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Experience Studio Project Owners

Ananya Desai (TA), Nancy Rasche (Professor), Sadie Bunting (Undergrad TA), and Vaishnavi Anand (TA) are the Project Owners this semester. Vaishnavi, Ananya, and Sadie will oversee 4-5 teams each and Nancy will oversee 2 teams while administering the course. They all will work together to support the student teams and manage individual student growth.

Ananya, Project Owner, Grad TA

Ananya Desai is currently pursuing her Master’s degree in the Department of Computer Graphics Technology, specializing in User Experience Design. She holds a Bachelor’s degree in Interaction Design and has professional experience working as a lead designer within the industry. Ananya is deeply passionate about Human-Computer Interaction and relishes the process of discovering meaningful, creative, and research-backed solutions for various problems in the vast, ever-growing world of technology. To her, design is the strategic orchestration of aesthetics, functionality, and empathy to create seamless and enjoyable experiences. She believes design can be utilized to enhance the way individuals engage with the world, making technology an intuitive and empowering extension of human capabilities. You can find her work at LinkedIn or at

Nancy, Project Owner, Professor

See Nancy’s information on the UX Group page.

Sadie, Project Owner, Undergrad TA

Sadie Bunting is currently a senior, double majoring in User Experience Design and Political Science, minoring in Psychology, Human Rights Studies, Women, Gender and Sexuality Studies, and receiving a certificate in Collaborative Leadership. Identifying innovative approaches and solutions to problems both motivates and inspires Sadie. Sadie believes observation, inspiration, and determination are her core values. In Sadie’s past experiences with design, her successes have stemmed from strong communication and a passion for collaboration, innovation, and activism. With these qualities, Sadie is able to facilitate positive change and make an impact on whatever problem she is solving. Sadie hopes to combine her interest in Political Science and UX to combat issues that involve both fields and use her unique skillsets to excel in both as well.

Vaishnavi, Project Owner, Grad TA

Vaishnavi Anand is currently a second-year master’s student in the Department of Computer Graphics Technology at Purdue University. Her focus area for her master’s is User Experience Design. She holds a bachelor’s degree in Electronics and Communication Engineering. To her, design is about crafting digital experiences that captivate, delight, and drive results. Her design process aims to discover solutions that influence the way users perceive technology while creating an impact for businesses. With a passion for pushing the boundaries of user-centered design, Vaishnavi is dedicated to creating intuitive and meaningful experiences that bridge the gap between users and technology. You can find her work at and contact her via LinkedIn or at

Purdue Libraries

Purdue Libraries team will evaluate the external search tool on their website to recommend updates to the design and usability. The majority of our research focus will be undergraduate students at Purdue, but may also include others who use the library search such as Purdue staff and graduate students.


Samantha Cunningham is a fourth-year undergraduate student at Purdue University majoring in User Experience Design and pursuing a certificate in Collaborative Leadership. Her passion for problem-solving, curiosity, and creativity has led her to explore the field of user-centered design. These passions also manifest in her love for sewing, baking, and reading. Samantha believes that the most crucial aspect of user-centered design is understanding the users and their needs and desires. By leveraging this information in her projects, she can create products that enhance user comfort and accessibility. You can contact her at emailaddress or LinkedIn.


Kate Weisgerber is a senior at Purdue University, majoring in User Experience (UX) Design and Communications with a minor in Anthropology. She has experience with design tools including Figma and Adobe products such as Photoshop and Illustrator. Kate enjoys the challenge of making complex tools, sites and software intuitive and easy to use for all users, especially those inexperienced with those platforms. Kate’s Communication and Anthropology knowledge gives her an excellent background for understanding user behavior and approaches to using technology. Kate is specifically interested in UI and service design but also enjoys conducting user research through interviews and usability tests. Kate can be reached through email at


Ryoma Okano is a junior at Purdue University currently studying User Experience Design, and is pursuing a minor in Japanese. He received his compulsory education in Carmel, Indiana. Ryoma is interested in the visual arts and the performing arts. He also loves meeting people from different cultures and he hopes to become fully fluent in other languages, and to travel abroad to contribute to the ever-increasing prominence of digital technology.


Run Yuan “Aidan” Sun is a Junior at Purdue University, pursuing a BA in UX Design and minoring in Anthropology. Growing up in Suwanee, Georgia, Aidan has always had an interest when it came to design. After being introduced to the field of UX by a family friend, he decided to take on the field at Purdue, and his love for UX Design has since strengthened. Aidan is a quick and eager learner with many useful skills in UX. He is also proficient in HTML and CSS, and has some experience in Javascript. Aidan is a former Boyscout and swimmer, having gained valuable teamwork and leadership skills from both activities. In his freetime, he enjoys creating things such as art and music. You can contact Aidan at


Lorraine Hairstin is a sophomore UX design major at Purdue University. Her background in digital media and graphic design led her to discover and research UX design. Her interests in psychology and anthropology are the basis for her further interest in UX. Her hobbies include digital art and character design. You can reach Lorraine at or LinkedIn.


Hannah Ahn is a sophomore in UX design. She found out about UX design through her dad, who used to work in that field. Ever since she was in high school, she worked with many different people through community service. She noticed the amount of satisfaction she received for helping those in need, which is why she wanted to major in UX design. UX design puts people’s needs first, which is something she grew up doing and would like to continue doing so in the future. You can contact her at


Emaline Frey is a Sophomore at Purdue University pursuing a major in User Experience Design with minors in Psychology and Organizational Leadership. Her decision to study User Experience stems from an interest in the way people connect with others and the world around them, and a desire to study and improve the value of these connections. Emaline has many creative passions including proficiency in Adobe Illustrator and Photoshop and a love for sewing and crocheting. In the future she hopes to be able to use her knowledge of UX methods and leadership principles to create more productive and fulfilling workspaces. You can contact her at frey58@purdue.eduor on LinkedIn.

Deckers Brands_HOKA

HOKA produces premium performance footwear and apparel for athletes of all types. Our team has been tasked with researching the current product comparison experience to understand how users determine the right product for them. We also seek to identify user expectations regarding information and tools available to support their decision-making process.


Ria is a Junior at Purdue University majoring in User Experience Design, minoring in psychology, and pursuing a certificate in collaborative leadership. She enjoys designing interfaces that generate positive emotions through product interactions. She has a current specialization in visual design, but is interested in pursuing UX strategy or product management in the future. She can be reached at and you can view her portfolio


Cristina Pascua is a junior at Purdue University pursuing a degree in User Experience Design and minors in Psychology and Communication. She is passionate about creating and ensuring user-centered products through user research and design. She hopes to specialize in user research and UX strategy in the future. Cristina can be reached at


Emilio is a fourth-year undergraduate student at Purdue University pursuing a degree in User Experience Design as well as minors in Psychology and French and a certificate in Collaborative Leadership. User Experience combines his interests in technology, communication, and his artistic methodologies. Emilio uses his soft skills such as leadership, public speaking, and problem-solving to better engage in individual and collaborative projects. He is a Purdue University Emerging Leader, a University Ambassador, and an Outreach Coordinator. As he furthers his involvement in interaction design and information architecture, Emilio hopes to engage in managing projects and directing design teams. He is also an avid videographer, artist, and outdoor enthusiast. He can be contacted through his email or on LinkedIn at LinkedIn.


