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Drake, Project Owner

Drake is a junior at Purdue University, majoring in user experience design. He is an Adobe Certified Associate in Illustrator, which supports his experience visual design related experience. He believes his core purpose is to design experiences that are engaging, usable, enjoyable, and have the ability to influence daily life. He possesses leadership and communication skills, knowledge on how to solve complex problems, knowledge of the user-centered design process, and a basic knowledge of HTML and CSS. Upon completion of his degree, Drake aspires to be a UX designer, specializing in UI or interaction design. Drake has completed two internships at Siemens Healthineers, co-lead a project team with Garmin International, and is an award-winning undergraduate researcher in Purdue’s Polytechnic Institute. Currently, Drake is the project owner for a team working with Avanade. Outside of the classroom, Drake is the President of Purdue’s User Experience Design Club and is involved with Purdue’s Minority Technology Association.

Michael, Team Lead

Michael Davidge is a Senior in User Experience Design and pursuing a minor in psychology. He is well versed in a variety of Adobe programs, but also has a background in entrepreneurial business and psychology which help further his UX designs. To reach him you can email him at


Lucca McKay is passionate about beautiful and simplistic user experiences. A computer enthusiast, he is majoring in UX Design at Purdue University. He is currently a researcher in the UXP2 lab researching “dark patterns” within UX. Lucca was born and raised in the San Francisco Bay Area, surrounded by Silicon Valley influences. He was attracted to Purdue because of their engineering excellence and innovative UX program. Now a Junior, he is experienced in Photoshop, Illustrator, Blender, Maya, and Java. Lucca’s interest in elegant and simplistic communication was honed at an early age. Starting in his early teens, he competed in speech tournaments. He successfully made his way up from school, to regional, and eventually state finals several years in a row, in areas of original oratory, duo interpretation, and humorous interpretation. Via speech, not only was he able to share his interest in elegant communication, but also his love of the fantastical and humorous. You may reach him at


As an empath, Hayley C. Farmer is living as a curious, creative soul who seeks understanding of the world and the beings who inhabit it. As a Junior in Purdue University’s User Experience Design program, she is drawn to innovative product development and human-centered design. She has specific interest in innovative product development, brand marketing, project management, and UX research. This school year she has accepted the Purdue Polytechnic Undergraduate Research Internship and will be executing her proposed project “New pedagogies to foster collaborative and transdisciplinary skills”. Upon graduation she plans on using her design thinking and leadership skills to begin innovative product development of educational technologies. As a natural epistemophile, Hayley C. Farmer strives to design and develop software that makes others as eager to learn as she is. For professional purposes you can get in contact with Hayley on LinkedIn and Twitter, or email her at

Austin J

Austin Johnson is a Sophomore at Purdue University. He studies User Experience Design, pursuing a minor in Psychology. Austin has worked as an intern for a computer science education company, Nextech, in Indianapolis, IN. For over a year Austin was not only able to learn programming skills, he was also given the chance to help teach that information to students who attended the program.
Through this internship Austin discovered User Experience Design. He immediately felt his passion for the industry. Through the connections made, Austin was able to work with a design company, Studio Science, and form relationships with lead UX Designers on the team he was working with. Austin not only got to experience the environment of a design company, he was also able to learn from these professionals. He picked up design skills, as well as skills needed to present a product to people and receive feedback, negative and positive.
You can reach Austin at


The goal of this project is to understand ABB’s “behind the meter” customers and design an appropriate renewable energy management system for this market segment. Students will use various methods of research, analysis, ideation, and design throughout the semester to accomplish this.

Delaney, Project Owner

Delaney Rundell is a Junior at Purdue University pursuing a degree in User Experience Design with minors in Psychology and Communication. She is passionate about user research and strives to become a user researcher. She is especially strong at usability testing, user interviews, and developing high-level takeaways from findings. After interning as a Product Researcher and Accessibility Intern, she has developed an interest in web and mobile accessibility and conducting accessibility testing. Her goal is to make the world a more usable and accessible place for everyone. You can reach her at and see her work at

JP, Team Lead

John Paul Oses is currently a Senior at Purdue University pursuing a BS in User Experience Design. His talents are a blend of strong technical skills along with excellent group communication. John Paul excels in the areas of wireframing and prototyping, and he takes it to the next level with the ability to develop his solutions as well. This past summer, he interned with the AFLOW Consortium at Duke University doing web design and development. He continuously seeks to deliver aesthetically pleasing and innovative design solutions that meet both the users’ and stakeholders’ needs. He aspires to travel West to work in UI/UX Design or Web Design and Development. For further inquiries, he may be contacted at


