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Experience Studios Project Owners

Elizabeth Finley and Sneha Mulki are our undergrad TAs who will serve as Lead Project Owners and manage 3 Project Owners. Sarah Field, Graeme Goss, Amy Zhang, Madi Lindeman, Meg Ledford, and Deanna Bell are the Spring 2020 Project Owners who will manage 2 teams each this semester. Sarah is working with OmniVis web and portal. Graeme is working with Avanade and Cerner. Amy is working with Microsoft and Affinity. Madi is working with Stryker and Social Change. Meg is working with Coupa and Fountain. Deanna is working with ABB and IN Farmers Insurance.

Elizabeth, Lead Project Owner

Elizabeth Finley is a senior at Purdue University in the User Experience Design program. She has experience working in various sectors, from fitness, to fintech, to government. With particular interests in product design, user research, and inclusivity, she is furthering her education through exploring design philosophy and the psychology of the human experience. Outside of school, Elizabeth enjoys being outdoors, taking part of the rich Purdue UX community, and exercising. Elizabeth can be contacted through her email,

Sneha, Lead Project Owner

Sneha Mulki is a junior at Purdue University majoring in User Experience Design with a minor in Psychology. She worked at Intuit as a Product Designer for Summer 2019 and has a passion to explore the emerging technology space. She strives to solve for human needs by creating empowering and inclusive experiences. As an advocate for the user, empathy drives her design decisions throughout the process and she commits to serving all users of her work. To connect with her, feel free to reach out at You can also visit her portfolio at

Graeme, Project Owner

Graeme Goss is a junior studying User Experience Design at Purdue University. He is really interested in the Project Management and Project Development aspect of UX, and he is keeping an open mind about all aspects of UX. Graeme loves dogs and currently has two dogs at home that he loves to see every time he gets the chance. He is generally a quiet person, but surprisingly he really loves to present projects and ideas! To contact Graeme email him at

Madison, Project Owner

Madison Lindeman is a senior majoring in User Experience Design at Purdue University. Her skill set includes, but is not limited to, user research, design strategy, information architecture, content strategy, user interface design, and project management. Within her major Madison specializes in project management and interaction design. To further her immersion into the world of UX Madison was in charge of advertising for the Purdue UX club and she is now interning with the Purdue-Ford motor company alliance aiding in the redesign of a web platform for Ford’s engineers. Upon graduating, Madison looks forward to designing meaningful and rewarding experiences for clients of all ranges. In her free time, she loves spending time with her dog Keaton and working on passion projects. You can reach Madison at

Sarah, Project Owner

Sarah Field is a senior at Purdue University from San Diego studying User Experience Design with a minor in Psychology and an emphasis in entrepreneurship and innovation. Sarah enjoys designing websites and mobile applications with flawless information architecture and task flow through her front end development skills. Some of her key strengths are being hardworking, detail-oriented, communicative, eager to learn new things, and a great team worker/leader. Some of Sarah’s other hobbies and interests include philosophy, healthy living, and product design. From experience participating and being involved with Girls Who Code, Sarah hopes to get more young girls and women interested in computer science and UX design. As a UX designer, she strives to make information architecture flawless and sleek through a combination of experience in programming, creativity, and user-focused design. You can contact her at or through LinkedIn.

Amy, Project Owner

Amy Zhang is currently a Junior pursuing a degree in User Experience Design at Purdue University. She has experience with Adobe’s Creative Cloud as well as several digital art platforms. With strengths in graphic design, Amy’s goal is to specialize in Visual Design for UX. She aspires to work with companies with a focus in interface design and user research. Amy has some experience with JavaScript and HTML as well, but is still learning. She is currently a research assistant for Nielsen Norman Group. Prior to joining NN/g, Amy was Purdue Equestrian Team’s PR chair and graphic designer for 2 years. For more information, Amy is reachable at

Megan, Project Owner

Megan Ledford is a Senior majoring in User Experience Design with a minor in Organizational Leadership and a certificate in Entrepreneurship & Innovation. Her passions lie within project management and interaction design. Her ability to be detail-oriented while working enthusiastically with others, allows her to accomplish complex and challenging projects. She hopes to land a position with a small UX consulting firm after graduation in May 2020. In her free time catch her reading a book, playing her guitar, or cooking!
She can be reached by email at

Deanna, Project Owner

Deanna Bell is a junior earning her undergraduate degree in User Experience Design at Purdue University along with minors in Psychology and Communications and a certificate in Collaborative Leadership. User Experience Design is intriguing to Deanna because she sees it as an opportunity to combine a range of her artistic and technological abilities. With her degree, she aims to positively impact communities by designing meaningful experiences. She can be contacted through email at


For this project, we were tasked with gaining a deeper understanding of student patterns as they plan, prepare for, and begin executing their career. The specific timeline we want to understand includes before choosing a major until landing a full-time job upon graduation, and to identify how this journey changes within different cultures. The goal of this project is to “create a holistic user-friendly digital experience suited for students to understand their career options and appropriate steps they should take to reach their goals, with an emphasis on networking.

Will, Co-Lead

Will is a strategic UX designer and pixel-perfect visual designer with a passion for creating and innovating. He decided to attend Purdue University for its Exploratory Studies program, but soon discovered his passion for visual design, particularly user interface design. As a junior at Purdue University studying User Experience Design, Will is committed to providing users with the most practical interface that allows them to appreciate the ease of their experience where the difficulties of the design go unnoticed. His attention to user experience in his daily life drives his interest and allows him to discover new ways to revolutionize how individuals communicate with visual interfaces. To reach out to Will, feel free to send him a message at

Simran, Co-Lead

Simran is a User Experience Design major at Purdue University with a double minor in Psychology and Communication.She has past internship experience at Apple, IBM, and Poshmark, and has had the opportunity to collaborate with Avanade and was a UX co-lead with Stryker. Her goal is to combine her passion for art and technology through design to make human interaction with technology easy and accessible. Simran is a designer who strives to create simple and impactful user experiences. She wants to focus on simplifying complex technologies and empowering users to do more. She is inspired by design that is seamless, intuitive, and vibrant.

You can reach her at


Amelia Fleetwood is a junior at Purdue University studying Web Design and Programming & User Experience Design. From building models to functioning prototypes, Amelia has a passion for creating new products. Her love for User Experience Design has encouraged her to test, brand and review products with the user’s best interest in mind. Amelia’s current and past experience in web development will provide technical skills useful in the User Experience industry. For questions or further information, Amelia can be reached at


Nasya Vaz is currently pursuing a Master of Science in Computer Graphics Technology with a UX Concentration at Purdue University. She entered this field at an early age, first through the traditional forms of art, and later progressing to digital design. She completed a Bachelor of Arts Hons degree in Digital Media Design during which she studied graphic design, packaging design, brand identity, game design, and user experience design. However, it was one user interaction design class, one amazing teacher and future prospects that equaled to one highly motivated UX designer.

