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Experience Studios Project Owners

Elizabeth Finley is our Lead Project Owner. Sneha Mulki, Mike Davidge, Hayley Farmer, Kassandra Melkey, and Abbee Westbrook are the Fall 2019 Project Owners. Each will manage 2 teams this semester. Sneha Mulki is working with OmniVis and ABB. Mike Davidge is working with Innovatemap and Avanade. Hayley Farmer is working iwth Cerner and UEG/Stryker. Kassandra Melkey is working with UEG/Ford and UEGroup Portal. Abbee Westbrook is working with Pure Fortitude and nanoHub

Elizabeth, Lead Project Owner

Elizabeth Finley is a junior in Purdue University’s undergraduate UX Design program. She aspires to create products that go beyond just meeting user needs and also appeals to users aesthetically. She has experience as a Web Intern for Travis County, TX and as a User Experience Design intern in Device Interaction for Garmin. With a particular interest in empathy and inclusivity in design, she is furthering her education through reading and taking courses in Communications, Psychology, Philosophy, and design. Outside of school, Elizabeth enjoys being outdoor, and exercising. Elizabeth can be contacted through her email,

Sneha, Project Owner

Sneha Mulki is a junior at Purdue University majoring in User Experience Design with a minor in Psychology. She worked at Intuit as a Product Designer for the summer and has a passion to explore the emerging technology space. She strives to solve for human needs by creating empowering and inclusive experiences. As an advocate for the user, empathy drives her design decisions throughout the process and she commits to serving all users of her work. To connect with her, feel free to reach out at

Mike, Project Owner

Michael Davidge is a Senior in User Experience Design. In the past, he has worked with Culver Academy to help produce digital content for their clubs such as flyers and logos. He is well versed in a variety of Adobe programs, but also has a background in entrepreneurial business and psychology which help further his UX designs. Outside of school, Michael is still involved in UX being an active and working member of Purdue’s UX club. To reach him you can email him at

Hayley, Project Owner

As a Senior in Purdue University’s User Experience Design program, Hayley C. Farmer is drawn to speculative design and user research. Her interests lie in social innovation, service design, interior design, educational technology, and entrepreneurship. She seeks to combine her UX skill set with her business mentality to create products that are beautiful and electrifying, while also being socially impactful and financially sustainable. This past summer she interned at Microsoft as a Product Manager and has discovered a new passion for managing cross-functional teams. Upon graduation, she plans on learning and growing in Big Tech before launching her own EdTech company. For professional purposes, you can get in contact with Hayley on LinkedIn or email her at

Kassandra, Project Owner

Kassandra Melkey is studying User Experience Design at Purdue University (graduating May 2020), and is specializing in user research and UX strategy, and minoring in communications. She is a passionate problem solver, people person, and an adventurer. She uses empathy, research insights and strategy to create wonderful user experiences. She recently completed an e-commerce user experience internship at Uline where she designed and conducted user research for a business to business e-commerce website on desktop and mobile. Kassandra loves understanding people and the systems that they exist in and hopes to work as a UX researcher or product manager upon graduation.
Kassandra can be reached

Abbee, Project Owner

Abbee Westbrook is currently a junior at Purdue University studying how humans interact with technology as a User Experience Design major. As an active member of the Community-Computer Interaction Lab, Abbee researches the creation and mediation of communities through technology. For the 2019-2020 academic year, Abbee was awarded both a Purdue Office of Undergraduate Research Scholarship and the Purdue Polytechnic’s Undergraduate Research Grant for her research in C-CIL. Recently, Abbee completed a Product Research internship with WillowTree, a tech consultancy where she worked with many of their Fortune 500 clients. Abbee believes in using her role to advocate for equity through design. Reach Abbee by email at


The goal of this project is to develop an image-oriented one page (or half sheet) instruction sheet that individuals can take with them as they collect and test water for the cholera pathogen. To prevent incorrect usage of the device, this instruction sheet will be in digital format as a resource when workers are in the field. The end product must take into account that the customers using the device come from a wide variety of cultures around the world and will heavily rely on colors and graphics that convey a message in the least amount of words.

Ruiqi, Co-Lead

Ruiqi Li is a senior studying at Purdue University with a major of UX Design and two minors of psychology and communication. In the past summer she worked as UX digital intern at Fusion Alliance. She is focusing on front end development along with visual design. Right now, she is practicing coding skills and doing UI design on a daily basis. She is the current advertisement graphic designer at Purdue User Experience Club.

