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Experience Studios Project Owners

Delaney Rundell, Drake Long, and Elizabeth Finley are the Spring 2019 Project Owners. Each will manage 2 or 3 teams this semester. Delaney is working with UEGroup-tools, Avanade, and ABB. Drake is working with UEGroup-secret and Garmin. Elizabeth is working with Fountain, SBHP, and Crema.


Delaney Rundell is a Junior at Purdue University pursuing a degree in User Experience Design with minors in Psychology and Communication. She is passionate about user research and strives to become a user researcher. She is especially strong at usability testing, user interviews, and developing high-level takeaways from findings. After interning as a Product Researcher and Accessibility Intern, she has developed an interest in web and mobile accessibility and conducting accessibility testing. Her goal is to make the world a more usable and accessible place for everyone. You can reach her at and see her work at


Drake is a junior at Purdue University, majoring in user experience design. He believes his core purpose is to design experiences that are engaging, usable, enjoyable, and have the ability to influence daily life. He possesses expert communication skills, knowledge on how to solve complex problems, knowledge of the user-centered design process, and a basic understanding of HTML and CSS. Upon completion of his degree, Drake aspires to be a UX designer, specializing in interaction design. Drake has completed two internships at Siemens Healthineers, is an award-winning undergraduate researcher in Purdue’s Polytechnic Institute, and will be interning at GE Aviation during the Summer of 2019. Currently, Drake is the project owner for 2 teams working with Garmin International and UE Group. Outside of the classroom, Drake is the President of Purdue’s User Experience Design Club and is involved with Purdue’s Minority Technology Association. Additionally, in his free time, you can find Drake discovering new music or brewing tea.


Elizabeth Finley is a junior in Purdue University’s undergraduate UX Design program. She aspires to create products that go beyond just meeting user needs and also appeals to users aesthetically. She has experience as a Web Intern for Travis County, TX and as a User Experience Design intern in Device Interaction for Garmin. With a particular interest in empathy and inclusivity in design, she is furthering her education through reading and taking courses in Communications, Psychology, Philosophy, and design. Outside of school, Elizabeth enjoys being outdoor, and exercising. Elizabeth can be contacted through her email,


Working with Garmin to create more intuitive designs for Garmin’s Gear. Connecting users from the actual gear to the application.

Abbee, Co-Lead

Abbee Westbrook is a current undergrad pursuing a degree in User Experience Design with a minor in communications at Purdue University. As a designer, Abbee strives to create technological solutions for communities to help unlock the potential of the community’s inhabitants. One day, Abbee hopes to intertwine her love of architecture, public policy, and social infrastructure with a career in UX. To get in touch with Abbee, reach her by email at

Patsy, Co-Lead

Patsy Mata is a senior at Purdue University studying User Experience Design. She is passionate about becoming a user interface designer in the future. Patsy wants to continue to work on becoming a leader for the upcoming projects in UX. She was born in Hammond, Indiana and would like to travel the world. Her work can be found at and you can reach her at


Hunter Hollinger is a sophomore at Purdue University majoring in User Experience Design with a focus on visual and interaction design. He is currently looking for an internship in the design business, and brings a strong work ethic combined with eager interest to learn and develop new skills to any team he has the pleasure to work with.

He has experience working with the Adobe suite, Sketch, and Principle, as well as work with HTML/CSS/JS. Outside of his daily routine of going to class, you can find him at his campus residence spending time with his friends, working on personal passion projects, or enjoying a late night gaming session. Hunter can be contacted at, and on LinkedIn at


Austin Johnson is a Sophomore at Purdue University. He studies User Experience Design, pursuing a minor in Psychology. Austin has worked as an intern for a computer science education company, Nextech, in Indianapolis, IN. Through this internship Austin discovered User Experience Design. He immediately felt his passion and became involved in the industry. Austin hopes to become more involved as he progresses through his undergraduate career and form connections that will serve him after he graduates.
You can reach Austin @


Will Kaufman strives to develop his leadership and teamwork skills, and constantly challenges his comfort zone to take advantage of new opportunities. He initially decided to attend Purdue University due to its Exploratory Studies program, but soon after discovered his passion for user interaction and visual design. As a sophomore at Purdue University and freshman in User Experience Design, Will is committed to providing users with the most practical interface that allows them to appreciate the ease of their experience where the difficulties of the design go unnoticed. His attention to user experience in his daily life drives his focus and allows him to discover new ways to revolutionize how individuals communicate with visual interfaces. To reach out to Will, send him a message at


