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Experience Studios Lead Project Owners

Robin Arnold (undergrad TA) and Chorong Park (grad TA) are our Lead Project Owners this semester. They will each oversee 6 teams and work directly to help train 3 Project Owners.

Robin, Lead Project Owner

Robin Arnold is a Senior at Purdue University pursuing a degree in User Experience Design and minoring in Communication and Psychology. Throughout her education, she will work towards a specialization in project management and content strategy. Her goal is to find a career within project management, actively seeking new design opportunities within a world that is forever changing. She hopes to create seamless experiences with aesthetic user interfaces. Robin was an interaction design intern at Stryker this past summer working with their surgical technology products to streamline the OR experience. She also proposed a UX Strategy for the business unit and identified business and design opportunities as Stryker makes a shift towards using technology for assisted interaction. Some of Robin’s key strengths include visual design, wireframing, organization, and collaborative leadership. For professional purposes, she may be contacted at

Chorong, Lead Project Owner

Chorong Park is a second year Master’s student at Purdue University pursuing User Experience Design. She was a Lead Project Owner/TA/TL in ES, and a TA for Prof. Rasche in 256 now. As a Research assistant for Design, Visualization, & Cognition Lab run by Dr. Parsons, she enjoys analyzing and gathering user behavior data, as well as Human Computer Interaction (HCI) publications using various research methods. Her focus research area is in health care UX with various technologies including VR/AR and Machine Learning for older adults, the disabled and marginalized groups. During her recent internship at PathAI, she contributed to improving cancer patient outcomes by creating design solutions with Machine Learning and Artificial Intelligence for Pathologists. As an advocate for the user, empathy drives her design decisions throughout the process. Her previous degree is from the University of Illinois in Visual Design, Cum Laude. While working as a designer, she won the design competition of the annual meeting design theme for AIEC. She is proficient in using Adobe programs, Figma and other prototyping tools along with HTML/CSS/JS. She can be reached at

Project Owners

Ariana Eskew, Anika Antony, Gabriella Goss, Brein Gross, Camile Hardt, and Stesha Linder are the Fall 2021 Project Owners. They will manage 2 teams this semester. Ariana is working with Fieldwatch and Office of Globalization, Anika is working with Proctor & Gamble and Dolby, Gabriella is working with Sezzle and Cerner, Brein is working with BNUX China and XCenter, Camile is working with Firstroot and Pepsi, and Stesha is working with Innovatemap and Avanade.

Ariana, Project Owner

Ariana Eskew is a senior at Purdue University who is studying User Experience Design. She is pursuing minors in Psychology and Advanced Global Technology and certificates in Collaborative Leadership and Global Competence. Last semester, she was a team lead working on a sponsored project with Sezzle where she gained project management skills. This semester, she is excited to be a Project Owner for FieldWatch and Purdue Polytechnic’s Office of Globalization. She loves seeing the meaningful connections that design can create with users and between creatives. Outside of class, she loves to travel! She has studied abroad in Germany and the Czech Republic and is always looking for more opportunities to experience new cultures. Ariana can be contacted at

Anika, Project Owner

Anika Antony is a Junior at Purdue University pursuing a degree in User Experience Design with a certificate in Entrepreneurship and Innovation. Last semester, she was a team lead on a sponsored project from UEGroup working to rethink how bathrooms could be visualized using augmented reality. She gained significant project management skills and learned how to utilize the strengths and weaknesses of her team members to effectively deliver a project. This semester, she is excited to be a Project Owner for Dolby Atmos and P&G. She is looking forward to seeing how her leadership skills will continue to grow in this position. Anika was a UX research intern this summer for Carrier at their digital hub in Atlanta, GA where she worked with a UX researcher and strategist on refining UX/UI patterns of existing building occupants displays. These displays are shown in their buildings across the country. Outside of school, she is a Purdue cheerleader and spends a lot of time representing the university in sporting and community events. Anika can be contacted at

Gabriella, Project Owner

Gabriella Goss is a Junior at Purdue University studying User Experience Design with a minor in Psychology, and a certificate in Collaborative Leadership. She aspires to create innovative, unique designs that encourage conversations about social issues but go beyond that to create designs that advance the expectations about the way we use technology as a whole. She has experience in leadership development through the Hugh O’Brian Youth Leadership Seminar attending the seminar as both a student, and staff member; and has led multiple team projects through studio classes at Purdue. Outside of education, she enjoys musical theatre, film and cinema, and tennis. She can be contacted through her email,

Brein, Project Owner

Brein Gross is a Senior at Purdue University currently pursuing a degree in User Experience Design with a minor in Psychology. She is learning the ropes of people-centered research and applying her energetic, analytical personality to projects that will propel her into the field after graduation. She is most interested in user research and project management and believes that the best projects are ones that embrace and utilize the chaotic energy of a project. At Purdue, she has acted as a Team Lead and Project Owner for semester projects dealing primarily in user research and design consultancy. Outside of her busy life as a student, she performs with the Purduettes, a woman’s choir, and ambassador program at Purdue. She serves on the leadership of this prestigious group where, among other duties, she is learning branding as the Gold of Merchandise and Recruitment. She can be reached via email at

Camille, Project Owner

Camile Hardt is a Junior pursuing a degree in User Experience Design, specializing in visual design and project management, and a minor in Human Development and Family Studies. She is from Overland Park, KS. Camile is a committee lead for the textile waste committee on the Purdue Sustainability Student Council. When not working on UX design related projects, she enjoys knitting and dabbling in film photography. and working on implementing and bringing awareness to sustainable practices on Purdue’s campus. I can be reached through email at

Stesha, Project Owner

Stesha Linder is a senior at Purdue University pursuing a Bachelor of Science in UX Design. She is also pursuing two minors in Naval Science and Psychology. She is part of Purdue Navy Reserve Officer Training Corps and has lots of experience with leadership, decision-making, and teamwork. In addition, she is drawn to the UX aspects of combining art, business, teamwork, and technology together. Her motivation for wanting to study User Experience Design stems from being able to be part of a team that works towards a common goal and the physical interactions that UX Designers can enable for their users. She can be reached at


Improve the flow and ease of navigation to provide a seamless user experience and promote visibility of sensitive crop and vegetation areas to chemical applicators.

Anne, Co-Lead

Anne Pivonka is a junior at Purdue University majoring in UX Design with a minor in Psychology and certificates in Collaborative Leadership and Entrepreneurship. She is an attentive designer focused on User Research and Project Management. Her curiosity about the world and desire to create meaningful experiences that help and inspire people is what drives her passion for her work. This curiosity carries over to her work as an Undergraduate Research Assistant. She works in the UXP2 lab focusing on ethical consideration in UX practice and the development of mindset around methods. This role challenges her to deepen her knowledge of different research methods while also gaining valuable time management and communication skills.
When she is not working on UX related projects, she enjoys playing guitar, hiking, cooking, and exploring new spots around campus. She is interested in an opportunity to continue to learn and develop her skills through an internship. She can be reached through email at

Matt, Co-Lead

Matthew Will is a Senior at Purdue University majoring in UX Design with a minor in Anthropology and certificates in Entrepreneurship and Global Competency. He is currently working as an undergraduate research assistant on an NSF-funded project regarding Everyday Ethics in UX Design. Matthew has specific interest in areas of UX Research and Interaction Design, and has worked in several sponsor-led student projects with companies such as Avanade. He has also gained experience using design programs such as Figma and Illustrate, and has basic knowledge of HTML, CSS, and Javascript languages. In his free time, Matthew enjoys drawing and playing video games as well. He is currently looking for work opportunities for after his graduation in May 2022, and you can reach him at


Jensen Burr is currently a Junior at Purdue University who is pursuing a degree in User Experience design and a minor in Management. Jensen enjoys graphic design work as well as learning back end development skills. He has In-depth skills in graphic and prototyping softwares such as Adobe XD, Adobe InDesign, and Figma along with basic knowledge in HTML and CSS. Jensen has made it a goal for his career to focus on making the digital and physical space accessible for people of all ages after he noticed his grandmother always struggling with technology.