With the urge to learn new things every day, she is keen to walk into this creative field and explore all the aspects of the design process. Transforming complex, clustered products into simple, minimalistic interactions is what she loves about being a UX designer. Her goal is to work on products that impact people’s everyday life in a way that makes them feel inspired, refined and even magical.


Isabella Pino is a junior studying at Purdue University majoring in User Experience Design. She is also pursuing a double-minor in psychology and communication. She is very good at working in a team environment as she is a hardworking, determined, detail-oriented and organized person. Through classes, Isabella has had the opportunity to collaborate with Garmin and Innovatemap. After finalizing her summer UX internship in Banco Guayaquil and exploring different areas, she is aiming to specialize in Visual Design. She has experience using Adobe Creative Cloud and Sketch as well as other digital platforms and hopes to work for a corporate technology company one day. You can contact her at


Janhavi is a freshman at Purdue University, majoring in User Experience Design. She is passionate about redefining the way design is viewed. The idea behind this is to put forward the ideology and story of the design rather than just its aesthetic. As a result of her exposure to an array of themes related to psychology, her designs are introspective, intuitive and reflexive. As a young designer, she is still trying to explore and internalize her unique design process and areas of interest within UX. Her interests mainly lie in psychology, research, and spatial and visual design. She believes in designing the “right design” and designing it “right”. Her goal is to try to help people make sense of their interactions with technology and providing them with a comfortable experience in doing so. Some of her best ideation and inspiration comes when she’s not looking. So when she’s not designing, you’ll find her debating, trekking or playing board games. Feel free to reach out to Janhavi Shah at


Mina is a sophomore at Purdue University studying user experience design and is passionate about bettering the relationship between user and technology. She has been creating art since a young age, and hopes to apply her artist mindset to design in finding innovative solutions to complex problems. She is actively learning to pursue a deeper understanding of the human mind and its complexities, and hopes to work as a senior UX designer at a company where she can make a positive impact on the technology industry and apply her creativity as an artist.

Omnivis - Web

For this project we are tasked with altering OmniVis’ existing website. In doing so, we are to create a more appealing and user friendly website that helps users easily navigate through it with a focus on being able to get into contact with OmniVis. Potential users like those wanting to learn more information, organizations, potential customers and partners are to be our guiding force throughout the process in designing this website. Finally, we are to focus on making sure that the website helps users clearly see what OmniVis does, who they are, and can motivate others to get involved.

Brooke, Co-Lead

Brooke Carney: Brooke Carney is a sophomore at Purdue University majoring in User Experience Design and minoring in Psychology. She has an interest in art and technology as well as the psychology behind decision making. She hopes to improve technology and help others through her work in User Experience Design. Over this past summer, she was an intern with a startup company called Dionysus Fountain where she helped create personas and marketing content. She is looking forward to her internship this upcoming summer with Indiana Farm Bureau Insurance where she will be working in the technology department. Brooke plans to receive the Cornerstone certificate upon graduation and is considering her options to pursue a Spanish minor. Outside of the classroom Brooke enjoys being involved in her community and has a passion for dogs. Her email contact is

Jack, Co-Lead

Jack Bannon is currently a sophomore at Purdue University pursuing a BS in User Experience Design. He is in the process of achieving a minor in psychology as well as a certificate in collaborative leadership. Containing a background in graphic design, Jack plans to specialize in information architecture/content strategy but is keeping an open mind regarding all aspects of UX. As a UX designer, Jack plans to bring simple, personalized experiences to users of tech around the globe by combining his visual design skills with futuristic approaches. To contact Jack, you can email him at


Shelby Benton is a junior at Purdue University studying User Experience Design, pursuing minors in Psychology and Art & Design, and a certificate in Entrepreneurship. UX Design provides her with the opportunity to combine her interests in visual design, usability, psychology, communication, and critical thinking. Shelby’s involvement in various leadership organizations on campus allows her to think openly and creatively, while applying the wide-range of UX skills she has acquired. Her hopes for specialization include interaction design and visual design. After completing her degree, she aims to work at a large tech company or a UX consultancy that puts the users’ needs first. You can reach her at


Alicia Zhang is a junior at Purdue University majoring in User Experience Design and aiming for a certificate in entrepreneurship. She was born and raised in Bay Area, California. She mostly enjoys making small graphics on illustrator for friends and family. UX design intrigued her with how it combines her love for technology and her love for art into one career. In her free time, she can be seen doodling randomly on whatever piece of paper she gets her hands on or admiring how various types of media creates meaningful experiences for everyone. She can be contacted at


A current sophomore at Purdue University majoring in UX Design, Skyler is striding toward a career intertwined with design and technology as one, such as position within the Disney Company. Skyler is from Oakwood, IL and grew up in a small family. He is currently the VP of Communications of the Pi Lambda Phi fraternity. This leadership position within the fraternity has helped him grow in his problem solving, collaboration, and communication skills. After interning at Virtusa Corp, he has learned the importance of working in a team of a diverse culture, as well as servicing a client to reach an optimal goal. He’s a cat dad of two and enjoys animals in general. An avid PC gamer of first-person shooter game. You can reach him at


Jared is a UX designer interested in front-end design and interaction with others. Jared is interested in traveling, competition, and learning various skills. He grew up in a small college town known as Valparaiso, Indiana. He grew up there is whole life with a large family of eight in total along with a small dog. He always was involved with a variety of sports growing up, which translated into a love for gaming in his later years. He went to Purdue knowing that he wanted to work with people and technology, and after a year found that UX design was the perfect fit. He really enjoys being creative collaborative in the early stages of the design process and then seeing the end result. Jared plans to someday work in UX for a large tech company in a different country and strives to be the head of major projects for that company. Jared Buls can be contacted at


SeokHwan (James) Chang is a junior at Purdue University majoring in User Experience Design with a minor in Psychology. He has a particular interest in sports and hopes to explore more opportunities in regard to designing for sports related companies, finding the intersection between sports and user experience design. He served for the Republic of Korea Army from 2017 to 2019 and has picked up many disciplinary habits such as teamwork, adaptability, and quick decision-making skills. SeokHwan can be contacted at


A student at Purdue University, Laura Makary found her passion in User Experience Design with a certificate in Collaborative Leadership and a minor in Psychology. She hopes to specialize in visual design and/or user research, being proficient in and passionate about the visual aspect of design but being incredibly curious about the human aspect of it as well. She studied and interned at the American Graphics Institute of Boston, where she first found her passion for User Experience Design and picked up skills in HTML/CSS, graphic design, and various Adobe programs. When she isn’t collaborating on a UX project or discussing psychology with her classmates, you can find her socializing, working on a painting or illustration, immersed in a book, or hunting for antique/thrifted jewelry. She can be reached at

OmniVis - Portal

The goal of this project is to redesign the portal OmniVis has to provide NGOs with the Cholera outbreak information.Currently, the web portal is difficult to navigate and does not show the data clearly. OmniVis wants us to change the experience and make the portal easy to navigate and understand while making the interface elegant and the experience seamless. Deliverables according to the project brief are portal redesign (prototypes) and research.