Rheaa Kamath is a Freshman at Purdue University studying User Experience Design. She has always been interested in the interaction between design, technology, and science and her love of helping people, which is the reason why she decided to major in UX Design. Having the opportunity to live in three different countries (India, USA, and Japan) has helped Rheaa in developing a diverse perspective in addition to the different cultures of those countries. She hopes to be engaged in all her UX classes and to have the opportunity to collaborate with her classmates! She hopes to gain an insightful experience working with various companies throughout all the experience studios and learn the fundamental concepts of UX Design through the learning studios. Rheaa can be contacted by email at


Amelia Fleetwood is a sophomore at Purdue University, studying both Web Design and Programming & User Experience Design. From building models to functioning prototypes, Amelia has a passion for creating new products. Her love for User Experience Design has encouraged her to test, brand and review products with the user’s best interest in mind. Amelia’s current and past experience in web development will provide technical skills useful in the User Experience industry. For questions or further information, Amelia can be reached at


Isabella Pino is a sophomore studying at Purdue University majoring in User Experience Design. She is also pursuing two minors in psychology and communication. She is aiming to specialize in Visual Design and Content Strategy. She is very good at working in a team environment as she is a hardworking, determined, detail oriented and organized person. She has experience using Adobe Creative Cloud as well as other digital platforms and hopes to learn new things this semester. You can contact her at


Working to create an online alcohol marketplace to connect various sellers and make recommendations based on user tastes and purchase history.

Madisen, Co-Lead

Madison Lindeman is a Junior at Purdue University majoring in User Experience Design with a minor in Psychology. She was also in charge of advertising for the User Experience Design club on campus her first year at Purdue. She is hardworking and highly motivated in all aspects of her education. Upon completing her degree, Madison aspires to be a UX designer working for a company that’s top priority is providing the best experience for their customers with a focus in accessibility design. Madison is currently searching for a summer internship that would allow her to perform accessibility design or even service design work. When she isn’t in the classroom, Madison can always be found designing her own passion projects. She is also a huge fan of nature, hiking and her dog Keaton. You can reach her at

Juliet, Co-Lead

Juliet Jimenez is a Junior at Purdue University majoring in User Experience Design while pursuing a double minor in Psychology and Communication.
Juliet has a passion for understanding and interacting with people. She spends a lot of her time both in and outside of class learning more about people and how they are impacted by today’s design decisions. She believes designers must be thoughtful in their work and willing to help users which has sparked an interest in management and user research. Currently, she is a Research Assistant at Purdue University working within civic design and user research.
Moving forward, Juliet is searching for a summer internship which will allow her to conduct impactful community-oriented work within the field of UX Design. She can be reached through her LinkedIn or by email at

Joe, Co-Lead

I am a student in Purdue Polytechnic’s User Experience Design program. Through my time in this program I have developed many skills and intuitions pertinent to the practice of UX design, and fostered an interest in user research, learning about people and their needs. I have in the past worked in class with such companies as TheScore, Hewlett-Packard, and Garmin to conduct user research and improve designs. I can be contacted by email at​


Ian Carr is a junior at Purdue University and a second-year student in UX Design. He has 2 years of programming experience as a Computer Science student, transferring from Ivy Tech Community College in Indianapolis. Ian spent nearly four years working at’s largest distribution facility as an associate trainer, where he trained thousands of new associates. To gain additional experience, he freelanced as a graphic designer in his spare time. Ian plans to specialize in Visual Design and pursue a minor in Psychology. He can often be found at the Indianapolis Museum of Art whenever he learns of a new exhibit that he finds intriguing. You may contact Ian at LinkedIn or by email at


Ruiqi Li is a junior studying at Purdue University with a major of UX Design and two minors of psychology and communication. She is focusing on front end development along with visual design. Right now, she is practicing coding skills and doing UI design on a daily basis. She is the current advertisement graphic designer at Purdue User Experience Club.