Outside of university work he has a passion for entrepreneurship and has used his knowledge of limited shoes and clothing to start his small business. Jensen started Burr Wide in 2015 and now is working with clinentle from Indiana to Miami and even professional athletes. He also enjoys volunteering outside of the classroom and was a Team Leader for Purdue’s 2021 Boiler Gold Rush orientation program. Jensen can be contacted at or on LinkedIn.


Erin Thomas is a sophomore pursuing a degree in the User Experience Design program at Purdue with minors in CNIT as well as Art and Design. Ever since she was young, she enjoyed making art and wanted to be a designer. After taking a computer class in high school where she made her own website, she knew that UX design was the career for her. She loves how it combines technology, psychology, and design. This semester, she is looking forward to learning more about visual design and coding while applying it to web design. Outside of the classroom, you can find her caring for her twenty houseplants, riding her longboard around Purdue’s campus, and supporting women in technology through Witty Sisters. You can contact her at or on LinkedIn.


Madhumitha Rajesh is currently a Sophomore at Purdue University pursuing a degree in User Experience Design, with a Certificate in Entrepreneurship and Innovation. She adores the fact that UX enables her to connect with new people everyday. Madhumitha endeavors to create meaningful and enjoyable experiences with users, and makes good use of her compassion. She is always open to expanding her knowledge and loves an interesting challenge! She has some hard skills such as Figma, Adobe Photoshop, Adobe Illustrator, and Adobe XD. One of Madhumitha’s passions and hobbies in life is tennis and she hopes to integrate the same into her career. When she’s done for the day, she can be found playing with the Purdue tennis club members, a co-ed organization that involves playing the sport intramurally. She can be reached at or on LinkedIn.


Andrew Dobler is a junior studying User Experience Design at Purdue University. Working in Purdue’s UX program will give him the opportunity to become a well-rounded designer while focusing on his visual and interaction design skills. He aims to land a job in consulting after graduating where he can work in a position that allows him to be involved in several areas of the design process. His strengths to get him there include communication, perspective-taking, technological fluency, analytical thinking, quick learning, and a great eye for aesthetics. Andrew is looking to contribute to websites’ designs visually while making it an enjoyable experience through natural heuristics and micro animations. He can be reached at or on LinkedIn.


Garrett Fitzgerald is a second year Purdue student majoring in User Experience Design and minoring in psychology and business economics. Garrett was drawn to UX by learning about the position of UX researcher but has more recently been drawn in by working for a UX consultancy. His passion for UX lies in the horrible and painful state of many products and services that desperately need UX improvements. Aligning with this, he is eager to involve himself in ergonomics and functionality driven design. Now with some experience under his belt, he can say that his strengths lie in strategic thinking, psychology, and research. You can reach him at or on LinkedIn.

Purdue Office of Globalization

The current website design and social media strategies for the Purdue Office of Globalization must be improved upon in order to relay crucial information to Purdue students. This team needs to better understand how students would prefer to receive information, develop communication strategies, and redesign the current website based on research insights.

Jarred, Co-Lead

Jarred Porter is a senior at Purdue University pursuing a Bachelor’s degree in User Experience Design while going after a certificate in both Entrepreneurship and Leadership. He specializes in visual design and interaction design. He is competent in a number of Adobe programs, obtains good communication skills and has a strong background in WordPress and website design. He is constantly looking for new opportunities to step out of his comfort zone and further his career in User Experience. Jarred also takes part in Greek Life on campus, taking on roles and joining committees within the fraternity which has led him to develop great leadership and time management skills. Jarred has worked alongside many successful companies including Omnivis, Affinity, and LeadSigma, and is looking for a job opportunity starting in June of 2022. His work can be seen at and can be contacted via email at

Sophie, Co-Lead

Sophie Haydar is a Junior studying User Experience (UX) Design at Purdue University with a minor in French. She appreciates how UX Design allows her to combine her passions for modern technology and design thinking to create products that people will love using. She believes her natural ability to relate to other people will aid her in her pursuit of creating technology that is for everyone and anyone, regardless of their ableness or background. She has recently completed a second internship at State Farm where she worked on a UX team working on updating legacy product interfaces. Her adaptability to new problem spaces and design tools propels her as she explores design in other sectors. She can be reached at


Mina is a Senior at Purdue University studying user experience design and is passionate about bettering the relationship between user and technology. She has been creating art since a young age, and hopes to apply her artist mindset to design in finding innovative solutions to complex problems. She is actively learning to pursue a deeper understanding of the human mind and its complexities, and hopes to work as a senior UX designer at a company where she can make a positive impact on the technology industry. For more information or inquiries, Mina can be reached at


Shryansi Jain is a junior at Purdue University, majoring in User Experience Design and minoring in Psychology. Shryansi is particularly interested in User Experience Design, which she considers to be a fantastic combination of technology, design, and psychology. Her curiosity and love for people inspired her to get into UX Design and take on new challenges. Shryansi is a technology enthusiast who enjoys learning from new experiences and subsequently growing as a person. Shryansi can be found reading, painting, or rehearsing with the Raas team, Purdue’s Indian dance team, which competes nationwide, when she is not studying. In the summer of 2021, Shryansi interned at Ledx in India, where her major responsibility was to work on the company’s website. Shryansi aims to strengthen her job profile and abilities by participating in research programs and internships. She can be reached at


Seo Hyun (Erica; preferred) Kim is a senior at Purdue University studying UX Design and pursuing entrepreneurship certificate. She has an interest in web development and user interface design related to the IT field, such as artificial intelligence or automated vehicles. Her interest in design arose back in high school when studying for an Image Consultant Certificate and receiving one in Korea. She has a decent experience in industrial design for the past two years pursued at Purdue. She also has some experience with basic HTML and CSS and is interested in learning more. One of her motivations in life is music and she also plays with digital instruments in her free time for fun. Erica can be reached at


Jed Burgos is a current junior at Purdue University and is in his second year within the User Experience Design program. Along with his plan of obtaining a Bachelor’s in UX Design, he is also pursuing a minor in sociology. Jed has a deep interest in forming meaningful connections with others and is driven by his passion and empathy to create an accessible future for underrepresented communities, which is how he gained heavy interest in this field. He is actively learning ways to self-develop as both an individual and a UX Designer, in hope to make a lasting impact on the world. He is thrilled to utilize his creativity, interpersonal, and communicational skills, as well as continuing his UX journey this fall semester. For more information, you can contact him at


Christina Vandenoever is currently a second-year student at Purdue University and in pursuit of a degree in User Experience Design. She is happy to know that her future career in UX Design can benefit others as well as herself. With UX Design, Christina hopes to make a positive impact on users in need of products. Christina has two passions in life, creativity and helping others, and she hopes to be able to incorporate them into her career. User Experience design will create opportunities for Christina to help others by doing research and applying her creativity to her designs. Outside of the studio, Christina can be found either studying with classmates or playing tennis on the courts on campus. She can be reached at


Participatory Budgeting (PB) allows for democratic spending of funds and is currently done with a mobile app. For this semester, we have been engaged to build out the implementation tracking portion of their Participatory Budgeting (PB) proposal program.

Janhavi, Co-Lead

Janhavi is a sophomore at Purdue University, majoring in User Experience Design. Her innate capacity to read people creates a sense of empathy and helps her generate humane experiences. Furthering this capacity using rationale and creativity, she wants to humanize design. As a result of her exposure to an array of themes related to psychology, she tries to make her designs intuitive and reflexive. Her interests mainly lie in psychology, research, and spatial and visual design. As a designer, her goal is to make the interactions people have with the products they use, as meaningful, comfortable and enjoyable as she can. Some of her best ideation and inspiration comes when she’s not looking. So when she’s not designing, you’ll find her painting, trekking or playing board games! Feel free to reach out to Janhavi Shah

Bridget, Co-Lead

Bridget Schafer is a double major at Purdue University studying UX Design and Spanish with a minor in Anthropology. She is currently a Junior, serving as the Graphics and Publicity Chair for Women In Technology as well as an Ambassador for the Polytechnic Institute. Alongside her knowledge of programming, design applications, and project management, Bridget has experience in global leadership, graphic design, public speaking, marketing, and public relations. With these interdisciplinary skills at the forefront, her professional goals are centered around creating inclusive digital environments via intuitive user research and fluid visual design. To connect with Bridget, email her at


A current Senior at Purdue University majoring in UX Design, Skyler is striving toward a career intertwined with design and technology as one, such as a position within the Disney Company. Skyler is from Oakwood, IL and grew up in a small family. He is currently the VP of Communications of the Pi Lambda Phi fraternity. This leadership position within the fraternity has helped him grow in his problem solving, collaboration, and communication skills. After interning at Virtusa Corp, he has learned the importance of working in a team of a diverse culture, as well as servicing a client to reach an optimal goal. He’s a cat dad of two and enjoys animals in general. An avid PC gamer of first-person shooter games. You can reach him at


Alexander Lederman is a third year undergraduate student at Purdue University majoring in User Experience Design and pursuing a certificate in Entrepreneurship and Innovation. He first became interested in the field of user-centered design after working as an intern for three years at Oracle and partnering on projects with other companies such as National Geographic. His love for critical thinking and creativity is why he spends his spare time studying chess, exploring the outdoors, and practicing his culinary skills. Alexander believes that the purpose of any product is to improve a user’s comfort, health, or accessibility. Because of this, he wants to utilize his creative design skills by working on projects that create a positive social impact. He can be reached at


Jordan Johnson is a Junior studying UX Design and is pursuing a Certificate of Entrepreneurship at Purdue University. She was born and raised in the southeast but considers West Lafayette, IN her hometown. She entered college as an undecided student and after doing lots of research she decided to declare UX Design as her major in Summer 2020. She is always up for immersing herself in projects and loves that she can take what she learns and apply it in the future. She has had experience working in visual and interaction design. She is also heavily involved in Purdue University Exploratory Studies Program as a Teaching Assistant and Student Ambassador. She can be reached at or LinkedIn.


Grace Goudreau is a sophomore pursuing a degree in User Experience Design at Purdue University with a certificate in Leadership. Grace is from Saint Charles Illinois, a suburb of Chicago. She loves the interdisciplines that UX involves and is very excited to continue her studies after a covid filled first year. She is specializing in product design, another one of the parts she loves about UX. Grace has always loved being creative and has loved how she found a degree where she can make a difference through design. Grace can be contacted at


Azaria is a fourth-year Animation and UX student in the 3+2 degree program. She is also pursuing a minor in Design and Innovation. The past summer, she served as a project manager at Benefit.Design where she led design projects aimed at serving organizations hit by the 2020 pandemic. Her passions lie in designing transformative experiences for marginalized groups and hope to start her own UX firm focused on ethical design. Outside of work, she likes to read self-help books and experiment in the kitchen. She is also launching her first podcast series Empathizer, where she shares the power of empathy in talks about design, relationships, and more (coming soon). You can check out some of her exciting work at

COIL China - Beijing Normal

Imagine the future of semi-autonomous driving experience while also leveraging different geographical and cultural perceptions of driving experiences. This team will Explore a range of potential interactions that feel pleasurable, comforting, and charming to the driver, utilizing visual, haptic, and physical forms of engagement that enhance the driving experience.

Jacqueline, Co-Lead

Jacqueline Marks is a senior at Purdue University pursuing a B.S. in User Experience Design with a minor in Anthropology. Her work experience includes working with SBA Loans, PPP Loans, marketing, HR, and guest services. She enjoys helping others to solve problems which is what drew her to UX Design. In her free time Jacqueline enjoys painting, photography and beach bonfires with family. At Purdue, she is involved in Greek Inter-varsity, Alpha Xi Delta, Purdue User Experience Design club and serves as a College of Polytechnic Ambassador. She can be reached at

Becky, Co-Lead

Becky Hutzel is a senior at Purdue but a junior in UX Design. She is from Lafayette, IN and is passionate about creativity, music, and people! She loves UX design because it creates a space where she can blend these three areas. She started off in Industrial Design and gained skills from this in sketching, Adobe suite, Rhinoceros, and Catia. She did interface and web design over summer 2019 for a research project called the Biowall. Her work for the Biowall included making an interface completely from scratch to display intricate computer science data in terms everyday homeowners would understand. During summer 2021 she had an interface design internship where she tweaked the current layout of a company’s application. Also during Summer 2021, she was a trip leader for a Tanglewood Camp which entailed leading a group of ten teenagers through a variety of outdoor excursions including canoeing, backpacking, and orienteering through the Acadian Mountains. When she is not doing interface or graphic design work you can find her doing a variety of outdoor activities with the Purdue Outing Club which she is the Vice President of. You can contact her at


Andrew Johnson is a user experience design student at Purdue University. With interests in physical design, product design, and a double major in jewelry & metalsmithing, Andrew hopes to combine the thinking required for these disciplines in his UX work. After working with a team last semester to reimagine the setup process for a physical internet of things device , he’s ready to take on another challenging and important project. He has also translated this love of design into his hobby of metalworking. Forming an idea into a sketch, to a blueprint, and refining it into a finished product is something that Andrew lives for, and he is looking forward to bringing this love into his work. Andrew can be reached at


Ethan Bartucca is a sophomore at Purdue entering his second semester in the UX Design Curriculum and also pursuing a certificate in collaborative leadership. He likes to lead his group towards creative designs that can have a positive impact on people’s everyday life. He is a proficient user of Adobe Photoshop, After Effects, and Illustrator and continues to refine skills in newer programs like Figma and XD. In his spare time he designs and organizes the t-shirt orders for his fraternity. In high school, Ethan was named 7th Player of the year, and Unsung Hero by his hockey team for being a great teammate, and attended the HOBY Leadership Seminar in his time as Student Council president. As a problem solver, he is a big fan of puzzles and brainteasers that allow him to think outside the box. His UX journey may be young but Ethan is tirelessly working on his goal of becoming a company’s Design Director someday! For more info, contact Ethan at


Samruddhi Kokate is a recent Computer Engineering graduate from Mumbai University, India. She is currently a first year master’s student in the Department of Computer Graphics Technology at Purdue University. Her focus area for her masters is User Experience Design. She is passionate about User Experience Research — studying and understanding humans as their relation with technology evolves. To her, design is about finding solutions and opportunities to advance in the field of technology. She is on a constant lookout to learn new things — tech and everything beyond too. You can contact Samruddhi at


Janna Johns is a senior at Purdue University studying User-Experience Design, pursuing minors in Psychology and Art & Design. Janna has also completed Purdue’s Certificate in Entrepreneurship, which provided her with leadership skills, communication skills, and business knowledge. She is interested in merging Interaction Design with User Research, building off of her enjoyment working for the Purdue UX Research Lab and designing solutions in Figma. When Janna is not working, you can find her exploring local coffee shops and bookstores or giving cooking lessons to Purdue students at the Corec. She can be reached at


Jerry Anglin is currently a Junior at Purdue University pursuing a B.S. in User Experience Design with a certificate in Entrepreneur & Innovation. His deep interest in UX is centered on how it connects everything you interact with in life. Jerry strives to create intuitive designs that compel users to have meaningful and connectable experiences. He is always eager to learn and expand into new methods and approaches to solve some of the most difficult challenges when designing for users. Jerry hopes he will be able to enter sound and film related fields with the knowledge he possesses with a UX background. When he’s not designing, Jerry can be found practicing on Purdue’s fencing club, specifically fencing epee. He also has recently taken a position to be a Peer Mentor for the Fall 2021 Freshman in Purdue’s Horizons intro course. Beyond official activities, Jerry enjoys playing violin and making stop motion films as a hobby — He can be reached


Sadie Bunting is a sophomore pursuing a double major in User Experience Design and Political Science, a minor in Psychology, and a certificate in Collaborative Leadership at Purdue University. Sadie believes observation, inspiration, and determination are her core values. In Sadie’s past experiences working as an intern with the Purdue OWL to update and improve their website and as a Product Innovation intern at e.l.f. Cosmetics, her successes have stemmed from strong communication and a passion for collaboration, innovation, and activism. With these qualities, Sadie is able to facilitate positive change and make an impact on whatever problem she is solving. Sadie has always been passionate about Irish dance and has been teaching Irish dance for 4 years. Sadie hopes to use her love of communicating through the art of dance in her career. She can be reached at


Daniel Chin is a sophomore at Purdue University pursuing a major in UX Design with minors in Psychology and Communications as well as a certificate in Entrepreneurship. He has interests in music and art which serve as a basis for his interest in UX where creativity, technology, and psychology intertwine. Daniel has interests in creating accessible design for minorities and underrepresented communities as well as streamlining safety and interaction in the automotive industry. He has experience working in the Adobe suite and has received a nomination for his leadership and design process skills in a design competition by his professor. For professional purposes he may be reached at


Alanna Xu is a sophomore at Purdue University pursuing a major in User Experience Design. She chose UX because it is creative, empathetic, and dedicated to creating an enjoyable experience. She is passionate about visual arts, hoping to build a career that incorporates creativity in a visuals oriented industry. Her current area of interest within user experience is UI and visual design. Outside of UX, she spends time reading books and webcomics, drawing, and appreciating other artists’ works. She has experience with digital illustration and design in Photoshop, Illustrator, and Figma. Alanna can be reached at

Proctor & Gamble

COVID has accelerated digital shopping for the next 5-10 years. There is a need to drive shopping frequency, increase discovery, eliminate pain points, and optimize automation tools like Subscribe & Save. This team will Uncover breakthrough insights & UX designs/recommendations that can be used to optimize the Amazon site and experiences.

Jen, Co-Lead

Jen Nazareth is a senior at Purdue University in the User Experience Design program. She is also pursuing a minor in psychology. She knows she has a passion for eyeing up beautiful and usable designs, but she wants to try her hand at making them for herself. With her experience and knowledge conducting user research, her next step is to hone her UI and visual design skills using Figma to see if it is the right fit for her. Jen also has experience working with HTML, CSS, and Javascript where she created a joke generator using a simple API. Jen has always been a big part of the gaming industry and that is where her sights are currently set on. Integrating her UX skills in the gaming industry is her next goal; designing beautiful layouts and providing an emotionally captivating game would be an extremely rewarding experience after all her semesters studying UX. If she isn’t busy drinking boba, you can reach out to her at

Ellie, Co-Lead

Ellie Kouba is a Junior at Purdue University’s Polytechnic Institute majoring in User Experience (UX) Design. She is also pursuing a double minor in Communications and Psychology, along with certificates in Collaborative Leadership and Cornerstone. Ever since high school, Ellie knew she had a desire to connect with the user and create a positive experience for everyone. Ellie thrives on working in a team-based environment and loves participation and creating new connections. Being a leader comes naturally to her and she can not wait to pursue and see the opportunities in the near future. Ellie can be reached at for more information


Aidan Sabatino is a Sophomore at Purdue University majoring in User Experience Design. Originally from Elmhurst, Illinois he has always been interested in computers and automobiles. While growing up, he would always note the trouble that his parents had with their in-car displays. This, along with his combined passion for creativity, has led to a desired position in the automotive industry, specifically in hopes of improving in-car entertainment through UX. In addition to this, Aidan has many creative outlets including playing guitar and piano, producing music, and creating digital art. Aidan is a very quick learner, always willing to help, and is driven to make a positive impact in any way possible. You can contact Aidan at


Jiwon Lee is a Senior at Purdue University, currently pursuing a B.S. degree in User Experience Design with a minor in Psychology. She worked as an undergraduate research assistant on the UCD (user-centered design) team of SuperPower lab for a year and had a passion to understand the relationship between UX and technology. Her mindset as a designer is based on the idea of Kymmenykset by Papanek Victor and she is ready to pay her talent to the seventy-five percent of mankind in need. Jiwon would love nothing more than to make products or services easier and more enjoyable for everyone. Plus, she hopes one day would come that she can contribute to her community with her skills and ability. She is currently looking for work opportunities for after her graduation in May 2022, and you can reach her at


Anna Salcedo is a senior at Purdue University pursuing a degree in User Experience Design, minoring in psychology and receiving a certificate in entrepreneurship and innovation and collaborative leadership. Stemming from a passion for graphic and visual design, she recently started her own sweatshirt company featuring her personal designs. She has a part-time job at Campus Edge on Pierce where she works as a Community Assistant. She is a member of the Gamma Iota chapter of Delta Delta Delta Sorority. Anna is proficient with the Adobe Creative Cloud suite, Figma, Whimsical and Sketch. She is interested in product design or interaction design. I know how to create a prototype while understanding the constraints, but utilizing my creativity. She chose the User Experience Design field because she wants to make something that has the ability to impact someone. Anna can be reached through email or Linkedin; or


Ali Asghar Aamir is a recent Computer Science graduate from the Lahore University of Management Sciences (LUMS), Pakistan. He is currently a first-year MS CGT (UX Specialization) student at Purdue University and a Graduate Research Assistant for the Department of Technology Leadership & Innovation. With proficiency as a UX Designer/Researcher and Software Developer, Ali has partaken in several roles throughout his undergraduate career as a UX intern, Design Lead, and an Undergraduate Research Assistant at the Human Computer Interaction Lab at LUMS. Apart from his academic endeavors, he is a professional photographer and filmmaker, and sports enthusiast. For further inquiries, he can be contacted at: and on LinkedIn.


Jacquelyn Chim is currently a sophomore at Purdue University pursuing a B.S in User Experience Design and a minor in Psychological Sciences. Born in San Francisco, California, the heart of the Bay Area, Jacquelyn is passionate to make her hometown more connected with advancing technology. She has a previous background in HTML, CSS, JavaScript, and Python and hopes to expand her knowledge of front-end programming in the next few years. She’s an entrepreneur who works at Teeny Makerspace and wants to provide a space with the materials to create projects for teenagers. She also teaches K-12 simple hard skills such as soldering and Arduino. Jacquelyn strives to be a UX engineer and wants to improve UI and UX designs in the entertainment field. She can be reached via email at and on LinkedIn.


In-store shopping introduces many frustrations and friction points. How might we reimagine the in-store shopping experience to solve for these pain points, while utilizing buy now, pay later technology? The goal for this team is to prototype an in-store, buy now, pay later shopping experience.

Anna, Co-Lead

Anna Kelley is a senior at Purdue University who grew up in Zionsville, Indiana. At Purdue she studies User Experience Design where she has grown to concentrate in UI design. She hopes to keep working in this sub-field and grow in her understanding of data visualization. When she is not designing, she is eager to work on campus to advocate for people who have disabilities through her position for Best Buddies. As well as researching and presenting her work on nationally discussing ‘Comprehensive and Inclusive Sex Education’. Anna’s hobbies include painting, cooking, and taking care of her many plants. In the future, she hopes to travel outside of the country and learn more about design in other parts of the world. Anna can be reached at her personal email

Lauren, Co-Lead

Lauren Gebhardt is a junior at Purdue University studying User Experience Design. She is planning on obtaining a Psychology minor, Communication minor, and a Collaborative Leadership certificate. Her interest in UX Design began her senior year of high school when she took some time exploring the different majors in Polytechnic. She enjoyed graphic design in high school and knew that she wanted to pick a major incorporating it, so she decided upon UX Design. Since being in the program, Lauren has had multiple opportunities to design websites and apps based on the research that she and her team gathered. She has used tools like PhotoShop, Figma, Keynote, and Miro. Outside of the classroom, Lauren is a member of one of Purdue’s Cooperative Houses and is involved in her local church. If you would like to get in touch with her, you can reach her at


Hyebeen Lee, who also goes by Cindy, is a current senior at Purdue University in her fourth semester in the UX Design program, with a minor in Psychology. As someone who first entered the States as an immigrant, Cindy has developed a diverse, global perspective to bring into a variety of communities. She also likes to communicate with others through visual and performing arts; she believes in the joy and therapy the arts can bring people in various environments, whether that be in digital or physical spaces. Cindy thrives to bring meaningful and impactful experiences into the public. She has recently been using Figma, Adobe XD, Adobe Photoshop and Illustrator, and Keynote to develop her digital visualization and communication skills. Cindy can be reached via email at, or her personal email,


Meryl Lennon is a junior at Purdue University studying User Experience Design with a minor in Design & Innovation and a Certificate of Entrepreneurship. She is interested in the Product Management and Development areas of UX, and is keeping an open mind as to where she can utilize her skill set while making a difference. Outside of UX, Meryl is an Undergraduate Teaching Assistant within the Purdue Polytechnic Institute and spends her time as a member of the Purdue Student Government, the Purdue Student Union Board, Order of Omega, and other organizations on campus. In her free time, Meryl enjoys being outdoors, making playlists, listening to music, and graphic design. She can be reached at or on LinkedIn.


Claire Johnson is a junior at Purdue University studying User Experience Design with a minor in Spanish. She is interested in specializing in Interaction Design or User Research, but is still exploring different disciplines of UX Design. Claire also has a background in coding with experience in Python, HTML, and CSS. This background led her to be interested in current and future intersections between artificial intelligence, virtual reality, and UX Design. Outside of class Claire is also involved in PurdueThink, a consulting club that works on projects with various clients within the university. In her free time she enjoys drawing, studying fashion history, and learning new recipes. Claire can be reached at


I-Hsi (Allen) Chen is a junior at Purdue University and in the second year of the User Experience Design program. He is also pursuing the Certificate in Entrepreneurship and Innovation and minor in Design and Innovation. He has particular interest in product design, interactive design, and digital design. To be fully prepared for his future career, he has furthered his education through competing in Case and Startup competition. Outside of school, Allen enjoys playing sports and discovering innovations around the world. Due to a strong enthusiasm towards food, Allen earned the national Chinese and Western culinary certificates in his country. He can be reached at


The goal of this project is to create an app that solves the problem of personal budgeting in a more flexible way. The app should help the user understand how to better manage their incomes through their mobile devices.

Izsadora, Co-Lead

Izsadora Johnson is a student at Purdue University pursuing a Bachelor’s Degree in UX Design along with a Psychology and Communication Minor. She has also started working towards a Certificate in Collaborative Leadership. Visual design is an area of interest to her due to a lifelong passion for art but is still exploring her options in the UX space. Izsadora has created graphics such as posters and brochures giving her experience in Adobe Illustrator and Photoshop. She has also become interested in data visualization due to her work on infographics in her first experience studio. Her other hobbies are yoga, hiking, and being a cat mom. She hopes the UX program will help her toward a company that embraces the same ideals of trying to create sustainable and innovative products. She can be contacted at

James, Co-Lead

SeokHwan (James) Chang is a student at Purdue University majoring in User Experience Design with a minor in Psychology. He has a specific interest in UI Design and Interaction Design, which eventually led him to an internship opportunity at LeadSigma as part of the UI Design Team. He served for the Republic of Korea Army from 2017 to 2019 and has picked up many disciplinary habits such as teamwork, adaptability, and quick decision-making skills. James is the president of PKFC (Purdue Korean Futbol Club) and leads his team through weekly practices and multiple annual tournaments against other schools. James is comfortable with Adobe CC programs such as Illustrator, Photoshop, and Premiere Pro. He also has basic knowledge of HTML, CSS, and JS. James is bilingual in Korean and English, and able to communicate fluently in both languages. James can be contacted at


Alex Truong is a junior at Purdue University pursuing UX Design and minoring in Psychology. He has an interest in creating front-end websites and is specializing in Web Development. He participated in Purdue’s Corporate Partners Datamine program and worked with Delta Faucet to understand customer satisfaction and marketing through user research and data visualization. He is proficient in various Adobe programs such as Illustrator, Photoshop, After Effects and Premiere. He also has programming experience with Java, Python, HTML, CSS, and JS along with statistics programming in R. In his free time, Alex spends time drawing, writing, playing cRPGs, and eyeing selvedge denim and loopwheeled sweaters. He is involved in the Purdue Boxing Club and would love for you to join! He can be reached at


Toyin Awosanya is a senior at Purdue University pursuing a B.S. degree in User Experience Design and a minor in Psychology. Within the field of UX, she is interested in user research and user interface design. Toyin is proficient in Photoshop, Illustrator, After Effects, and Figma. She also has experience with programming languages such as Python, Java, and C++. Aside from school, she enjoys learning about different cultures, creating digital art, playing video games, and exploring around her community. If you would like to contact her, she can be reached at


Emily Vaselopulos is currently a sophomore at Purdue University studying User Experience (UX) Design. She’s fascinated with how humans interact with technology and how this impacts their interactions with others. With interests in visual design, product development, and human psychology, Emily hopes to create design experiences that are engaging, elegant, and enjoyable. She discovered UX through her interest in Graphic Design. Though she had a passion for art and the visual aspects of design, Emily discovered that Graphic Design didn’t fully satisfy what she wanted to do with her life. During Junior year of high school, Emily discovered UX and instantly knew that this was what she wanted to study. Over the summer of 2019, Emily had the great opportunity working under the wing of a UX designer for Facebook where she received valuable base-level experience in the field. She can be reached at


Zachary Nahorski is a sophomore at Purdue University pursuing a degree in UX Design along with a Psychology and Communication minor. He also has earned a Certificate in Global Competence and is working towards another Certificate in Entrepreneurship and Innovation. He has a current focus in interaction design so that he can better understand the relationship between users and the products they use. Prior to beginning his journey in the User Experience Design field, he spent three years working through graphic design classes at his local high school, where he built up a strong understanding and level of skill. He is proficient in the Adobe CC suite with programs such as Illustrator, Photoshop, Premiere Pro, and After Effects. He also has a basic level of programming experience in HTML and CSS. He can be reached at


Dyuti Chakravarthy is a first-year graduate student majoring in Computer Graphics Technology with a specialization in UX Design. She has also completed her undergraduate degree in engineering and hopes to combine her technical and UX design skills in her pursuit towards a role in product management. Over the course of her education, Dyuti has assumed internship roles in product management, Technical direction and game development where she was exposed to the inner workings of products ranging from apps to advertisements. She is fascinated by the role technology plays in users’ lives and hopes to enable a seamless user experience through her future work. She is proficient in tools like figma and miro and also has some programming experience in data visualization and game development. In her spare time, Dyuti spends time singing and is an avid board gamer. She would love to hear from you and can be reached at


COVID-19 has forced us to re-think the way we work together, and even what together means.The need for a digital office is more relevant than ever, especially for new employees. This team will Develop an understanding of how people work in person and remotely and create a place where individuals and teams can go to find each other and collaborate in a digital environment to maintain company culture.

Ishaan, Co-Lead

Ishaan Dandia is an undergraduate student at Purdue University studying UX Design and pursuing a double minor in Psychology and Communication. He hopes to specialize in visual design and product management. He is interested in how people interact with technology and different ways to make the experience easier. He was initially intrigued by UX as it combines his love of technology and art with psychology. Through his love of photography, 2D design, and videography, he has garnered skills in Photoshop, Lightroom, Procreate, and Final Cut Pro. Ishaan also has some programming experience with Python, Java, CSS, and HTML. Ishaan is very passionate about entrepreneurship and is currently a brother in DMK, Purdue’s Entrepreneurship Fraternity. This past summer he completed an internship with Purdue OWL to help redesign their website to improve overall navigation and usability. For professional purposes he can be contacted at

Sarahy, Co-Lead

Sarahy Duenas is a junior at Purdue University double majoring in UX Design and Communications with a concentration in Public Relations. Sarahy’s previous roles have focused heavily on digital and content marketing. Intrigued with new and emerging technologies, Sarahy hopes to work in the tech industry after graduation. She is a self-driven, quick starter and passionate designer with a curious mind who enjoys solving complex and challenging real-world problems. Sarahy is engaged in the community she lives in and is inspired by the world around her. She is the Marketing Director for Purdue’s ALPFA Chapter and a peer mentor for the Brian Lamb School of Communication. You can contact her at or LinkedIn.


Veronica Tsang is a junior at Purdue University studying UX Design with a double minor in Psychology and Communications. She is from Palo Alto, California, and aspires to work in Product Design. She has actively engaged in design, development, and execution globally, in Education-Technology, Insurance, and Online Cooking industries. Her recent Amazon Internship provided practical hands-on leadership and wireframe design skills. Volunteering three years at the VA Hospital sharpened her detail-oriented skills as she tested blood samples, performed data analyses, and assisted in three human autopsies. On campus, she’s involved in the Purdue Student Union Board, the Communications Director in Student Government, and a mentor to students in the Asian American Association. She can be reached at


Titan Hoang is a Sophomore at Purdue University, studying UX Design with a minor in Psychology. He is a detail-oriented and analytical person who plans to specialize in UX Research, studying users’ behaviors and habits. Having worked at Eli Lilly as a summer intern, he’s had experience working with a team of UX Designers, documenting their UX approaches and processes. Upon completing his degree at Purdue University, he would like to work as a User Researcher at Eli Lilly or Salesforce in Indianapolis. He aspires to use empathy-centered design as a way to learn and address people’s needs in a meaningful way. To contact Titan, you can reach him at


Sophie Regele is currently a sophomore at Purdue University pursuing a degree in User Experience Design with a double minor in Psychology and Spanish and a certificate in Entrepreneurship. Her experiences developed through traveling abroad and living in a multicultural family have cultivated a broad global outlook and appreciation for understanding new cultures. She wishes to incorporate this perspective into her UX design work as she analyzes a diverse array of users. Sophie has previous internship experience, working as a User Researcher at On, a Swiss-based corporation that manufactures premier running shoes and apparel. During this internship she assisted the company with their efforts in website and retail store redesign. She acquired valuable research, technical, and business skills that will be incorporated into her future work. When Sophie is not designing, she can probably be found outdoors hiking, skiing, or scuba diving, or enjoying a range of other activities. For professional purposes, Sophie can be reached at


Jason Jiajun Xu is a Junior at Purdue University pursuing an undergraduate degree in User Experience Design (UX Design). He has a strong passion in creating innovative product design and development, facilitating workshops and design sprints, and presenting projects and ideas. He is striving to develop soft and hard skills in this industry. Jiajun’s key strengths are the strong and unlimited desire to learn and to accomplish challenging and meaningful projects. His email is


Bhavya Parashar is a first-year master’s student in Computer Graphics Technology- User Experience Design at Purdue with an undergraduate degree in Communication Design. Her interests in art created the basis for her passion in UX Design. She has a versatile background in her field by working as a UX Designer for various industries like logistics, e-learning, mental health, and telecommunications. She aspires to be a Design Technologist, working at the intersection of technology and design, creating solutions driven by empathy. You can find more about her work on by email or on LinkedIn.


Every industry has been impacted by the COVID-19 pandemic. Some have seen failure and some have seen success. If we are to explore planning for the future state of the service industry, what might that look like? This team aims to understand how might we help the service industry navigate alternative futures.

Alex, Co-Lead

Alex Gearhart is a senior at Purdue University, majoring in User Experience Design. He is pursuing a minor in communications and a certificate of entrepreneurship. His previous role as a UX Design intern at a startup focused heavily on designing the visual and interactive elements of the product. He enjoys working on visual and interactive work and would like to continue pursuing this type of work in the future. After having an internship with a startup, Alex wants to work at a larger company to see if he might enjoy that more. He can be reached at

Richie, Co-Lead

Richie Arkanoff is a sophomore at Purdue University pursuing a degree in User Experience Design, as well as minors in Psychology and Organizational Leadership. He is passionate about creating technology that aims to serve and adapt to an ever-changing landscape. He is an Eagle Scout and part of the National Youth Leadership Training program of the Boy Scouts of America, where he mentors and leads students through communication, teaching, and leadership skills. He was drawn to the program because of its emphasis on shaping technology through collaborative strategy and design. In his free time, Richie can be found enjoying hiking, listening to podcasts, and exploring new apps. He can be contacted through email at


Angela is a junior at Purdue University pursuing a degree in User Experience Design. She knows basic programming in C++, Java and HTML and enjoys graphic design and digital illustration. She is familiar with various programs such as Visual Studio, Adobe Photoshop and Adobe Illustrator. She is an entrepreneur owning a small online business and does freelance illustration on the side; leading to some experience with social media marketing and product design. Aside from this, she also has an interest in gaming and game design and has some experience using Unreal Engine and does character design in her free-time. You can contact Angela through her email at


Alex Schrankel is a Senior at Purdue University studying User Experience Design with minors in Communication and Design and Innovation. She has a particular interest in research, innovation, and strategy. Her career aspirations include being an Insights and Experience Strategy Designer (IXS) or a User Researcher. She found passions for strategy, service design, and business innovation while studying Marketing in the Krannert School of Management. After switching to User Experience Design she developed a love for ethnography, storytelling, design research, and product development. Starting off as a marketing major, she understands the user and how they think. With her degree, she strives to use analytical and creative thinking to solve problems and create a positive impact on the user through research, design, and empathy. She can be reached at


Brookley McCullough is a junior at Purdue University pursuing a degree in User Experience Design. She joined the program because she is passionate about supporting people and working with users to solve problems. She also is interested in the creative design and the ambitious nature of the program. Some of her top skills include communication, visual design, and a deep understanding of people’s feelings. She is a teaching assistant for the Women in Technology Seminar and a part of the Women in Technology club, which includes a mentoring program called Witty Sisters. In her free time, Brookley can be found hiking, painting, and diving into every possible new hobby that comes her way. To contact Brookley, reach out through email mccull24@purdue.eduor LinkedIn.


Qimei Fu is a first-year grad student at Purdue University majoring in User Experience Design. She has a background in photography and art, and she has working experience in the advertising industry, where she trained in strategic thinking and visual design. As an artist herself, she has struggled with a lack of online resources within the art community, and she strives to improve the situation by designing digital products. Aside from school, she loves doing freelance photo editing work creating content that arouses people’s attention on social issues. She can be reached at


Walter Dorau is a Sophomore User Experience Design student at Purdue University. He has a passion for the gaming industry and an intermediate knowledge in IT and programming as well as an entry level knowledge in web development. As a designer he wishes to merge his UX skill set with that of a game developer and one day become part of a dev team. Outside of the workplace, Walter likes to play video games, some favorites being League of Legends, Destiny 2, The Dark Souls series, and Horizon Zero Dawn. He also enjoys longboarding, tabletop gaming, electronics, and cosplay. He is always looking to network and can be reached at,, or on LinkedIn.


    E-commerce is being heavily invested in to bring products to the consumer. While this complements the B2B business, there might be more value in merging physical and digital. This team will explore how digitizing physical products and spaces can drive increased consumer engagement and sales.

    Aiden, Co-Lead

    Aiden Ringer is a Seniorat Purdue University pursuing a major in User Experience Design and a certificate in entrepreneurship. He plans on specializing in visual and UI design. He was drawn to UX design because of the design process and the stronger focus on the user when compared to something like visual communication design. He plans on receiving the entrepreneurship certificate as well to help build on his skills as it pertains to working with clients and generating ideas. Through past projects he has had experience with adobe suite and Figma. Aiden also has some minor programming experience with HTML and CSS. He can be contacted at

    Evan, Co-Lead

    Evan Voss is a junior in User-Experience Design at Purdue University who is also pursuing a psychology minor. His love for technology and people makes him a hardworking and driven student who uses his empathy to drive his work. Evan has over a year of working in the UX field and in that time has become more robust in his skills. With his time in his major his public speaking and problem-solving skills have improved exponentially. He works extremely well with others and has no problem taking a leadership role on projects. In the future, Evan hopes to get an internship within the automotive or gaming industries as a UI designer. Feel free to reach out to Evan at


    Katherine Barrientos Moreno is a junior at Purdue University majoring in User Experience Design. She is also pursuing a minor in psychology and certificate in collaborative leadership. She is familiar with Adobe Suite programs after taking computer graphics courses for several years, which also sparked her interest in UX design as it combined creativity, problem solving, and technical skills. She believes that design is a tool that can be used to provide meaningful solutions to people and help local communities. She aspires to work in the UX field, with a focus on UI design and visual design. On campus, she is involved with clubs focused on empowerment and communities; she is a member of Women in Technology Club, and serves as the social media chair for the Minority Technology Association Club. She is also a web team member for Boiler Ambassadors Marketing and Communications Team. Katherine can be contacted at


    Thomas Weese is currently a junior at Purdue University and is pursuing a degree in UX Design. He is most passionate about design education, as well as the design of educational systems, and has been involved in developing and testing design education since 2017. In his second semester in the UX program, Thomas looks forward to expanding his knowledge of the design process and getting to know his classmates in person. His interests include music, coffee, and politics. He can be reached at


    Olivia Le is a junior at Purdue University pursuing a degree in User Experience Design with a minor in psychology and a certificate in leadership. She was drawn into a UX Design career by her strive to make a positive impact on people through purposeful innovation and design. As Olivia enters her second year of Purdue’s User Experience Design program, she has discovered a profound interest in specializing in visual design and UI design. While she is still exploring her potential interests, she ultimately aspires to find a place in the industry where she can create tasteful and empowering experiences within technology to make everyday life a little bit easier. Outside of her design work, she enjoys playing piano, baking, and hiking. Olivia can be reached by email at


    ​Mason Knight is a sophomore at Purdue University studying for a Bachelor of Science in User Experience Design and minors in Psychological Science and Management . Originally from Albany, Indiana, he plans on specializing in user interface and visual design within the UX program. Being creative has always been an interest for him, usually in the form of art. The combination of design and innovation is an important reason for him to pursue a career in UX Design. Other interests include drawing and playing tennis. Apart from that, Mason is also an active member of Purdue Design IRL Engineering learning community. He can be contacted at ​​.

    UEG XCenter

    To support the ever growing tech job market, there is a need for a more intimate solution for freshly graduated college students to find jobs with companies that have their desired opportunities and positions, with minimal effort from the employers. The team will be creating a solution for pairing new talent coming out of university to an internship or job that is a good fit for both the company and student.

    Katie, Co-Lead

    Katie Jewell is a junior studying User Experience Design while minoring in psychology at Purdue University. She grew up in San Diego, California where aesthetics is highly valued in experiences and products. She enjoys electronic drawing when she has free time and is on an apparel committee where she can recommend her designs. She decided to study UX Design because it gave her the ability to combine her interests in design and technical aspects. She decided to minor in psychology when she saw how human functions greatly influence the design of technology. She is looking for a job as a UX Designer to conduct user research with a lean of UI. Katie is able to be reached at

    Raghav, Co-Lead

    Raghav Mandadi is a current junior at Purdue University, pursuing a BS degree in User Experience Design, with a minor in Psychology and Organizational Leadership. After a couple semesters of learning the ropes to design methods, project management, and leadership, Raghav is excited to be a team lead and apply a culmination of experiences to the new project at hand. Continuously striving to seek, explore, and solve anomalous design problems, he has developed a range of skills and knowledge relating to the world of design thinking, and is always looking for the next challenge. Raghav can be contacted at and is on LinkedIn.


    Samantha Hayden is currently a sophomore at Purdue University majoring in User Experience Design with planned minors in psychology and communication. Samantha landed on user experience design after searching for a degree that could combine her love of science and logical thinking with her passion for design and computer graphics. Some of Sam’s top skills are communication and organization. Outside of the classroom, Sam is involved in College Mentors for Kids, the Honors College, and is an Admission Ambassador/ Tour Guide for the University. If you would like to reach Samantha Hayden, feel free to email her at


    Caroline Wang is a junior at Purdue University majoring in User Experience Design (UXD) and minoring in Business Management. She is from Zionsville, Indiana, and enjoys drawing, gaming, baking, and reading. She is proficient in Adobe Photoshop and is looking forward to learning new programs. Caroline plans to pursue a career in user research or product design. At university, she is a part of Asian American organizations along with Polytechnic Online Ambassadors. She can be reached at


    Hitachi Hu is a junior at Purdue University, pursuing a degree in User Experience Design. Throughout his education, he has changed schools and lived in different countries for his whole life. Some of his key strengths include an ability to learn quickly, experience in working with people around the world, fluency in Mandarin and Japanese, and a unique perspective from his multicultural background. His dream is to become a successful UX/UI designer that can work in any major consumer electronics firm worldwide someday. For professional purposes, he may be reached at LinkedIn.


    Emily Duh is currently a graduating junior undergraduate student at Purdue University pursuing a Bachelor of Science in User Experience Design and a minor in Psychology. She is a Silicon Valley born and raised developing interaction designer focused on producing accessible and aesthetically pleasing designs. Her background and hobbies in pop culture and art encourage storytelling and creative thinking, aiding her while she works on bringing projects to life. Feel free to reach out to Emily through her email at


    Healthcare aims to move away from a reactive approach towards a more proactive one, which helps to keep patients healthier, happier, and supports larger initiatives like population health. Our team will aid in these efforts by researching to determine a list of product requirements, ultimately delivering high fidelity mockups of a web-based patient portal that provides 2-way communication between healthcare providers and patients.

    Jared, Co-Lead

    Jared Buls is a senior at Purdue University, studying User Experience design with a minor in Psychology. He spends most of his time learning new skills to keep his mind sharp and hands busy. Jared is drawn to anything involving the study of people; psychology, philosophy, and language learning are all favorite topics of his when beginning to learn something new. More specifically to Experience Design, Jared finds himself most interested in front-end development, as it allows him to express himself and showcase his work to many different kinds of people. He utilizes his passion and knowledge to create seamless experiences in his work while always keeping the user in mind. Jared hopes to develop his existing skills in his final year at Purdue, as well as cultivate some new ones if he can. You can reach Jared at,, or at LinkedIn.

    Sarah, Co-Lead

    Sarah Deak is a senior majoring in User Experience Design at Purdue University with a minor in Psychology, as well as a certificate in Collaborative Leadership. Sarah was drawn to User Experience Design as a combination of psychology and technology, but her desire to minimize the frustrations that have arisen in technology over the years has fueled her passion for it. Some of her passions include rpg gaming, criminology, and web development. While at Purdue, she intends to develop specialized skills in front-end development, UX research, and visual design. With her interests in mind, she strives to go out into the world and make small but essential differences in the lives of many. To connect with her, feel free to contact or view her portfolio at


    Enya Song is a current sophomore at Purdue University majoring in User Experience Design and minoring in Computer Information Technology. She views user experience as the perfect bridge between creativity and technology that she is looking for in a future career, and hopes to specialize in interaction design. Enya has a small background with basic HTML and hopes to expand her knowledge on front-end programming over the next few years. In addition, Enya enjoys working in teams, and looks forward to improving her communication and problem solving skills while pursuing her degree. Enya can be reached at


    Natasha Chambers is a sophomore at Purdue University studying User Experience Design, minoring in Psychological Studies and working towards an Entrepreneurship & Innovation certificate. She is excited to be pursuing a specialization in information architecture and interaction design throughout her undergraduate studies. She has previous experience in designing marketing materials and coding emails campaigns through her past internship opportunities and freelance work. Natasha is extremely interested in how human interactions and experiences with online social spaces can result in lasting negative effects and how a UX perspective can drive the search for a solution. You can reach Natasha through and on LinkedIn at LinkedIn.


    Sarah Palagy is a senior at Purdue University studying UX Design and a second year in the program. She is pursuing a minor in communications and a certificate in collaborative leadership. Before deciding to pursue UX, she studied Biochemistry with a concentration in pre-med. This experience has left her with a strong sense of empathy for others and a desire to help those with disabilities and disenfranchised identities. Her project experience includes an 8 month website-redesign for The Purdue OWL and now, working with Cerner to develop a patient/healthcare provider application. She is proficient in Figma and has basic skills in Adobe Suite software. She hopes to specialize in project management but is open to experience in any of the UX Design specializations. Sarah can be reached at


    Varun Aravapalli is a sophomore at Purdue University studying UX design and pursuing a minor in Computer Information Technology and Psychology and currently pursuing a certificate in Data Analysis. He also has a background in multiple programming languages such as Python, Java, HTML, C etc. Varun was drawn to User Experience Design to better understand Human and Computer Interactions and learn to improve and create various different designs. In the future he wants to learn more about UI Design and both front and back end development. Last semester Varun gained valuable experience working with Sezzle and is very excited to work with Cerner. Outside of class, he enjoys playing sports, and is involved with various south Asian organizations at Purdue. Varun can be reached at


    Olivia Eavey is a senior at Purdue University studying User Experience Design, with a minor in Psychology. She decided to minor in Psychology so she could better understand why individuals make the decisions that they make and understand how they can influence a design. She was born and raised in Columbus, Indiana with a background in STEM. She also has experience in multiple types of softwares, such as Java, Figma, Adobe applications, and HTML. Last semester she worked with LeadSigma on an eight month project focusing on start-up companies and their onboarding system. Over the summer, Olivia gained valuable experience from an internship in digital marketing and the business side of UX with Anheuser Busch. Olivia is very excited to be working with Cerner this semester to develop a patient and/or healthcare provider application. Olivia loves reaching out to her community, and getting involved with different groups and volunteering organizations. She is currently looking for another internship this summer within the field of UX to further her experiences. You can learn more about her through LinkedIn and contact her via email at