Jagriti Sachan is a first year master’s student at Purdue University pursuing a degree in Computer Graphics Technology with a specialization in User Experience Design.
With 3 years of hands-on experience in the field of UX design, she has had the privilege of working with diverse teams and clients across various industries. Her focus area is conducting in-depth user research to gain insights into user behaviors, needs, and pain points, which inform design decisions. To her, design is about collaborating with cross-functional teams, including developers, product managers, and marketers, to create cohesive and engaging digital products. During her recent experience with Addinex Technologies, she contributed to prevent prescription drug misuse by creating web and mobile applications for Doctors and Patients. Outside of school and work, she is a boxer, loves to travel, paint and chill with her dog. She is currently looking for internship opportunities for Summer 2024, and you can reach her at


Ella VanderMolen is a sophomore in UX Design at Purdue University with a minor in psychology. She is interested in creating positive visual designs with her knowledge of people’s needs and design principles with her education in both UX and psychology. Ella also hopes to pursue a certificate in Entrepreneurship and Innovation. She can be contacted through her email


Kara Pearson is a sophomore at Purdue University studying User Experience Design and pursuing a minor in psychology and a certificate in collaborative leadership. Kara is a creative, forward-thinking designer whose goal is to make a positive impact on both the products she designs and those around her. In the future, she sees herself specializing in product management as well as interaction design. You can reach her through email at


Linh Pham is a rising sophomore at Purdue University, with a major in UX Design and minors in Psychology & Anthropology. Current, she aims to make designs meaningful for users through engaging in different stages through out the design process, from researching to creating refined visual interfaces. Her interests lie within making emerging technology friendly and usable to different user groups. To reach out to her, simply email to

Dolby Labs

Dolby Labs is a company that designs and manufactures audio and imaging technologies for the entertainment industry. They are seeking ways to enhance the overall workflow for User Generated Content (UGC). The primary objective of this project is to thoroughly examine the existing content creation process and produce a research report that outlines strategies for workflow improvement.


Nikolai Hoogewerf is a fourth year undergraduate pursuing a degree in User Experience Design in addition to an Entrepreneurship Certification & a minor in Communication. Their journey has been defined by a fascination with tech ecosystems and the intricate pathways users traverse while interacting with apps or indulging in card games. They originally started their Boilermaker journey as an aspiring Game Design and Development undergrad, but saw the allure of UX Design and its many specializations, which prompted them to pivot their studies. It was a complete shift in their mentality towards designing tailored affordances for end users. Moving into their hobbies, they like to play the violin as a freelancer at events in Munster, Indiana as well as single-player story-driven games like Star Wars Jedi Survivor. Having these activities helps Nikolai to re-focus themself on what they value most: self-expression and an outlet for unrestricted creativity. Although they like to keep work and free time separate, they enjoy the intersections of design thinking principles in all forms of content. This manifests in their daily Instagram feeds as well as the cross-channels like listening to Spotify through their mobile device while annotating research articles. With a blend of creativity and analytical prowess, they are on a mission to revolutionize user affordances through meticulous research and concept design. They hope to acclimate to a Product Designer role at a partner company with the Orr Fellowship program after graduating. Nikolai can be reached at and on LinkedIn LinkedIn.


Sean Levy is a junior at Purdue University majoring in User Experience Design and minoring in Psychology. He has previously gained experience within both more design and data processing oriented projects, and hopes to focus more within the research site of UX design. In the future he would like to apply these skills and knowledge towards specializing in the applications of User Experience Design within public infrastructure. He is especially interested in ensuring that issues of accessibility and sustainability are being addressed to ensure that designs are truly inclusive to the users they are meant to benefit. Outside of UX Sean is a member of the Purdue Gymnastics Club, the Purdue Fiber Arts Club, and the Purdue UX Club. He can be contacted at his email,


Eric Lee is a senior at Purdue University majoring in UX Design, a minor in Computer and Information Technology and Communication. Eric’s interests in technology and design drew him into pursuing a path in User Experience Design. Eric specializes in UX research and explores a problem with data through research. He is always open to explore new ideas and improve the experience of the users to deliver an eye opening experience. His contact information is or on LinkedIn.


Eswarya Kotha is a first year Master’s student in the Department of Computer Graphics Technology at Purdue University specializing in User Experience Design. Having done her undergrad in Electronics and Communications Engineering, she has corporate experience of two years working as a Global Change Management Analyst in Bangalore, India. Her passion for Human-Computer Interaction ignited when she began exploring ways to create more accessible and user-friendly interfaces, especially for the elderly. She hopes that her past experience will allow her to weave together the learned concepts and create user-friendly and meaningful experiences for users. As she delves deeper into user-centered design and its impacts on people, she’s committed to designing interfaces that not only function effectively but also incorporate elements of fun and playfulness. During her free time, you will see her sketching and painting or trying out various cuisines from around the world. Eswarya can be reached out to via email, or Linkedin LinkedIn.


Vaishnavi Kuppa is currently in her second year of UX Design at Purdue University, also pursuing minors in Anthropology, Communications, and Professional Writing. Since she was young, she was an avid enthusiast of arts & humanities, especially writing. After discovering UX Design, she narrowed in her true interest of UX Writing and making design inclusive through microcopy. As an Indian immigrant whose first language wasn’t English, she has recognized areas where good UX Writing proved to make user experiences better for foreign users, and hopes to do the same. Vaishnavi pursues her passion for writing as an undergraduate writing consultant at the Purdue On-Campus Writing Lab. She’s additionally interested in UI Design and making research-based design decisions. During her free time, she’s most likely reading & writing books, watching international shows & movies, listening to music, or attending pottery classes. Vaishnavi can be reached at


Ava Watkins is a freshman at Purdue University majoring in User Experience Design with a minor in Communications. She has always been drawn to design, whether it was through art, fashion, architecture, graphic design, or UX design. She has a love for marketing, brand identity, and Public Relations which is backed by her Communications minor. She hopes to bring her UX design and communications skills into the Fashion industry with her passion and eye for aesthetics, design, and marketing. Ava can be reached at Ava’s portfolio can be found at Ava’s LinkedIn.


Logan Carter is currently a sophomore at Purdue University pursuing a major in UX Design, a minor in Communication, and a Certificate in Entrepreneurship and Innovation. While he is uncertain what he would like to specialize in, Logan is still looking into industries for inspiration. He hopes to further his design experience and to create meaningful and impactful experiences for users. Some hobbies Logan has include drawing, playing guitar, and playing soccer. Logan can be reached at or LinkedIn.

Widows In Need (WIN) + UE Group

After the passing of their partners, widows and widowers may struggle to keep up with the work of their late significant other. This led to the creation of the company WIN (Widows in Need). Widows in Need works to provide volunteer based services to relieve some of the stress and unexpected difficulties that arise after the loss of a partner . In this service strategy-based project, our team aims to develop and implement strategies that will deliver effective and efficient services to align with the needs of not only the widows/widowers, but the volunteers and founders themselves.