Emily Zaretzky is a Sophomore at Purdue University studying User Experience Design and pursuing a minor in communication. Growing up, she has always found passion in design and the meaning it can bring. In her free time, Emily is either rock climbing, reading, or designing. She can be reached at


Brooke Carney is a freshman at Purdue University majoring in User Experience Design. She has an interest in art and technology as well as the psychology behind decision making. She is excited to learn more about User Experience Design and apply that knowledge. She hopes to improve technology and help others through her work in User Experience Design. She also plans to receive the Cornerstone certificate upon graduation and is considering her options to pursue Psychology and Spanish minors. Outside of the classroom Brooke enjoys being involved in her community and has a passion for dogs. Her email contact is


Leah Neustedter is a freshman at Purdue University pursuing a degree in User Experience Design with a minor in Psychology and Communications. She plans to specialize in Visual Design and Product Management. She is well versed in a variety of Adobe programs, has advanced Spanish speaking skills and has a background in PR/social media. She worked for the Salvation Army in PR and is currently seeking an internship in UX for this summer. Leah also runs cross country and track for the university which has led her to have excellent time-management and leadership skills. Her work can be seen in her portfolio at and can be reached through her email at


Working with Star Behavioral Health Providers to create a more simplistic website redesign for optimal user experience.

Hayley, Co-Lead

As a Junior in Purdue University’s User Experience Design program, Hayley C. Farmer is drawn to innovative product development and human-centered design. She seeks to combine her UX skill set with her business mindset to create products that are beautiful and electrifying, while also being socially impactful and financially sustainable. Her interests lie in social innovation, product development, brand marketing, project management, and UX research. This school year she has accepted the Purdue Polytechnic Undergraduate Research Internship and will be executing her proposed project “New pedagogies to foster collaborative and transdisciplinary skills”. Upon graduation she plans on using her design thinking and leadership skills to begin product development of educational technologies. For professional purposes, you can get in contact with Hayley on LinkedIn or email her at

JP, Co-Lead

John Paul Oses is currently a Senior at Purdue University pursuing a BS in User Experience Design. His talents are a blend of strong technical skills along with excellent group communication. John Paul excels in the areas of wireframing and prototyping, and he takes it to the next level with the ability to develop his solutions as well. This past summer, he interned with the AFLOW Consortium at Duke University doing web design and development. He continuously seeks to deliver aesthetically pleasing and innovative design solutions that meet both the users’ and stakeholders’ needs. He aspires to travel West to work in UI/UX Design or Web Design and Development. For further inquiries, he may be contacted at


Jeremy Farmer is a Junior at Purdue University studying User Experience Design with minors in Communication, Psychology, and Computer Science. He made his way to UX while searching for the balance between his passion for computers and his love of helping people. Grown in Indiana but matured in Grand Junction, Colorado, he was raised in a home that emphasized leadership, integrity, and a strong moral code. After being awarded the prestigious Daniels Fund Scholarship, he found his way back to West Lafayette, Indiana. Jeremy has been experimenting with video game development since early in high school and would like to continue that pursuit as a hobby. He has worked with the consultation company Avanade on an app development project through the Experience Studio program at Purdue. He also loves to sing and be involved in his on-campus Christian ministry. To get to know him more, email at


Christian is a Sophomore at Purdue University majoring in User Experience Design. He is also minoring in Psychology and Management with a certificate in Entrepreneurship. Christian has a desire to create experiences that positively impact the lives of individuals. He has experience with Adobe’s Creative Cloud along with experience in web development languages such as HTML, CSS, and JavaScript which he has used in a past internship. He also has some knowledge using Java and C. He works at a residence hall and enjoys being in makerspaces around campus. He was previously in the engineering program studying Electrical Engineering. He enjoys both the technical and creative side of generating new products and hopes to utilize all areas of his wide range of interests by one day working as a Full Stack Developer that designs and builds applications or websites. He envisions starting his own business one day or being in charge of a technology startup. You can reach Christian for more information at


Eleanor Hamilton is currently a Sophomore at Purdue University pursuing a degree in User Experience Design with a double minor in Communications and Psychology. Through the UX program, Eleanor is developing valuable skills including user research, prototyping, wireframing, and documentation. One of Eleanor’s passions in life is music, and she hopes to integrate this passion into her career. When she’s not designing, Eleanor can be found performing with the Purduettes, an all-women musical group that serves as Ambassadors for Purdue. She can be reached at


Ria is currently a freshman at Purdue University. She is working to combine her knack for art and eye for aesthetic, with an interest in emerging technologies by pursuing a Bachelor’s degree in User Experience Design. She is passionate about working to develop projects and solutions that are specifically tailored to user needs in accordance with her need for bringing only the best efforts to the table. She continuously sketches and designs on the side, and has experience working with graphic applications like Adobe Illustrator and Photoshop to create abstract and detailed drawings and illustrations, as well as infographics. Ria aims to predominantly be involved in interface design/development in the future, if the ever-changing principles and processes that come with undertaking UX Design as a career do not solidify her strengths and interests in another specialization. For further enquiries, you may contact her at


