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SPRING 2017 Teams


A consistent pain point in ESRIs educational efforts is developing a simple yet engaging way to communicate what GIS (geographic information systems) is, why it is important, and how it can be used for tackling both simple and complex problems. This project is to create an effective, meaningful, and fun tool aimed at educating individuals about geospatial thinking and technology.

Nick W

Nicholas Wong is a student at Purdue University, majoring in Human Centered Design & Development. Combining a well-organized approach with strong technical and written skills, Nicholas is highly committed and thorough in detail-oriented projects, and enjoys balancing his time between independent and team related ventures. Currently, he is looking to broaden his design intuition and experience. For more information, contact him at


Sam Gulati is a designer dedicated to designing intricately detailed, aesthetically pleasing and functionally simple experiences for people based on the fundamentals of research, psychology and human emotion. Passionate about the design startup business model research and development. His works can be seen at and he can be contacted via e-mail at


John Paul Oses is currently a sophomore at Purdue University pursuing a BS in Human Centered Design and Development and obtaining his Entrepreneurship Certificate. He currently works at The Purdue CoRec as a Facility Attendant and is a member of Triangle Fraternity. His skills range from web development and programming to graphic design and communication. He aspires to travel to the West Coast to work as a Front-End Developer or a UX Designer in the future. You can contact John Paul at


Michael Davidge is a student in User Experience Design. In the past, he has worked with Culver Academy to help produce digital content for their clubs such as flyers and logos. He is well versed in a variety of Adobe programs, but also has a background in entrepreneurial business and psychology which help further his UX designs. Outside of school Michael is still involved in UX being an active and working member of Purdue’s UX club. To reach him you can email him at


Yuqing Wu is a sophomore pursuing a degree in Computer Graphics Technology, with a focus on Human Centered Design and Development, and a certificate of entrepreneurship and innovation. She is passionate about UI/UX design and enjoys creating visual graphics for school and organizations. She is also an amateur of architecture and landscape architecture. She can be reached at

HP Enterprise

SPOCK is the source of interoperability communication for HPE storage products. It provides a repository of all support information for HPE Storage products and a user interface for users to find what they need with minimal effort. This project will focus on understanding user pain points with SPOCK in order to address and propose suggestions for a better GUI for the program.


Kaela Disney is currently a junior at Purdue University, double majoring in Computer Graphics Technology and Web Development with a specialization in Human Centered Design. Kaela just completed an internship with NASA’s Jet Propulsions Laboratory, where she improved her technical, leadership, and communication skills daily. Her interests vary between web development and user experience, and she hopes to one day have a successful career that incorporates both of her two focuses of study. Learn more about her by contacting


Jackson Tibbett is a student studying computer graphics with a focus in web development and design at Purdue University. He is also pursuing a minor in management. Jackson developed a passion for Ux design and research while studying at Purdue. Jackson currently holds a intern position as a Ux Designer and Researcher for Citybase. Jackson has been working with a team of three interns that are evaluating and redesigning payment kiosk for the city of Chicago.


Amelia Lim is currently a sophomore in Human Centered Design and Development minoring in Psychology at Purdue University, West Lafayette. She is interested in the interaction design field and is experienced with multiple Adobe applications. She has previous working experiences, which include working for Lorex Private Limited in the technical department to travel in Malaysia to rectify the clients’ desktops and standalone devices, and working in the sales department in Aeropostale Inc., Malaysia. She is dedicated to giving back to the community by doing volunteering work in her spare time. Amelia can be contacted at


Drake Long is a freshman at Purdue University Honors College, majoring in Human Centered Design & Development. He is an Adobe Certified Associate in Illustrator, which supports his experience with various types of still graphics. His specialization, however, is with flat, modern style designs. Upon completion of his degree, Drake aspires to be a UX or UI developer. Outside of the classroom, Drake is involved with Purdue’s Minority Technology Association and aiding in the formation of Purdue’s user experience club. Additionally, in his free time, you can find him listening to alternative pop and drinking bubble tea.


Chris Oyer is an independent game developer and college student attending Purdue University. He is currently pursuing two majors: one in UX design, another in Game Development. Having few current marketable skills, Chris Oyer has over-relied on little he has left: humor. He will rewrite his bio when he actually knows anything worthy of bragging about. Chris also enjoys bike rides in the cold and lots of homework. He must because recently that’s all he’s really done. Chris Oyer hopes to live up to the Oyer family name. According to Google, “Oyer” means someone who hunts Geese. So if success is a goose, rest assured; Chris Oyer is on the hunt.


This semester we will be partnering with The Score to assess the sharing capabilities within their applications.