Robin, Co-Lead

Robin Arnold is a Sophomore at Purdue University pursuing a degree in User Experience Degree with a minor in Psychology. From the start, she was drawn to innovative product development and other areas of User Experience such as technology, psychology and visual communication design. Robin always strives to make a seamless project with aesthetic appeal. Being a fresh face on campus, she hopes to delve into everything Purdue UX has to offer. Throughout her education, she will strive to develop a stronger passion for this industry while specializing in product management and visual design. Some of Robin’s key strengths include the desire to learn, visual design, organization, and team leadership skills. Her other passions include photography and volunteering. For professional purposes, she may be contacted at


Leah Neustedter is a sophomore at Purdue University pursuing a degree in User Experience Design pursuing a minor in Psychology and Communications. She plans to specialize in Visual Design and Product Management. She is well versed in a variety of Adobe programs, has advanced Spanish speaking skills and has a background in PR/social media. She worked for the Salvation Army in PR and is currently seeking an internship in UX for this summer. Leah also runs cross country and track for the university which has led her to have excellent time-management and leadership skills. Her work can be seen in her portfolio at and can be reached through her email at


Brigitte Gurrola is a junior studying at Purdue University pursuing her degree in User Experience Design. She has an interest in specializing in either ux engineering, user research, product management, or interaction design. She has a passion for civic design. Brigitte has experience with coding in HTML and Javascript, Adobe Cloud, and has advanced knowledge in Adobe Photoshop, and Adobe Illustrator.. She is the current website chair for the Society of Hispanic Professional Engineers, the communications director/graphic designer at Purdue Immigrant Allies, and the Director of Public Relations at the Latinx Student Union. If you would like to contact her, she can be reached at


Austin Straley is a junior in the UX program at Purdue University. Austin is a senior at Purdue and transferred to the program from the Game Studies program also at Purdue. Upon graduation, he hopes to become a specialist in the User Experience Research field of UX. Austin is a dedicated worker who is skilled in English and writing content with a specific tone in mind. For further information, contact him by email at


As the university classroom setting is becoming more and more technologically centered, students are becoming increasingly distracted by their devices. While technology provides the opportunity for collaboration, engagement and other efficiencies, it’s apparent that it has affected the professor's ability to teach and engage students. Over the course of the semester, we intend to create an end solution that will enable better transparency for both professors and students on technological use within the classroom while still utilizing the benefits of technology.

Kevin, Co-Lead

Kevin McDonald is a Senior at Purdue University pursuing a degree in User Experience Design with a minor in Psychology and a Certificate for Entrepreneurship and Leadership. He is a Chick Evans Scholar from Burbank, IL, who has completed two previous summer UX internships with Chamberlain Group and KeHE Distributors. This experience provided him the opportunity to work collaboratively with a team of UX designers on current and innovative company projects, that allowed him to further strengthen his visual design skills and knowledge tremendously. For more information, contact him at

Conner, Co-Lead

Connor Schrank is a junior at Purdue University and is in his second year of studying UX Design. While he’s worked on a variety of projects within UX Design, he specializes in user research and interactive design. Through his specialties, Connor creates meaningful, user-centered work to provide experiences beyond expectations. His mission is to help users actualize new heights in their experience and that his work will help users achieve them.Connor is also a researcher for the DVC (Design, Visualization, andCognition)Lab at Purdue University. His future goals include either going into industry after school or continuing onto graduate school. Beyond that, Connor enjoys watching B-movies with friends and eating lots of food. You can contact him at


Adam Kaufman is an enthusiastic Junior studying User Experience Design at Purdue University. This area of study combines his foremost strengths of communication, creativity, teamwork, and problem solving. As a tech-savvy individual, Adam has become proficient in various types of digital design including user interface, logo, and graphic design. Through design project experience with businesses and clients, he strives to apply his skill set throughout the user-centered design process to transform visions into reality. To get in contact with Adam, you may email him at


Isabella Pino is a Junior at Purdue University, seeking a major in User Experience Design and also pursuing two minors in Psychology and Communications. She is very good working along with people as a team, for she has good logical reasoning, judgment, determined, and organized. After completing a UX summer internship in Banco Guayaquil and exploring different areas, she is aiming to specialize in Visual Design and Content Strategy. She is striving to develop the necessary skills and tools that allow her to work and succeed in a major well-recognized tech company, one day. You can contact her at


Austin Johnson is a Junior at Purdue University studying User Experience Design. Austin has worked as an intern for a computer science education company and is an intern for Purdue’s Provost Office working on multiple university websites. Austin enjoys thinking outside of the box and finding new solutions. When Austin isn’t busy with work, he has a passion for creating music, putting out 3 EPs within the last 2 years. You can reach Austin, at


With the implementation of new communication technologies in healthcare, such as EMR, the quality of communication within the healthcare environment has decreased. For this project, we are encouraged to explore a new communication channel for patients and healthcare providers. We intend to empower patients with a new method to gain the clarification or support they need. Our main goal is to identify and alleviate miscommunication taking place between doctors and patients before, during, and after a visit. The project will be focused on research and ideation, with a potential for creating a new product as a final target.