Eleanor, Co-Lead

Eleanor Hamilton is currently a Junior at Purdue University pursuing a degree in User Experience Design with a double minor in Communications and Psychology and a Certificate in Collaborative Leadership. She loves that UX allows her to connect with others everyday. Eleanor strives to create delightful and meaningful experiences with users, and uses empathy to guide her decisions. She is most interested in prototyping and visual design (and has experience with Figma), but is always willing to expand her knowledge and loves a good challenge! One of Eleanor’s passions in life is music and she hopes to integrate this passion into her career. When she’s not designing, Eleanor can be found performing with the Purduettes, an all-women musical group that serves as Ambassadors for Purdue. She can be reached at

Shantanu, Co-Lead

Shantanu Kashyap is a sophomore at Purdue University majoring in user experience design. Currently, in his third semester, he is a team co-lead for a project with biotechnology company OmniVis Tech. While minoring in Psychology he also is pursuing a certificate course in Collaborative Leadership. He possesses good communication and leadership skills, problem-solving skills, knowledge of user-centered design processes. He knows basic HTML and CSS and has multiple years of experience with Adobe’s creative tools. Shantanu has completed projects with design consulting firm Crema and Swiss industrial automation company ABB. Outside the classroom, Shantanu is a part-time graphic designer working for Purdue Dining and Catering marketing department and is a photography Enthusiast. You can reach him at


Anika Antony is a freshman at Purdue University majoring in user experience design and minoring in psychology. She has lived in Carmel, IN most of her life. She displays good skills like communication, leadership, self awareness, and discipline. She knows basic user centered design processes and looks forward to expanding her knowledge in the field. She has some experience in Adobe software and looks to expand her knowledge on Figma as well. As a beginner, she looks forward to gaining new insights and advice from her peers to be successful this semester. Her extracurriculars include being involved with cheerleading on campus as well as competing in her own nationals competition every year. You can reach her at


Andrew Johnson is a user experience design student at Purdue University. With interests in graphic design, coding, and human psychology, Andrew hopes to combine these into his work with UX design. Andrew’s experience with creating infographics and logos in his Fundamentals of Imaging Technology course has prepared him to create digital assets for a variety of other projects. He has also translated this love of design into his hobby of making handmade tools. Forming an idea into a sketch, to a blueprint, and refining it into a finished product is something that Andrew lives for, and he is looking forward to bringing this love into his work. He can be contacted at


Kaitlin Groothuis is a sophomore at Purdue’s User Experience Design program, minoring in Psychology. Her roots are in Kokomo, Indiana. She hopes to be a metaphorical mushroom: decomposing information in order to grow and create meaningful interactions with technology. Her focus right now is on user research. Currently, she is a usability consultant intern at Science Gateways Community Institute. She can be reached at


Camile Hardt is a freshman pursuing a degree in User Experience Design, a minor in psychology, and a leadership certificate. She is from Overland Park, Kansas. She plans to specialize in visual design. At the intersection of humans and technology is where Camile is most passionate, she seeks to develop creative ideas and designs. She is a novice knitter, print maker, and photographer. She can be reached at


Jarred Porter is a sophomore at Purdue University pursuing a Bachelor’s degree in User Experience Design with a minor in Psychology. His plan is to specialize in visual design and interaction design. He is competent in a number of Adobe programs, obtains good communication skills and has a background in social media marketing. He is constantly looking for new opportunities to step out of his comfort zone and further his career in User Experience. Jarred also takes part in Greek Life on campus, taking on roles and joining committees within the fraternity which has led him to develop great leadership and time management skills. He is looking for an internship this summer within the field of UX. His work can be seen at and can be contacted via email at


There are a myriad of meditation apps focusing on improving users’ mental health. Do they work? Conduct an analysis of these apps to determine their flaws and design an improved or new solution that can better address mental health problems facing the general public today.

Connor, Co-Lead

Connor Schrank is a junior at Purdue University and is in his second year of studying UX Design. While he’s worked on a variety of projects within UX Design, he specializes in user research and interactive design. Through his specialties, Connor creates meaningful, user-centered work to provide experiences beyond expectations. His mission is to help users actualize new heights in their experience and that his work will help users achieve them. Connor is also a researcher for the DVC (Design, Visualization, and Cognition) Lab at Purdue University. His future goals include either going into industry after school or continuing onto graduate school. You can contact him at

Leo, Co-Lead

Liyang Qu is a Junior at Purdue University. He is majored in UX design and is planning to take minors in Innovation in design and Communication to explore his career path.
He was born in Wuhan, China. He is the only child in his family. After finishing his middle school in China, His family moved to Fairfax, Virginia and he started his high school there. He discovered his interest in graphic design during his first year of high school. And later the passion for designing as well. He enjoyed the process of research and creating the design that can bring meaningful impact to the user. He believed that design is a conversation he kept between him and the user. Only with empathy that created through those connections, he felt his design can be meaningful.
If you would like to make contact with Liyang Qu, He is using the following Email address:


Ariana Eskew is a sophomore at Purdue University who is in her first year of studying User Experience Design. She is pursuing minors in Psychology and Advanced Global Technology and certificates in Collaborative Leadership and Global Competence. After college, she would love to get a job that would allow her to explore new places and meet new people because traveling is one of her passions. She has studied abroad in Germany, the Czech Republic and will be studying the Renaissance in Italy this spring, finding that being immersed in foreign culture is her favorite part of traveling. In her UX classes this semester she is excited to learn more about interaction design and user research. Before she graduates, she would appreciate the opportunity to have an internship at a company that will allow her to practice her growing skills in a professional setting, preferably one that will focus on interaction design and user research. Ariana can be contacted at


Hyebeen Lee, who also goes by Cindy, is a current sophomore at Purdue University, going through her first semester as a UX Design major and a Psychology minor. As someone who first entered the U.S as an immigrant, Cindy has been developing a diverse, global perspective to bring into a variety of communities. In the near future, she aspires to become a designer who can help make impactful, relevant art experiences for people to stumble upon. She has been using Adobe Photoshop and Illustrator, Autodesk SketchBook, and Clip Studio since high school, to bring out her early interests in visual arts. She can be reached at


Ethan Melton is a freshman pursuing a Bachelor’s Degree in User Experience Design. He enjoys combining art into the design process with being well skilled in sketching out ideas to help team members better understand and brainstorm different ideas. He is skilled in communicating ideas through sketching to aid in explaining how the designs will look and interact. During his last year of highschool and the first semester of Purdue he has familiarized himself with products like Adobe Illustrator and Photoshop. Ethan looks forward to learning new skills and mastering old ones with the upcoming years of study in the UX field. You may contact him at


Jake Ledford is a sophomore student at Purdue University studying User Experience Design. His primary interests include front end design and interaction design. Ledford got into UX Design after missing out on the human focused interaction and creative aspects in computer science. This sparked an interest in the field of human centered design. In the future he hopes to work in interaction design within emerging technologies, particularly in VR/AR. His favorite hobbies include watching films, photography, or just hanging out with friends. His portfolio can be viewed at, and can be reached at