Amy Zhang is currently a Sophomore pursuing a degree in User Experience Design with a minor in anthropology at Purdue University. She has experience with Adobe’s Creative Cloud as well as several digital art platforms. With strengths in graphic design, Amy’s goal is to specialize in Visual Design for UX. She aspires to work with companies with a focus in interface design and user research. Amy has some experience with JavaScript and HTML as well, but is still learning. This year, she is Purdue Equestrian Team’s graphic designer. For more information, Amy is reachable at


Graeme Goss is a sophomore studying User Experience Design at Purdue University. He is really interested in the research aspect of UX, but he is keeping an open mind about all aspects of UX. Graeme loves dogs and currently has two dogs at home that he loves to see every time he gets the chance. He is generally a quiet person, but surprisingly he really loves to present projects and ideas! To contact Graeme email him at


Sarah Field is a junior at Purdue University from San Diego studying User Experience Design with a minor in Psychology and a Certificate in Entrepreneurship and Innovation. Sarah enjoys designing websites and mobile applications with flawless information architecture and task flow through her front end development skills. Some of her key strengths are being hard working, detail oriented, communicative, eager to learn new things, and a great team worker/leader. Through past projects, Sarah has enjoyed working on research, iterations, and documentation. Some of Sarah’s other hobbies and interests include philosophy, healthy living, and product design. From experience participating and being involved with Girls Who Code, Sarah hopes to get more young girls and women interested in computer science and UX design. As a UX designer she strives to make information architecture flawless and sleek through a combination of experience in programming, creativity, and user focused design. You can contact her at

Star Behavioral Health Providers

Star Behavioral Health Providers is a website used by military families to locate and register for behavioral health services within their area. Additionally, health clinicians can use this website to register for training sessions that will equip them with the skills they need to assist military families requiring behavioral health services. The students working on this project will completely redesign the website to provide a better user experience for both providers and consumers. This redesign will make the website more intuitive, thus allowing users to efficiently take the actions they need to provide and receive behavioral health services.

Meena, Project Owner

Meena Nanduri is studying User Experience Design at Purdue University. She was born and raised in Sunnyvale, California. Born to two Computer Scientists, Meena grew up inspired to work in the technological world. She is passionate about User Experience Design because it combines her interests in psychology, technology, design, and user research. In her free time, Meena enjoys reading and writing. One of Meena’s favorite books is Change by Design by Tim Brown because it proves how design can be used to impact all areas of life. In the future, Meena aspires to use design to tackle real world problems regarding education, health, and racial disparity. To contact Meena, you can email her at

Jesse, Team Lead

Zexi Zhou is a senior at Purdue University majoring User Experience Design, with minor in Psychology. She was born and raised in China, is currently based in the USA. She really enjoys User Experience design as it allows her to take creative design approach and bring deeper values for both business and public service by empowering people and meeting their needs through compelling design methods: she uses a human-centered approach to understand and identify the user needs and desires, and to bridge the gap through design, storytelling and creative problem solving methods. You can reach her at


Juliet Jimenez is a Sophomore at Purdue University majoring in User Experience Design (also referenced to as UX Design) while pursuing a double minor in Psychology and Communication. Throughout her coursework, Juliet has acquired a wide array of UX Design skills including user research, interviewing techniques, ideation, wireframing, and documentation. Within the past year, she has completed five projects, including one in partnership with Crema Labs and a team of students from her program. She has also taken a special interest in Visual Design and currently works at the campus newspaper, The Exponent, as their Graphics Editor. This position has taught her excellent leadership skills and further enhanced her design capabilities.
Juliet can be reached through LinkedIn or by email at


Megan Ledford is a Junior studying User Experience Design with a minor in Psychology and Organizational Leadership, with an Entrepreneurship certificate at Purdue University. She hopes to one day work for an app development company and focus on visual and graphic design. Megan has worked since she was 16 years old and has never once been late to work, which she very much takes pride in. She is very determined and loves to put in 110% effort in anything she does. She has skills with communication, customer service, leadership, and teamwork. She has an extroverted personality but enjoys independent, quiet time. She can be reached by email at


Kyle Milne is a determined and ambitious individual. He is a sophomore studying UX Design at Purdue University and hopes to have the tools necessary to work for a large tech company. Kyle grew up in the outskirts of Philadelphia. Being a native from Philly, he has an appreciation for technology and design. He also loves Philadelphia sports and cheesesteaks. By having many hobbies and interests, this makes Kyle diverse and knowledgeable on many different topics. Kyle was originally a psychology major, so understanding the user and their thought process is a critical for him. You can reach him at


Sneha Mulki is a student at Purdue University majoring in User Experience Design with a minor in Psychology. Being extremely passionate about learning and gaining in-depth knowledge about various elements of the design field, she aspires to enhance the user experience of digital products. She aims to specialize in front end development and design interfaces for Android and iOS. Apart from her professional life, she is an avid-reader and is passionate about playing the guitar. You can reach her at for more information.