Jingle, Co-Lead

Jingle Chen is a senior pursuing a degree in User Experience Design with minors in Psychology, Communication, Mathematics, and Computer Science. Currently, he is an undergraduate researcher at UX Pedagogy and Practice Lab (\) working on Dark Patterns project. He always enjoys teamwork and accomplishing meaningful but challenging tasks. You are most likely to find Jingle taking photos on the street or playing table card games while he is not working. Feel free to contact him at and

Anna, Co-Lead

Anna Ding is a junior at Purdue University studying UX Design. Her interests lie in Interaction and Interface Design with a focus in prototyping. She loves how UX has opened her eyes in noticing little details in design that change how fluidly an item functions. Due to her love of psychology, and wish to further explore how people view the world around them and they think, Anna have augmented her learning with psychology and communication classes. In her free time, Anna can be found wandering the world of literature or sketching the world around her. You can contact Anna at


Zoë Morken is a sophomore at Purdue University pursuing a degree in User Experience Design.
Being fascinated about how individuals interact with technology as well as how it influences their interpersonal relationships, Zoë is drawn toward creating pleasing experiences through beautiful and functional products. During her time as a student, she aspires to specialize in visual / user interface design. When she’s not immersed in UX work, Zoë is most likely cooking, reading, or petting her black lab. Zoë can be reached at


Rhea Singh is a sophomore at Purdue University. She is currently working towards a bachelor’s degree in User Experience Design, minoring in Psychology and getting a Collaborative Leadership certificate. Over the summer of 2019, Rhea Singh worked as a UX Intern at a software company called iManage where she worked on an independent UX project where she was designing opening screens for an upcoming product. She has a strong background in Photoshop, InDesign, and Illustrator. Throughout her first year of Purdue, she has now gained skills in prototyping, wireframing, researching, and user testing. If you want to get in touch with her, she can be reached through the following email:


Christian is a Junior at Purdue University majoring in User Experience Design. He is also minoring in Psychology and Management with a certificate in Entrepreneurship. Christian has a desire to create experiences that positively impact the lives of individuals. He has experience with Adobe’s Creative Cloud along with experience in web development languages such as React JS. He has interned at a company called Codelicious for the past three years. Codelicious is a start-up that develops STEM based curriculum for elementary and middle school aged children. Through this internship, Christian has been able to take lead on projects such as creating a basic Photoshop and Web Development curriculum. Another notable project that he has been able to work on is a web app that works as a file management and creation system for the company. The app is filed for a patent currently. In his free time, he likes to hang out with his friends or play sports such as soccer or ultimate frisbee. He also enjoys dealing with DIYs or making things using 3D printers and wood crafting equipment. User Experience Design was not Christian’s intended major when he arrived at Purdue. He was previously in the engineering program studying Electrical Engineering, but after going through some classes, he decided that it was not for him. He enjoys both the technical and creative side of generating new products. Christian hopes to utilize all areas of his wide range of interests by one day working as a project/product manager that helps design and build applications or websites. He envisions starting his own business one day or being in charge of a technology startup. You can reach Christian for more information at


Automotive experiences are increasingly automated and digital. Mobile devices, and the automobile’s own communication capabilities, allow for rapid communications while the car is being operated. Communication during emergencies is particularly vital. Time saved can directly impact the outcome of medical emergencies as well as allow drivers to “save” their day when something goes wrong. However, people dealing with these emergencies will often be under stress and not able to perform complex issues. The need is to design a mobile application that will help drivers and passengers deal with emergencies such as an accident, a breakdown, etc.

Megan, Co-Lead

Megan Ledford is a Senior majoring in User Experience Design while pursuing a minor in Organizational Leadership and a certificate in Entrepreneurship & Innovation. Megan is drawn to designing websites and mobile applications. She also enjoys understanding the way users interact and understand new technologies. Her particular interests are within product design, visual design, user testing, and project management. She loves working with others and has grown tremendously as a leader by leading a team through a semester long, open-ended, project with the consulting company-Avanade. Her ability to be detail-oriented while working enthusiastically with others, allows her to accomplish complex and challenging projects. In her free time catch her reading a book, playing her guitar, or cooking!