Bridget Schafer is a first-year student pursuing a Bachelor’s in User Experience Design and Spanish with a minor in Psychology at Purdue University. She currently holds a leadership position in Women In Technology and is a frequent panelist for the Purdue LGBTQ Center’s Speaker’s Bureau. Alongside with her knowledge of programming, design applications, and office technology, Bridget has experience in project-based learning, public speaking, the Spanish language, and visual communication. With these interdisciplinary skills at the forefront, her professional goals are centered around creating inclusive digital environments via intuitive visual design. To connect with Bridget, email her at


DonateEquity is a consultancy and digital data company providing information on high value business owners to non-profits seeking donations. Data integration and machine learning enable a new level of valuable data mining. We seek to understand the use cases, pain points, and value proposition of our customers and to design powerful solutions to address these needs. The goal is to make this data digestible, usable, and attractive to non-profit clients.

Brandon , Co-Lead

Brandon Dentler is a current junior at Purdue University and in his second year of User Experience Design within the Polytechnic Institute. Currently, he is planning on getting a Bachelor’s of Science in User Experience Design with a main focus in User Interface design within the video game industry, and is also working toward a certification in Entrepreneurship. He plans to graduate from Purdue University in the Spring of 2021. Brandon’s passion for video games has been with him for his whole life. Family members would often say that he had a game console in his hands before he could even read. You can reach him at

Zoë, Co-Lead

Zoë Morken is a sophomore at Purdue University pursuing a degree in User Experience Design and minoring in Communication and Psychology. Being fascinated about how individuals interact with technology as well as how it influences their interpersonal relationships, Zoë is drawn toward creating pleasing experiences through beautiful and functional products. She is specializing in both user interface design and front-end development. When she’s not immersed in UX work, Zoë is either cooking, reading, or petting her black lab. Zoë can be reached at


Ria Sali is a sophomore in the User Experience Design program at Purdue. Currently, she is working towards a bachelor’s degree, along with a minor in psychology. Her main focus is in user research as well as UI Design. Ria has also interned in a credit startup company called CredPal, whose goal is to make the use of credit more widespread throughout Africa, and is working towards educating people about the benefits of building credit to bring about change on a large scale. During this internship, Ria helped to design a loan/credit builder platform that is now one of the functional services being provided by the company. When she is not only focusing on UX, you can find Ria also creating social media marketing graphics for work, or sketching and painting for fun. She can be reached at


Stesha Linder is a sophomore at Purdue University pursuing a Bachelor of Science in UX Design. She is also pursuing two minors in Naval Science and Psychology. She is part of Purdue Navy Reserve Officer Training Corps and has a lot of experience with leadership, decision-making, and teamwork. In addition, she is drawn to the aspects of combining art, business, teamwork, and technology together in order to improve something for someone. Her motivation for wanting to study User Experience Design stems from being able to be part of a team that works towards a common goal. She can be reached at


Alex Gearhart is a freshman in Purdue’s User Experience Design program and is minoring in communications. He spent one and a half years in Purdue’s engineering program but switched to UX Design due to it being more design focused. In high school he had an internship for a Patrick Industries factory where he sketched the floor plan of their buildings and entered it into AlphaCam. Although he has more engineering experience than UX Design experience, Alex believes that his knowledge can be useful for UX. He is unsure of what he wants to specifically do as a UX Designer, but he is sure that he will figure that out this year. He can be reached at


I-Hsi(Allen) Chen is a sophomore at Purdue University and a freshman in the User Experience Design program. He is also pursuing the Certificate in Entrepreneurship and Innovation. He has particular interest in product design, interactive design, and digital design. To be fully prepared for his future career, he has furthered his education through competing in Case and Startup competition. Outside of school, Allen enjoys playing sports and discovering innovations around the world. Due to a strong enthusiasm towards food, Allen earned the national Chinese and Western culinary certificates in his country. He can be reached at


Ellie Kouba is a freshman at Purdue University studying UX Design with minors in communication and psychology. Her goal is to earn a user-related internship for a tech company. In her free time, she likes to do puzzles and watch the bachelor. Her other interests include working in a leadership role at the rec-center where she is a lifeguard and swim instructor. Ellie is also involved in the Universities UX club and wants to work up to a leadership role. UX piques her interest because it’s centered around human interaction and how users use certain products. Human-centered design is very prevalent in a growing technological society and needs to be studied carefully. One day Ellie hopes to conduct her research and maybe one day work up to a doctorate. Teaching has always been an interest to her and is something that can be pursued in the future.


For this project, we were asked by Avanade to pick an industry from banking, retail, entertainment, and automotive. By using the latest technologies, we will enhance an aspect of our picked industry. Three touchpoints have to be included into the final design: voice, phisical, XR (i.e. VR/AR).

Jingle, Co-Lead

Jingle Chen is a senior pursuing a degree in User Experience Design with minors in Psychology, Communication, Mathematics, and Computer Science. Currently, he is an undergraduate researcher at UX Pedagogy and Practice Lab ( working on Dark Patterns project. He always enjoys teamwork and accomplishing meaningful but challenging tasks. You are most likely find Jingle taking photos on the street or playing table card games while he is not working. Feel free to contact him at and

Austin, Co-Lead

Wiley Austin Johnson is a Junior at Purdue University studying User Experience Design. Wiley Austin has worked as an intern for a computer science education company and is an intern for Purdue’s Provost Office working on multiple university websites. He enjoys thinking outside of the box, and this is continually reinforced as he also has a passion for creating music. You can reach Wiley Austin, at


Benjamin Frailey is a UX designer from Purdue University who has a specialization of UX Writing, visual design, and digital civics. He is a Junior and has maintained a 3.30 GPA throughout his college career. Benjamin has a diverse background to build his soft skills, like public speaking, graphic design, computer science, and bicycle repair. He has been an MC for charity open mic nights as well as an apparel director for a socially progressive fraternity. He aims to use his eclectic background to help those in the community around him through creative means. Benjamin’s passion for digital civics drives him to improve and expand his design toolset so he can better achieve this dream. Contact him at


Jason Jiajun Xu is a freshman at Purdue University pursuing an undergraduate degree in User Experience Design (UX Design). He has a strong passion for innovative product design and development, and he loves to present projects and ideas. Jiajun has currently no experience working in this field, but he is striving to develop soft and hard skills in this industry. Jiajun’s key strengths are the strong and unlimited desire to learn and to accomplish challenging and meaningful projects. His email is


Jennifer Nazareth is a freshman at Purdue University in the User Experience Design program. While still searching for what specialization in UX Design she finds most interesting, she enjoys writing documentation and sketching. She has traditional and digital art experience, occasionally freelancing art for her friends for their tabletop gaming sessions. She has dabbled in different coding languages like Java, MATLAB, and C. Jennifer has always had a strong affinity towards the gaming industry, aspiring to one day work for a company that values creativity and the user. Jennifer can be reached at


