates her because this is the way to help people and make them live in a better life. She believes that good User Centered Designs save people’s time, improve their efficiency, make them feel pleasant, and also may save people’s lives. She will learn everything more in depth and experience them through this semester to prepare herself to a future User Centered Designer.


Morgan Mahoney is a student at Purdue University. She aims to receive her BS in Human Centered Design and Development, and eventually her Masters.


Gavin Brown is a senior at Purdue University studying software design and development, with a primary focus on iOS. He is also a developer with Purdue Teaching and Learning Technologies.

Focus Tactical Design

New website design and development for Focus Tactical Design which is committed to making police officers jobs easier through smarter equipment design.


Nicholas Wong is full-time student at Purdue University. He is an organized, passionate, and committed individual pursuing a bachelor’s degree in Human Centered Design & Development.


Jackson Tibbett is a Purdue University student studying Computer Graphics Technology. He is focusing his studies in Web Development and User Experience.


Cristian Soza was born and raised in Little Havana, Florida, to the Midwest region viewing the world from a different perspective as Computer Graphic Designer.



Si Qiu is currently a sophomore of Polytechnic Institute at Purdue University. She has been a student for most of her life, and would always feel like being a quick learner and a self-challenger. Deeply affected by her father, a port & waterway engineer, and being in love with design herself, she is now looking forward to becoming a UX designer, who creates work by technological thinking and experience design knowledge.


David Ye is a current sophomore majoring in computer graphics technology at Purdue University. David excels in research and written communication. In teams, David tends to naturally take the leadership position, facilitating conversation, and generating ideas, and motivating teammates. In addition, David is expressive, and creative with his ideas. This allows for spontaneous explosions of productivity. He is also curious and eager to learn new things. When David is not working on his studies, David likes to learn a variety of new skills from various online resources to expand his knowledge.


Lingyi Zhang is a student who might be relatively good at photography among people who are learning web programming, relatively good at web programming among people who love graphic design and relatively good at graphic design among people who are fond of photography. Lingyi is not a master at any of the perspectives now, but he is working hard to do better at them. He is also in the process of learning Human Centered Design & Development. He hopes to transfer what he has learned to something interesting in the future.

Herff Jones


Keith Cercone is a multi-disciplinary designer with work in numerous areas from web and graphic to user experience. He is set to graduate from Purdue University in May with a degree in Computer Graphics Technology and a focus in web design and development. Now he is actively seeking a company that will allow him to think creatively and solve problems visually. He has a long-lasting love of typography and the latest design trends, and is constantly seeking to learn new skills that will allow him to create. Learn more about Keith at or, or contact him via email at


Capri Flournoy is a computer graphics major at Purdue University. She plans to pursue a career in user interface design in the entertainment field. She has helped design and manage an upcoming non-for profit organization by the name of Power. This organization has been a large part of her experience in user oriented design. In her free time she really enjoys playing basketball and other fun activities. Balance is important to her as a person as well as in the workforce. She can be contacted by email at


Kaela Disney is currently a college student at Purdue University, studying Computer Graphics Technology. Kaela has an internship with Krannert Digital Signage, where she improves her technical, leadership, and communication skills everyday. Her interests vary between web development and user experience, and she hopes to one day have a successful career that incorporates both of her two focuses of study. In her spare time, she loves to travel and be outdoors, as well as hang out with her friends and family. Learn more about her by contacting via email at

Legacy Hardwoods

New website design for Legacy Hardwoods which produces cutting edge genetics for hardwood tree plantings and is marketing the trees to the Midwest region for timber.


Megan Tietjen is a student at Purdue University, majoring in Computer Graphics Technology. Upon graduation, she hopes to become a User Experience Designer for an online retailer. In her spare time, she enjoys doing yoga and going on walks with her energetic dachshund, Molly. To learn more, visit


Sam Gulati is an unorthodox, unbiased designer dedicated to designing intricately detailed, aesthetically pleasing and meaningful experiences for people based on the fundamentals of research, psychology and human emotion. Passionate about design startup business model research and development. My works can be seen at and I can be contacted via e-mail at


Alaina Creager is a determined computer graphics student with aspirations to inspire the world of design. She is currently a graphic design intern for Purdue University and is looking to further her experience. To learn more about her visit

Purdue Pharmacy


Christian Rogers is a third year student majoring in Computer Graphics Technology at Purdue University. He enjoys solving that are complex, but have more than one approach and allow for creativity. He is currently studying animation and wishes to work for an animation studio such as Pixar or Disney. However, he is also interested in UX and interface design. Depending on how much he enjoys the courses CGT 17207 and CGT 1708, he may decide to switch to Human Centered Design and Development.


Maddie Schenck is a Purdue University senior majoring in Computer Graphics Technology with a focus on User Experience (UX) and Web Design & Development. Throughout her last four years at Purdue, Maddie has had 3 separate IT internships at ArcelorMittal, the Purdue Office of Admissions, and USAA, where she had numerous opportunities to hone both her web development and UX skills. She also served as the Productions and Marketing Executive for Purdue University Dance Marathon, where she successfully rebranded the entire organization as well as rebuilt the organizations website, created numerous promotional materials, and helped lead the organization to raise $1.1 million for the kids and families at Riley Hospital for Children. When she isn’t excelling in the classroom or in various leadership roles, Maddie can be found curled up with a good book under her Batman snuggie. You can contact her or send her punny jokes at


Alex Namwali is a forward-thinking graphic artist that always delivers. With many freelance projects and an internship with School Datebooks under his belt, it is no secret he has a mastery of the adobe suite. You might find Alex working with local artists on album art or helping college students promote various events. Alex sees that the job is done before he sees his eyelids. He’s a South Bend native with a love of sports, cartoons, and music. Contact him here at