Kevin Kim is currently a junior at Purdue University and a third-year in the User Experience Design program at Purdue University. When he is not reminiscing about his childhood, he enjoys longboarding, building computers and keyboards, and drawing. While deciding on what he wanted to pursue in college, he had set his mind on visual communication and design, with the intention of being a freelance graphic designer. This later changed when a friend mentioned the User Experience Design program, and how he would not only learn about the principles of design, but the multitude of applications he could apply himself towards. Enticed by the branching career paths, Kevin switched majors and is now a student of the User Experience Design program. He hopes to be involved with the video game industry with the skills he will attain within the program. Kevin can be contacted via his gmail,, or by his, LinkedIn


Dajanae Brangman is a senior at Purdue University, majoring in User Experience Design and pursuing a certificate in Collaborative Leadership. Driven by boundless curiosity and a penchant for questioning, she’s committed to elevating user experiences. Fueled by her study of human behavior and an unwavering focus on users, she’s on a mission to ensure the seamless execution of decisions, backed by thorough research, with the aim of making the UX design world easier to navigate. UX allows Dajanae to delve deeper into the reasons behind human behavior variations, all while integrating her creative mindset with technological skills. Her experience gained from a summer internship at Nextech has solidified her passion for the human aspects of technology. You can reach Dajanae at LinkedIn.


Brooke Miller is a junior at Purdue University pursuing a Bachelor’s degree in User Experience Design while going after both a certificate in Entrepreneurship and a minor in Psychology. While she is still exploring the different aspects of UX design, she has been drawn to user research and is interested in the connection between the human thought process and their actions. Brooke also takes part in Greek Life on campus, taking on roles and joining committees within the sorority which has allowed her to develop great leadership and time management skills. From a vast number of experiences, Brooke has been a part of a variety of different projects, including website designs, creating visualizations, and researching user flows. Her top skills are creativity, problem solving, and team work abilities. She is constantly looking for new opportunities to step out of her comfort zone, and further her education in user experience. For professional purposes, Brooke can be reached at


Grace Combs is a junior at Purdue University studying User Experience Design. She is pursuing a minor in Anthropology and a certificate of leadership. Limitless curiosity and a belief in the pursuit of progress are what motivate Grace to create meaningful experiences. With a passion for video games, Grace hopes to dive deeper into gaming problem spaces and hone her research and visual design skills. After spending her first year in Computer Science and ultimately discovering her love for UX, Grace is taking on a diverse roster of projects to round out her UX skills and to discover where her preferred specializations lie. She can be contacted through email at


Neda Rahimi is a sophomore at Purdue University studying User Experience (UX) Design. She appreciates how she has been able to combine her technical side with her creative side to create products that will help people. She has a background in photography, digital design, and engineering. Neda is a daughter of two immigrants, her father from Iran and her mother from Ukraine. She is also part of a minority religion, the Baha’i faith. She believes that this diverse background will aid her in the pursuit of creating technology that takes everyone into account. She hopes to have a job in the future that will allow her to always consider minority groups. Her work can be found on this website: and she can be reached at


Hope is a Junior at Purdue University majoring in UX Design with a minor in Anthropology, as well as pursuing a Certificate in Collaborative Leadership. Outside of design and research, she has a love for various creative endeavors such as drawing, video-editing, and fashion. She is also passionate about education and strives to explore how technology and design can play an active role in the classroom. She hopes to channel her heart for service and empathy towards her design work to enhance and empower. You can reach Hope at or LinkedIn.

Great Clips

Great Clips utilizes technology to give customers a fast, convenient, and comfortable haircut experience. They are looking ahead to how they can improve the checkout process in salons and give customers better ways to pay. Our project aims to research the current retail payment landscape and make predictions on upcoming payment methods that would be the most impactful for Great Clips.


Alexandra McCausland is currently a junior at Purdue University from the Detroit area. She is pursuing a degree in User Experience Design and a minor in Psychology. Alexandra decided on UX design because it combines her passions of visual design, technology, and psychology. She is interested in visual design and UI, as well as how the physical environment affects users. Alexandra aspires to be a UX/UI designer who creates accessible designs that have a positive impact on others. Currently, she is a part of Purdue’s Women in Technology Club, UXD Club, and Armenian Club. When she’s not improving her UX skills, she can be found working on various crafts. You can reach Alexandra at LinkedIn.


Shree Sathiyan is a junior at Purdue University pursing a major in User Experience Design, a minor in Psychology, and a certificate in the applications of data science. Shree is interested in how physical environments and different contexts affect users’ decisions. She is focused on UX research along with visual design. Shree’s primary interests are in creating accessible spaces for in-person community engagement and supporting local sustainability initiatives and efforts. Along with being involved in UXD, she is also a part of Purdue’s Women in Technology club and is a Polytechnic Ambassador. You can reach her at or LinkedIn.


Izza Babar is pursuing a Master’s in CGT UX Design, having already made her mark in multinational companies including Jazz, Foodpanda, Loreal, and Dawlance. As a UX designer, she’s passionate about creating global experiences, equitable design and expertly merging intuition with engagement. Her skills encompass user research, design, illustrations, coding, wireframing, and prototyping, allowing her to transform intricate ideas into user-friendly designs that enhance usability and drive engagement – one iteration at a time.
Izza’s accomplishments include awards in Employer Branding, Industrial Design, and Brand Storms. Her creative flair and innovative approach have garnered recognition across diverse domains. Both in academia and industry, Izza’s unwavering commitment continues to shape impact and user-centric digital solutions.


Chloe Choi is a junior at Purdue University pursuing a degree in User Experience Design, minor in psychology, and certificates in Entrepreneurship and Collaborative Leadership. She is interested in experience strategy, interaction design, and accessibility. She has worked as an UX researcher at Southwest Airlines, UX/UI intern at Kooapps, and graphic design intern at Creative Inc. Chloe has extensive formal educational backgrounds and industry experience in aeronautical engineering and pre-nursing. Chloe loves competing in design competitions and case competitions. With her team in the past year, she has placed 1st at Purdue’s Designing Technology for People competition, 2nd at Boston University’s U.S. Catalyst designathon, and 2nd at Ascend’s Sandbox case competition. She is currently founding a Alpha Theta Delta chapter, a professional design fraternity, at Purdue. She describes tragedy as wanting to do everything in such little time. You can reach Chloe at or LinkedIn.


Jack Gerber is a senior pursuing a major in User Experience Design while also pursuing a minor in psychology and a certificate in leadership. Jack attends Purdue University in West Lafayette, Indiana, but is originally from a small town in Bluffton, Indiana. Jack is interested in sharpening his artistic and creative abilities in order to become a fine user experience designer. He grew up drawing, sketching, and building with cardboard and duct tape. Jack wants to pursue a UX degree because he has a passion for designing and an interest in research. He has experience in the restaurant industry where he has experience in customer service and interactions. Jack also has a passion for music and playing the guitar. Jack is a leader in an off-campus Christian ministry called PBF. This stands for Purdue Bible Fellowship. Jack also serves on his ministries worship team. You can reach Jack Gerber via email or LinkedIn at: LinkedIn.


Ruoshui Zhang is a junior at Purdue University majoring in User Experience Design and a minor certificate in Entrepreneurship. She is a designer who focuses on user experience and visual design. She has experience using Figma, Excel and Adobe products such as Illustrator and Photoshop. She is full of curiosity about the world, and she hopes to make people’s life more convenient through design, which is also her motivation to study hard. When she is not working or studying, she likes painting, cooking, skateboarding, and listening to music. She can be reached at or LinkedIn.