Tori Martin is a freshman majoring in User Experience Design at Purdue University. She is interested in the design and creativity aspects of UX, as a user-friendly and aesthetically pleasing interface is of most interest. Tori plans to explore the field of UX, gaining more insight into the design and innovative work. Incorporating her bright and enthusiastic personality, she strives to improve users’ experiences focusing on visual design and content strategy. UX allows Tori to blend together her artistic mind with her technological skills. She has experience with Adobe’s Creative Cloud software, web design, and even video editing within Final Cut Pro, but is still seeking to improve her skills. You can contact Tori by email at


Brandon Dentler is a current sophomore at Purdue University. He is working toward a User Experience design diploma with a main focus in user interface for video games. His passion for video games has been with him for his whole life. Family members would often say he had a game console in his hands before he could even read. He is also working toward a certificate in Entrepreneurship in which he hopes to someday go forward with at some point in his life. Brandon is an entertaining and seemingly perfectionist in anything he puts his mind to. He can lead by example or work as a whole in any group setting. One major achievement in his life was being a United States Student Ambassador for the People to People Ambassador program. He learned about the culture and lifestyle of six different countries, while simultaneously representing his own. You can contact Brandon at the email


The goal of this project is to give design recommendations to improve the current Cyber Security Workplace website, to match the expectations of the users needs. This website monitors, auto-update systems, and creates backup systems in power plants. The final outcome is a high-fidelity wireframe, based around: primary research, personas, secondary research, and more.

Kevin, Co-Lead

Kevin McDonald is a Junior at Purdue University pursuing a degree in User Experience Design
with a minor in Psychology and a Certificate for Entrepreneurship and Leadership. He is a Chick
Evans Scholar from Burbank, IL, who recently completed a UX internship with Chamberlain
Group this past summer. This experience provided him the opportunity to work collaboratively
with a team of UX designers on current and innovative company projects, that allowed him to further strengthen his visual design skills and knowledge tremendously. For more information,
contact him at

Maddisen, Co-Lead

Even though Maddisen Sharpe is working towards a Bachelors in User Experience, at
Purdue, her ultimate goal is to make an impact on user’s everyday life. This can be seen in her
early high school career, when she got involved with the Hamilton Humane Society, Ronald
McDonald House, and aided for teachers. Even with her busy high school schedule and
volunteering, she found a way to start taking college classes her senior year. This provided
valuable soft and hard skills, such as: communication, cooperation, empathy, presentation,
Microsoft Suites, Mulitisim, Autodesk Revit and Inventor, Adobe Illustrator and Photoshop,
CAD animation, and being an active listener. If you want to get in contact with her, she can be
reached through the following email:


Lucca McKay is passionate about beautiful and simplistic user experiences. A computer
enthusiast, he is a junior in UX Design at Purdue University. He is currently a researcher in the
UXP2 lab researching “dark patterns” within UX. Lucca was born and raised in the San Francisco Bay Area, surrounded by Silicon Valley influences. He was attracted to Purdue because of their engineering excellence and innovative UX program. Now a Junior, he is experienced in Photoshop, Illustrator, Java, HTML, CSS, Javascript, JQuery, Blender, and Maya. Lucca’s interest in elegant and simplistic communication was honed at an early age. Starting in his early teens, he competed in speech tournaments. He successfully made his way up from school, to regional, and eventually state finals several years in a row, in areas of original oratory, duo interpretation, and humorous interpretation. Via speech, not only was he able to share his interest in elegant communication, but also his love of the fantastical and Humorous. Lucca would be an invaluable asset to any organization. You may reach him at


Kyle Milne is a determined and ambitious individual. Studying UX Design at Purdue University, he hopes to have the tools necessary to work for a large tech company. Kyle grew up in the suburbs of Philadelphia. Being a native from Philly, he has an appreciation for technology and design. He also has a weakness for cheesesteaks. Having many hobbies and interests makes Kyle diverse and approachable on many different topics. Starting off as a psychology major, He understands how important user testing and feedback is. You can reach him at


Shelby Benton is a sophomore at Purdue University, studying User Experience Design, with minors in Psychology and Art & Design, and a certificate in Entrepreneurship. UX Design provides her with the opportunity to combine her interests in visual design, psychology, communication, and problem-solving. Her involvement in leadership roles within Photography Club and UX Club have challenged her to think creatively and efficiently, as well as utilize her background in Adobe Creative Suite. After completing her degree, she aims to work at a large tech company that puts the users’ needs at the center of their designs. Catch Shelby solving a Sudoku puzzle and listening to music in her free time. You can reach her at


Jack Bannon is currently a freshman at Purdue University pursuing a BS in User
Experience Design. He is in the process of achieving a minor in psychology with a
certificate in collaborative leadership. Containing a background in graphic design, Jack
plans to specialize in front end web development but is keeping an open mind regarding
all aspects of UX. As a UX designer, Jack plans to bring innovative experiences to users
of tech around the globe by combining his visual design skills with futuristic approaches.
To contact Jack, you can email him at


Annie Giang is studying User Experience Design as an undergraduate at Purdue University in West Lafayette, IN. Displaying an abundance of passion and appreciation for technology and art, she has introduced herself to hobbies such as photography, videography, graphic design, and painting. By focusing on design and involving herself in multiple activities to increase her versatility, she strives to take on new challenges and create impactful innovations for the future. During her free time, she finds opportunities to relax through mindful activities such as yoga or meditation. On a more active day, you will most likely find her socializing with peers at a local coffee shop or releasing energy at the gym through zumba dancing or badminton. If you care to know more, feel free to contact her through email at


Adam Kaufman is an enthusiastic Purdue student majoring in User Experience Design, which
combines his strengths of communication, creativity, organization, teamwork, and problem
solving. As a tech-savvy individual, Adam has always enjoyed computer-related activities
including graphic, logo, and website design, much of which has been self-taught. Through design
project management, he wishes to participate in the development of personal strengths while
practicing the phases of UX Design. His primary goal as both a hobbyist and a full-time student
is to utilize his strong skill set working with businesses and clients to transform visions into
reality applying the phases of user-centered design. To get in contact with Adam, you may email
him at


The goal of this project is to identify an existing aspect or experience in current society that can be redesigned to improve and advance the overall experience and industry.

Megan, Co-Lead

Megan Ledford is an extroverted and dedicated Junior, studying User Experience Design at Purdue University. She is pursuing minors in Organizational Leadership and Communications, with a certificate in Entrepreneurship. Her goals as a User Experience Designer are to find a career within Project Management as well as focus on User Research and User Testing within mobile platforms and civic design. Megan loves listening to others about their backgrounds and can’t wait to travel and explore more cultures. She can be reached by email at

Stefani, Co-Lead

Stefani Sandoval is a Senior at Purdue University majoring in User Experience Design. Her skill set includes a proficiency in Illustrator and Photoshop, user research, synthesizing research, and usability testing. In her spare time, Stefani enjoys watching an action packed show on Netflix, a trip to the cinema or just hanging out with her close friends. Stefani can be contact at


Anna Ding is a sophomore at Purdue University studying UX Design. She shows interest in specializing in Interaction and Interface Design. She loves how the last year in UX has opened her eyes to noticing little details in designs that change how fluidly the item works. Due to her interest in understanding how people think, Anna has augmented her learning with psychology and communication courses. In her leisure you can find her exploring the world of literature and music. You can email Anna at


Simran is an undergraduate User Experience Design major at Purdue University with a double minor in Communication and Psychology. Her goal is to combine her passion for art and technology through design to make human interaction with technology easy and accessible. She wants to focus on simplifying complex technologies and making it easy to use. Simran is inspired by design that is seamless, minimalistic, and vibrant. She is extremely interested in working on projects that focus on Artificial Intelligence, Voice Commands, Augmented Reality and Virtual Reality. Other interests in her life include photography, videography, music, and traveling. These passions of hers are what inherently inspire her work. You can reach her at


Andy Chu is currently a Freshman pursuing a degree in User Experience Design at Purdue University. Andy grew up in California and moved to Taiwan after elementary school, so he has been exposed to how technology and design is used in different cultures. He aspires to work with companies in mobile interface design. You can get in contact with Andy through email:


Brigitte Gurrola is a sophomore studying at Purdue University earning her degree in User Experience Design. Brigitte is also planning on obtaining the Certificate in Entrepreneurship and Innovation. She has an interest in user research, coding in javascript, and a passion for being creative. Brigitte is from Indianapolis, Indiana and is a first generation college student. She attended Purdue University at first as a nursing student, but later discovered user experience design through the exploratory program and transferred over her sophomore year. If you would like to contact her, you can contact her at


Colin Mulron is a User Experience design student at Purdue University. As a sophomore in college, Colin expects to graduate in Spring 2021 and is currently pursuing internships related to his work. He possesses strong leadership and teamwork qualities developed during his time as President of Phi Sigma Kappa fraternity on Purdue’s campus. He is also involved in his community as a youth counselor at the First Methodist Church of West Lafayette. In the future, he hopes to be the head of his own design team at an innovative company. You can contact him at


The goal of this project is to work with Jog, a customer relationship management tool developed by Crema, by exploring potential platforms outside of the current mobile application through research and design of high-fidelity mockups.