Deloitte Digital is often brought onto accounts by other teams within Deloitte, but they are sometimes viewed as support for a step in the project rather than as an integral partner throughout the entire project lifecycle. By combining creative and digital capabilities with user-centered design strategy, Deloitte Digital have a track record of rigorous, innovative and successful projects. However, it is more expensive to bring them on and account managers will go through a shift from the process they’ve used for a long time to a brand-new design driven process. Deloitte Digital is looking for a web-based solution to expand influence to practitioners and leadership within other areas of Deloitte internally and to be empowered in the very first stage of development to optimize the results. Our goal for this project is to provide high-fidelity usability solutions based on the pain points of our sponsor.

Jai, Project Owner

Jai Tudor is a Junior, within the Polytechnic Institute at Purdue University, majoring in User Experience Design with minors in communication and psychology and an extensive art background. Last summer she worked as a UX strategy and animation intern for the Federal Aviation Administration to help reconstruct the user flow of the team website, and create user storyboards. Within her experience studio courses, Jai has worked with Garmin, and Microsoft. Using user experience, Jai hopes to integrate art and creativity into more diverse settings to create seamless, unforgettable experiences. She can be contacted via email at

Yuqing, Team Lead

Yuqing Wu is a senior at Purdue University pursuing a degree in User Experience Design with minors in Psychology and Art & Design. Last summer she worked as a UX researcher and designer for Meitu, helping to design an inner picture system, and doing user research for a social media. Last semester, her team worked with Microsoft, designing a mobile application to help college students achieve goals. She is also the Vice President Internal for the Purdue User Experience Design organization. She can be contacted via email at

Stefani, Team Lead

Stefani Sandoval is a Senior at Purdue University majoring in User Experience Design. Her skill set includes a proficiency in Illustrator and Photoshop, user research, synthesizing research, and usability testing. In her spare time, Stefani enjoys watching an action packed show on Netflix, a trip to the cinema or just hanging out with her close friends. Stefani can be contact at


Madi Lindeman is a junior at Purdue University, majoring in User Experience Design. She is also in charge of advertising for the User Experience Design club on campus. She is hardworking and highly motivated in all aspects of her education. Upon completing her degree, Madi aspires to be a UX designer in a major city working for a company that’s top priority is providing the best experience for their customers. Madi is really interested in both the research and designing aspect of UX and hopes to be able to have a career that involves both. She is also a huge fan of nature, hiking and her dog Keaton. You can reach her at


Kassandra Melkey is studying User Experience Design at Purdue University (graduating May 2020), and is specializing in user research and information architecture, and minoring in communications. She is a passionate problem solver, people person, and an adventurer. When she’s not working on projects, you can find her writing, traveling, and watching videos of Corgis on the internet. She is also an active member of the Delta Iota chapter of Gamma Phi Beta International sorority. She wants to one day work as a UX researcher and use research insights to inform design decisions to make wonderful user experiences.
Kassandra can be reached at

Austin S

Austin Straley is a sophomore in the UX program at Purdue University. Austin is a junior at Purdue and transferred to the program from the Game Studies program also at Purdue. Upon graduation, he hopes to become a specialist in the User Experience Research field of UX. Austin is a dedicated worker who is skilled in English and writing content with a specific tone in mind. For further information, contact him by email at


Students are working together to improve the onboarding experience of SPOCK, a storage compatibility tool, with which they will be catering to new users as well as existing users who are unaware of newer features. They will be conducting user research, analyzing their results, and creating prototypes.