Gregory, Co-Lead

Gregory Sirko is in his third year of User Experience Design at Purdue University. He has a background in user research. Through the CCI-Lab with Dr. Austin Toombs, Gregory has studied the connections of private Instagram profiles and their impact on personal wellbeing and community health. He has also studied the potentialities for community growth and success through the online web platform,, which uses a sorting algorithm to place video gamers into online groups. In the past, he has worked as a usability consultant through Purdue’s SGCI Incubator. Gregory is highly concerned with design philosophy and its impact on technology’s ability to affect personal lives and social culture. For newer endeavors, he hopes to deepen his visual and interaction design skills. He is interested in product development and content strategy. Beyond research and design work, Gregory loves to play the drums, keyboard, video games, and cook.


Brandon Dentler is a current junior at Purdue University and in his second year of User Experience Design within the Polytechnic Institute. Currently he is planning on getting a Bachelor’s of Science in User Experience Design with a main focus in User Interface design within the video game industry, and am also working toward a certificate in Entrepreneurship. He plans to graduate from Purdue University in the Spring of 2021. Brandon’s passion for video games has been with him for his whole life. Family members would often say that he had a game console in his hands before he could even read. One major achievement in his life was being a United States Student Ambassador for the People to People Ambassador program. He learned about the culture and lifestyle of six different countries, while simultaneously representing his own. He has also received the great opportunity to work with Science Gateways Community Institute (SGCI) over the summer. He was able to transfer his skills from the classroom into the real world and learn more on how to interact with stakeholders. You can reach him at


Shelby Benton is a junior at Purdue University studying User Experience Design, pursuing minors in Psychology and Art & Design, and a certificate in Entrepreneurship. UX Design provides her with the opportunity to combine her interests in visual design, usability, psychology, communication, and critical thinking. Shelby’s involvement in various leadership organizations on campus allows her to think openly and creatively, while applying the wide-range of UX skills she has acquired. Her hopes for specialization include interaction design and visual design. After completing her degree, she aims to work at a large tech company that puts the users’ needs first. You can reach her at


Annie Giang is studying User Experience Design as an undergraduate at Purdue University in West Lafayette, IN. Intrigued by marketing strategies, she is seeking a certificate in Entrepreneurship & Innovation, where she will soon learn how to organize, start, run, or grow a business. Additionally, she is working to minor in Psychology and Communication to further develop skills that would benefit her as a UX Designer. She enjoys exploring technology and art, introducing herself to hobbies such as photography, videography, graphic design, and painting. She also continues to strengthen her knowledge with design tools such as Photoshop and Illustrator in addition to her familiarity with programming languages such as Java, HTML, CSS, and Javascript. By focusing on design and involving herself in multiple activities to increase her versatility, she strives to take on new challenges and create impactful innovations for the future. During her free time, she finds opportunities to relax through mindful activities such as yoga or meditation. On a more active day, you will most likely find her dancing at the gym or playing tennis. If you would like to reach out, feel free to contact her through email at


Families and friends have long waits at hospitals during surgical procedures during which time they experience elevated levels of anxiety and boredom. Increasingly, surgical devices are computerized and networked. This ushers in the possibility of providing updates from the surgical suite, either automatically or manually, that my reduce the anxiety of those waiting. A mobile app is envisioned that would allow the waiting family, both at the hospital or in a remote location, to stay updated about what stage the procedure is in and whatever other information the surgical staff wishes to share with interested parties.

Simran, Co-Lead

Simran, also known as Simmi, is an undergraduate User Experience Design major at Purdue University with a double minor in Communication and Psychology.

Her goal is to combine her passion for art and technology through design to make human interaction with technology easy and accessible. She is a designer who strives to create simple and impactful user experiences. She wants to focus on simplifying complex technologies and making it easy to use.

She is extremely interested in working on projects that focus on Artificial Intelligence, Voice Commands, Wearable Technology, Health, Entertainment and Music, Augmented Reality and Virtual Reality. Other interests in her life include photography, videography, music, and traveling. These passions of hers are what inherently inspire her work. You can reach her at

Madison, Co-Lead

Madison Lindeman is a senior majoring in User Experience Design at Purdue University with a double minor in psychology and communication. Her skill set includes, but is not limited to, user research, design strategy, information architecture, content strategy, user interface design, and usability testing. Within her major Madison specializes in project management and user interface design. To further her immersion into the world of UX Madison was in charge of advertising for the Purdue UX club and she is now interning with the Purdue-Ford motor company alliance aiding in the redesign of a web platform for Ford’s engineers. Upon graduating, Madison looks forward to designing meaningful and rewarding experiences for clients of all ranges. In her free time she loves spending time with her dog Keaton, expressing her creative mind through her artwork, and working on passion projects. You can reach Madison at


Juliet Jimenez is a Junior at Purdue University majoring in User Experience Design while pursuing a double minor in Psychology and Communication.