Project Lead and a determined UX student, Alaina Creager, has aspirations to inspire the world of design. She has recently accepted a summer intern opportunity with the Garmin International UX design team and is looking to further her design experience. To learn more about her visit


Experienced with front-end web development, he has worked with Purdue Bands & Orchestras & the Purdue Office of Marketing & Media. He’s also worked with a small movie theater doing web design and graphic design work. When he’s not busy designing, you can find him making music with Purdue’s athletic bands. You can learn more about Nick at


Elizabeth Finley is a student in Purdue University’s undergraduate Human Centered Design and Development program. She is a dedicated student who is well versed in various Adobe programs. With a love of being creative and design she aspires to create products that both meet user needs and appeal to users aesthetically. Outside of school Elizabeth enjoys photography (her work can be viewed at and reading. Elizabeth can be contacted through her email,


Joseph Hoggatt is a student in Purdue Polytechnic’s Human Centered Design and Development program. He assisted in designing a scouting app for his high school’s FIRST robotics team. In his spare time, he occasionally takes on Graphic design work from friends and family, and works with new design tools to search for better ways of conveying what he can see in his mind. In his spare time, he enjoys playing tabletop games as that is clearly the fastest route to a raucous social life. Joseph can be contacted by email at; His LinkedIn is


The YWCA Domestic Violence Intervention and Prevention Program is currently providing information and support to various groups throughout the Greater Lafayette Area. Our team will start from doing testings and improvements for its current website, and then enter a second phase to understand the problem of new direction and add extended functionalities. The goal of the project is to help YWCA understand its users better and reach out to more people who need help through digital platforms.


Si Qiu is currently a junior studying Human Centered Design and Development at Purdue University. She dreams to become a UX designer, exploring the possibilities of human centered design, and turning novel ideas into realities. Contact her:


Watson Wang is a student at Purdue University. He is currently pursuing degrees in Web Programming & Design from the Polytechnic institute with minors in Computer Science and Art & Design. He works as a freelance design consultant for Purdue CARE this summer. His goal is to ship AWESOME experience.


Caleb Honegger is a third year student in Web Programming and Design, minoring in Sound Design for the Performing Arts. He is the general manager and webmaster of Wiley Radio, Purdue’s oldest student run radio station, and works as a lab assistant for iTap Labs. He specializes in user centered web development.


Justin Campbell is a student at Purdue University’s Polytechnic Institute studying Human Centered Design and Development. He also maintains ownership and oversees operations at Not Just Computer Services, a multi-purpose IT consulting business. Justin is skilled in maintenance and troubleshooting of Windows, macOS, and various GNU/Linux distributions including Ubuntu and Arch Linux. He has experience in areas including–but not limited to–software development, website design/development, audio/video production, network and (GNU/Linux) server maintenance and systems administration. Justin is also equipped to provide training for a large amount of software. Justin can be contacted via email at


Christina Christian is a student of Human Centered Design and Development at Purdue University and a full time experience consultant for Samsung Mobile. She has more than 10 years of experience working with customers and technology. Christina has a very basic understanding of HTML and CSS. She has shown considerable leadership skills in managing her Samsung team as well as her own busy school schedule. Christina can be contacted at

Purdue Content Marketing

Content Marketing Operations is a team within Purdue Marketing that serves to help Purdue communicators create and distribute content in an engaging and cost-effective manner. They would like a better understanding of their users, and find an answer to the question of how can they best create and promote a resource website so that Purdue communicators can easily find what they need.


Megan Tietjen is currently a student at Purdue University, majoring in Web Development and Design while also dabbling in Human Centered Design and Development. She is currently a Web Design Intern at Purdue’s Krannert School of Management. Upon graduation, Megan hopes to find a job that allows her to flex all of her design, research, and development muscles. She enjoys conducting user research and incorporating testing into her design process in order to create websites users actually want to visit and continue to visit. Megan has also been an intern at Purch for the past 2 years where she gained an understanding of the role social media plays in marketing and building a brand online. Additionally, she’s worked with both the Product development and traffic teams and set up numerous web marketing campaigns. In her spare time, Megan loves doing yoga and going on walks with her energetic dachshund, Molly.


David Ye is a junior pursuing a degree in Computer Graphics Technology, with a focus in Human Centered Design and Development. David has a passion to help others and found the perfect fit in the field of UX. David is is driven, passionate, and a natural leader that works hard to get things done. Currently, David is learning crucial skills through studios and an internship to help redesign service kiosks for low-literacy populations.


Lingyi is a graduate student in Human Centered Design and Development, with a minor in Art and Design at Purdue University. He constantly challenge himself to learn new skills and technologies in interface design and interaction design. He can be contact at


Delaney Rundell is a freshman at Purdue University pursuing a degree in Human-Centered Design and Development with a minor in Psychology. She is a passionate and ambitious student who never wants to stop learning and gaining new knowledge. She aspires to work as a UX designer and continue making the world a more user-friendly place. You can reach her at


Jai Tudor is a student of the Polytechnic Institute at Purdue University in West Lafayette,Indiana. Within the Polytechnic Institute, Jai majors in Human Centered Design and Development, soon to be known as User Experience. She is currently interested in expanding her education into areas of art and design that focus less on technology and more on the aesthetics side of User Experience. She can be reached at

Digital Dackel

DD is Canada’s leading UX research-driven agency focused on health and fintech. The application this team will be researching for uses IBM Watson AI and machine learning to both predict the future location of dementia patients that have wandered off as well as to activate IOT devices in the houses of dementia patients to decrease the fall risk of people with dementia.


As a student at Purdue University, Jason is currently pursuing a degree in Web Development and Design from the polytechnic institute. He is also heavily involved in the tech and entrepreneurship communities at Purdue and in West Lafayette. This spring he is working remotely as a UX researcher and designer for Ontario tech startup Digital Dackel, helping run a coworking space on campus, and managing outreach for Purdue Civic Engagement.


Morgan Mahoney is a Junior at Purdue University studying Computer Graphics Technology with a focus in Human Centered Design and Development. She hopes to pursue a career in User Interface Design. Morgan has a passion for design and hopes to someday inspire and innovate with her work. In the past, she has interned for CG Visions.


Meena Nanduri is studying Human Centered Design and Development at Purdue University. She is from Sunnyvale, California and likes to listen to music and kayak in her free time. She is passionate about User Experience Design because it combines her interests in psychology, technology, design, and user research. Meena is applying for a minor in Computer Science because she wants to complement her major with knowledge in back-end coding.


Stefani Sandoval is Sophomore at Purdue university working her way to BA/BS in UX. Originally from Massachusetts, Stefani grew up in Fort Wayne and knew first hand that wasn’t just corn fields in Indiana. Her main interests involve art and computer technology and occasionally a good game. She is pretty familiar with Adobe creative cloud, Catia and somewhat familiar with Rhino. Her goal in life is to have a career that she is passionate about. Her email is


Zexi Zhou is an international student from China, who is now a sophomore student studying in Purdue University and majoring at HCDD (Human Centered Design and Development), she will be graduating in the May of 2019. From there she hopes to pursue her master degree in UW of Settle. In the future she wants to become a UI designer. She has strong interest in visual design and graphic design. All of that result from learning 12 years chinese calligraphy and Chinese wash painting. Also she loves photographing as one of her hobbies. Aside from the academic part of life, she also loves international social work. In the past few years, she spent time on oversea volunteering jobs during her breaks, she went to Thailand, Nipple and Indonesia as a volunteer teacher. You can reach her through


The Human Research Protection Program (HRPP) Institutional Review Board (IRB) ensures that all human subjects research conducted by faculty, staff and students of Purdue University is conducted ethically and in a manner that promotes the protection of the rights and welfare of human subjects. The submission processes for the HRPP is time consuming and sensitive to human error. The goal of this project will be to understand the users on the receiver side of the IRB submission process and to provide research-based suggestions for best practices to create a more efficient and effective workflow.


Abby Perez is a student at Purdue University pursuing a degree in Human-Centered Design and Development with a minor in Psychology. She is currently a User Experience Designer for Hewlett-Packard Enterprise and a User Experience Team Lead for SatisFIND. She is also the president for the Purdue User Experience Design organization and the head of marketing for two other student organizations. Her work can be seen in her portfolio at and can be reached through her e-mail


Zach Barnett is a Computer Graphics Technology student, focusing on Web Development and Design at Purdue University. Zach is looking to work in areas related to his interests in computer graphics – from designing web applications to product-focused animation. He can be reached via e-mail at


Rhea Manocha is currently pursuing a BS in Human Centered Design and Development at Purdue University, and minoring in Computer Science, Psychology, and Management. Her skill set is primarily in user research, user interface design, and coding. When she’s not working on UX, Rhea spends time on coding, photography, and making bad puns.
After graduation, Rhea plans to work in interaction design. Until then, she is currently looking for opportunities to work with and learn from others in the industry. To view Rhea’s past work or contact her, visit her portfolio at


Patsy Mata is a Sophomore at Purdue University studying Human Centered Design and Development. Her skills range from programming with JaveScript, CSS, HTML, C# and having communication skills to design skills. She is excited about learning more UX skills and applying those skills to any internships or jobs that she is hoping to accept in the future. In her spare time, Patsy loves to travel and attend many concerts with her family and friends. She can be contacted via-email at