Rhea, Project Owner

Rhea Manocha is a UX Design undergraduate at Purdue University. Her skill set is predominantly in user research, user interface design, and prototyping. Rhea also teaches design strategies through workshops to help other functions understand the value of design and enable them to make more user-centered decisions. Previously, she helped worked at a cybersecurity startup designing their minimum viable product, Purdue OIRAE on university-related projects, and Pivotal Cloud Foundry on their partner integration development experience. Currently, she is interning as a UX designer on an engineering education research project, researching dark patterns in the UX Pedagogy and Practice Lab, and planning community events for the Purdue UX club. Rhea’s portfolio is available at and she can be reached at

Joe, Team Lead

Joseph Hoggatt is a student in Purdue Polytechnic’s Human Centered Design and Development program. He assisted in designing a scouting app for his high school’s FIRST robotics team. In his spare time, he occasionally takes on Graphic design work from friends and family, and works with new design tools to search for better ways of conveying what he can see in his mind. In his spare time, he enjoys playing tabletop games as the real world doesn’t have enough dragons. Joseph can be contacted by email at; His LinkedIn is LinkedIn.


Even though Maddisen Sharpe is working towards a Bachelors in User Experience, at Purdue, her ultimate goal is to make an impact on a user’s everyday life. This can be seen in her early high school career, when she got involved with the Hamilton Humane Society, Ronald McDonald House, and aided for teachers. Even with her busy high school schedule and volunteering, she found a way to start taking college classes her senior year. This provided valuable soft and hard skills, such as: communication, cooperation, empathy, presentation, Microsoft Suites, Mulitisim, Autodesk Revit and Inventor, Adobe Illustrator and Photoshop, CAD animation, and being an active listener. If you want to get in contact with her, she can be reached through the following email:


Jingle Chen was born and raised in Beijing, China, for 18 years, and then he attends Purdue University in US. He is currently a sophomore pursuing a degree in User Experience Design with minors in Psychology, Communication, and Mathematics. In the past, he with two of his friends started a stereo product evaluation studio which also provided marketing services for the retailers in the industry, and he is responsible for online marketing and online user researching. He always enjoys teamwork and accomplishing meaningful but challenging tasks. Also, he is an analogue street photographer. You can contact Jingle at


Ruiqi Li is a sophomore studying at Purdue University with a major of UX Design. She also working towards two minors in psychology and communication and a Certificate in Collaborative Leadership. She will be focusing on front end development and right now she is practising coding skills with html and css. She has well communication skills and would like to work in a team environment. She can use several Adobe softwares and will be glad to learn new things. She can be reached by and can also visit her site at


Hunter Hollinger is a sophomore at Purdue University majoring in User Experience Design with a minor in psychology and a certificate in entrepreneurship. He previously interned at MobileIron, a mobile device security company in Mountain View, CA where he developed his proficiency with MS Excel and Beyond that, he has a strong background in the Adobe suite, with a focus on Photoshop and Illustrator. He also brings experience with UI designs tools, specifically Adobe XD and Figma, to the table. He is currently looking for an internship in the design business, and brings a strong work ethic combined with eager interest to learn and develop new skills to any team he has the pleasure to work with. Some of his work can be found at, and he can be reached by email,, or at Hunter’s LinkedIn.


Crema is planning to develop Horizons, which is a product strategy tool that helps product managers create diagrams for their own products. Our goal is to create an experience from introduction for new product strategist, designers, and managers to understand how to set up a new space, start creating a diagram, and then cast a vision for the future of the first diagram.

Amelia, Project Owner

Amelia Lim is a Senior in User Experience Design minoring in Psychology at Purdue University, West Lafayette. She is interested in the User Interface design field. She has previous User Interface working experiences, which include working independently for Purdue Polytechnic Office of Engagement to achieve the goal of improving their engagement portal’s Graphical User Interface (GUI). She’s passionate in designing different digital work to enhance user experiences. Her work is her passion. Amelia’s portfolio is, and can be contacted at

Patsy, Team-Lead

Patsy Mata is a senior at Purdue University studying User Experience Design. She is passionate about becoming a user interface designer in the future. Patsy wants to continue to work on becoming a leader for the upcoming projects in UX. She was born in Hammond, Indiana and would like to travel the world. Her work can be found at and you can reach her at


Abbee Westbrook is a current undergraduate at Purdue University studying how humans interact with technology as a User Experience Design major as well as pursuing a minor in Communications. As a UX designer, Abbee strives to design with empathy to help make technology, and the world, more accessible to all. One day, Abbee hopes to intertwine her love of fermented food, architecture, and podcasts with a career in UX. To get in touch with Abbee, reach her by email at