Juliet holds a passion for understanding and interacting with people. She spends a lot of her time both in and outside of class learning more about people and how they are impacted by today’s design decisions. Although she enjoys many aspects of UX, she specifically enjoys learning how today’s products impact and influence communities. Currently, she works as a UX Design Intern with the Military Family Research Institute.

Moving forward, Juliet is searching for a summer internship which will allow her to conduct impactful community-oriented work within the field of UX Design. She can be reached through her LinkedIn or by email at


Rheaa Kamath is a Sophomore at Purdue University studying User Experience Design with a minor in Psychology. Having the opportunity to live in three different countries (India, USA, and Japan) have helped Rheaa in developing a diverse perspective in addition to the different cultures of those countries. As a designer, she strives to create meaningful experiences that people encounter in everyday life. In the future, she would like to utilize her passion for minimal design, sustainability, healthcare, and technology in her UX career. Rheaa can be contacted by email at


Eleanor Hamilton is currently a Junior at Purdue University pursuing a degree in User Experience Design with a double minor in Communications and Psychology. Eleanor aims to create meaningful designs to improve others’ lives. She really enjoys prototyping and is familiar with Figma, but is always willing to learn new tools as well. One of Eleanor’s passions in life is music, and she hopes to integrate this passion into her career. When she’s not designing, Eleanor can be found performing with the Purduettes, an all-women musical group that serves as Ambassadors for Purdue. She can be reached at


Technology is constantly evolving and improving, with disruptive solutions becoming innovative ideas for pushing the boundaries of our society. However, those same disruptive solutions can cause the decline and even death of many older ideas and services. But they may also reinvigorate and save an already dying industry; examples of this include the reimagining of grocery stores through Amazon, the increasing services provided by movie theaters to compete with Netflix, or the continuous automation of industries such as manufacturing. Our task for the semester will be to identify a “declining” industry/service/etc. of your choosing and create a potential solution that would revitalize it.

Graeme, Co-Lead

Graeme Goss is a junior studying User Experience Design at Purdue University. He is really interested in the Project Management and Project Development aspect of UX, and he is keeping an open mind about all aspects of UX. Graeme loves dogs and currently has two dogs at home that he loves to see every time he gets the chance. He is generally a quiet person, but surprisingly he really loves to present projects and ideas! To contact Graeme email him at

Lucca, Co-Lead

Lucca McKay is passionate about beautiful and simplistic user experiences. A computer enthusiast, he is currently finishing up his senior year at Purdue University, majoring in UX Design. His professional experience includes interning at Charles Schwab where his focus was designing their disabled employee rights website and serving as a research assistant in the UXP2 lab researching “dark patterns” within UX. You may reach him at


Benjamin Frailey is an aspiring UX designer who enjoys using visualization and effective communication to help people understand what they are looking at. He has a varied history of skills, from public speaking to programming. Benjamin has experienced programming in HTML5, Java, and C++. His primary focus has been on creating art and other visuals for people to enjoy. He has done character design and apparel design. He tries to use his skills to positively affect those less fortunate. Benjamin makes the most out of his varied background to produce truly eclectic projects.


Emily Zaretzky is a Junior at Purdue University studying User Experience Design and pursuing a minor in Communication. Growing up, she has always found passion in design and the meaning it can bring. While continuing to intern for Hewlett Packard Enterprise, she has applied her knowledge of user-advocacy, user-research, prototyping, and testing to improve the experience of a web application. She is a self-learner and loves to explore different areas of expertise, including cybersecurity and web-development. Her philosophy is that a better-looking world is the byproduct of great user experience design. In her free time, Emily is either rock climbing, reading, or designing. She can be reached at


Amelia Fleetwood is a junior at Purdue University, studying Web Design and Programming & User Experience Design. From building models to functioning prototypes, Amelia has a passion for creating new products. Her love for User Experience Design has encouraged her to test, brand and review products with the user’s best interest in mind. Amelia’s current and past experience in web development will provide technical skills useful in the User Experience industry. For questions or further information, Amelia can be reached at

Pure Fortitude

The goal of this project is to have a fully functioning website, building off the current landing page, that guides pregnant or postpartum women to exercise and mental training options specific to their needs. This will need to factor in exercise preferences, history, possible contraindications, due date calculator, and tools to adjust for imputing actual due date, postpartum status, etc. to determine recommended programs. Final deliverables will be a detailed wireframe and interactive prototype of a website that meets company goals. The wireframe, ideally, would be able to directly be handed off to a developer.