Emily Duh is currently a freshman at Purdue University pursuing a Bachelor of Science in UX Design with a minor in Psychological Sciences. Born in San Jose, California, Emily was raised in a family of software developers but diverged to specialize in her interest in front end design. She is an aspiring interaction designer passionate about upholding technoethics and improving web accessibility. Emily is an alumna of both the electronics and business committees of FIRST Robotics Competition Team 1967, The Janksters. In her free time, she enjoys baking, teaching herself to sew, and traveling to different countries. Feel free to contact Emily at


Veronica Tsang is a freshman at Purdue University studying UX Design. She is from Palo Alto, California and aspires to become a Product Manager. Through her volunteering, clubs, and startup in Hong Kong and the Bay Area, she accumulated international and hands-on work experience. Working at the Google Apprenticeship, she was immersed in UX design, project management, Blockchain, and engineering fields. Volunteering at the VA Hospital for three year sharpened her detail-oriented skills as she tested blood samples, performed data analysis, and assisted in three human autopsies. Being a swim instructor for two summers allowed her to become a team player with great communication skills. She can be reached at


Charlie Geraci is from Los Angeles and is a Freshman User Experience Designer at Purdue University. He discovered UX after finding a need for design thinking in the software and hardware projects he worked on. His current focuses are on media content creation and electrical/mechanical hardware design. He loves working on design projects that test his creativity, connect people, and make user’s lives better.

Outside of class, he is active in the Purdue chapter of Design For America and is a lab TA at the Bechtel Innovation and Design Center. For fun he enjoys spending time laughing with friends and petting dogs.
Charlie can be contacted at

Indiana Farmers Insurance

For this project, we were tasked by Indiana Farmers Insurance to create a research report and user journey map which describes the attitudes and beliefs of those in the Millennial and Gen Z groups related to insurance and financial services.

Brigitte, Co-Lead

Brigitte Gurrola is a junior studying at Purdue University pursuing her degree in User Experience Design with a minor in Psychology along with the Certificate of Entrepreneurship & Innovation. She has a passion for digital civics and problem solving. She hopes to one day use her skills to benefit her community. Brigitte has experience with coding in HTML and has advanced knowledge in Figma, InVision Studio, Adobe Photoshop, and Adobe Illustrator. She is the current website chair for the Society of Hispanic Professional Engineers, the communications director/graphic designer at Purdue Immigrant Allies, and the Director of Public Relations at the Latinx Student Union. To connect with her, feel free to reach her at

Nicole, Co-Lead

Nicole is a highly motivated and goal-oriented designer with a focus on user research and design and minors in computer science and psychology. She worked collaboratively on service design, digital civics design, cross channel UX/UI design projects, and was appointed to be project team lead. She believes meaningful design solves problems and addresses user needs through immersive experiences. Nicole Li can be reached at


Kaitlyn Tran is a junior at Purdue University pursuing a degree in User Experience Design and minors in Psychology, Communications, and Entrepreneurship. She is passionate about changing the way people interact with technology for the better, and feels good design is the best medium to do so. Kaitlyn enjoys visual design and aspires to gain experience in project management, social media marketing, and mobile application development. She can be reached at


Aiza is a Masters student in Computer Graphics Technology at Purdue University specializing in User Experience Design. While pursuing her undergraduate in Computer Science and minoring in psychology, Aiza found her calling in UX which allowed her to combine her love for technology with her passion for helping people and creating an impact. Aiza strongly believes in mentorship and is currently a Global Lead for the Pakistani Women in Computing. She loves being involved with the larger tech community and was a student scholar at Grace Hopper Celebration’18 and a hopper at GHC’19. Aiza aspires to be a product manager and envisions herself being a leader at the intersection of design and technology, advocating for diversity and inclusion.



Jiwon Lee is a sophomore at Purdue University majoring in User Experience Design. She worked as a graphic design intern for a publisher called Korea Daily Seattle. She strived to satisfy the client’s needs and now she has learned how to have a better communication with clients. Jiwon has a strong background in InDesign, Illustrator, and Photoshop. Throughout her academic experiences at Purdue, she is acquiring skills in prototyping, wireframing, researching and user testing. As one of the board members in the Purdue Korea Association, Jiwon has now gained leadership, communication, and managing skills. Jiwon has a future goal that creates innovative mobile applications. And she would love nothing more than making this an easier and more enjoyable for everyone. For more information, you can reach her at


Matthew Will is a second semester Sophomore at Purdue University, and is in his first semester within the UX Design Program. He has an understanding of both design programs and design thinking from taking courses TECH 120 and CGT 118 his Freshman year. Matthew’s strongest personal skills are his advanced writing ability and creative imagination. Some of his hobbies include running and playing video games, which has led him to an interest in entering the video game industry upon graduation. He is excited to continue his career as a student in User Experience, and you can reach him at


Izsadora Johnson is a student at Purdue University pursuing a Bachelor’s Degree in UX Design along with a Psychology and Communication Minor. Visual design is an area of interest to her due to a lifelong passion for art, but is still exploring her options in the UX space. Izsadora has created graphics such as posters and brochures giving her experience in Adobe Illustrator and Photoshop. Her other hobbies are yoga, hiking and being a cat mom. She hopes the UX program will help her toward a company that embraces the same ideals of trying to create sustainable and innovative products. She can be contacted at


With the development of technology, more and more businesses are adopting methods to communicate with their customers through branding and online interactions. Although there are platforms such as Grubhub, these platforms emphasizes their own brand rather than that of their clients. Fountain has asked the team to develop the skeleton of a marketplace for the web that lowers the barrier of entry to an online platform for brick-and-mortar businesses. This platform will emphasize the agency of businesses to promote their own brand and personality through product and delivery services.

Hunter, Co-Lead

Hunter Hollinger is a junior at Purdue University majoring in User Experience Design with a focus on visual and interaction design principles. He seeks to develop experiences that bring both impact and awe and wishes that his work influences users in memorable and positive ways.