Ian Carr is a junior at Purdue University and a second-year student in UX Design. He has 2 years of programming experience as a Computer Science student, transferring from Ivy Tech Community College in Indianapolis. Ian spent nearly four years working at’s largest distribution facility as an associate trainer, where he trained thousands of new associates. To gain additional experience, he freelanced as a graphic designer in his spare time. Ian plans to specialize in Visual Design and pursue a minor in Psychology. He can often be found at the Indianapolis Museum of Art whenever he learns of a new exhibit that he finds intriguing. You may contact Ian at


Liyang Qu is a Sophomore at Purdue University. He is majored in UX design and is planning to take minors in Psychology and Computer Science to explore his career path.
He was born in Wuhan, China. He is the only child in his family. After finishing his middle school at China, His family moved to Fairfax, Virginia and he started his high school there. He discovered his interest in graphic design during his first year of high school. As he continually explored the possibility throughout his high school career, He discovered that he enjoys the accomplishment that digital graphic design offered to him and decided to pursue a higher education in it while in college. He has four years extended experience with Photoshop and illustrator. In personal life, He is a devoted Christian and a heavy gamer. He hopes that modern game can place more focus in actual game play design, not money making design.
If you would like to make contact to Liyang Qu, He is using the following Email address:


Jeremy Farmer is a Junior at Purdue University studying User Experience Design with minors in Communication, Psychology, and Computer Science. He made his way to UX while searching for the balance between his passion for computers and his love of helping people. Grown in Indiana but matured in Grand Junction, Colorado, he was raised in a home that emphasized leadership, integrity, and a strong moral code. After being awarded the prestigious Daniels Fund Scholarship, he found his way back to West Lafayette, Indiana. Jeremy has been experimenting with video game development since early in high school and would like to continue that pursuit as a hobby. He has worked with the consultation company Avanade on an app development project through the Experience Studio program at Purdue. He also loves to sing and be involved in his on-campus Christian ministry. To get to know him more, email at

United Cargo

Students will work together to create a mobile application for United Cargo using a combination of research, testing, and design. This application will allow United Cargo customers to track shipments, check flight space availability, view flight status and capacity, and check rates through a mobile application.

Elizabeth, Project Owner

Elizabeth Finley is a junior in Purdue University’s undergraduate UX Design program. She aspires to create products that go beyond just meeting user needs and also appeals to users aesthetically. She has experience as a Web Intern for Travis County, TX and as a User Experience Design intern in Device Interaction for Garmin. With a particular interest in user research and inclusivity in design, she is furthering her education through reading and taking courses in Communications, Psychology, and design. Outside of school, Elizabeth enjoys being outdoor, and exercising. Elizabeth can be contacted through her email,

AJ, Team Lead

AJ Vetter is a student at Purdue University studying UX Design. He has experience doing design and film in commercial, non for profit, and corporate settings. He has filled roles including, but not limited to: UX Designer, Visual Designer, Video Producer, and Digital Marketing Manager. He is passionate about combining all of his skills to meet the needs of companies focused on the bigger picture. Reach him at or


Gregory Sirko is a senior at Purdue University in his second year of User Experience Design. He is interested in all parts of UX, especially visual design, information architecture and user research. He started his university studies in Computer Information Technology, but found it lacked a certain something that he craved. He has a background in graphic design and digital media. He is highly concerned with design philosophy and studying the effects of personal technology on life and culture. Outside of work, he loves to play the drums and keyboard, as well as sauté onions. You can reach him through email:


Kevin McDonald is a Junior at Purdue University pursuing a degree in User Experience Design with a minor in Psychology and a Certificate for Entrepreneurship and Leadership. He is a Chick Evans Scholar from Burbank, IL, who recently completed a UX internship with Chamberlain Group this past summer. This experience provided him the opportunity to work collaboratively with a team of UX designers on current and innovative company projects, that allowed him to further strengthen his visual design skills and knowledge tremendously. For more information, contact him at


Anna Ding is a sophomore at Purdue University studying UX Design. She shows interest in specializing in Interaction and Interface Design. She loves how the last year in UX has opened her eyes to noticing little details in designs that change how fluidly the item works. Due to her interest in understanding how people think, Anna has augmented her learning with psychology and communication courses. In her freetime you can find her wondering the world of literature and music. You can email Anna at or call her at (317)-217-4208.


Deanna Bell is a sophomore earning her degree in User Experience Design at Purdue University along with minors in Psychology and Communications. User Experience Design is intriguing to Deanna because she sees it as an opportunity to combine a range of her artistic and technological abilities. She can be contacted through email at