Deanna, Co-Lead

Deanna Bell is a sophomore earning her degree in User Experience Design at Purdue University along with minors in Psychology and Communications. User Experience Design is intriguing to Deanna because she sees it as an opportunity to combine a range of her artistic and technological abilities. With her degree, she aims to impact local communities positively through design. She can be contacted through email at

Sneha, Co-Lead

Sneha Mulki is a student at Purdue University majoring in User Experience Design with a minor in Psychology. Being extremely passionate about learning and gaining in-depth knowledge about various elements of the design field, she aspires to enhance the user experience of digital products. She aims to specialize in service design and UI design for Android and iOS. Apart from her professional life, she is an avid-reader and is passionate about playing the guitar. You can reach her at Visit her UX Portfolio at


Jingle Chen was born and raised in Beijing, China, for 18 years, and then he attends Purdue University in US. He is a junior pursuing a degree in User Experience Design with minors in Psychology, Communication, Mathematics, and Computer Science. Currently, he is an undergraduate researcher at UX Pedagogy and Practice Lab working on the National Science Foundation funded Dark Patterns Project. He always enjoys teamwork and accomplishing meaningful but challenging tasks. Also, he is an analogue street photographer. You can contact Jingle at


Rhea Singh is a freshman at Purdue University. She is currently working towards a bachelor’s degree in User Experience Design and is planning on double minoring in Psychology and Collaborative Leadership. She is currently a part of her residence hall’s student government, Royal Highlanders, where she holds the executive board position of Marketing Director. Even with her busy high school and dance life, Rhea took time in the summer of 2017 to intern at her dad’s friends start up company, Cyan360, for two months, where she helped develop sections of the company’s website, conducted certification testing and validated the website for broken links/cross-browser compatibility, and she validated the integration of the website with social networking websites. She has a strong background in Photoshop, InDesign, and Illustrator. If you want to get in touch with her, she can be reached through the following email:


Robin Arnold is a Freshman at Purdue University. She is majoring in User Experience Design with a minor in Psychology. Throughout her coursework thus far, she has acquired skills in numerous Adobe programs and design applications that will assist her throughout her experience within the program. Throughout her education, Robin strives to find passion for the industry while specializing in content strategy and visual design. Robin’s key strengths include the desire to learn, visual design, organization, and team leadership skills. Her other passions include photography and volunteering. For professional purposes, you may reach her at


Shantanu Kashyap is a UX Design freshman at Purdue University who trains in all aspects of the design process. He has interests in typography, interface design, communication skills and effectively learning all the major aspects of the industry while being able to find his niche and exploring his field of expertise in much more detail. Shantanu has actively been a part of creative activities such as photography and poetry writing. He has 4+ years of informal experience with Adobe’s creative professional tools. He is a quick learner and is ready to put in the work to be successful in the industry. Reach him at:


Jake Ledford is a freshman student at Purdue University studying User Experience Design. His primary interests include front end design, back end programming, and leadership. Ledford got into UX Design after missing out on the human focused interaction and creative aspects in computer science. This led to a sparking interest in the field of human centered design.
He plans to pursue his accelerated master’s degree and get an industry job in a large tech company. One of Ledford’s best design accomplishments was being the director on a high school film project, being the front runner behind all of the film’s visuals.
Some of his favorite hobbies and pastimes include sports, watching movies, hanging out with friends, photography, coding, anything outside, or working on independent projects. His portfolio can be viewed at He can be reached at


Benjamin Frailey is an aspiring UX designer who enjoys using visualization and effective communication to help people understand what they are looking at. He has a varied history of skills, from public speaking to programming. Benjamin has experienced programming in HTML5, Java, and C++. His primary focus has been on creating art and other visuals for people to enjoy. He has done character design and animation and is the apparel coordinator and designer for a socially progressive fraternity on campus. Throughout all of this, he has hosted open mic nights and has dabbled in standup comedy. Benjamin makes the most out of his varied background to produce truly eclectic projects. You can contact him at

UEGroup, youXtools

YouXTools is a suite of online tools that helps designers to gather user data. We are looking to evaluate engagement and how can we increase the usage of the tools by professionals. The project will explore user research and design standards in-depth in order to inform a final report with suggested improvements to increase engagement within the tools.

Kassandra, Co-Lead

Kassandra is studying User Experience Design at Purdue University (graduating May 2020), and is specializing in user research and information architecture, and minoring in communications. She is a passionate problem solver, people person, and an adventurer. When she’s not working on projects, you can find her writing, traveling, and watching videos of Corgis on the internet. She is also an active member of the Delta Iota chapter of Gamma Phi Beta International sorority. She wants to one day work as a UX researcher and use research insights to inform design decisions to make wonderful user experiences.
Kassandra can be reached at

Graeme, Co-Lead

Graeme Goss is a sophomore studying User Experience Design at Purdue University. He is really interested in the Project Management and Project Development aspect of UX, and he is keeping an open mind about all aspects of UX. Graeme loves dogs and currently has two dogs at home that he loves to see every time he gets the chance. He is generally a quiet person, but surprisingly he really loves to present projects and ideas! To contact Graeme email him at


Liyang Qu is a Sophomore at Purdue University. He is majored in UX design and is planning to take minors in Psychology and Communication to explore his career path.
He was born in Wuhan, China. He is the only child in his family. After finishing his middle school at China, His family moved to Fairfax, Virginia and he started his high school there. He discovered his interest in graphic design during his first year of high school. As he continually explored the possibility throughout his high school career, He discovered that he enjoys the accomplishment that digital graphic design offered to him and decided to pursue higher education in it while in college. He has four years of extended experience with Photoshop and illustrator.
If you would like to make contact with Liyang Qu, He is using the following Email address:


Amy Zhang is currently a Sophomore pursuing a degree in User Experience Design with a minor in anthropology at Purdue University. She has experience with Adobe’s Creative Cloud as well as several digital art platforms. With strengths in graphic design, Amy’s goal is to specialize in Visual Design for UX. She aspires to work with companies with a focus in interface design and user research. Amy has some experience with JavaScript and HTML as well, but is still learning. She is currently Purdue Equestrian Team’s PR chair and graphic designer. For more information, Amy is reachable at


Kaitlin Groothuis is an enthusiastic, people-loving, and creative freshman in Purdue’s User Experience Design program. Psychology and communication are the two minors she is pursuing. She was born and raised in Kokomo, Indiana. Her strengths lie in visual arts, and she is interested in clinical psychology. She has skills in traditional 2D art, Photoshop, Illustrator, and After Effects. Kaitlin embraces the current state of ambiguity her life is in and looks to the Internet’s supply of cute animals as a temporary remedy. Her hobbies include: taking on the therapist role in friendships, cooking and baking, and exploring philosophy. She can be reached at


Lindsay Drake is a freshman at Purdue University majoring in User Experience Design. She has always been very interested in how people think and work together, so she is pursuing minors in both Psychology and Communication. Starting at an early age, she has always loved to explore art and being creative, and she recently started practicing calligraphy and hand-lettering in her spare time. With her interest in art and aesthetics, she also hopes to specialize in Visual Design and Content Strategy for UX. Lindsay can be contacted via email at


Olivia Eavey is currently a freshman in the User Experience Program, here at Purdue University. She was born and raised in Columbus, Indiana with a lot of background in STEM. Olivia became interested in UX Design through an academic advisor/academic coach that led her through the Myers Briggs personality tests, along with a variety of strengths and weakness tests. She was a member of the Bartholomew County Youth Leadership Award as a senior at Columbus North High School. Olivia loves to reach out to her community, weather it is at her home town or here, and get involved with different groups and volunteering organizations. Olivia can be contacted via email at


Connor Schrank is currently a sophomore studying UX Design at Purdue University. Born and raised in Greenfield, Indiana, Connor has always been interested in technology but was unsure what discipline he wanted to go into. After arriving at Purdue, he stumbled across UX Design and hasn’t looked back since. He hopes to specialize in UX research after graduating and is considering graduate school. Outside
of school, you can find Connor either documenting his time with friends, exploring new foods and restaurants, or learning how to beat his roommates at Super Smash Bros.
You can reach him at

UEGroup, Secret

With the growing privacy issue using digital technology, our team seeks to heavily research the space of privatizing group social communication.