Hunter brings a versatile set of communication skills with technical design abilities to match. He loves to work in teams and make friends of any and all teammates he can. His experience in the field comes in the form of a research-focused internship at Purdue University and has worked with two startups in critiquing and modifying mobile experiences. Hunter is going to be a design intern at Esri for summer 2020 and is learning even more in the meantime through further research and freelance work. Outside of his daily routine of going to class, you can find him at his campus residence spending time with his friends, working on personal passion projects, or enjoying a late-night gaming session. Hunter can be contacted at, his portfolio is located at, and is on LinkedIn at

Anna, Co-Lead

Anna Ding is a junior at Purdue University studying UX Design. Her interests lie in Interaction and Interface Design with a focus in prototyping. UX has opened her eyes in noticing little details in design that change how fluidly an item function. Due to her love of psychology and wish to further explore how people view the world around them and how they think, Anna have augmented her learning with psychology and communication classes and mixed aspects from both into her designs. During her free time, Anna can be found wandering the world of literature or sketching the world around her. You can contact Anna at


Kyle Milne is a senior at Purdue University studying UX design. Growing up he always had a fascination for technology and a desire to learn. Over the course of his undergraduate degree, Kyle has demonstrated skills from software, to soft skills. He is a very driven person and very active on campus. This included being on multiple IM teams, holding leadership positions, and attending philanthropy and community service events. He plans to work as a interaction designer at a fortune 500 company and later start his own start up. You can contact him at


Brein Gross is a sophomore at Purdue University currently pursuing a degree in User Experience Design with a minor in Psychology. She found her way to the UX program while searching for a way to combine her creative artistic and aesthetic sides in a way that fits into 21st Century life. She is passionate about music, believing it to be a universal unifier, and plans to one day integrate this passion into her work. In her spare time, Brein can be found around campus and beyond performing with the Purduettes, a highly prestigious female music ensemble. Through this organization, she practices valuable skills such as adaptability, respectful communication, and leadership. She can be reached via email at


Evan Burr is a freshman at Purdue University pursuing a degree in User Experience Design with a minor in Management. He has earned multiple top three finishes in startup competitions in conjunction with Google for Startups. His entrepreneurship interest has led him to create multiple small businesses across countless market places. Evan is competent in multiple Adobe Programs, is passionate about graphic design for the music industry, and has past experience running multiple social media accounts for social events and clubs. Evan hopes to pursue a career in the business side of the industry. He can be reached at


Katherine Barrientos Moreno is a freshman at Purdue University. She is majoring in UX Design and minoring in psychology. In her high school years, she took several computer science courses and computer graphic classes which inspired her to pursue a career in technology and design. On campus, she is involved with the Women in Technology (WiT) Club, as well as the WiT learning community and the UX Club. She aspires to work in the UX field in the future and hopes to gain experience through internships. Outside of class, she enjoys photography, journaling, graphic design, and iced coffee. She can be contacted at


Raghav Mandadi is a current freshman at Purdue University, pursuing a BS degree in User Experience Design, with a minor in Psychology and Organizational Leadership. From a family with a background of all engineers, Raghav found passion in trying to understand people and applying it to design. In his free time, Raghav loves to hike in his hometown of Seattle, play a multitude of instruments, and travel across the world. Raghav is motivated to learn more about human computer interaction, leadership, entrepreneurship, and business in his time as a student and beyond.


Sarah Deak is a freshman majoring in User Experience Design at Purdue University with minors in Psychology and Forensic Sciences, as well as a certificate in Collaborative Leadership. Sarah was drawn to User Experience Design as a combination of psychology and technology. Some of her passions include music, animals, and criminology. She intends to develop specialized skills in research, visual design, and project management. With her interests in mind, she strives to go out in the world and make a difference in the lives of many. To connect with her, feel free to contact or LinkedIn


Our goal is to create an app that is utilized by both surgeons and patients following a surgical procedure in order to monitor the recovery process. We will specifically focus on a spinal fusion and place emphasis on data visualization to ensure that the effectiveness of the implant can be measured. The final deliverable will be a report of our design process and research findings along with a design concept for the mobile application.

Robin, Co-Lead

Robin Arnold is a Sophomore at Purdue University pursuing a degree in User Experience Degree with a minor in Communication. Throughout her education, she will work towards a specialization in project management and content strategy. Her goal is to find a career within project management, actively seeking new design opportunities within a world that is forever changing. She hopes to create seamless experiences with aesthetic user interfaces. Some of Robin’s key strengths include visual design, wireframing, organization, and collaborative leadership skills. For professional purposes, she may be contacted at

Leah, Co-Lead

Leah Neustedter is a sophomore at Purdue University pursuing a degree in User Experience Design pursuing a minor in Psychology and Communications. She plans to specialize in Visual Design and wearable technology. She is well versed in a variety of Adobe programs, has advanced Spanish speaking skills and has a background in PR/social media. She will be working for Garmin on the Forerunner 235 watch this summer. Leah also runs cross country and track for the university which has led her to have excellent time-management and leadership skills. Her work can be seen in her portfolio at and can be reached through her email at


Aiden Ringer is a sophomore at Purdue University. He is majoring in User Experience Design. He was drawn to the design process and the stronger focus on the user when compared to something like visual communication design. He plans on receiving the entrepreneurship certificate as well to help build on his skills as it pertains to working with clients and generating ideas. Outside of class, he is currently on the senior board for the Grand Prix Foundation as the Director of Productions. In this position, he is in charge of almost all design elements pertaining to the foundation and he also rebuilt the website at the beginning of the year. He can be contacted at


Anna Kelley is a second-year undergraduate student at Purdue University pursuing a degree in UX Design. Various extracurricular roles have prepared her to communicate, collaborate, and be creative in upcoming projects. She hopes these qualities lead her into an internship over the summer to gain as much experience possible. Outside of the program, Anna is independently working on undergraduate research over ‘Consent Culture & Comprehensive Sex Education’ that she hopes to turn into a curriculum paired with a mobile application. When Anna is not working, she enjoys painting, taking care of her mini aquarium, and travel. She can be contacted at


Annie Giang is studying User Experience Design as an undergraduate at Purdue University in West Lafayette, IN. While understanding the importance of marketing strategies, she is seeking a certificate in Entrepreneurship & Innovation. Additionally, she is working for a minor in Psychology and Communication to further develop skills that would benefit her as a UX Designer. Her passion for technology and art have led her to become more involved with hobbies such as gaming, streaming, graphic design, and painting. She also continues to strengthen her knowledge with design tools such as Photoshop and Illustrator in addition to her familiarity with programming languages such as Java, HTML, CSS, and Javascript. By focusing on design and involving herself in multiple activities to increase her versatility, she strives to take on new challenges and create impactful innovations for the future. Her goal is to pursue a career within the technology or customer experience field. During her free time, she enjoys getting to know people and exploring places to eat. On a more active day, you will most likely find her dancing at the gym or playing tennis. If you would like to reach out, feel free to contact her through email at


Becky Hutzel is a sophmore at Purdue but a freshman in UX Design. She is from Lafayette, IN and is passionate about creativity, music, and people! She started off in Industrial Design and gained skills from this in sketching, Adobe suite, Rhinocerous, and Catia. She is the website designer/ social media chair for Purdue Outing Club. She also did interface and web design over the summer for a research project called the Biowall. In addition, she was in a design and fabrication learning community in 2018-2019 in which she utilized the Bechtel Innovation Center’s 3D printers and laser cutters. She is also the social chair of her cooperative house and a member of Purdue UX Design Club. She has worked as a lifeguard the past four summers. When she is not doing design work you can find her listening to music or doing a variety of outdoors activities. You can find her on Linkedin and you can contact her at


Ishaan Dandia is an undergraduate at Purdue University studying UX Design and pursuing a double minor in Psychology and Communication. He is very interested in how people interact with technology and different ways to make the experience easier. He was initially intrigued by UX as it combines his love of technology and art with psychology. Through his love of photography, 2D design, and videography, he has garnered skills in Photoshop, Lightroom, Procreate, and Final Cut Pro. Ishaan also has some programming experience with Python and Java. For professional purposes he can be contacted at

    Social Change

    Our overarching goal is to seamlessly connect freelancers and contractors through a clean UI to improve outsourcing of media content online. Imagine an app that has an intuitive and customizable interface tailored to the users’ needs that makes one feel productive when one is using it. Currently, we need a functional prototype or preferably an MVP to demonstrate the capabilities our company would have with a full application.