Nature's Mercantile

Nature’s Mercantile is a small natural soap company that has been using facebook as a way to market their business for the past 12 years. They’re having trouble with expanding into new social media markets and integrating their Point of Sale (POS) system. They’d like for us to develop a social media marketing strategy to expand into new platforms and seamlessly incorporate a POS system.


Rob is a Senior and Master’s student studying UX Design at Purdue University. He wants to work in technology while still being able to solve creative problems, and is particularly interested in studying online communities. Once he got into UX Design, he was quickly diving headfirst into projects and got hooked. He is now able to work with a lot of different people, solving real issues. His unique skills are able to set me apart on the team and help me to be a better designer. Outside of school, Rob is an Eagle Scout and likes to host game nights with friends. His work can be found at


Trami is a junior majoring in User Experience (UX) Design at Purdue University. Throughout grade school, she always found technology exciting and fun to interact with. She has an eye for aesthetics, like fashion, which rooted from her obsession with Pinterest. Her passions and love for the media and wellness over the years led her to UX Design where she hopes to work with UI/UX, product and package design, and user research. She can be reached at


Jack McCarthy is a Junior at Purdue University studying User Experience Design. He has a passion for new experiences and loves to try anything new. As a UX designer, Jack has found that he enjoys interacting with users and collecting primary research to inform his design decisions. As an individual worker, Jack is highly motivated and takes pride in consistently providing quality work in a timely manner. He works well with others and can adapt to unexpected changes or unfamiliar group dynamics. Jack hopes that a career in UX will allow him to see more of the world and he can be reached at


Max Berent-Spillson is studying at Purdue University pursuing a degree in UX design and a Minor in Psychology. Max is straight out of Ann Arbor Michigan, and being a wolverine at heart it makes the sports season very conflicting. Max’s seemingly random interests include Sports, Game design (both the theory and practice of it), Psychology, Researching, painting, and just working. While he’s not a full-time student Max can be found painting houses and participating in mild tom foolery. He hopes to combine his major with his passions of game design and research to make impactful changes in the way we think about designing games. You can reach max at


Durga Murugesan, a spirited Sophomore enrolled in the UX program at Purdue University, is on a dynamic journey of discovery within the realm of User Experience. She’s from the city of Seattle, Washington, and is enthusiastic to meet new people in her major. She’s motivated to learn and grow, as she looks forward to making her sophomore year an unforgettable chapter of her academic journey.

Element Three

As a team, we will work on designing a tool/system for Element Three. We will create an automated and artificial intelligence tool for mid-marketing businesses that will help their teams and market professionals enhance marketing strategies, develop plans tailored to the needs of companies, and provide executable solutions to align marketing efforts with the businesses’ growth objectives. Our main goal will be to assist marketing professionals with useful marketing assets, resources, and marketing tactics to generate creative solutions faster than ever before. This will primarily focus on information architecture, visual design, and automation.


Ayomikun (Ayo) Obayomi is a junior at Purdue University pursuing a bachelor of science in User Experience Design. He is passionate about discussing people’s experiences with specific products and services, empathizing with users to brainstorm and ideating feasible solutions to help with their pain points, and designing interfaces that are intuitive, accessible, and adaptable in the users’ everyday lives. Because of his passion, he has decided to pursue a career as a UX/UI Designer focusing on Service Design. Additionally, he wants to continue growing and developing the interpersonal skills and hard skills that he has acquired through the program. During his free time, he enjoys listening to music, playing video games, hanging with his friends, and watching his current favorite series: Suits.
He can be reached at: and through his LinkedIn: LinkedIn.


Miranda Garcia is a junior at Purdue University studying User Experience Design. She aims to work in Product Design, but is open-minded to all areas of UX. Miranda’s dream of working in the UX field began when she studied Business Administration in Wisconsin, where she was first introduced to how companies incorporate UX to lead the future. A few of her main skills include communication, organization, and collaboration. During her college years she has had the opportunity to collaborate with diverse groups of individuals through clubs and nonprofits. Through these experiences, Miranda grew a passion for understanding people’s behavior and creating ways to overcome problems they may face. She is always looking for ways to grow as a person and experience new opportunities. You can reach Miranda at


Neo Agrawal is a sophomore at Purdue University, majoring in UX with a passion for 3D Industrial Design and Human-Computer Interaction (HCI). Neo is currently pursuing a Bachelor’s in User Experience Design and a planned masters in Neural Networks. Neo’s commitment to product development and design shines through his internships, where he implemented innovative solutions, such as UX researching, 3D designing, and AI training for practical applications. Neo can be reached at to by email or connect on LinkedIn.


Aashika Parekh is currently a second year student at Purdue University pursuing a Bachelor of Science in User Experience Design. Born and raised in Princeton, NJ, Aashika aspires to work as a product developer focused on producing intuitive, minimalistic, and elegant designs that enhance engagement and improve user flow. Her background and hobbies in cinematography and animation encourage storytelling and creative thinking, enabling her to create seamless experiences for users. She’s open to any opportunities surrounding Product Management an UX Design. Outside of pushing the bounds of technology to make a positive impact on the world, you can find her exploring the outdoors. Feel free to reach out to Aashika through her email at or on .


Avery is a Studio 2 Sophomore drawn to UX because of its multidisciplinary and collaborative nature. Working for and with others is her passion. She also likes being able to balance her analytical side with research to identify needs, while using creativity in ideating solutions. Her interests include UX research and digital marketing, and she’s eager to learn more! Outside of class, she can be found in the HAI lab doing HCI research, or at the gym chasing PR’s. Driven in the classroom and beyond, Avery is a strong team player looking to take on any challenge. Feel free to contact her at or via linkedin: LinkedIn.


CASA is a trained community of volunteers who advocate for abused and neglected children in the child welfare system. Indiana volunteers represent over 23,290 abused and neglected children cases in 2021. There are far too many cases than the number of existing volunteers to help with these cases, leaving children without a voice. Mic, our Sponsor, is a start-up company that wants to solve this issue by creating a tool to give volunteers the superpower of safety, security, and to give children a voice.