Sarah, Co-Lead

Sarah Field is a senior at Purdue University from San Diego studying User Experience Design with a minor in Psychology and an emphasis in entrepreneurship and innovation. Sarah enjoys designing websites and mobile applications with flawless information architecture and task flow through her front end development skills. Some of her key strengths are being hardworking, detail-oriented, communicative, eager to learn new things, and a great team worker/leader. Through past projects, Sarah has enjoyed working on research, iterations, and documentation. Some of Sarah’s other hobbies and interests include philosophy, healthy living, and product design. From experience participating and being involved with Girls Who Code, Sarah hopes to get more young girls and women interested in computer science and UX design. As a UX designer, she strives to make information architecture flawless and sleek through a combination of experience in programming, creativity, and user-focused design. You can contact her at or through LinkedIn.

Amy, Co-Lead

Amy Zhang is currently a Junior pursuing a degree in User Experience Design at Purdue University. She has experience with Adobe’s Creative Cloud as well as several digital art platforms. With strengths in graphic design, Amy’s goal is to specialize in Visual Design for UX. She aspires to work with companies with a focus in interface design and user research. Amy has some experience with JavaScript and HTML as well, but is still learning. She is currently Purdue Equestrian Team’s graphic designer, as well as a research assistant for Nielsen Norman Group. For more information, Amy is reachable at


Lindsay Drake is a sophomore at Purdue University majoring in User Experience Design. She has always been very interested in how people think and work together, so she is pursuing minors in Psychology, Communication, and Organizational Leadership. Starting at an early age she has always loved to explore art and being creative, so Lindsy has thoroughly enjoyed taking her first steps in the design field. With her interest in art and aesthetics, she also hopes to specialize in Visual Design and Content Strategy for UX. Lindsay can be contacted via email at


Kaitlyn Tran is a junior at Purdue University pursuing a degree in User Experience Design and minors in Psychology, Communications, and Entrepreneurship. She is passionate about changing the way people interact with technology for the better, and feels good design is the best medium to do so. Kaitlyn enjoys visual design and aspires to gain experience in project management, social media marketing, and mobile application development. She can be reached at


Kanika Rao is currently a sophomore studying User Experience Design with a minor in Psychology at Purdue University. She is working to better understand the nuances of Project Management, Data Visualization, and User Research. She is also interested in front-end development and the interactions possible within the space. Some of her passions include fashion, music, and food. Kanika strives to incorporate her passions into her into her academic curriculum and hopes that she can apply what she learns to help design better for the user. Kanika can be contacted at


Our project goal is to work with nanoHUB--a unique platform that provides nanotechnology and nanoscience tools for use through web-apps for the purpose of education and research--to refine the understandability, ease-of-use, and visual aesthetics of their most commonly used tools and provide general research and recommendations that they can then run with to improve the usability of the rest of the more-than-600 tools available on the platform.

Ian, Co-Lead

Ian Carr is a senior at Purdue University’s UX Design undergraduate program and is pursuing an MS in Computer Graphics Technology, with a focus in UX Design. He has 2 years of experience as a Computer Science student, transferring from Ivy Tech Community College in Indianapolis. Ian spent nearly four years working at’s largest distribution facility as an associate trainer, where he trained thousands of new associates. Ian specializes in user research and works as an assistant in InfoVis research at DVC Lab. He also works as a UX/UI Designer at Redhorse Corporation. Ian is always looking for the next opportunity to make a creative difference. You may contact Ian at

Jeremy, Co-Lead

Jeremy Farmer is a Senior at Purdue University studying User Experience Design with minors in Communication and Psychology. He made his way to UX while searching for the balance between his passion for computers and his love of helping people. Grown in Indiana but matured in Grand Junction, Colorado, he was raised in a home that emphasized leadership, integrity, and a strong moral code. After being awarded the prestigious Daniels Fund Scholarship, he found his way back to West Lafayette, Indiana. Jeremy has been experimenting with video game development since early in high school and would like to continue that pursuit as a hobby. He has worked with the companies Avanade and Crema on app-development projects through the Experience Studio program at Purdue. He also loves to sing and be involved in his on-campus Christian ministry. To get to know him more, email at


Tori Martin is a sophomore majoring in User Experience Design with a minor in psychology at Purdue University. She is interested in the design and creativity aspects of UX, as a user-friendly and aesthetically pleasing interface is of most interest. Tori plans to explore the field of UX, gaining more insight into the design and innovative work. Incorporating her bright and enthusiastic personality, she strives to improve users’ experiences focusing on visual design and content strategy. UX allows Tori to blend together her artistic mind with her technological skills. She has experience with Adobe’s Creative Cloud software, web design, and even video editing within Final Cut Pro, but is still seeking to improve her skills. You can contact Tori by email at


Jack Bannon is currently a sophomore at Purdue University pursuing a BS in User Experience Design. He is in the process of achieving a minor in psychology as well as a certificate in collaborative leadership. Containing a background in graphic design, Jack plans to specialize in information architecture/content strategy but is keeping an open mind regarding all aspects of UX. As a UX designer, Jack plans to bring simple, personalized experiences to users of tech around the globe by combining his visual design skills with futuristic approaches. To contact Jack, you can email him at


Nicole Li is an enthusiastic Junior at Purdue University studying in User Experience Design with a minor in Computer Science. Nicole is a creative designer, a great communicator, a responsible teammate, and an active learner. She has a special focus on UX/UI Design and she also has strong interests in conducting user research and the ideation process. She strives to design meaningful experiences that communicate emotions and feelings with users, as well as design an experience that bridges the gap between people and technologies.
Nicole Li can be reached at


Enyu Li is a sophomore at Purdue University’s UX Design undergraduate program with the intention to focus on visual and web design. He is experienced with different kinds of redesign challenge. He is familiar with finding/narrowing down the scope for an open-ended problem, he is also able to cooperate and lead for specific design tasks. He works with sketching design ideas with paper or on devices with tools like photoshop. You may contact Enyu at


At ABB, the Industrial Automation for Energy Industries (IAEN) provides a variety of electrical resources to its customers as well as provides automation and control systems to global facilities. To work towards a cleaner future, the IAEN developed the Renewable Energy Management System to help manage small-scale, “behind-the-meter” energy assets such as photovoltaics, electricity storage, and more. However, the problem is that the company lacks direct access to the consumers for this type of energy management system. The idea is to create an online journey where a potential consumer can communicate with an ABB representative, articulate their energy needs, and learn about their options.

Deanna Bell

Deanna Bell is a junior earning her degree in User Experience Design at Purdue University along with minors in Psychology and Communications and a certificate in Collaborative Leadership. User Experience Design is intriguing to Deanna because she sees it as an opportunity to combine a range of her artistic and technological abilities. With her degree, she aims to impact local communities positively through design. She can be contacted through email at

Kyle Milne

Kyle Milne is a determined and ambitious individual. Studying UX Design at Purdue University, he hopes to have the tools necessary to work for a fortune 500 company. Kyle grew up in the suburbs of Philadelphia. Being a native from Philly, he has an appreciation for technology and design. He also has a weakness for cheesesteaks. Having many hobbies and interests is what makes Kyle diverse and approachable on many different topics. Starting off as a psychology major, He understands people and strives to create prototypes and products that suit the user base. You can reach him at

Will Kaufman

Will is a strategic UX designer and pixel-perfect visual designer with a passion for creating and innovating. He initially decided to attend Purdue University for its Exploratory Studies program, but soon discovered his passion for visual design, particularly user interface design. As a junior at Purdue University studying User Experience Design, Will is committed to providing users with the most practical interface that allows them to appreciate the ease of their experience where the difficulties of the design go unnoticed. His attention to user experience in his daily life drives his interest and allows him to discover new ways to revolutionize how individuals communicate with visual interfaces. To reach out to Will, feel free to send him a message at

Liyang Qu

Liyang Qu is a Junior at Purdue University. He is majoring in UX design and is planning to take minors in Psychology and Communication to explore his career path.
He was born in Wuhan, China and moved to Fairfax, Virginia and he started his high school there. He discovered his interest in graphic design during his first year of high school. His experience with other people letting him decided to use his skill and talent for different communities. As he continually explored the possibility throughout his high school career, He discovered that he enjoys the accomplishment and service that digital graphic design offered to him and decided to pursue higher education in it while in college. Now he is using his UX skill to help and service different communities.
If you would like to make contact with Liyang Qu, He is using the following Email address:

Shantanu Kashyap

Shantanu Kashyap is a freshman at Purdue University majoring in user experience design, currently in his second semester. While minoring in Psychology he also is pursuing a certificate course in Collaborative Leadership. He possesses good communication and leadership skills, problem solving skills, knowledge on user centered design processes. He knows basic HTML and CSS, and has multiple years of experience with Adobe’s creative tools. Shantanu has completed a project with design consulting firm Crema. Outside the classroom, Shantanu is a part time graphic designer working for Purdue Dining and Catering marketing department and is a photography Enthusiast. You can reach him at

Kaitlin Groothuis

Kaitlin Groothuis is a sophomore in Purdue’s User Experience Design program, minoring in Psychology. Her roots are in Kokomo, Indiana. She hopes to be a metaphorical mushroom: digesting ugly bits to generate solutions and leave the world better. Civic design has captured her interest. Currently, she is a usability consultant at Science Gateways Community. She can be reached at


In collaboration with UEGroup, our student group have been tasked to come up with design recommendations to create a new tool that user experience professionals can use to collaborate. The users will be stakeholders, User Experience Designers, end users, and more. The end design will be exploratory and open for multiple end users.

Maddisen Sharpe

Even though Maddisen Sharpe is working towards a Bachelors in User Experience, at
Purdue, her ultimate goal is to make an impact on user’s everyday life. This can be seen in her
early high school career, when she got involved with the Hamilton Humane Society, Ronald
McDonald House, and aided for teachers. Even with her busy high school schedule and
volunteering, she found a way to start taking college classes her senior year. This provided
valuable soft and hard skills, such as: communication, cooperation, empathy, presentation,
Microsoft Suites, Mulitisim, Autodesk Revit and Inventor, Adobe Illustrator and Photoshop,
CAD animation, and being an active listener. If you want to get in contact with her, she can be
reached through the following email:

Hunter Hollinger

Hunter Hollinger is a junior at Purdue University majoring in User Experience Design with a focus on visual and interaction design principles. He seeks to develop experiences that bring both impact and awe, and wishes that his work influences users in memorable and positive ways.

Hunter brings a versatile set of communication skills with technical design abilities to match. He loves to work in teams and make friends of any and all teammates he can. His experience in the field comes in the form of a research-focused internship at Purdue University and has worked with two startups in critiquing and modifying mobile experiences. Hunter is currently pursuing a design-focused internship for summer 2020 and is learning even more in the meantime through further research and freelance work. Outside of his daily routine of going to class, you can find him at his campus residence spending time with his friends, working on personal passion projects, or enjoying a late night gaming session. Hunter can be contacted at, his portfolio is located, and is on LinkedIn.

Jake Ledford

Jake Ledford is a sophomore student at Purdue University studying User Experience Design. His primary interests include front end design and interaction design. Ledford got into UX Design after missing out on the human focused interaction and creative aspects in computer science. This sparked an interest in the field of human centered design. Some of his favorite hobbies and pastimes include sports, watching movies, hanging out with friends, photography, or working on independent projects. His portfolio can be viewed at He can be reached at

Colin Mulron

Colin Mulron is a User Experience design student at Purdue University. As a junior in college, Colin expects to graduate in Spring 2021 and has completed an internship related to his work. He possesses strong leadership and teamwork qualities developed during his time as President of Phi Sigma Kappa fraternity on Purdue’s campus. He is also involved in his community as a youth counselor at the First Methodist Church of West Lafayette. In the future, he hopes to be the head of his own design team at an innovative company. Email:

Brooke Carney

Brooke Carney is a sophomore at Purdue University majoring in User Experience Design and minoring in Psychology. She has an interest in art and technology as well as the psychology behind decision making. She hopes to improve technology and help others through her work in User Experience Design. Over the summer she was an intern with a startup company called Dionysus Fountain where she helped create personas and marketing content. Brooke plans to receive the Cornerstone certificate upon graduation and is considering her options to pursue a Spanish minor. Outside of the classroom Brooke enjoys being involved in her community and has a passion for dogs. Her email contact is

Ria Sali

Ria is currently a sophomore at Purdue University. She is working to combine her knack for art and eye for aesthetic coupled with an interest in emerging technologies, by pursuing a Bachelor’s degree in User Experience Design. She has experience working with graphic applications like Adobe Illustrator and Photoshop to create abstract and detailed drawings and illustrations, as well as infographics. She finds it most engaging to actively work with users while designing, and exercising ideas in such settings. She has experience working as a UX Design Intern with a credit startup called Credpal to create wireframes for their new products in the market. Ria aims to predominantly be involved in co-design in the future, if the ever-changing principles and processes that come with undertaking UX Design as a career do not solidify her strengths and interests in another specialization. For further enquiries, you may contact her at