    Adam, Co-Lead

    Adam Kaufman is a Junior at Purdue University completing a major in User Experience Design, minors in Psychology and Spanish, and a Collaborative Leadership Certificate. These combined areas have helped him strengthen skill building in communication, teamwork, creativity, and problem solving. As a user experience designer focused on visual design, Adam strives to follow a user-centered approach to craft effective solutions to complex problems. His client-focused, results-driven mindset allows him to transform visions into reality. To get in contact with Adam, you may email him at

    Colin, Co-Lead

    Colin Mulron is a User Experience design student at Purdue University. As a junior in college, Colin expects to graduate in Spring 2021 and has completed an internship related to his work. He possesses strong leadership and teamwork qualities developed during his time as President of Phi Sigma Kappa fraternity on Purdue’s campus. He is also involved in his community as a youth counselor at the First Methodist Church of West Lafayette. In the future, he hopes to express his work as a designer at a prominent design consultancy. To get in touch with Colin, you can email him at or view his past project work at


    Praveen Kumar Bhardwaj is a graduate student in User Experience Design. In the past has pursued his Bachelors in Architecture from Iowa State University and has worked with Clark Nexsen as an architectural designer specializing in large scale sports and education facilities. He is well versed in a variety of Adobe program and specializes in 3D modeling and rendering. He utilizes these skills in prototyping and evaluating the products in the product design realm. To reach him you can email him at, or view his work at


    Evan Voss is a freshman studying User Experience design at Purdue University. He is from southern California from a city called Manhattan Beach. Currently, Evan is learning the basics of user experience in two different UX courses, those being an experience studio and studio 1. He discovered UX when his dad recommended it to him as a junior. Evan has always been empathetic and observant so he thought he might enjoy an area of study that allowed him to explore those characteristics. On top of studying UX at Purdue Evan is also pursuing a minor in psychology along with his other courses. He hopes that in the future he will have the opportunity to work in the gaming or automotive industries. Some hobbies Evan enjoys are sports, going to the gym, eating healthy, cars, video games, and movies.

    You can contact Evan at


    Anne Pivonka is currently a freshman studying User Experience Design at Purdue University, working towards a minor in Psychology and a Collaborative Leadership Certificate. As a UX design major, she is currently focused on user research and interaction design. Her interest in UX design began when she had the opportunity to shadow the UX design team at a marketing firm in Cleveland, Ohio through a program at her high school. During this time, she realized this was the career that she wanted to pursue. Anne can be contacted at


    Angela is a freshman at Purdue University pursuing a degree in User Experience Design. She knows basic programming in C++, Java and HTML and enjoys graphic design and digital illustration. She is familiar with various programs such as Visual Studio, Adobe Photoshop and Adobe Illustrator. She is an entrepreneur owning a small online business and does freelance illustration on the side; leading to some experience with social media marketing and product design. Aside from this, she also has an interest in gaming and game design and has some experience using Unreal Engine and does character design in her free-time. Angela can be contacted at


    ABB’s energy industries business has been developing a predictive analytics software suite for asset performance management (equipment monitoring and failure prediction focused on hydroelectric power plants). The product features are now mature but the user interface looks traditional, is not intuitive to navigate, does not conform to ABB standards and does not deliver the experience ABB clients should expect to receive (software sells for typically $100K > multimillion$). Customer user roles may vary the user experience.

    Christian, Co-Lead

    Christian Espinoza is a Junior at Purdue University majoring in User Experience Design. He is also minoring in Psychology and Communication with a certificate in Entrepreneurship. Christian has a desire to create experiences that positively impact the lives of individuals. He has interned at a company called Codelicious for the past three years. Codelicious is an EdTech start-up that develops STEM based curriculum for K-12. Through his time here, he has been able to develop an application which is filed for a patent and has been able to work on developing plenty of curriculum for different courses. In his free time, he likes to hang out with his friends or play sports such as soccer or ultimate frisbee. He enjoys both the technical and creative side of generating new products. Christian hopes to utilize all areas of his wide range of interests by one day working as a project/product manager that helps design and build applications or effectively use different design strategies to successfully reach intended goals. He envisions starting his own business one day or being in charge of a technology startup. You can learn more about him and his work by going to his portfolio: He can also be reached for more information at

    Jeremy, Co-Lead

    Jeremy Farmer is a Senior at Purdue University studying User Experience Design with minors in Communication and Psychology. He made his way to UX while searching for the balance between his passion for computers and his love of helping people. Grown in Indiana but matured in Grand Junction, Colorado, he was raised in a home that emphasized leadership, integrity, and a strong moral code. After being awarded the prestigious Daniels Fund Scholarship, he found his way back to West Lafayette, Indiana. Jeremy has been experimenting with video game development since early in high school and would like to continue that pursuit as a hobby. He has worked with the companies Avanade and Crema on app-development projects through the Experience Studio program at Purdue. He also loves to sing and be involved in his on-campus Christian ministry. To get to know him more, email at


    Kanika Rao is currently a sophomore studying User Experience Design with minors in Psychology and Communication, and is working towards a Collaborative Leadership Certificate at Purdue University. She has worked as a research assistant in which she focused on emotions and social interactions. Her time spent in this position sparked her interests in user research. With her work in the data mine, a learning community, she has developed an interest in learning more about the intersection between UX and data visualization. Kanika is also passionate about further developing her project management skills through leadership and mentorship opportunities. Some of Kanika’s other passions include fashion and music. She strives to incorporate these passions into her academic curriculum and is constantly looking for ways in which UX can be applied to these sectors. The many opportunities that lie within the space of user experience design and the many opportunities to improve or enhance the experience of different users while enacting direct change in different communities excites Kanika. She can be contacted at


    Katherine Jewell is a freshman studying User Experience Design while minoring in psychology at Purdue University. She grew up in San Diego, California where aesthetic is highly valued in experiences and products. She thrives when interacting with others, which is shown through her past job as a nanny and her many volunteer experiences. She loves to travel to other countries and learn about the people and their culture which allows her to gain invaluable life experiences that cannot be gained from classes. She is looking for a beginning internship as a UX Designer to learn more about user research, information architecture, and web development. Katie is able to be reached at