Sarah, Co-Lead

Sarah Field is a junior at Purdue University from San Diego studying User Experience Design with a minor in Psychology and a Certificate in Entrepreneurship and Innovation. Sarah enjoys designing websites and mobile applications with flawless information architecture and task flow through her front end development skills. Some of her key strengths are being hard working, detail oriented, communicative, eager to learn new things, and a great team worker/leader. Through past projects, Sarah has enjoyed working on research, iterations, and documentation. Some of Sarah’s other hobbies and interests include philosophy, healthy living, and product design. From experience participating and being involved with Girls Who Code, Sarah hopes to get more young girls and women interested in computer science and UX design. As a UX designer she strives to make information architecture flawless and sleek through a combination of experience in programming, creativity, and user focused design. You can contact her at

AJ, Co-Lead

AJ Vetter is a student at Purdue University studying UX Design. He has experience doing design and film in commercial, non for profit, and corporate settings. He has filled roles including, but not limited to: UX Designer, Visual Designer, Video Producer, and Digital Marketing Manager. He is passionate about combining all of his skills to meet the needs of companies focused on the bigger picture. Reach him at or


Austin Straley is a sophomore in the UX program at Purdue University. Austin is a junior at Purdue and transferred to the program from the Game Studies program also at Purdue. Upon graduation, he hopes to become a specialist in the User Experience Research field of UX. Austin is a dedicated worker who is skilled in English and writing content with a specific tone in mind. For further information, contact him by email at


Gregory Sirko is in his second year of User Experience Design at Purdue University, pursuing minors in anthropology and psychology. He is interested in all parts of UX, especially visual design, information architecture and user research. He started his university studies in Computer Information Technology, but found he was missing a certain something in his studies. He currently works as a web usability consultant through Purdue’s SGCI Incubator and as a research assistant in the C-CI Lab under Dr. Austin Toombs, where he and his team study connections between online communities, social media, mental health and wellbeing. He has a background in graphic design and digital media. He is highly concerned with design philosophy and studying the effects of personal technology on social life and culture. Outside of work, he loves to play the drums and keyboard. You can reach him through email:


Zoë Morken is a freshman at Purdue University pursuing a degree in User Experience Design. Being fascinated as to how individuals interact with objects as well as the people around them, Zoë is drawn toward creating beautiful and functional products. With parents both involved in software engineering, she found herself actively immersed in the ever-burgeoning technological field. Her knack for problem-solving and her keen eye for aesthetics is what led her to choose Purdue. During her time as a student, she aspires to specialize in several computer languages and web development. Zoë can be reached at


Kaitlyn Tran is a sophomore at Purdue University pursuing a degree in User Experience Design and a minor in Psychology and Communications. She is passionate about changing the way people interact with technology for the better. She possesses great communication skills, a positive attitude, abilities in several design toolkits such as Adobe Photoshop, Illustrator, and Sketch, and a basic knowledge of Java and C++ methods of coding. Kaitlyn aspires to gain experience in user research, social media marketing, and mobile application development. She can be reached through her e-mail


Nicole Li is a sophomore at Purdue University studying in User Experience Design with minors in Computer Science and Psychology. Nicole is an easy-going person, who loves visual design and teamworking. She wants to focus on the technical aspects in UX, User Interface Design and front and back-end development. Nicole is most interested in user experience design that allows for an integration of frontier technologies into daily life, such as using AR/VR or Brian-Computer Interface technology in people’s lives to enhance the experience to surroundings. Nicole Li can be reached at


Alicia Zhang is a freshman at Purdue University majoring in User Experience Design. She was born and raised in Bay Area, California. She mostly enjoys making small graphics on illustrator for friends and family. In high school, she was the Business Media Director for her robotics team where she helped design flyers, posters, t-shirts, and majority of the merchandise for the team. UX design intrigued her with how it combines her love for technology and her love for art into one career. In her free time, she can be seen doodling randomly on whatever piece of paper she gets her hands on. She can be contacted at


Kanika Rao is currently a freshman majoring in UX Design with a minor in Psychology at Purdue University. She hopes to learn more about UX and the developing field through involvement in multiple design studios. She is working to learn more about her specialization interests which are currently project and product management as well as data collection and visualization. Kanika is also involved in clubs such as Women In Technology, Purdue Project Rishi and the Polytechnic Student Council. She can be contacted at