Jackson is in his final year as a UX Design student after 2-years in Computer Engineering. While at Purdue, he gained a passion for researching complex systems and solving problems using emerging technology. Examples of his experiences include working on complex systems for NASA, CDC, Zebra Technologies, and John Hopkins Applied Physics Lab. Outside of UX, he spends his free time leading communities (as a Teaching Assistant and Resident Assistant) and being a Photography Intern for Purdue Athletics. Next, he hopes to gain further higher levels of education, solve meaningful problems, and make a difference in the world. Jackson can be reached via


Zoe Wetzel is a junior at Purdue University currently majoring in User Experience (UX) Design and minoring in Psychology. She is from West Lafayette, Indiana. Zoe is interested in both design/artistic and research aspects of UX Design and hopes to combine those interests in a way that will allow her to promote policy change within her community. She currently works as a student employee at the Disability Resource Center (DRC) and is exploring future opportunities for internships. Zoe has also gotten involved in her university’s opportunities by taking part in a major-related study abroad program in May of 2022 where she helped sponsors to storyboard an interactive story-based game intended to reduce bias within minority groups. Zoe also belongs to Alpha Lambda Delta Phi Eta Sigma, a prestigious national honor society at Purdue University. She can be contacted through email at


Ellie Starzak is a sophomore at Purdue University majoring in UX Design and minoring in Psychology and Art & Design. She is also a transfer student, coming from a community college near her home in northwest Indiana. Her passion for UX comes from the fact that it involves three of her favorite things: art, technology, and helping to improve people’s lives. Preferring the design side of UX, she hopes to pursue a career creating UIs for video games. She has experience working with a variety of programs, such as Figma, Adobe Photoshop, Adobe Illustrator, and Procreate. In her free time, she loves to play video games, make jewelry, spend time with her friends, and enjoy Purdue’s beautiful campus. You can reach her at


Faye Ochi is a senior at Purdue University studying User Experience Design with minors in psychology and design and innovation, along with a certificate of collaborative leadership. Her interest in UX design sparked through her experience as a project engineer at a general contracting construction firm, where she saw an intersection of principles between UX, architecture, and engineering. She is interested in exploring how human behavior and psychology influence people’s decision-making and experiences when interacting with technology. Additionally, she wants to continue developing her passion for technology justice and explore ways to ensure technology is equitable and accessible for all. Outside of UX, she enjoys playing guitar, soccer, and traveling. Faye can be reached at and LinkedIn.


Pramika Kamana is a first-year Master’s student at Purdue University in the Department of Computer Graphics Technology with a specialization in UX Design. She had an undergrad degree in electronics and communication; eventually, she changed her major to user experience design while exploring her interest in UI. During her undergrad, she was also an active member of the IEEE Madras Section, where she collaborated and conducted technical and non-technical seminars, paper presentations, workshops, and more. During the pandemic, she did internships as a UI/UX designer, where she worked on A/B testing, prototyping, and designing wireframes for clients in the banking sector. After graduating, she also worked as a UI designer and front-end developer. With slightly less than one year of work experience as a UI designer, Pramika had her valuable learning while working in the fields of healthcare, e-commerce, and banking. She is most interested in visual interface design and human-centered designs that allow an application to communicate its ideas to end users in a lucid and effective way. She has extensive working knowledge of Figma, Adobe Illustrator, and Adobe Photoshop, as well as some additional experience in HTML and CSS. You can reach me at and LinkedIn.


Jasmine Bui is a Junior while in her 2nd year in Purdue’s User Experience Design program. She is also pursuing a minor in Anthropology that enriches her empathy and research skills. As an international student from Vietnam, the harmonious blend of different cultures in the States inspires her to become a researcher and a designer. Currently, she’s an Undergraduate Researcher focusing on Data Visualization Design, while her past experience spans graphic design, marketing, and program planning. Beyond academics, Jasmine loves experimenting with new cooking recipes with her friends, and enjoying nature. You can connect with Jasmine at


Macy Bosworth is a sophomore pursuing a degree in UX Design at Purdue University with minors in Psychology as well as a certificate in Entrepreneurship and Innovation. Her passion for UX began through a class she took in high school. Both the visual design and research aspect of UX interests her and she has skills in Adobe Creative Cloud. Outside of UX, Macy likes to try new things such as snowboarding, golf, and baking. You can connect with her at


Designing a service for concert-goers to rate, review, log, and share experiences at various concerts across the globe. By doing this, users will be able to create communities around shared musical interests.


Nick Betts is a Junior at Purdue University majoring in UX Design, minoring in Psychology, and completing the entrepreneurship certificate. He is skilled with the Adobe Creative Cloud software, Tableau, and HTML. His in-class project experience includes working with Avanade, Purdue CIE, and OnBoard. He is yet to declare a specialization in the UX Design space, but enjoys research and design. Nick can be reached at


June Fang is a Junior at Purdue University studying UX design. She has been fascinated with design since she was a child. In high school, Jue Fang noticed that this internet-based world is constantly being bombarded with numerous virtual products. As a result, she developed a strong interest in UX design. Jue Fang mastered essential principles and design techniques of design software, such as Adobe XD and FIgma, paving the path for her to continue exploring such a fascinating profession. Outside of the studio, she would go practice golf and read thriller books in her spare time. She can be reached at


AJ (Avery) McGinley is a Junior at Purdue University, she is studying User Experience Design. Coming all the way from Florida, she discovered her passion for UX when took an intro class in design theory in technology. She found out that UX was exactly what she was looking for in her field of learning, ever since highschool, AJ has been interested in technology but she felt like she was missing something. She felt that she wanted to work more with people and technology together. Long story short, thats how she discovered UX and she has loved every second working with a close group of peers. Outside of the classroom you can find AJ on a frisbee field or on the basketball court, or in a tree reading her favorite mystery novel series. AJ can be reached at href=””> or via linkedin:


Jackson Stone is a sophomore at Purdue University studying User Experience Design. He found an interest in UX Design after taking multiple robotics classes through middle and high school. Jackson’s favorite part of robotics was prototyping and sketching which he loves to use in his work. Jackson wants to work in the automotive industry as a UX researcher or Interaction Designer. He has always loved cars, and he has always appreciated great design in some of his favorite brands. During highschool, Jackson was in marching band, Boy Scouts, and practiced Tae Kwon Do where he earned his Eagle Scout and black belt respectively.,, LinkedIn.


Claire O’Malley is a Junior at Purdue University studying User Experience Design. She struggled to find a career path that peaked her interest until she shadowed her brother who is a UX designer. Claire had always had a creative side to her when growing up, so after doing more research on what UX was, she was confident this was the path for her. She had gained much experience with Adobe Illustrator and Figma through many design classes and through her position as a Design & Sales Manager at Campus Ink. In the future, she wants to specialize in app development. In her free time, Claire can be found hanging out with her sorority sisters as well as watching the latest crime documentary. She can be reached at


Max Kowalski is a sophomore at Purdue University studying UX Design and pursuing a minor in psychology. He found UX because it was a good way to combine his computer science background with his more artistic background into one career field. He grew up learning Java and C, and picked up HTML and CSS more recently. In addition, he has 5+ years of experience with Adobe Photoshop and Illustrator, and 2 years of experience in Premiere Pro and inDesign. He wants to focus on both narrative UX in games and using games to help people connect with one-another. Max can be reached at He also can be reached on LinkedIn .

Key Lime Interactive

Design a solution or service that helps remote employees do their work more effectively, and/or stay connected and build relationships with each other in less than 5 hours per month.


Ben Habegger is a Junior at Purdue University pursuing a Bachelor’s Degree in UX Design, and a minor in Anthropology. Having great interest in technology, design, and how people interact with products and interfaces across the world, User Experience Design combines Ben’s passions of design, usability, and helping others. His goal is to specialize in Interaction Design with interests in strategy, project management, and leadership. Additionally, looking to improve his skills as a leader, Ben is working towards a certificate from Purdue’s College of Communication. He hopes to combine these skills to become well rounded within the UX ecosystem. Ben is excited to continue his education in the Purdue UX program and can be contacted at, His Website, and LinkedIn.


Damaris Adeniji is a passionate Junior at Purdue University studying User Experience (UX) Design with a minor in Psychology while pursing a certificate in Entrepreneurship and Innovation, a minor in Organizational Leadership. She is deeply interested in creating products that enhance human interaction and simplifies people’s lives using technology in the entertainment world. She is looking forward into focusing her career in the Entertainment Industry as a UX Researcher. As a student of UX Design, Damaris has a structured approach to tackling complex projects that ensures excellent outcomes. Damaris enjoys video editing, design creation, and socializing with friends in her free time. Damaris can be reached at,


Seoyeon Lim is a Sophomore at Purdue University majoring in User Experience Design with minor in Psychology and pursuing a certificate in Entrepreneurship and Innovation. She is interested in creating user-centric experiences that make technology more accessible, enjoyable, and meaningful. She hopes to specialize in interaction design or product design in the entertainment industry. She aims to enhance her abilities in communication and collaboration, enabling her to work effectively in cross-functional teams. She also hopes to gain proficiency in design software such as Adobe Creative Suites and Figma. Apart from academics, she enjoys traveling and learning about different cultures. Seoyeon can be reached at


Daphnee Delisha is a junior at Purdue University majoring in User Experience Design with a minor in Psychology and pursuing a certificate in Collaborative Leadership. Her lifelong interest in design and technology led her to choosing UX Design as it combines her knowledge in design with her desire to create an accessible and easily understood interface. She hopes to specialize in the visual design aspects of UX, and maybe even explore even deeper into interaction design. She would like to expand her research skills to hopefully understand the users a little better. As a UX Student, she has worked with companies outside of school to help them build websites and other types of designs. She enjoys drawing, exercising, and finding new foods in her free time. Daphnee can be reached at


Sowmyashree is a Graduate student at Purdue University, doing her masters in Computer Graphics Technology, with a specialization in UX Design. Prior to this, she has over a year of work experience. She worked with Wongdoody Infosys, one of the largest service providers in the world as an Experience designer and with Lowe’s as a Graphic Design Specialist. She has over 3 years of freelance designing experience in graphic design, branding and logo design, illustrations, and 3D modelling. She also sells her artworks as merchandise. Her research interests include: accessibility, visual design methodologies, and multi-modal interfaces. She is also very interested in product strategy, and is working towards getting a holistic understanding of the product management lifecycle. Apart from all things design, Sowmyashree enjoys good humour and great food. She loves to geek out on history, cricket, Manga and music.Sowmyashree can be reached at

    WPA toolkit

    This project will create an online toolkit for new and under-resourced writing program administrators. Hosted on a disciplinary platform, it equips administrators to confidently navigate uncertainties like pandemics and budget changes. The toolkit offers crisis planning, assessment advocacy, outreach strategies, and fosters adaptable writing education programs. It empowers administrators to proactively tackle challenges, streamline solutions, and share best practices across diverse contexts.


    ​​Matt Weaver is a Junior at Purdue University pursuing a Bachelor’s Degree of Science in User Experience (UX) Design with a Minor in Psychology along with a Leadership Certificate. He is passionate about solving problems within interfaces/design work. He wants to make the overall experience of the customers enjoyable. Matt believes that the world needs UX designers because technology is only improving and becoming more frustrating for users. He takes joy in helping others and being creative which is what sparked his interest in UX Design. Matt strives to be a very diverse designer and hopes to grow, as a person and a designer, with every new experience. He can be reached at or
    LinkedIn Profile.


    Gianna Maihofer is a current Senior at Purdue University. She grew up near Cleveland, Ohio and currently lives in Brownsburg, Indiana. After originally studying Computer Science, she changed her major to User Experience Design as she found that she enjoyed front-end work more than back-end work and also found that she could incorporate her passion for art into her career. Other aspects that drew Gianna to UX Design are collaborative teamwork and human-centered design. In her future career, Gianna hopes to work with teams to improve people’s interactions with technology and make it accessible to everyone, as well as help make aspects of people’s lives easier. Besides art, Gianna also enjoys reading, watching movies, and spending time with her friends and family. She can be contacted at


    Elizabeth Jarrell is a sophomore at Purdue University pursuing a major in User Experience Design, while double minoring in Psychology and Design and Innovation. She found a love for UX because she is passionate about supporting people and working to solve problems to help people. As she continues to discover her potential interests in the UX field, her ultimate goal is to find a role within the tech industry where she can be creative while creating empowering experiences to make life a little bit easier. Engaging actively on campus, she participates in clubs dedicated to empowerment and community. She holds membership in both the Women in Technology Club and Purdue Dance Marathon. Furthermore, she contributes as part of the digital team within the Boiler Ambassadors Marketing and Communications Team, working to showcase Purdue University’s Campus Life to prospective students. Elizabeth can be reached at or LinkedIn Profile.


    Madison Braile is a sophomore at Purdue University studying User Experience Design with a certificate in Collaborative Leadership and a minor in Hospitality and Tourism Management. She has always been interested in telling stories and leading teams to accomplish their goals. In particular, interaction design and theme park technologies are a constant fascination for Madison. This guided her to pursue an education in UX Design, a field in which she can cultivate her interpersonal skills and creativity. As Madison continues to pursue her degree at Purdue, she works on sponsor-led student projects with companies such as Final Fantasy 6 Worlds Collide. Outside of school, she is a member of the Purdue UX Design Club and works as a student designer for Campus Ink. Through this experience, she hopes to develop visual design skills that she can apply to her UX work. After completing her degree, she aspires to be a UX designer and project manager and welcomes opportunities to gain more experience in these fields. She can be reached at or LinkedIn


    Greta Segert is a sophomore at Purdue majoring in UX design, and minoring in communications and psychology. She is from St. John, Indiana and enjoys video making, painting, and exercising in her free time. Outside of the learning environment, she is also a member of the Purdue Co-ed Cheer Team. Greta loves to work in collaborative groups and to be a leader throughout her everyday activities. As she continues the UX program she is working on sponsor led projects such as FF6 Worlds Collide, and WPA toolkit. She is experienced in using Adobe photoshop, Premier Pro, Illustrator, and Figma. Her hopefulness in closing the gap between people and technology led to her interest in UX Design. Her goal is to help improve everyone’s everyday lives. Greta can be reached at

    Purdue ISS toolkit

    Purdue ISS aims to provide appropriate services and support to international students at the university. This project aims to create a web toolkit to clarify the process for international students on F1 visas who need CPT authorization. We plan to create a streamlined process for the students so that they do not have any confusion or aren’t overloaded with information.


    Elsa Jerry is a senior at Purdue University majoring in User Experience Design and minoring in Psychology and Communication. She is also enrolled in the Entrepreneurship and Innovation Certificate. She has experience as a product design intern at West Monroe Partners and a UX Research intern at Chegg. These experiences have enabled her to connect with users better and learn various design methods like user journeys, competitive analysis and co-design workshops.
    Elsa was part of the Data Mine learning community, she chose this community because she believes that analyzing data can tell how user flow is being impacted by different variables.
    She is passionate about connecting with the users and trying to understand their problems on a deeper level. She wants to ensure that the users are at the heart of every design decision made. Apart from academics, she is part of the Publicity Committee in Women in Technology and Purdue Marketing Association., LinkedIn Profile.


    Kassandra Lopez Carrillo is a Purdue University student majoring in UX Design, minoring in Psychology and Art+Design, and receiving a certificate in Entrepreneurship and Innovation. As a first-generation college student from an immigrant family, she has a fiery determination to succeed at everything she puts her mind to. Her love of technology and art combined with a deep interest in psychology makes the field of UX a happy place where she can express her creativity and problem-solving skills. Outside of her academics, Kassandra is heavily involved with volunteering with Purdue Bands & Orchestras, being a member of Purdue’s iconic “All-American” Marching Band, Boiler Brass and Boiler Box Band. Other than her musical interests, Kassandra is also a member of Women in Technology and ALPFA to help with her professional growth outside the classroom.


    Sungin Ha is a junior at Purdue University majoring in User Experience Design and she is planning on getting the leadership certificate. During Covid, she found UX Design and she gained interest with the aspects of UX Design. She is currently part of Purdue UX Design club and is engaging with others with the same interest in UX Design. Her passions include music, guitar and cooking. She loves being creative while problem solving. In UX, she is constantly learning something new and is committed to expanding her knowledge., Linkedln Profile.


    Tanvi is a UX design student with a strong passion for enhancing people’s experience with innovative designs. She is currently pursuing a bachelors of science degree in UX design, coupled with a minor in psychology and communication. She fell in love with UX because of its application in the real life world. Her topmost priority in all her projects is to develop streamlined, accessible, user-friendly, and inclusive user experiences. She is determined to find opportunities that align with her aspirations and values. During her leisure time, she indulges in activities such as watching sitcoms, singing, and painting. She can be reached at or LinkedIn Profile.


    Syphax is a sophomore at Purdue University majoring in UX Design. He has always held a love for design, specifically visual design, and is interested in the many ways user experience applies to our daily lives. The future and the changing space for design motivates him to work, so that it can be implemented in the world. He is passionate about creating experiences that are both pleasurable and pleasing. He enjoys designing graphics, drawing, and video editing. Some of his hobbies include soccer, fishing, and running. If you want to contact Syphax, he can be reached by email at


    Ann Kurian is currently a sophomore at Purdue University, obtaining a degree in User Experience Design with a planned minor in Organizational Leadership. She became interested in the field when a UX Designer who graduated from her high school attended career day. Ann was fascinated by user experience design because it combines human-computer interaction with design as well as psychology. She aspires to create positive and meaningful impacts through her projects.


    Sssocialbot is a social tool that was started to help encourage social activities during our shift towards hybrid and remote work. Sssocialbot aims to help create organic (spur of the moment) social interactions outside of project work. We are investigating how we might continue to improve upon Sssocialbot’s goal of reducing the barrier to organic social interactions between remote team members.


    Justin Lee is a junior at Purdue University majoring in User Experience Design, with a minor in Anthropology and a certificate in Entrepreneurship. Over the past two years, Justin has discovered he excels in the fields of web design and user research, and hopes to obtain an MBA in the future to learn more about information architecture and interaction design. He has had the opportunity to work with a variety of companies, such as Zebra Technologies, FreedomPay, and Element Three & Newmar Corporation. Outside of UX, he enjoys his work as an Executive Project Leader of Logistics of the Purdue Student Union Board, and spends his spare time playing the piano. After completing his degree, Justin hopes to pursue higher education and apply his experience in the technology and consulting fields. Justin can be reached via or via LinkedIn.


    Sofia Hutchison is a junior at Purdue University pursuing a major in User Experience Design, with a minor in Anthropology, and obtaining a certificate in Entrepreneurship. Sofia was introduced to UX through her computer science class and knew UX was what she wanted to study, because of the creativity and design required to bridge the gap between humans and technology. Her future plans include focusing on visual design and user interface while maintaining a balance between aesthetics and usability. Outside of her studies, Sofia enjoys reading, drawing, and maintaining her job on campus. She has experience with Figma, Adobe creative Suite, and knowledge in HTML and CSS. She can be contacted at: or via LinkedIn.


    Caroline Risewick is a junior at Purdue University majoring in User Experience Design and minoring in Psychology. She grew up in Evansville, IN and has always had an interest in design. Recently, she discovered how complex the brain is and how much the psychology of people can contribute to their actions. Due to her passion for technology and her interests in the human mind and how people think, she plans to pursue a career of helping others and producing pleasurable and easy experiences for users. She is skilled in figma and adobe programs, and plans to specialize in visual design. Caroline can be contacted at


    Mikaela Thompson is a sophomore at Purdue University pursuing a degree in User Experience Design with a minor in Psychology and a certificate in Organizational Leadership. Mikaela decided to pursue a career in UX Design because it combines all of her interests in art, technology, and psychology together. Mikaela is passionate about creating unique experiences that go above and beyond the users’ needs. She strives to design products that make everyday life more engaging. Mikaela has experience working with Figma, Miro, and Adobe Creative Suite (Ae, Ps, Id, Ai). She also has basic knowledge of various programming languages, including Java, JavaScript, HTML, CSS, and Python. Outside of the classroom, Mikaela loves to paint, cook, and explore the outdoors. In the future, Mikaela plans on specializing in user interface design and expanding her knowledge in front-end development. Feel free to reach out to Mikaela at or via LinkedIn.


    David Levine is a sophomore at Purdue University pursuing a degree in UX Design. He has always been fascinated with the evolution of technology and the many ways it can be used, and he wants to help everyone experience the digital world seamlessly. He is experienced with digital art, using applications such as Adobe Photoshop, After Effects, and Illustrator. David has also worked with HTML, CSS, and some JavaScript to design websites for certain projects. He wishes to apply the skills he already has to develop creative solutions to any problems that users might have in the digital world. David can be contacted through email at or through LinkedIn.

    Wong Zi Xuan

    Wong Zi Xuan is a Junior studying at Purdue University, and is pursuing a User Experience Design major and psychology minor. Growing up, he found himself frustrated constantly by inadequate, disfunctional or confusing designs in his everyday life. As a result, he decided to pursue an interest that would allow him to apply his hobbies and passions in a practical manner: UX Design. During the pandemic, he worked as a UX Design intern and as a graphic designer for startup companies in Malaysia and Hong Kong. He is especially interested in using human behavior and creating human-centered design that allows for seamless and efficient usage. Wong Zi Xuan can be contacted at

    U Do It Legal

    U Do It Legal (UDiL) is a legal startup aiming to make complex legal procedures accessible to self-represented litigants in California family law cases. Our project focuses primarily on redesigning the front-facing sales website for U Do It Legal to market their current Domestic Violence Restraining Order (DVRO) services and secondarily designing for scalability to other family and civil law cases in the future.


    Coco Stevenson is a junior at Purdue University studying User Experience Design with minors in Psychology and Design & Innovation. She’s interested in specializing in interactive design or UI design. From her love of giving back to the community, she wants to work towards providing her users with accessible technology.
    She can be reached at


    Elise Marsicek is a senior at Purdue University studying User Experience Design with a minor in Psychology and certificate in Collaborative Leadership. Her work is driven by using a human-centered approach to design that ultimately aims to better communities. Her emphasis on collaborative leadership as both a practice and discipline motivates her to engage in group environments that foster informal mentorships and mutual growth. Elise’s focus in communication and leadership-based roles stress the importance of design that centers partnership and goal orientation. For more information, she can be reached at


    Harini Sethu is currently a sophomore at Purdue University pursuing a degree in User Experience Design. She has always had an interest in technology, and started exploring different coding languages in hopes of eventually pursuing a career in computer science. After working on front end web design, however, Harini discovered her passion for graphic design. This led her to ultimately choose UX Design as her major, because it provided a perfect balance of both of her interests. Harini hopes to go into UX consulting, as it offers a chance for her to work on a variety of projects with lots of different people.


    Jennifer Du is a junior User Experience Design student at Purdue with a minor in Psychology. Her love for technology, psychology, and art led her to pursue a career in UX design. In the future, she hopes to specialize in UI and visual design to create joyful experiences for communities. During her free time, Jennifer indulges in reading and creating digital illustrations. To contact her, you can reach her at and LinkedIn.


    Tejasvi Bhagwatkar is a junior double majoring in User Experience Design and Web Programming & Design with a minor in Organizational Leadership and Entrepreneur certificate. Tejasvi is also part the biggest south Asian organization at Purdue university as a treasurer and takes part as a mentor for the polytechnic women in Tech mentorship program. Tejasvi is interested in combining her UX knowledge with her technical background in Web Development, along with her leadership skills to pursue a career in project management or consulting in the web developer field or user experience design. Connect with Tejasvi on LinkedIn or through mail at


    Joe Maddux is a sophomore majoring in UX Design at Purdue University. While at Purdue, he has participated in multiple projects with classmates as well as other personal design projects. His strengths are UI design and user research. Outside of the classroom, he spends his time playing many different sports, as well as rooting for his favorite sports teams and his college teams. Joe can be contacted at or at LinkedIn.


    OnBoard provides software for board members and directors to create and facilitate board meetings, enabling them to create actions for the company, vote on movements, and gather insight into their own board. This project will tackle issues with OnBoard’s current features to improve the overall user experience for its end users.


    Aashwini Vachhani is a senior at Purdue University majoring in User Experience Design and minoring in Psychology and Design & Innovation. She is interested in pursuing a career in the field of UX design where she can design user-friendly and accessible interfaces by understanding her users’ psychology. She loves to participate in hands-on projects and always looks for tasks to keep her busy. Aashwini values the overall usability and aesthetics of a product/service which is why she is inclined towards UI design and product design in her career. In the future, she hopes to specialize in visual and interaction design and work in a big tech industry to expand her knowledge on different cultures and people. She can be contacted at .


    Dean Carroll is a Purdue University sophomore pursuing a Bachelor of Science in User Experience Design with a minor in Psychology. He is a product development intern at Walter Picks, an industry-leading app that provides AI insights into fantasy sports and sports betting. His role began heavily in UI design and is expanding to include more user testing and interviews. He has a strong background in freelance graphic design and is excited to learn more about the non-visual aspects of UX design. Connect with Dean on LinkedIn or through email at


    Jasmine Li is a sophomore at Purdue University studying User Experience (UX) Design. She was drawn to the field after a transformative experience as a UI/UX intern at an innovative startup, where she discovered her passion for artistic design could be made impactful when integrated alongside technology and communication. As an advocate for user-centered design choices, she is especially passionate about crafting digital experiences that seamlessly blend visual design with user-friendliness. Currently, she is looking to explore UX applications within the gaming industry with a strong aspiration to broaden her understanding of UX through immersive hands-on projects. She can be contacted via email at or through Linkedin at LinkedIn.


    Evan Brehm is a sophomore at Purdue University pursuing a degree in User Experience (UX) Design and a certificate in Entrepreneurship. He first discovered UX through sitting in on design meetings with his mom over the summer. He is primarily interested in UX design because it employs his love of technology and artistic design while solving user-centered problems. His future plans are to gain specializations in visual design and experience design in order to keep a more hands on approach to projects. He is currently looking to explore the gaming and product design industries in order to pursue his passions and expand on his current UX knowledge. He can be contacted at


    Prithvi Manjunatha Babu is a first-year master’s student at Purdue University’s CGT program specializing in UX design. She has graduated with a bachelor’s degree in architecture and has practiced as an architect for two years. Her intrigue for designing user-centered products made her switch industries where she now focuses on designing data and research-based digital products. Her research interests include accessible and inclusive design, interaction design, visual design, and information architecture. Post her graduation, she hopes to work in the UX design industry designing products that are accessible and intuitive to users. Outside of academics, she is interested in digital art, 3D modeling, photography, and sketching. You can reach her at


    As a team, we aim to improve the user flow of CorpusKey - an AI-supported platform that enables its users to generate course content. This project will explore venues such as AI, User Experience Design, and general branding to create a cohesive platform. Our goal is to create a seamless experience reducing the daunting ideas that surround AI and elevating the learning experience for our community.


    Cora Hughey is a third year undergraduate student at Purdue University, studying a degree in User Experience Design with a Psychology minor. In the program she is most interested in developing her skills in UX research. She is driven by her passion for understanding users and designing for accessibility. She also specializes in visual design and is proficient in Adobe Photoshop, Illustrator, and Figma. Outside of the classroom, she is a great appreciator of music, art, and spending time in nature. She is also an active member of Purdue’s Women in Technology and the Purdue UX club. You can connect with Cora at


    Kelley McTyer is a junior pursuing a degree in User Experience Design and a minor in Psychology at Purdue University. From a young age, Kelley enjoyed creating art and knew that she wanted to pursue a career relating to design. After taking courses on psychology and technology in high school, she knew that User Experience Design is what she wanted to do. Through different courses that she has taken in her academic career, she has become proficient in using Figma, Adobe Illustrator, and Adobe Photoshop. She is passionate about learning about the human mind and applying this knowledge to products and services to make them more user-friendly. She is also interested in using this knowledge to create visually appealing products that satisfy the wants and needs of the users. Kelley can be contacted at


    Jack Myers is attending his senior year at Purdue University and is pursuing a bachelor of science in UX Design and an entrepreneurship certificate. Over the summer, Jack completed an internship at Lockheed Martin, where he was a part of the RMS data design team. He enjoys problem-solving and improving the experience of others through design, whether in software or in the physical space. He wants to focus on specializing in UX and interaction design. Outside of school and work he enjoys cars, video games, and socializing with his friends. Jack can be reached at or connect on LinkedIn.


    Jeff Priso is a student in User Experience Design at Purdue University. He’s a self made artist and considers himself an overall creative with interests in creative direction, interaction design, and knowledge sharing. UX is all encompassing hence he is able to apply his creative skills at different parts of the process. He draws inspiration from his surroundings (both people and physical spaces) and the experiences he immerses himself in. No matter what your needs may be, he is sure to meet them as he uses his creativity and artistic abilities to problem solve. From conceptualization to execution, he is committed to delivering exceptional work that meets or exceeds expectations as being a designer is part of who he is. If interested, Jeff Priso can be reached at


    Anderson Tsan is a sophomore at Purdue University West Lafayette double-majoring User Experience Design and Animation & Visual Effects. With his love in technology and passion in visual designs, Anderson developed his interest in UX Design. He wishes to specialize in User Interface designs and apply his creativity and skills to create engaging products, bridging the gap between technology and artistic designs. He also hopes to gain more experience working with other people in UX Design and strives to make a positive impact for people. Anderson can be contacted through