    Koi Ogden is currently a sophomore at Purdue University majoring in User Experience Design. Their interest in design is centered around their passion for inclusivity and understanding the world around them. In an effort to communicate effectively and understand others, they are pursuing a minor in Psychology and a certification in Collaborative Leadership. Outside of the classroom, Koi has publicly represented their LGBT all-inclusive multicultural sorority on many different platforms. They also serve as a representative on the Purdue Polytechnic Student Council school board. Throughout these involvements, they hope to take away useful skills that will aid their design process and provide insightful change within the community. More personally, Koi enjoys hiking, watching scary movies, and eating at local restaurants. In the future they plan to travel the world, serving as a voice for minorities and creating designs that will inspire equity. They can be contacted at


    Sam Parsey is a Freshman at Purdue University studying User Experience Design. He is also minoring in Computer Science. Sam has always had an eye for efficiency and wants to apply his studies into real-world applications that makes consumer’s interaction with technology a positive and streamlined process. Though still a freshman, extra experience is on Sam’s radar. Sam has applied as an undergrad research assistant and is looking for internships on the horizon. In his free time, Sam enjoys a multitude of activities from rock climbing to playing and listening to music. Sam hopes to implement his technical interests into his career goals working as a Lead Software Developer focusing on building applications based in and around work productivity and efficiency. You can learn more about him and his work by going to his website: He can also be reached for more information at


    Jacqui Marks is a sophomore at Purdue University studying User Experience Design as well as minoring in Economics and Communications. Jacqui was raised in a home built on being compassionate, honest and respectful of others. She enjoys helping others and solving problems, which helped her find UX design. Her passion is to one day design educational products for children with Autism and daily tools to improve the livelihood of the elderly. Jacqueline was previously pursuing a degree in Data Science but discovered it was not for her when she felt like she was unable to deeply explore her creativity. While she is not in the classroom she enjoys sketching, photography and sewing. She is very much a people person who enjoys spending time with friends and making new friends. On campus she is involved in Greek Intervarsity, an active member of the Alpha Eta chapter of Alpha Xi Delta and a member of Purdue User Experience Design. She can be contacted at .


    Coupa Software is the leading provider of Business Spend Management (BSM solutions). Coupa is looking for research to help conceptualize a web service that is specifically geared toward helping small businesses be discovered by larger businesses. This project will need to consider how different types of small businesses choose to sell themselves, and what they would expect from this type of service. Researchers will also need to consider what larger businesses consider when looking for potential suppliers, and how these two user groups can be most effectively connected.

    Emily, Co-Lead

    Emily Zaretzky is a Junior at Purdue University studying User Experience Design and pursuing a minor in Communication. Growing up, she has always found passion in design and the meaning it can bring. While continuing to intern for Hewlett Packard Enterprise, she has applied her knowledge of user-advocacy, user-research, prototyping, and testing to improve the experience of a web application. She is a self-learner and loves to explore different areas of expertise, including cybersecurity and web-development. Her philosophy is that a better-looking world is the byproduct of great user experience design. In her free time, Emily is either rock climbing, break dancing, or designing. She can be reached at

    Tori, Co-Lead

    Tori Martin is a sophomore majoring in User Experience Design with a minor in psychology at Purdue University. She is interested in the design and creativity aspects of UX, as a user-friendly and aesthetically pleasing interface or experience is of most interest. Incorporating her bright and enthusiastic personality, she strives to improve users’ experiences focusing on visual design and content strategy. She is bold in her design decisions but ensures to create with intentions in hopes to empower all stakeholders to have a place within the creative process. UX allows Tori to blend together her artistic mind with her technological skills. She has experience with Adobe’s Creative Cloud software, web design, and even video editing within Final Cut Pro, but is still seeking to improve her skills. You can contact Tori by email at


    Megan Ledford is a Senior majoring in User Experience Design with a minor in Organizational Leadership and a certificate in Entrepreneurship & Innovation. Her passions lie within project management and interaction design. Her ability to be detail-oriented while working enthusiastically with others, allows her to accomplish complex and challenging projects. She hopes to land a position with a small UX consulting firm after graduation in May 2020. In her free time catch her reading a book, playing her guitar, or cooking!
    She can be reached by email at


    Gabriella Goss is a Freshman at Purdue University studying UX Design with minors in Psychology, Communications, and a certificate in Collaborative Leadership. She aspires to create innovative, aesthetically pleasing designs that meet the users need but goes beyond that to create designs that advances the expectations about technology as a whole. She has experience in leadership development through community service through the Hugh O’Brian Youth Leadership Seminar attending the seminar as both a student, junior-assistant staff member, and special services assistant. Outside of education, she enjoys musical theatre, film and cinema, and tennis. She can be contacted through email,


    Anushka Jain is a graduate student at Purdue University’s Masters in Computer Graphics Technology program in the UX Design Concentration. Design, Doodles and Doughnuts- this pretty much sums up the highlights of Anushka’s life. Coming from a Computer Science background, she has worked as a web development intern at Oye24, a food delivery startup and also as a design intern in Sambhav Design Studio. Post MS, she envisions herself as a successful UX designer creating seamless interfaces while staying abreast of the dynamic technology and design trends. She wants to work on making the systems she designs, accessible to everyone from a 7-year-old autistic child to a 70-year-old with visual impairment. On weekends, you can find her doodling and playing some tunes on the ukulele. To connect with her, feel free to reach out at


    Lauren Gebhardt is a freshman at Purdue University studying User Experience Design. She is planning on obtaining a minor is Psychology and a Collaborative Leadership certificate. Her interest in UX Design began her senior year of high school when she took some time exploring the different majors in Polytechnic. In high school, she enjoyed graphic design and knew that she wanted to pick a major incorporating it. After looking into her options, she finally decided upon UX Design and is very excited to be in such a great program. She is a good writer and enjoys the communication side of UX. She has much to explore, but she is currently very interested in web design. If you would like to get in touch with her, you can reach her at


    Nina Li is a freshman at Purdue University currently majoring in UX design. She has some experience in Adobe Creative Cloud and enjoys creating graphics and focusing on the visual aspect of design. She is passionate about helping enhance human interaction with computers and creating user friendly solutions for users. As a freshman going into the UX program, she hopes she can explore the UX field more and find an area in UX that she is interested in. Nina also loves creating art and hope that her artistic and creativity will help her find innovative solutions to problems and create enjoyable user experiences. She is excited to learn more about design processes and explore all the aspects of human computer interaction design. After completing her degree, she hopes to work at a large tech company and work on something that she is passionate about. Nina Li can be contacted at


    Rhea Singh is a sophomore at Purdue University. She is currently working towards a bachelor’s degree in User Experience Design, minoring in Psychology and getting a Collaborative Leadership certificate. Over the summer of 2019, Rhea Singh worked as a UX Intern at a software company called iManage where she worked on an independent UX project where she was designing opening screens for an upcoming product. She has a strong background in Photoshop, InDesign, and Illustrator. Throughout her first year of Purdue, she has now gained skills in prototyping, wireframing, researching, and user testing. If you want to get in touch with her, she can be reached through the following email: