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Experience Studios Lead Project Owners

Robin Arnold (undergrad TA), Samruddhi Kokate (grad TA), and Camile Hardt (undergrad) are our Lead Project Owners this semester. Sam will oversee 6 teams, Robin and Camile will oversee 4 teams each. They all will work together to train the 8 Project Owners.

Robin, Lead Project Owner, Undergrad TA

Robin Arnold is a Senior at Purdue University pursuing a degree in User Experience Design and minoring in Communication and Psychology. Throughout her education, she will work towards a specialization in project management and content strategy. Her goal is to find a career within project management, actively seeking new design opportunities within a world that is forever changing. She hopes to create seamless experiences with aesthetic user interfaces. Robin was an interaction design intern at Stryker this past summer working with their surgical technology products to streamline the OR experience. She also proposed a UX Strategy for the business unit and identified business and design opportunities as Stryker makes a shift towards using technology for assisted interaction. Some of Robin’s key strengths include visual design, wireframing, organization, and collaborative leadership. For professional purposes, she may be contacted at

Samruddhi, Lead Project Owner, Grad TA

Samruddhi Kokate is a recent Computer Engineering graduate from University of Mumbai, India. She is currently a first year master’s student in the Department of Computer Graphics Technology at Purdue University. Her focus area for her masters is User Experience Design. She is passionate about curating meaningful experiences at the intersection of design and technology backed by user research — studying and understanding humans as their relation with technology evolves. To her, design is about finding solutions and opportunities within a problem space, zooming out to study how an experience fits in, and collaborating with others. She is on a constant lookout to learn new things — tech and everything beyond too. You can find her work here and contact Samruddhi at

Camile, Lead Project Owner

Camile Hardt is a Junior pursuing a degree in User Experience Design with a minor in Human Development and Family Studies. Within UX, she is specializing in visual and interaction design. She is from Overland Park, KS. Camile is a committee lead for the textile waste committee on the Purdue Sustainability Student Council. When not working on UX design related projects, she enjoys knitting and dabbling in film photography, and working on implementing and bringing awareness to sustainable practices on Purdue’s campus. She can be reached through email at

Project Owners

Matt Will, Jarred Porter, Alex Gearhart, Ishaan Dandia, Bridget Schafer, Anne Pivonka, and Katie Jewell are the Spring 2022 Project Owners. They will manage 2 teams this semester. Matt is working with Element 3 and Proctor & Gamble, Jarred is working with Teaching Excellence and League Org, Alex is working with Simplisafe and Ansys, Ishaan is working with Innovatemap and HiDelta, Bridget is working with CrimeMiner and RxResearch, Anne is working with Dental WebSmart and UE Group-tele-health, and Katie is working with Avanade and UE Group-accessibility. There are 2 sections this semester, Matt, Jarred, Alex, and Katie are in section 1 and Ishaan, Anne, and Bridget are in section 2.

Matt, Project Owner, section 1

Matthew Will is a Senior at Purdue University majoring in UX Design with a minor in Anthropology and certificates in Entrepreneurship and Global Competency. He is currently working as an undergraduate research assistant on an NSF-funded project regarding Everyday Ethics in UX Design. Matthew has specific interest in areas of UX Research and Interaction Design, and has worked in several sponsor-led student projects with companies such as Avanade. He has also gained experience using design programs such as Figma and Illustrate, and has basic knowledge of HTML, CSS, and Javascript languages. In his free time, Matthew enjoys drawing and playing video games as well. He is currently looking for work opportunities for after his graduation in May 2022, and you can reach him at

Jarred, Project Owner, section 1

Jarred Porter is a senior at Purdue University pursuing a Bachelor’s degree in User Experience Design while going after a certificate in both Entrepreneurship and Leadership. He specializes in visual design project management. He is competent in a number of collaborative programs, obtains good communication skills and has a strong background in WordPress and website design. He is constantly looking for new opportunities to step out of his comfort zone and further his career in User Experience. Jarred also takes part in Greek Life on campus, taking on roles and joining committees within the fraternity which has allowed him to develop great leadership and time management skills. Additionally, Jarred has worked as both a team member and team lead on multiple projects, allowing him to be well equipped in whatever role a team needs. Jarred has worked alongside many successful companies including Omnivis, Affinity, and LeadSigma, and is pursuing the Orr Fellowship program working at OnBoard starting in June of 2022. His work can be seen at and can be contacted via email at

Alex, Project Owner, section 1

Alex Gearhart is a senior at Purdue University, majoring in User Experience Design. He is pursuing a minor in communications and a certificate of entrepreneurship. His previous role as a UX Design intern at a startup focused heavily on designing the visual and interactive elements of the product. He enjoys working on visual and interactive work and would like to continue pursuing this type of work in the future. After having an internship with a startup, Alex wants to work at a larger company to see if he might enjoy that more. He can be reached at

Katie, Project Owner, section 1

Katie Jewell is a senior studying User Experience Design while minoring in psychology and anthropology at Purdue University. She grew up in San Diego, California where aesthetics is highly valued in experiences and products. She enjoys electronic drawing and reading books when she has free time. She decided to study UX Design because it gave her the ability to combine her interests in design and technical aspects. She decided to minor in psychology and anthropology when she saw how human functions greatly influence the design of technology. She is looking for a job as a UX Designer to conduct user research with a lean of UI. Katie is able to be found at

Ishaan, Project Owner, section 2

Ishaan Dandia is an undergraduate student at Purdue University studying UX Design and pursuing a double minor in Psychology and Communication. He hopes to specialize in visual design and product management. He was initially intrigued by UX as it combines his love of technology and art with psychology. Through his love of photography, 2D design, and videography, he has garnered skills in Photoshop, Lightroom, Procreate, and Final Cut Pro. Ishaan also has some programming experience with Python, Java, CSS, and HTML. Ishaan is very passionate about entrepreneurship and is currently a brother in DMK, Purdue’s Entrepreneurship Fraternity. This past summer he completed an internship with Purdue OWL to help redesign their website to improve overall navigation and usability. For professional purposes he can be contacted at To view some of his previous work, you can go to

Bridget, Project Owner, section 2

Bridget Schafer is a junior at Purdue University studying User Experience Design with a minor in Spanish for the Professions. She currently serves as the Graphics and Publicity Chair for Women in Technology as well as an Ambassador for the Polytechnic Institute. Alongside her knowledge of programming, design applications, and project management, Bridget has experience in global leadership, graphic design, public speaking, marketing, and public relations. With these interdisciplinary skills at the forefront, her professional goals are centered around creating inclusive digital environments via intuitive user research and fluid visual design. To connect with Bridget, email her at

Anne, Project Owner, section 2

Anne Pivonka is a junior at Purdue University majoring in UX Design with a minor in Psychology and certificates in Collaborative Leadership and Entrepreneurship + Innovation. She is an attentive designer focused on User Research and Project Management. Her curiosity about the world and a desire to create meaningful experiences that fit seamlessly into the lives of everyday people is what drives her passion for design. This curiosity carries over to her work as an Undergraduate Research Assistant in the UXP2 Lab at Purdue University. Her work focuses on the ethical considerations of UX Practice as well as the development of mindset around methods and mental models of design processes. This role challenges her to deepen her knowledge of different research methods. It has also provided me with a deeper understanding of ethical dilemmas in the workplace. When she is not working on UX-related projects, she is usually playing guitar, hiking, cooking, or making playlists. She can be contacted at

Simplisafe Home Security

This project is about redesigning the initial 72 hour test phase for Simplisafe’s new users. The current test phase does not provide users with full confidence that they have installed their system correctly and know how it works. Our goal is to create a streamlined and meaningful experience for new users during their first 72 hour test phase to ensure they are confident that their Simplisafe system setup is correctly completed.

Stesha, Co-Lead

Stesha Linder is a senior at Purdue University pursuing a Bachelor of Science in UX Design and a minor in Naval Science. She is part of Purdue Navy Reserve Officer Training Corps and has lots of experience with leadership, decision-making, and teamwork. In addition, she is drawn to the UX aspects of combining art, business, teamwork, and technology together. Her passion to study User Experience Design stems from being able to be part of a team that works towards a common goal and the ability to improve or create something new for their people. She can be reached at

Natasha, Co-Lead

Natasha Chambers is a sophomore at Purdue University studying User Experience Design, minoring in Psychology, Anthropology, and working towards an Entrepreneurship & Innovation certificate. She is excited to be pursuing a specialization in UX architecture and interaction design throughout her undergraduate studies. Natasha is extremely interested in how human interactions and experiences with online social spaces can result in lasting negative effects and how a UX perspective can drive the search for a solution. You can reach Natasha through and on LinkedIn at LinkedIn.


Daniel Chin is a sophomore at Purdue University pursuing a major in UX Design with minors in Psychology as well as a certificate in Entrepreneurship and Innovation. He has interests in music and art which serve as a basis for his interest in UX where creativity, technology, and psychology intertwine. Daniel has interests in creating accessible design for minorities and underrepresented communities as well as streamlining safety and interaction in the automotive industry. He has experience working in the Adobe suite and has received a nomination for his leadership and design process skills in a design competition by his professor. For professional purposes he may be reached at


Emily Duh is currently a third and final year student at Purdue University pursuing a Bachelor of Science in User Experience Design and a minor in Psychology. She is a Silicon Valley born and raised interaction designer focused on producing accessible and aesthetically pleasing designs. Her background and hobbies in pop culture and art encourage storytelling and creative thinking, aiding her while she works on bringing projects to life. Feel free to reach out to Emily through her email at


Anna Salcedo is a senior at Purdue University pursuing a degree in User Experience Design (B.S.), minoring in psychology and receiving a certificate in Entrepreneurship and Innovation and collaborative leadership. She is proficient with the Adobe Creative Cloud suite, Figma, Sketch, Whimsical, Microsoft Office, Canva, HTML and CSS. Her main strengths are in visual design and user research. She focuses on creating a solution that is empathetic towards the users and clearly understanding the users needs and wants. Anna can be reached through Email or LinkedIn.


Jack Myers is attending college at Purdue University. He is in his first year of studying User Experience Design. He has a passion for design to improve interface technology and problem solving. Jack is expected to graduate Purdue in May 2024. He has been developing his skills in UI design by creating seamless experiences to help guide users to the desired end destination using hierarchy and visual design. He wants to improve his skills on verbal communication, research, and html/css/java script. After graduating he aspires to work in the gaming industry as a UI/UX designer. He is working on growing an understanding of gamers, what needs to be improved within video games, and other gaming applications. Outside of UX Jack enjoys car culture and playing video games. His gaming interests include military sims, real time strategies, and the basics like Minecraft. Connect with Jack on LinkedIn and mail him at


Kate Weisgerber is a freshman at Purdue University who is majoring in UX Design and Communications with a minor in Anthropology. She has experience with Adobe products such as Photoshop and enjoys working on visual design. Kate hopes that her academics will allow her to design software that reaches those who are unfamiliar or inexperienced in the technological field. Some skillsets that she would like to improve on during her academic journey are effectively communicating with users and designing with specific audiences in mind. In her free time, Kate enjoys drawing, hiking, and playing video games. She can be reached through email at email.


Ryan Jo is a sophomore at Purdue University, majoring in User experience Design. Ryan found User Experience Design from searching for a major that could allow him to utilize both his creativeness and his passion for visual design. He has experience in using Houdini and Adobe Cloud applications. Ryan enjoys sketching or illustrating ideas that could improve the user’s experience. He also enjoys playing video games and is interested in the car industry. Feel free to reach out to Ryan through his email

RxResearch, Pharmacy

We are tasked with creating a resource for connecting faculty researchers and student trainees on research projects. It will help learners to find assistance, training, projects, collaborators, and mentors conveniently online..This service will “even the playing field” for learners, staff and faculty members seeking research partners by providing a convenient central dashboard housing readily accessible research training and opportunities.

Janhavi, Co-Lead

Janhavi is a sophomore at Purdue University, majoring in User Experience Design. Her innate capacity to read people creates a sense of empathy and helps her generate humane experiences. Furthering this capacity using rationale and creativity, she wants to humanize design. As a result of her exposure to an array of themes related to psychology, she tries to make her designs intuitive and reflexive. Her interests mainly lie in psychology, research, and spatial and visual design. As a designer, her goal is to make the interactions people have with the products they use, as meaningful, comfortable and enjoyable as she can. Some of her best ideas and inspiration comes when she’s not looking. So when she’s not designing, you’ll find her painting, trekking or playing board games! Feel free to reach out to Janhavi Shah here.

Samantha, Co-Lead

Samantha Hayden is currently a sophomore at Purdue University majoring in User Experience Design with planned minors in psychology and communication. Samantha landed on user experience design after searching for a degree that could combine her love of science and logical thinking with her passion for design and computer graphics. Some of Sam’s top skills are communication and organization. Outside of the classroom, Sam is involved in College Mentors for Kids, the Honors College, and is an Admission Ambassador/ Tour Guide for the University. If you would like to reach Samantha Hayden, feel free to email her at


Thomas Weese is currently a junior at Purdue University and is pursuing a degree in UX Design. He is most passionate about design education, as well as the design of educational systems, and has been involved in developing and testing design education since 2017. In his third semester in the UX program, Thomas aims to continue broadening his technical and conceptual understanding of the design process. While he is still exploring the different aspects of UX design, he has been drawn to design challenges that require solutions in physical space.His interests include making and enjoying coffee, live music, and baking. He can be reached at


Vishwa is an optimistic and innovative designer with a passion for technology, products, and user experience. Currently he is pursuing an M.S in Computer Graphics Technology with a specialization in UX Design. He graduated with a B.S. in Computer Graphics Technology with a specialization in Game Design and Animation, and a Certificate of Entrepreneurship and Innovation. With a background in Animation and Game Design, he brings valuable experience in storytelling, 2D and 3D design, motion graphics, and visual design. Vishwa enjoys working in the teaching field, he has worked as a Supplemental Instruction Leader for two years and he is currently working as a Graduate Teaching Assistant. Vishwa has participated in three study abroad programs during his time at Purdue, through which he has developed his intercultural communication and collaboration skills. His hobbies include photography, listening to music and playing his guitar. He can be reached via email at


Enya Song is a current sophomore at Purdue University majoring in User Experience Design and minoring in Computer Information Technology. She views user experience as the perfect bridge between creativity and technology that she is looking for in a future career, and hopes to specialize in interaction design or product management. Additionally, Enya has a small background with front-end development that she hopes to expand on over the next few years, and she enjoys working in teams and on projects that help narrow the growing digital divide among older and younger generations. She can be reached at


Alexandra McCausland is currently a freshman at Purdue University pursuing a degree in User Experience Design and a minor in Psychology. She is from Northville, MI. Alexandra decided on user experience design because it combines her passions of visual design and technology. She is interested in creating accessible designs that have a positive impact on others. Alexandra is currently on the Publicity Committee for Purdue’s Women in Technology Club. When she’s not improving her UX skills, Alexandra can be found drawing, crocheting, or working on other various art projects. She may be contacted through email at


Elise Marsicek is a sophomore at Purdue University studying User Experience Design with a minor in Psychology. She is driven by using human processes that guide impactful design to better communities, which has motivated her active membership as a Graphic Designer for the FACT club at Purdue. Elise’s focus in human relations in this role stresses the importance of design that centers inclusivity and integrity. She currently designs informational and promotional catalogs as a Marketing and Communications Coordinator for Eco Promotional Products, where she demonstrates proficiency in Adobe Illustrator and Photoshop. For more information, she can be reached at


Delane Sheets is a freshman pursuing a degree in User Experience Design and a minor in Psychology at Purdue University. She is from Fort Wayne, Indiana. Her interest in UX Design stems from the idea that empathy and creativity are an important part of the design process. She enjoys digital design as well. Delane is passionate about the relationship between technology, design, and psychology. She hopes to gain a deeper understanding of the interdisciplinary nature of UX Design, particularly how focusing on the user can create a better experience through design. A few of her skills involve organization, collaboration, and leadership. She can be reached at


Ruoshui Zhang is a freshman majoring in UX Design at Purdue University. She is a designer who focuses on user experience and visual design. She is full of curiosity about the world, and she hopes to make people’s life more convenient through design, which is also her motivation to study hard. This curiosity has continued from her elementary school to the present. She also participated in some competitions in high school, such as the Space City Design Competition, where she was responsible for designing the infrastructure. The position not only gave her a new understanding of more knowledge, but also gave her valuable time management and communication skills with her team. When she is not working or studying, she likes painting, cooking, skateboarding and listening to music. She can be reached at

Dental WebSmart

This project is about giving Dental practices convenient and streamlined tools needed to set-up EFT (Electronic Funds Transfer) & ERA (Electronic Remittance Advice) processes between various dental insurance companies. Our main goal is to create a web application for dental practices to leave a paper based insurance payment system and transfer to an electronic EFT based payment system.

Richie, Co-Lead

Richie Arkanoff is a Sophomore at Purdue University pursuing a degree in User Experience Design, minors in Psychology and Organizational Leadership. He is passionate about creating technology that aims to serve and adapt to an ever-changing landscape. He is an Eagle Scout and part of the National Youth Leadership Training program of the Boy Scouts of America, where he mentors and leads students through communication, teaching, and leadership skills. He was drawn to the Purdue UX program because of its emphasis on shaping technology through collaborative strategy and design. In his free time, Richie can be found enjoying hiking, listening to podcasts, and exploring new apps. He can be contacted through email at

Evan, Co-Lead

Evan Burr is a Junior at Purdue University pursuing a degree in User Experience Design with a minor in Management. For the past four years he has participated in business startup weekends being awarded multiple top-three finishes for his business plan pitches. Evan has put his ideas into practice through incubating concepts for consumer products and applications. He develops his maker skills through fabrication workshops. Evan appreciates physical product design and expanding his digital design capabilities. For the past six years he has been a reseller of hype clothing and shoes across online marketplaces. Post graduation Evan hopes to work with emerging technologies that can bring innovation to consumers. He’d eventually like to found his own start-up. He can be reached at


Qimei Fu is a first-year grad student at Purdue University majoring in User Experience Design. She has a background in photography and art, and she has working experience in the advertising and art industry, where she trained in strategic thinking and visual design. Working with people from diverse backgrounds deepened her understanding of different cultures. She strives to empower people by creating digital products according to their needs. Aside from school, she loves doing freelance photo editing work creating content that arouses people’s attention on social issues, and enjoys finding treasures in second-hand bookstores. She can be reached at


Janna Johns is a senior at Purdue University studying User-Experience Design, pursuing minors in Psychology and Art & Design. Janna has also completed Purdue’s Certificate in Entrepreneurship, which provided her with leadership skills, communication skills, and business knowledge. She is interested in merging Interaction Design with User Research, building off of her enjoyment working for the Purdue UX Research Lab and designing solutions in Figma. When Janna is not working, you can find her exploring local coffee shops, parks, and bookstores. She can be reached at


Alex Schrankel is a Senior at Purdue University studying User Experience Design with minors in Communication and Design and Innovation. Her involvement as a Polytechnic Student Ambassador at Purdue supports her passion for helping others and lifelong learning. She is also a mentor for the Women in Technology (Witty Sisters) Club. She has interests in UX research, strategy, and consumer insights. She strives to use analytical and creative thinking skills to solve problems that create a positive impact. Her personal design objective is to discover solutions and improve the lives of many on a local and global scale.
You can find her work at and reach out via Email or LinkedIn.


Robert Porter is a freshman pursuing a Bachelor’s degree in User Experience Design at Purdue University. He plans on specializing in product design within the UX program. Along with his desires to pursue UX, Robert is planning on going for a Psychology minor. Robert is passionate about building meaningful connections with not just his team, but the people he meets along the way as well. He is comfortable using Adobe products such as Photoshop and Illustrator with prior experiences in his freshman year. He can be contacted at


Aidan Sabatino is a Sophomore at Purdue University majoring in User Experience Design. Originally from Elmhurst, Illinois he has always been interested in computers and automobiles. While growing up, he would always note the trouble that his parents had with their in-car displays. This, along with his combined passion for creativity, has led to a desired position in the automotive industry, specifically in hopes of improving in-car entertainment through UX. In addition to this, Aidan has many creative outlets including playing guitar and piano, producing music, and creating digital art. Aidan is a very quick learner, always willing to help, and is driven to make a positive impact in any way possible. You can contact Aidan at


Ryoma Okano is a freshman at Purdue University currently studying User Experience Design, and is pursuing a minor in Japanese. He received his compulsory education in Carmel, Indiana. Both personal and school projects led him to gain basic literacy in many Adobe programs, as well as experience with programming languages. Ryoma is interested in the visual arts such as typography, calligraphy, and classical architecture, which for him makes the aesthetic beauty of a product as important as functionality. Ryoma loves meeting people from different cultures and he hopes to become fully fluent in other languages, and to travel abroad to contribute to the ever-increasing prominence of digital technology. E-mail:


Jackson is in his 1st year as a UX Design student after 2-years in Computer Engineering. While at Purdue, he has participated in many teams and worked in many unique roles. His favorite experiences include conducting research (alongside CDC & NASA) and leading various communities (Teaching Assistant and Resident Assistant). Outside of the classroom, he spends his time fueling his passion for creativity, health, and photography. In the future, he hopes to discover more learning opportunities and grow within his work positions. Jackson can be reached via Email or via LinkedIn.


Academic iCorps researchers looking for federal grants need to prove their market worth through a large number of customer discovery interviews, aimed at understanding the role of the product in customer lives. In a strategy based design project, our team aims to create a unique solution to reduce the length and tediousness of creating, conducting, and analyzing these customer discovery and user research interviews.

Raghav, Co-Lead

Raghav Mandadi is a current junior at Purdue University, pursuing a BS degree in User Experience Design, with a minor in Psychology and Organizational Leadership. After a couple semesters of learning the ropes to design methods, project management, and leadership, Raghav is excited to be a team lead and apply a culmination of experiences to the new project at hand. Continuously striving to seek, explore, and solve anomalous design problems, he has developed a range of skills and knowledge relating to the world of design thinking, and is always looking for the next challenge. Raghav can be contacted at and is on LinkedIn at LinkedIn

Jordan, Co-Lead

Jordan Johnson is an undergraduate student studying UX Design and pursuing a Certificate of Entrepreneurship at Purdue University. She spent her childhood moving from state to state but considers West Lafayette, IN her hometown. Experiencing life in urban areas and small towns taught her how to adapt to different environments and interact with people of varying backgrounds. She was drawn to UX due to its versatile nature; touching on areas outside of design such as business and social psychology. Jordan has developed skills in project management, wireframing, prototyping, and other design processes. She is also heavily involved in Purdue University’s Exploratory Studies Program as a teaching assistant, mentor, and student ambassador. She can be reached at: or via LinkedIn .


Raza Khawaja is a first-year Master’s student at Purdue University, specializing in UX Design. After completing his undergraduate degree in Computer Science, Raza worked as a software engineer for slightly over a year, where he polished his programming, leadership, and mentoring skills. During his time in the industry, he found himself actively taking part in the product design discussions held in the UX team, and therefore felt it to be an area where he could really channel his creativity and eye for design. Raza therefore aspires to be a product designer who can lead conversations at the intersection of design and development. He is also a huge sports geek and loves playing video games and cooking in his free time. You can reach out to him on LinkedIn or view his work on his website.


Madhumitha Rajesh is currently a Sophomore at Purdue University pursuing a degree in User Experience Design, with a Certificate in Entrepreneurship and Innovation. She adores the fact that UX enables her to connect with new people everyday. Madhumitha endeavors to create meaningful and enjoyable experiences with users, and makes good use of her compassion. She is always open to expanding her knowledge and loves an interesting challenge! She has hard skills such as Figma, Adobe Photoshop, Adobe Illustrator, and Adobe XD. One of Madhumitha’s passions and hobbies in life is tennis and she hopes to integrate the same into her career. When she’s done for the day, she can be found playing with the Purdue tennis club members, a co-ed organization that involves playing the sport intramurally. She can be reached at or on Linkedin.


Olivia Le is a junior and in her second year at Purdue University’s User Experience Design program. She is also pursuing a minor in psychology and a certificate in leadership. She was drawn into a UX Design career by her strive to make a positive impact on people through purposeful innovation and design. As Olivia enters her second year of Purdue’s User Experience Design program, she has discovered a profound interest in specializing in visual design and research. While she is still exploring her potential interests, she ultimately aspires to find a place in the industry where she can create tasteful and empowering experiences within technology to make everyday life a little bit easier. Olivia can be reached by email at


Samantha Cunningham is a Sophomore pursuing a degree in User Experience Design at Purdue University with a certificate in Leadership. Samantha was born and raised in Indianapolis, IN. She entered college as an undecided student with an interest in design. After taking some introductory level UX Design classes she decided to declare UX Design her official major in the summer of 2021. Samantha has always considered herself creative and has shown that through her many hobbies including photography and sewing. She is thrilled to utilize her creativity, leadership, and communication skills to make a difference through design. She can be reached at


Trami Nguyen is a current freshman at Purdue University pursuing a degree in User Experience Design, a minor in Spanish, and the Cornerstone Integrated Liberal Arts certificate. She was born in Goshen, IN and is a first-generation student from Vietnam. Throughout grade-school, she always found technology exciting and fun to interact with. She also has an eye for aesthetically pleasing things, like fashion, which rooted from her obsession with Pinterest. Her passions led her to UX Design and she hopes to pursue a job with app development, social media, and product design. She currently works as a social media assistant with Cutco Corporation. She is eager to learn more and wants to mentor and lead others in the future. Trami can be contacted through email or via LinkedIn.


Dajanae Brangman is a freshman majoring in User Experience Design at Purdue University. Through her thirst for knowledge and many questions, she aspires to improve the user’s experience. Through learning human behavior and catering to the user. She plans to make sure all decisions are easy to execute. But, ensures to create well-researched results in hopes to make the UX design world easier to navigate. UX allows Dajanae to dive deeper into why humans have different mannerisms while incorporating her creative mind with technological skills. Dajanae has gained experience in a summer internship through Nextech, where she found a passion for the human aspects of technology. She can be reached at


Matt Weaver is a Freshman at Purdue University pursuing a bachelor’s degree in User Experience (UX) Design and is passionate about solving everyday frustrations within interface. He wants to make the overall experience of user experience enjoyable. Matt believes that the world needs UX designers because technology is only improving and becoming more frustrating to use for people. He takes joy in helping others which sparked his interest in UX design. His overall focus is to help design technology to improve the user experience aspect. In high school, Matt was awarded the hardest working player on his soccer team which was ranked #2 in the nation at one point. This goes to show his true demeanor and how much pride he takes in what he does. Outside the studio, Matt can be found at the soccer fields or in the Co-rec working out or playing basketball with friends. He can be reached at .


Our primary focus for this project is creating a suite of templates for Microsoft Excel and use in Ansys’ Granta MI database systems to then be distributed to their clientele. The project has been structured around various design challenges and will reside mostly in the realms of research, information architecture, and visual design.

Becky, Co-Lead

Becky Hutzel is a senior at Purdue in UX Design. She is from Lafayette, IN and is passionate about creativity, music, and people! She loves UX design because it creates a space where she can blend these three areas. She started off in Industrial Design and gained skills from this in sketching, Adobe suite, Rhinoceros, and Catia. She did interface and web design over summer 2019 for a research project called the Biowall. Her work for the Biowall included making an interface completely from scratch to display intricate computer science data in terms everyday homeowners would understand. She was an assistant manager at a pool during summer 2020. She had a very versatile role of supervising the operations of the entire pool including following health codes, training workers, staying on budget, and maintaining the landscape. This position relates back to UX design because it grew her teamwork capabilities as well documentation skills. When she is not doing interface or graphic design work you can find her doing a variety of outdoor activities with the Purdue Outing Club which she is the Vice President of. You can contact her at

Walter, Co-Lead

Walter Dorau is a senior user experience design student at Purdue University whom plans to specialize in service and interaction design with a focus on accessibility. Due to his diverse background in IT, cybersecurity, and UX he possesses a wide variety of skills ranging from web development, programming, and design principles and tools. Using these skills he plans to pursue a career in the gaming industry where he hopes to be able to take part in the production of games as well as improve their accessibility in the hopes more people can enjoy said games. He is also always looking to network and can be reached at You can look at his work
here, or contact him via


Faseeh is a first-year graduate student at Purdue University, majoring in User Experience Design. While being fascinated with all aspects of UXD, he specializes in ideation, storytelling, and visual design. He aspires to work as a Product Designer, diving into why and how people use things and furthering those experiences to make them memorable. He also runs Neglected Pixels, a full-service design agency, creating products, brands, and experiences. Besides that, he never grew out of his healthy obsession with photography, is constantly listening to music (with 54,240 minutes in 2021 to be exact), and is a self-proclaimed foodie. His work is available to see at Feel free to reach him at


Garrett Fitzgerald is a sophomore at Purdue University pursuing a degree in User Experience Design. As well as his core curriculum, he has a secondary focus on business analytics and consulting. He gravitates toward the analysis of current solutions and competitor products while also excelling in research and early ideation. As well as helping on past student projects with Helmet Tracker and Fieldwatch he will be assisting Ansey this semester. This summer, he is excited to be joining 200apps in Jerusalem as a UX design and research intern. Garrett can be reached at or His portfolio


Shryansi Jain is a junior at Purdue University, majoring in User Experience Design and minoring in Psychology. Shryansi is particularly interested in User Experience Design, which she considers to be a fantastic combination of technology, design, and psychology. Her curiosity and love for people inspired her to get into UX Design and take on new challenges. Shryansi is a technology enthusiast who enjoys learning from new experiences and subsequently growing as a person. Shryansi can be found reading, painting, or rehearsing with the Raas team, Purdue’s Indian dance team, which competes nationwide, when she is not studying. In the summer of 2021, Shryansi interned at Ledx in India, where her major responsibility was to work on the company’s website. Shryansi aims to strengthen her job profile and abilities by participating in research programs and internships. She can be reached at or via LinkedIn and her portfolio can be viewed here


Robinson Witt is a sophomore at Purdue University pursuing a degree in UX Design with a minor in Psychology. He has a passion for studying behavior, which led him to wanting to work more in depth in the field of research. Robinson was drawn to UX because it allows him to study his love of design and technology and apply them to make people’s lives easier. He thinks that technology can be used in new ways to help people and wants to be able to do that professionally. Outside of the classroom, you can find him sketching, caring for his many houseplants, or researching rising social causes. Robinson can be reached at


Gianna Maihofer is a current Junior at Purdue University. She grew up near Cleveland, Ohio and currently lives in Brownsburg, Indiana. After originally studying Computer Science, she changed her major to User Experience Design as she found that she enjoyed front-end work more than back-end work and also found that she could incorporate her passion for art into her career. Other aspects of UX Design that Gianna enjoys are collaborative teamwork and human-centered design. So far in her Purdue career, Gianna has had experience with the design process and working with a team on a semester-long project to help procrastinators. Her team won third place in a design competition. In her future career, Gianna hopes to work with a team to improve people’s interactions with technology and make it accessible to everyone, as well as help with climate change. Besides art, Gianna also enjoys reading, watching movies and shows, and spending time with her friends and family. She can be contacted at


Sofia Hutchison is a freshman at Purdue University pursuing a major in User Experience Design, with a minor in Anthropology, and obtaining a certificate in Entrepreneurship. Sofia was introduced to UX through her computer science class and knew UX was what she wanted to study, because of the creativity and design required to bridge the gap between humans and technology. Her future plans include focusing on visual design and user interface while maintaining a balance between aesthetics and usability. Outside of her studies, Sofia enjoys reading, drawing, and maintaining her job on campus. She has experience with Adobe photoshop, Illustrator, and After Effects. She can be contacted at

Element 3

A major RV manufacturer needs to know more about the customer’s experience when they’re on the lot, looking through a coach for the first time. Last year they introduced a new connected digital experience that encouraged customers to scan a QR code on a sticker in the coach and get access to videos, imagery, floorplan options and more via their mobile device. They got a wealth of new data and they’re asking us to make the mobile experience better.

Sophie, Co-Lead

Sophie Regele is currently a sophomore at Purdue University pursuing a degree in User Experience Design with a double minor in Psychology and Spanish and a certificate in Entrepreneurship. Her experiences developed through traveling abroad and living in a multicultural family have cultivated a broad global outlook and appreciation for understanding new cultures. She wishes to incorporate this perspective into her UX design work as she analyzes a diverse array of users. Sophie has previous internship experience, working as a User Researcher at On, a Swiss-based corporation that manufactures premier running shoes and apparel. During this internship she assisted the company with their efforts in website and retail store redesign. She acquired valuable research, technical, and business skills that will be incorporated into her future work. When Sophie is not designing, she can probably be found outdoors hiking, skiing, or scuba diving, or enjoying a range of other activities. For professional purposes, Sophie can be reached at or via LinkedIn.

Sadie, Co-Lead

Sadie Bunting is a sophomore pursuing a double major in User Experience Design and Political Science, a minor in Psychology, and a certificate in Collaborative Leadership at Purdue University. Sadie believes observation, inspiration, and determination are her core values. In Sadie’s past experiences working as an intern with the Purdue OWL to update and improve their website and as a Product Innovation intern at e.l.f. Cosmetics, her successes have stemmed from strong communication and a passion for collaboration, innovation, and activism. With these qualities, Sadie is able to facilitate positive change and make an impact on whatever problem she is solving. Sadie has always been passionate about Irish dance and has been teaching Irish dance for 4 years. Sadie hopes to use her love of communicating through the art of dance in her career. She can be reached at or via LinkedIn.


SeokHwan (James) Chang is a student at Purdue University majoring in User Experience Design with a minor in Psychology. Along with his degree, James will graduate with the collaborative leadership certificate. James has shown proficiency in UI Design and interaction design, as he successfully completed his internship at LeadSigma as part of the UI Design Team. James has a special interest in Game UX/UI Design, and he is currently working on a game called Redacted as a Lead Game UX/UI Designer at 6th Sense Studios, a student-led game development team. He served for the Republic of Korea Army from 2017 to 2019 and has picked up many disciplinary habits such as teamwork, adaptability, and quick decision-making skills. James is the president of PKFC (Purdue Korean Futbol Club) and leads his team through weekly practices and multiple annual tournaments against other schools. James is comfortable with Adobe CC programs such as Illustrator, Photoshop, and Premiere Pro. He also has basic knowledge of HTML, CSS, and JS. James is bilingual in Korean and English, and able to communicate fluently in both languages. James can be contacted at


Toyin Awosanya is a sophomore at Purdue University pursuing a degree in User Experience Design and a minor in Psychology. Within the field of UX, she is interested in user research and interaction design. Toyin is proficient in Photoshop, Illustrator, After Effects, and Figma. She also has experience with programming languages such as Python, Java, C++, HTML, and CSS. Aside from school, she enjoys learning about different cultures, creating digital art, playing video games, and exploring around her community. If you would like to contact her, she can be reached at


Jeff Priso is a student in User Experience Design major and Design & Innovation minor at Purdue University. He’s a self-made artist that enjoys the intersection of artistic creativity with technology in the UX career field. He happened to stumbled upon a computer science-focused internship in the summer of 2018 and that is where he discovered User Experience and everything it has to offer. After that, he had the chance to land two consecutive internships at Salesforce where he was fully exposed to UX Design and its practices. He enjoyed his experience and therefore decided to utterly pursue this discipline. Over time, he has built an interest in user-centered design hence strives to create aesthetically pleasing, simple, and useful designs for his community. He tends to incorporate his artistic skills in everything he does thus allowing for creative freedom. If interested, Jeff Priso can be reached at


Justin Lee is a freshman at Purdue University majoring in User Experience Design and taking a minor in Psychology. Justin was searching for a field that would lead him into design and technology industries while still enabling his passion for creativity, and was drawn to the User Experience Design program after learning how significant and important UX Design was to many modern industries. After his first semester at Purdue, Justin has acquired skills in Adobe Photoshop and Illustrator, Figma, WordPress, and Excel, and he is excited to learn and adopt new abilities that will continue his growth in the User Experience field. Outside of the digital realm, Justin likes to further his creativity by playing the piano and by frequently exploring the outdoors. You can reach Justin at


Zoe Wetzel is a freshman at Purdue University, majoring in User Experience(UX) Design. She resides in West Lafayette, Indiana where she graduated from William Henry Harrison High School in June of 2021. Zoe is very passionate about social policy and plans to use her skills as a User Experience Designer to facilitate reforms in local policy. Additionally, Zoe enjoys traveling and has participated in foreign language programs, including an exchange trip to Germany in the summer of 2019. She has a fondness for language and continues studying German in her free time. This summer, Zoe hopes to engage in a Digital Civics program in Europe. She can be reached at


Going from high school to college can be a scary and daunting process. Life is different and far more independent, and there are so many new things to learn such as dorm life, food and class schedules, new technology and more. This semester, the team will be focused on designing a digital onboarding experience for university students to help ease the transition from high school to college.

Sarahy, Co-Lead

Sarahy Duenas is a junior at Purdue University double majoring in UX Design and Communications. Sarahy’s previous roles have focused heavily on digital and content marketing. Intrigued with new and emerging technologies, Sarahy hopes to work in the tech industry after graduation. She is a self-driven, quick starter and passionate designer with a curious mind who enjoys solving complex and challenging real-world problems. Sarahy is engaged in the community she lives in and is inspired by the world around her. When not engaging in design activities, Sarahy serves as the Marketing Director for Purdue’s ALPFA Chapter. You can contact her at or LinkedIn.

Jensen, Co-Lead

Jensen Burr is currently a Junior at Purdue University who is pursuing a degree in User Experience design and a minor in Management. Jensen enjoys graphic design work as well as learning back end development skills. He has In-depth skills in graphic and prototyping softwares such as Adobe XD, Adobe InDesign, and Figma along with basic knowledge in HTML and CSS. Jensen has made it a goal for his career to focus on making the digital and physical space accessible for people of all ages after he noticed his grandmother always struggling with technology.
Outside of university work he has a passion for entrepreneurship and has used his knowledge of limited shoes and clothing to start his small business. Jensen started Burr Wide in 2015 and now is working with clinentle from Indiana to Miami and even professional athletes. He also enjoys volunteering outside of the classroom and was a Team Leader for Purdue’s 2021 Boiler Gold Rush orientation program. Jensen can be contacted at or via LinkedIn.


Jak is pursuing a Master’s in UX Design at Purdue University with an undergraduate degree in Mechanical Engineering. He is a curious, impact-driven, and inventive UX designer who is passionate about emerging technology and making a positive impact for users and customers. From his student and professional experience, Jak has gotten the opportunity to work on multiple team-based UX projects, where he got the chance to gain expertise with design tools such as Figma, Adobe software, Blender, and Unity as well as design methods such as wireframing, interviewing, contextual inquiries, journey mapping, and more. His areas of interest are in merging the physical and digital worlds to create an experience centered around the users and their contexts. To connect with Jak, please email him at or visit his website at


I-Hsi(Allen) Chen is a junior at Purdue University and in the second year of the User Experience Design program. He is also pursuing the Certificate in Entrepreneurship and Innovation and minor in Design and Innovation. He has particular interest in product design, interactive design, and digital design. To be fully prepared for his future career, he has furthered his education through competing in Case and Startup competition. Outside of school, Allen enjoys playing sports and discovering innovations around the world. Due to a strong enthusiasm towards food, Allen earned the national Chinese and Western culinary certificates in his country. He can be reached at


Jed Burgos is a junior at Purdue University studying User Experience Design. Along with his plan of obtaining a Bachelor’s in UX Design, he is also pursuing a minor in sociology. Jed has a deep interest in forming meaningful connections with others and is driven by his passion and empathy to create an accessible future for underrepresented communities, which is how he gained heavy interest in this field. He is actively learning ways to self-develop as both an individual and a UX Designer, in hope to make a lasting impact on the world. He is thrilled to utilize his creativity, interpersonal, and communicational skills, as well as continuing his UX journey this spring semester. For more information, you can contact him at


Nikolai Hoogewerf is a sophomore in UX design and works with students in numerous fields of study. Projects in his repertoire span the technical range of CGT, starting with graphic design to 3D modeling and animation. Additionally, he is a Technical Analyst at ITaP, offering customer service and coding analysis as well as adaptable strategy services. Throughout his years in secondary schooling, he has participated in a virtual reality device project from the ideation phase to the final execution. Such responsibilities include, but are not limited to: brainstorming solutions for virtual reality haptic interaction, allocating secondary research into a guiding document, reviewing steps of solution formulation starting from the initial thought to the first official prototype, and finally championing the roles of project leader, agenda planner, and team member. In the future, Nikolai plans to complete his Bachelor’s degree from the Polytechnic Institute. He is reachable at : and through LinkedIn


Jue Fang is a freshman at Purdue University studying UX design. She has been fascinated with design since she was a child. In high school, Jue Fang noticed that this internet-based world is constantly being bombarded with numerous virtual products. As a result, she developed a strong interest in User Experience Design. Jue Fang mastered some basic essential principles and design techniques through her own research and learning on YouTube, paving the path for her to continue exploring such a fascinating and inspirational profession. Jue Fang was able to master Adobe XD and AI through practice after practice.Outside of studio, she would go practice golf and read thriller books in her spare time. Jue Fang can be reached at


Kassandra Lopez Carrillo is a freshman at Purdue University majoring in UX Design and pursuing a minor in Psychology. With a creative mind that loves creating art and music, she enjoys the visual and problem solving aspect of user experience design. Her knack for always wanting to make people happy helps her empathize with users and cater to their needs. Throughout her time in high school and her first semester at Purdue, Kassandra developed proficient skills in Photoshop, Illustrator, HTML and CSS. She’s most proficient in Photoshop, using it for her personal photography and other projects. Outside of her academic studies, Kassandra is a member of Purdue’s “All-American Marching Band”, Boiler Brass, Boiler Box Band, and Women in Technology. Kassandra can be reached at

UE Group, Accessibility

The World Health Organization estimates that by 2030 there will be 103 million people diagnosed with neurological disorders. In addition to physical health, this trend also creates pressures on mental health especially in regard to people feeling connected and included as social circles diminish and resources to support such individuals become less available. This semester, our team will be designing a user interface that allows a cognitively compromised person to easily communicate with the people that are most important to them.

Sophie, Co-Lead

Sophie Haydar is a Junior studying User Experience (UX) Design at Purdue University with a minor in French. She appreciates how UX Design allows her to combine her passions for modern technology and design thinking to create products that people will love using. She believes her natural ability to relate to other people will aid her in her pursuit of creating technology that is for everyone and anyone, regardless of their ability or background. She has recently completed a second internship at State Farm where she worked on a UX team working on updating legacy product interfaces. Her adaptability to new problem spaces and design tools propels her as she explores design in other sectors. She can be reached at

Brookley, Co-Lead

Brookley McCullough is a junior at Purdue University pursuing a degree in User Experience Design and a Certificate in Collaborative Leadership. She is passionate about supporting people in meaningful ways and working with users to solve problems, and is currently specializing in interaction design and project management. She enjoys learning about both old and new technologies and supporting and collaborating through projects with team members during her time at Purdue. She is a teaching assistant for the Women in Technology Seminar and a part of the Women in Technology club, which includes a mentoring program called Witty Sisters. In her free time, Brookley can be found hiking, crafting, cooking, and diving into every possible new hobby that comes her way. To contact Brookley, reach out through email mccull24@purdue.eduor LinkedIn.


Claire Johnson is a junior at Purdue University studying User Experience Design with a minor in Spanish. She is interested in specializing in Interaction Design or Physical UX Design, but is still exploring different disciplines of UX Design. Claire also has a background in coding with experience in Python, HTML, and CSS. This background led her to be interested in current and future intersections between artificial intelligence, virtual reality, and UX Design. Outside of class Claire is also the Director of Operations for PurdueThink, a consulting club that works on projects with various clients within the university. In her free time she enjoys drawing, studying fashion history, and learning new recipes. Claire can be reached at


Brooke Miller is a freshman at Purdue University pursuing a degree in User Experience Design with a minor in psychology. She is competent with a number of Adobe programs including Illustrator, Photoshop, and After Effects. From a vast number of experiences, Brooke has been a part of a variety of different projects, including website designs, creating visualizations for a data visualization hackathon, and producing animated videos. Her top skills are creativity, problem solving, and team work abilities. Though she is unsure of what specialization she will further herself in, she is always looking for new opportunities to pursue. For professional purposes, Brooke can be reached at


​Mason Knight is a sophomore at Purdue University studying for a Bachelor of Science in User Experience Design and minors in Psychological Science and Management . Originally from Albany, Indiana, he plans on specializing in user product design and visual design within the UX program. Being creative has always been an interest for him, usually in the form of art. The combination of design and innovation is an important reason for him to pursue a career in UX Design. Mason is interested in creating seamless solutions that cater towards users and their primary needs. Other interests include drawing, painting and playing tennis. Apart from that, Mason is also an active member of Club Tennis here at Purdue as well as the American Society of Mechanical Engineers. He can be contacted at ​​.


Eric Lee is a first-year student at Purdue University majoring in User Experience Design with a minor in Computer and Information Technology. He is interested in design and technology as well as data analysis. Over this past summer, he was a backend developer intern at Softstone Inc. where he developed a CRM website for hair salons using Python. He also interned at Rapportlabs as a business analyst on a recommendation team to suggest specific products for customers using collected data points. Eric’s interests in technology and design drew him into pursuing a path in User Experience Design. He is always open to explore new ideas and improve the experience of the users in any way he can. His contact information is or on LinkedIn.


Aashwini Vachhani is a sophomore at Purdue University majoring in User Experience Design and minoring in Psychology and Design & Innovation, and is also pursuing the Entrepreneurship and Innovation Certificate. She is interested in pursuing a career in the field of UX design where she can design aesthetic and accessible interfaces by understanding her users’ psychology. She loves to participate in hands-on projects and always looks for tasks to keep her busy and occupied. Additionally, with her competency in video editing and graphic design, she is part of the media team at the Bechtel Innovation & Design Center (at Purdue University) and also a Purdue Polytechnic TikTok ambassador. Aashwini always has an eye for aesthetics and looks for ways to improve an existing product, which is why she believes UX design is the perfect field for her. In the future, she hopes to specialize in visual and interaction design and work in a big tech industry to expand her knowledge on different cultures and people. She is reachable at


Zach Nahorski is a sophomore at Purdue University pursuing a degree in UX Design along with a Psychology and Communication minor. He has a current focus in interaction design so that he can better understand the relationship between users and the products they use. Prior to beginning his journey in the User Experience Design field, he spent three years working through graphic design classes at his local high school, where he built up a strong understanding and level of skill within the graphic arts. He is proficient in the Adobe CC suite with programs such as Illustrator, Photoshop, Premiere Pro, and After Effects. He also has a basic level of programming experience in HTML, CSS, and JavaScript. He can be reached at


Elsa Jerry is a sophomore at Purdue University majoring in User Experience Design and minoring in Psychology and Communication. She is also enrolled in the Entrepreneurship and Innovation Certificate. She was recently offered to be an Entrepreneurship and Innovation Certificate ambassador. Elsa is in the Data Mine learning community, she chose this community because she believes that analyzing data can tell how user flow is being impacted by different variables. She is part of their corporate partners’ program, she is very keen to understand how data analysis can play a role in User Experience. She has some hard skills such as coding, data mining, data visualization. These skills will come in handy if she wants to explore User Research in the future. She is passionate about sustainability and often thinks about the various ways everyday objects can be redesigned to be more sustainable. Apart from academics, she is part of the Publicity Committee in Women in Technology. In her free time, Elsa loves to garden and bake desserts! To connect with Elsa, you can email her at

UE Group, Tele-Health

Design a single source for telehealth in a digital ecosystem.

Christina, Co-Lead

Christina Vandenoever is currently a second-year student at Purdue University and in pursuit of a degree in User Experience Design, a minor in Psychology, and a certificate in Organizational Leadership. She is happy to know that her future career in UX Design can benefit others as well as herself. With UX Design, Christina hopes to make a positive impact on users in need of products. Christina has two passions in life, creativity and helping others, and she hopes to be able to incorporate them into her career. User Experience design will create opportunities for Christina to help others by doing research and applying her creativity to her designs. Outside of the studio, Christina can be found either studying with classmates or playing tennis on the courts on campus. She can be reached at and LinkedIn.

Meryl, Co-Lead

Meryl Lennon is a junior at Purdue University studying User Experience Design and pursuing a minor in Design & Innovation and Certificate of Entrepreneurship. She is interested in Product Management and Innovation and is keeping an open mind as to where she can apply her UX skill set in her career. Outside of UX, Meryl is a Teaching Assistant within the Purdue Polytechnic Institute and spends her time as a Director of Technology for Purdue Student Government, an executive board member of Order of Omega, as well as holding other involvements across campus. In her free time, Meryl loves the outdoors, such as skiing and surfing, listening to music, and playing around with visual design. She can be reached at or on LinkedIn.


Mengyu Wun is currently a first-year MS CGT (UX Specialization) student at Purdue University. With 4 years of working experience as a UX Designer at a design consulting firm and systems inc., Mengyu participated in several design projects in diverse industries, such as healthcare, domestic tech, transportation, etc. To her, design is about finding the path to create values for users and stakeholders in a collaborative way. Her goal is to create meaningful, delightful, and sustainable design solutions for daily life. Some of Mengyu’s key strengths include user research, co-creation facilitation, wireframing, and project management. For professional purposes, she can be contacted at: and on LinkedIn.


Alex Truong is a sophomore at Purdue University pursuing UX Design and minoring in Psychology. He has an interest in creating front-end websites and is specializing in Web Development. He participated in Purdue’s Corporate Partners Datamine program and worked with Delta Faucet to understand customer satisfaction and marketing through user research and data visualization. He is proficient in various Adobe programs such as Illustrator, Photoshop, After Effects and Premiere. He also has programming experience with Java, Python, Javascript, HTML and CSS along with statistics programming in R. In his free time, Alex spends time drawing, writing, playing cRPGs, and eyeing selvedge denim and loopwheeled sweaters. He is involved in the Purdue Boxing Club and is looking for more members to join our club! He can be reached at and LinkedIn.


Seo Hyun (Erica; preferred) Kim is a senior at Purdue University studying UX Design and pursuing entrepreneurship certificate. She has an interest in UX research and user interface design related to the IT field, such as artificial intelligence or automated vehicles. Her interest in design arose back in high school when studying for an Image Consultant Certificate and receiving one in Korea. She has a decent experience in industrial design for the past two years pursued at Purdue. She earned minors in Communication and Psychology and on a journey to earning the Entrepreneurship and Innovation Certificate. She also has some experience with basic HTML and CSS and is interested in learning more. One of her motivations in life is music and she also plays with digital instruments in her free time for fun. Erica can be reached at


Hitachi Hu is a junior at Purdue University, pursuing a degree in User Experience Design. Throughout his education, he has changed schools and lived in different countries for his whole life, which enriched and broadened his perspective and thoughts. Some of his key strengths include an ability to learn quickly, experience in working with people around the world, fluency in Mandarin and Japanese, and a unique perspective from his multicultural background. His dream is to become a successful UX/UI designer that can work in any major fashion or sports firm worldwide someday to continue his passion with interest. For professional purposes, he may be reached at and LinkedIn.


Miranda Garcia is a junior at Purdue University studying User Experience Design. She aims to work in Product Design, but is open-minded to all areas of UX. Miranda’s dream of working in the UX field began when she studied Business Administration in Wisconsin, where she was first introduced to how companies incorporate UX to lead the future. A few of her main skills include communication, organization, and collaboration. During her college years she has had the opportunity to collaborate with diverse groups of individuals through clubs and nonprofits. Through these experiences, Miranda grew a passion for understanding people’s behavior and creating ways to overcome problems they may face. She is always looking for ways to grow as a person and experience new opportunities. You can reach Miranda at


Shree Sathiyan is a freshman at Purdue University from the Bay Area, California majoring in User Experience Design. Shree was a lead in an organization called Teeny MakerSpace where she was able to make STEM principles and activities more accessible to children and teenagers. She held workshops that created games and hands-on activities that taught the basics of electronics and coding. Seeing people gain an appreciation and love for STEM after not having access to the resources before made her want to extend that opportunity to others by making technology more approachable and understandable. You can reach Shree at


Aidan Sun is a Freshman User Experience Design major studying at Purdue University. Originating from Suwanee, Georgia, Aidan grew up with a love for technology. He has always had a keen eye for design, and was introduced to UX Design by a family friend. Since then, he has wanted to pursue working in the field, with a goal of improving much of the janky and poorly designed interfaces people have to work with every day. Aidan has also had experiences in computer related fields, being well versed in HTML and CSS, as well as being an swift and eager learner, hoping to expand his horizons. He is a former Boy Scout and swimmer, gaining valuable experience in leadership from both hobbies. In his freetime, Aidan enjoys listening to and making music. You can contact Aidan at


For this semester, we have been asked to focus in on an area or service at Purdue University that can be expanded to ensure continued engagement when looking to the future of our users’ landscape. We choose to focus on the dining experience which includes student meal swipes on campus.

Gabby, Co-Lead

Gabriella Goss is a Junior at Purdue University studying User Experience Design with a minor in Psychology, and a certificate in Collaborative Leadership. She aspires to create innovative, unique designs that encourage conversations about social issues but go beyond that to create designs that advance the expectations about the way we use technology as a whole. She has experience in leadership development through the Hugh O’Brian Youth Leadership Seminar attending the seminar as both a student, and staff member; and has led multiple team projects through studio classes at Purdue. Outside of education, she enjoys musical theatre, film and cinema, and tennis. She can be contacted through her email,

Emily, Co-Lead

Emily Vaselopulos is currently a sophomore at Purdue University studying User Experience (UX) Design with a minor in Psychology. Her innate love for creating art combined with her curiosity about how the world works led her to discover UX. The unique and complex combination of logical and design thinking captivated Emily’s mind. She also values and continues to grow her leadership skills, professional communication, and business knowledge. She’s fascinated with how humans interact with technology and how this impacts their interactions with others. With interests in visual design, interaction design, and project management, Emily aspires to create design experiences that are engaging, elegant, and bring joy into people’s lives. When she’s not working on UX related projects, she can be found cooking, spending time with family, watching movies, or creating arts of all types of mediums. She can be reached at


Hyebeen Lee, who also goes by Cindy, is a current senior at Purdue University graduating in May 2022, pursuing a B.S. degree in UX Design, with a minor in Psychology. As someone who first entered the States as an immigrant, Cindy has developed a diverse, global perspective to bring into a variety of communities. She also likes to communicate with others through visual and performing arts; she believes in the joy and therapy the arts can bring people in various environments; digital or physical. Cindy thrives to bring meaningful and impactful experiences into the public, especially in sustainable technology, VR/AR, and general design fields. For her future career, she has set a personal goal to become a designer who can help make impactful, relevant experiences for people to stumble upon. Cindy can be reached via email at She can also be found on her website is, and on LinkedIn.


Jiwon Lee is a Senior at Purdue University, currently pursuing a B.S. degree in User Experience Design with a minor in Psychology. Having worked as an undergraduate research assistant in the Psychology department and the Computer Graphic Technology department, she has honed her skill and expertise in user research. Her interests lie in E-commerce, technology, and sustainability, and she hopes to use her UX knowledge to contribute to these fields. As a designer, she draws inspiration from the idea of Kymmenykset by Papanek Victor, and she is prepared to pay to the seventy-five percent of mankind in need. Jiwon is currently looking for work opportunities after her graduation in May 2022, and you can reach her at, portfolio, and on LinkedIn.


Jacquelyn Chim is currently a sophomore at Purdue University pursuing a B.S in User Experience Design and a minor in Design & Innovation. Born in San Francisco, California, the heart of the Bay Area, Jacquelyn is passionate about making her hometown more connected with advancing technology. She has a previous background in HTML, CSS, JavaScript, and Python and hopes to expand her knowledge of front-end programming in the next few years. Jacquelyn strives to be a UX engineer and wants to improve UI and UX designs in the entertainment field. She can be reached via email at and on LinkedIn.


Nick Betts is a freshman at Purdue University majoring in UX Design, minoring in Psychology, and is interested in a business minor too. He is skilled with the Adobe Creative Cloud software, Tableau, and HTML. His project experience includes coding and designing for a Game Design at Purdue Club website, creating visualizations for a data visualization hackathon, and producing animated videos. He is yet to declare a specialization in the UX Design space. Nick can be reached at


Ria Rajan is a Freshman at Purdue University currently pursuing a degree in User Experience Design and aiming to minor in psychology. She enjoys designing products and interfaces that generate positive emotions through product interactions and hopes to specialize in UX Strategy and project management. In the past, Ria has worked as an intern at the Starbucks headquarters with visual design leads to understand official branding techniques. During her time there, she assisted in creating a dashboard to visualize the Starbucks Tryer Center’s live data. Some of her campus involvements include the Purdue UX Design club, the women in technology organization, and participation in Greek life. In her free time, she enjoys dance, hiking, and hanging out with her friends and family. You can reach her at


Wong Zi Xuan is a freshman studying at Purdue University, and is pursuing a User Experience Design major and psychology minor. Growing up, he found himself frustrated constantly by inadequate, disfunctional or confusing designs in his everyday life. As a result, he decided to pursue an interest that would allow him to apply his hobbies and passions in a practical manner: UX Design. During the pandemic, he worked as a UX Design intern and as a graphic designer for startup companies in Malaysia and Hong Kong. He is especially interested in using human behavior and creating human-centered design that allows for seamless and efficient usage.
Wong Zi Xuan can be contacted at


Cora Hughey is a freshman at Purdue University studying User Experience Design with a minor in Psychology. She is most interested in visual and user-interface design and hopes to apply her artistic interests in her future career. Cora is also competent in Adobe Photoshop and Illustrator and is gaining experience with HTML/CSS. She is most eager to learn about the fascinating blend of psychology, art, and technology that UX entails. Outside the classroom she is also passionate about music, art, and video games. Cora can be contacted at

Proctor & Gamble

This team worked to uncover breakthrough insights & UX designs/recommendations that could be used to optimize the Amazon Baby Registry experiences from a user (registry owner) and gifter perspective, including layout, algorithm, search results order, adjacency and regimen widgets, messaging etc. They completed qualitative and quantitative research to discover insights that eliminate current pain points and drive increased appeal of purchasing and gifting Diapers and Wipes from the registry.

Brein, Co-Lead

Brein Gross is a Senior at Purdue University currently pursuing a degree in User Experience Design with a minor in Psychology. She is learning the ropes of people-centered research and applying her energetic, analytical personality to projects that will propel her into the field after graduation. She specializes in user research, strategy, and project management and believes that the best projects are ones that embrace and utilize the chaotic energy of a project. At Purdue, she has acted as a Team Lead and Project Owner for semester projects dealing primarily in user research and design consultancy. Outside of her busy life as a student, she performs with the Purduettes, a woman’s choir, and an ambassador program at Purdue. She serves on the leadership of this prestigious group where, among other duties, she is learning branding as the Gold of Merchandise and Recruitment. She can be reached via email at

Erin, Co-Lead

Erin Thomas is a sophomore pursuing a degree in the User Experience Design program at Purdue with minors in Psychology as well as Art and Design. Ever since she was young, she enjoyed making art and wanted to be a designer. After taking a computer class in high school where she made her own website, she knew that UX design was the career for her. She loves how it combines technology, psychology, and design. Because of the multidisciplinary nature of UX, she also enjoys exploring its different facets. This semester, she is a research assistant at the SuperPower lab in Purdue’s psychology department. Outside of the classroom, you can find her caring for her twenty houseplants, riding her longboard around Purdue’s campus, and supporting women in technology through Witty Sisters. You can contact her at or on LinkedIn.


Mina is a Senior at Purdue University studying user experience design and is passionate about bettering the relationship between user and technology. She has been creating art since a young age, and hopes to apply her artist mindset to design in finding innovative solutions to complex problems. She is actively learning to pursue a deeper understanding of the human mind and its complexities, and hopes to work as a senior UX designer at a company where she can make a positive impact on the technology industry. For more information or inquiries, Mina can be reached at


Caroline Wang is a junior at Purdue University majoring in User Experience Design (UXD) and minoring in Business Management. She is from Zionsville, Indiana and enjoys drawing, gaming, baking, and sewing. She is proficient in Adobe Photoshop, Adobe Illustrator, Vectornator, and Figma. Caroline plans to pursue a career in interaction design or product design. At university, she is a part of Asian American organizations along with Polytechnic Online Ambassadors. She can be reached at


Alanna Xu is a sophomore at Purdue University pursuing a major in User Experience Design and a minor in Psychology. She enjoys the combination of visual design, interpersonal connections, and creative problem solving in UX. Her current area of interest within user experience is UI design. Outside of UX, she spends time reading books and webcomics, drawing, and appreciating other artists’ works. She has experience with digital illustration and design in Photoshop, Illustrator, and Figma. Alanna can be reached at


Kevin Kim is currently a freshman at Purdue University and a first-year in the User Experience Design program. When he is not reminiscing about his childhood, he enjoys longboarding, building computers and keyboards, and drawing. While deciding on what he wanted to pursue in college, he had set his mind on visual communication and design, with the intention of being a freelance graphic designer. This later changed when a friend mentioned the User Experience Design program, and how he would not only learn about the principles of design, but the multitude of applications he could apply himself towards. Enticed by the branching career paths, Kevin switched majors and is now a student of the User Experience Design program. He hopes to be involved with the video game industry with the skills he will attain within the program. Kevin can be contacted by his school email,


Jack McCarthy is a freshman at Purdue University currently majoring in User Experience Design and considering a double major in Visual Communication. He enjoys video games which developed into an interest in computers and graphic design. He has experience with Adobe Photoshop, Illustrator, Lightroom, and Premiere Pro as well as limited knowledge of HTML, CSS, and R. The human mind is intriguing to him and he enjoys considering how his life has developed his personality. These interests have led to him discovering the UX field, where he can put all of them together. He is a motivated student that works well alone or with groups and can be contacted at


Emilio Rios-Rojas is a second-year undergraduate student at Purdue University pursuing a degree in User Experience Design as well as minors in Psychology and French. User Experience combines his interests in technology, person-to-person communication, and his artistic methodologies. Emilio uses his soft skills such as leadership, public speaking, and problem-solving to better engage in individual and collaborative projects. He is a Purdue University Emerging Leader, Orientation Leader, a Boiler Mentor for incoming Freshman with scholarships, and a Phalen Academy Student Tutor and Mentor. As he furthers his involvement in front-end development and human centered design, Emilio hopes to engage in managing projects and directing design teams. He is also an avid videographer, artist, and outdoor enthusiast. He can be contacted through his email

Teaching Excellence

Create a functional website to inform educators of the definition for teaching excellence and provide resources for its integration into departmental culture.

Izsadora, Co-Lead

Izsadora Johnson is a student at Purdue University pursuing a Bachelor’s Degree in UX Design along with a Psychology and Communication Minor. She has also started working towards a Certificate in Collaborative Leadership. Visual design is an area of interest to her due to a lifelong passion for art but is still exploring her options in the UX space. Izsadora has created graphics such as posters and brochures giving her experience in Adobe Illustrator and Photoshop. She has also become interested in data visualization due to her work on infographics in her first experience studio. Her other hobbies are yoga, hiking, and being a cat mom. She hopes the UX program will help her toward a company that embraces the same ideals of trying to create sustainable and innovative products. She can be contacted at

Anna, Co-Lead

Anna Kelley is a senior at Purdue University who grew up in Zionsville, Indiana. At Purdue she studies User Experience Design where she has grown to concentrate in UI design. She hopes to keep working in this sub-field and grow in her understanding of data visualization. When she is not designing, she is eager to work on campus to advocate for people who have disabilities through her position for Best Buddies. As well as researching and presenting her work on nationally discussing ‘Comprehensive and Inclusive Sex Education’. Anna’s hobbies include painting, cooking, and taking care of her many plants. In the future, she hopes to travel outside of the country and learn more about design in other parts of the world. Anna can be reached at her personal email


Harsheil Arora is an animator turned UX designer currently doing his grad degree in UX at Purdue University. Being relatively new to UX, he is interested in all aspects of UX design and ecstatic to learn more about them. His background in animation provided him with a variety of experiences including a VFX modeling internship at Anibrain (Framestore Indian Office), a data visualization modeler for a Professor’s Research, and now a Teaching Assistant in the Computer Graphics Program at Purdue. Along with these experiences, Harsheil also championed a year long project with a large group of people to create a short film.
Harsheil’s background provides him with an array of skills including project management, following instructions while thinking independently, teamwork, intercultural competence, and adaptability. He also excels in technical skills involving UX software (Figma, XD, Sketch), Animation Software (Maya, ZBrush, Arnold, Unity, Nuke), and a majority of the Adobe Suite. He is also proficient in python coding and speaks fluent Hindi.
Harsheil can be reached at and LinkedIn. His website is


Sarah Palagy is a junior at Purdue University pursuing a B.S in UX Design and certificate in collaborative leadership. It is her belief that any project can become great if she can connect with the people she designs with and the people she designs for. Before pursuing UX, she studied Biochemistry with a concentration in pre-med and although this was not the path she ultimately chose to follow, it left her with a great desire to make life better for others and to do so equitably. Her internship experience includes a 3-month website-redesign for The Purdue OWL and a Summer 2022 Product Design internship with Kohl’s. In regards to technical skills, she is proficient in Figma, Whimsical, Axure XP, and has basic skills in HTML, CSS, and Javascript as well as the Adobe Suite. She hopes to specialize in project management but is also interested in developing her front-end development skills. For professional purposes, Sarah can be reached at and LinkedIn.


Andrew Dobler is a junior studying User Experience Design at Purdue University. Working in Purdue’s UX program will give him the opportunity to become a well-rounded designer while focusing on his visual and interaction design skills. He aims to land a job in consulting after graduating where he can work in a position that allows him to be involved in several areas of the design process. His strengths to get him there include communication, perspective-taking, technological fluency, analytical thinking, quick learning, and a great eye for aesthetics. Andrew is looking to contribute to websites’ designs visually while making it an enjoyable experience through natural heuristics and micro animations. He can be reached at or LinkedIn.


Andrew Peterson is a freshman at Purdue University, majoring in UX design. His hometown is near the Eastside of Indianapolis in a little town called New Palestine. He is skilled at many forms of art. Such as pencil sketch art, adobe product design, and colored pencil art. He is an innovative thinker with good problem-solving skills. Andrew Peterson has great communication with others when working with group members, clients, teachers, etc. He is passionate, curious, and empathetic towards whomever he communicates with. Andrew is very interested in interaction (interactive) design and UX designer specializations. He loves researching, analyzing, developing, and testing phases of a design process to bring him to the final product. Although he is interested in those two specializations, he believes that he would eventually like to be a leader of vision and strategy. He can be contacted at


Jennifer Du is currently a freshman at Purdue University. Her interests in technology, cognitive psychology, and art led her to major in User Experience Design. At Purdue, she’s a member of the Computational Arts Circle (CAC) in which members teach, share, and collaborate on different forms of digital art. In her free time, she loves to create digital illustrations, edit videos, and create motion graphics. In the future, she plans to specialize in visual design while learning more about how to best tailor products to users and psychology. Jennifer can be contacted at


Ben Habegger is a freshman at Purdue University pursuing a Bachelor’s Degree in UX Design. Having great interest in technology, design, and how people interact with products and interfaces, User Experience Design combines Ben’s passions of design, usability, and helping others. His goal is to specialize in UI with interests in both user research and front end development. Additionally, Ben looks to improve his skills in back end development, in which he is working towards a certificate from Purdue’s College of Engineering focused on the Python programming language. He hopes to combine these skills to become well rounded within the world of UX. Ben is excited to continue his education in UX and can be contacted at: or LinkedIn.


Kelley McTyer is a freshman pursuing a degree in User Experience Design and a minor in Psychology at Purdue University. From a young age, Kelley enjoyed creating art and knew that she wanted to pursue a career relating to design. After taking courses on psychology and technology in high school, she knew that User Experience Design is what she wanted to do. Through different courses that she has taken in her academic career, she has become proficient in using Figma, Adobe Illustrator, and Adobe Photoshop. She is passionate about learning about the human mind and applying this knowledge to products and services to make them more user-friendly. She is also interested in using this knowledge to create visually appealing products that satisfy the wants and needs of the users. Kelley can be contacted at

League Org App

The team will design and develop a mobile application that creates a centralized form of communication for all members and stakeholders of a baseball league, enabling them to access all important information and updates from one place and stay well informed in a timely manner.

Jacqueline, Co-Lead

Jacqueline Marks is a senior at Purdue University pursuing a degree in User Experience Design with a minor in Anthropology. She has passion for making others smile and solving problems is what makes human centered design appealing. Being able to utilize my skills to help and serve others is what brings her joy. This commitment to serve others stems from her upbringing, service in church and her time as a Girl Scout. During her time at Purdue, she has been involved in Greek Intervarsity, an active member of the Alpha Eta chapter of Alpha Xi Delta, a Polytechnic Ambassador, and worked as a Guest Intern for Purdue Athletics. While outside of the classroom, she enjoys sketching, taking photos and dancing to 80’s music. Jacqueline can be contacted at, and her work can be viewed at

Katherine, Co-Lead

Katherine Barrientos Moreno is a junior at Purdue University majoring in User Experience Design with a minor in psychology and certificate in collaborative leadership. What drew Katherine to UX Design was being able to utilize creativity, problem solving, and technical skills in front-end programming and Adobe Creative Suite programs. She is an aspiring UX designer with specializations in UI design and user research. She believes that design is a tool that can be used to provide meaningful solutions to people and help local communities. On campus, she is involved with clubs focused on empowerment and communities; she is a member of Women in Technology Club, and serves as the social media chair for the Minority Technology Association Club. Katherine can be contacted at, and her work can be viewed at


Ethan Bartucca is a sophomore at Purdue entering his third semester in the UX Design Curriculum and also pursuing a certificate in collaborative leadership. He likes to lead his group towards creative designs that can have a positive impact on people’s everyday life. He is a proficient user of Adobe Photoshop, After Effects, and Illustrator, Procreate and continues to refine skills in newer programs like Figma. This semester he will be practicing in the UI Space for a mobile redesign. One thing that Ethan has become very efficient in is the creative process, ideation is his favorite part because he loves the freedom in innovation. In his spare time he designs and organizes the t-shirt orders for his fraternity. As a problem solver, he is a big fan of puzzles and brainteasers that allow him to think outside the box. His UX journey may be young but Ethan is tirelessly working on his goal of becoming a company’s Creative Director someday! For more info, contact Ethan at


Olivia Eavey is a senior at Purdue University studying User Experience Design, and pursuing a minor in Psychology. She decided to minor in Psychology so she could better understand why individuals make the decisions that they make and understand how they can influence a design. She was born and raised in Columbus, Indiana with a background in STEM. She also has experience in multiple types of software, such as Java, Figma, Adobe applications, and HTML. One semester she worked with LeadSigma on an eight month project focusing on start-up companies and their onboarding system. Over the summer, Olivia gained valuable experience from an internship in digital marketing and the business side of UX with Anheuser Busch. She is currently looking for another internship this summer within the field of UX to further her experiences. You can learn more about her through LinkedIn and contact her via email at


Jerry Anglin is a Junior at Purdue University pursuing a B.S. in User-Experience Design with a certificate in Entrepreneur & Innovation. His deep interest in UX is centered on how it connects everything you interact with in life. Jerry strives to create intuitive designs that compel users to have meaningful and connectable experiences. He is always eager to learn and expand into new methods and approaches to solve some of the most difficult challenges when designing for users. Jerry hopes he will be able to enter sound and film related fields with the knowledge he possesses with a UX background. Beyond coursework, Jerry enjoys messing around with Blender, a computer graphics software, collecting vinyl, and playing his violin. He can be reached at


Caroline Risewick is a freshman at Purdue University majoring in User Experience Design and minoring in Psychology. She grew up in Evansville, IN and has always had an interest in design. Recently, she discovered how complex the brain is and how much the psychology of people can contribute to their actions. Due to her passion for technology and her interests in the human mind and how people think, she plans to pursue a career of helping others and producing pleasurable and easy experiences for users. Caroline can be contacted at


Ayomikun Obayomi is a Freshman at Purdue University pursuing a bachelor’s degree in User Experience Design. He is planning on pursuing a career as a User Interface Designer with an interest in Graphic Design and Psychology. Through his skills, he plans on developing an easier way for individuals that are less tech-savvy to be able to interact and navigate their way without any help on mobile applications and websites. He enjoys listening to music, playing video games, learning how to improve his drawing skills, watching movies, and enjoying the company of his friends and family. Ayo can be contacted at


Tyrone Beladja is a Freshman at Purdue University pursuing a degree in UX Design. He is pursuing minors in Psychology and Finance. He has experience as a Graphic Designer and Webmaster for the Kurt Vonnegut Museum and Library where he worked for the company for about a year and a half. He is proficient in Adobe Illustrate and has experience with HTML, CSS and Javascript. These experiences, acquired skills along with his artistic abilities, and a likeliness for psychology lead to his pursuit of UX Design. Tyrone can be reached at

Crime Miner

CrimeMiner, an application designed for prosecutors and investigators, utilizes the AWS transcription service to help organize and navigate the audio files and recordings of investigations. Chuqlab has come to PUXD to help alleviate the existing problems experienced with CrimeMiner and implement some potential new features to the program.

Evan, Co-Lead

Evan Voss is a junior in User-Experience Design at Purdue University. With a deep passion for others, and an interest in the way we humans think he is also pursuing a psychology minor. His strong ambition has also pushed him to strive for an entrepreneurship certificate which he hopes to use one day to begin a company of his own. Evan strongly believes that only by utilizing empathy will he be able to generate useful work that truly serves his users. With over a year and a half of UX, Evan has become more robust in his design skills and grown significantly as a person. He’s developed into a strong leader with good public speaking and problem-solving skills. Although hard skills are something Evan values the most, he sees the relationships with those around him as just as, if not more influential to a project’s success. With this belief, Evan strives to be a friend to everyone which helps him work with others and allows him to be someone everyone feels they can confide in. Some of Evan’s interests are within the automotive and gaming fields, but he’s open to anything he believes will challenge him as a designer. Evan is currently looking for an internship for the summer of 2022 and can be reached at , voss23@purdue.edum , or 310-265-3551.

Ali, Co-Lead

Ali Asghar Aamir is a first-year MS CGT (UX Specialization) student at Purdue University from Karachi, Pakistan. He is currently a Graduate Research Assistant for the Department of Technology Leadership & Innovation. With proficiency as a UX Designer/Researcher and Software Developer, Ali has partaken in several roles throughout his undergraduate career as a UX intern, Design Lead, and an Undergraduate Research Assistant at the Human Computer Interaction Lab at LUMS. Apart from his academic endeavors, he is also a hobbyist photographer, filmmaker, and sports enthusiast. For further inquiries, he can be contacted at: or LinkedIn. His work can be viewed at:


Grace Goudreau is a sophomore pursuing a degree in User Experience Design at Purdue University with a minor in Design and Innovation, from Saint Charles IL. She is passionate about using creativity to influence design while keeping the user as the core focus. Grace is happy she has found a major that allows her to turn those passions into a career. Her passions outside of UX include traveling to experience new cultures and places, or staying in and watching a movie with her friends and family. Grace can be contacted at


Titan Hoang is a Sophomore at Purdue University, studying UX Design with a minor in Psychology. He is a detail-oriented and analytical person who plans to specialize in UX Research, studying users’ behaviors and habits. Having worked at Eli Lilly as a summer intern, he’s had experience working with a team of UX Designers, documenting their UX approaches and processes. Upon completing his degree at Purdue University, he would like to work as a User Researcher at Eli Lilly or Salesforce in Indianapolis. He aspires to use empathy-centered design as a way to learn and address people’s needs in a meaningful way. To contact Titan, you can reach him at


Alexander Lederman is a fourth year undergraduate student at Purdue University majoring in User Experience Design and pursuing a certificate in Entrepreneurship and Innovation. He first became interested in the field of user-centered design after working as an intern for three years at Oracle and partnering on projects with other companies such as National Geographic. His love for critical thinking and creativity is why he spends his spare time studying chess, exploring the outdoors, and practicing his culinary skills. Alexander believes that the purpose of any product is to improve a user’s comfort, health, or accessibility. Because of this, he wants to utilize his creative design skills by working on projects that create a positive social impact.


Sean Levy is a first year Purdue student majoring in User Experience Design. With his major he hopes to create accessible design options for older and technologically inexperienced users. He is interested in the multidisciplinary aspect of User Experience design. Particularly, how it connects the fundamental principles of psychology, anthropology, and design to understand the way people interact with technology. Additionally, Sean has communication, design, and writing skills that he plans to utilize in a both professional and academic setting. Outside of the classroom, he enjoys reading, embroidery, and creating knitting patterns. Sean also is an active participant in the Purdue Gymnastics Club, as well as the Purdue Anthropology Society. Sean can be contacted at


Coco Stevenson is a freshman at Purdue University studying User Experience Design with a minor in Psychology. She is from Lake Bluff, IL but recently moved to Leesburg, IN. Coco has a background in multiple programming languages including Javascript, HTML, and CSS. She also has experience in graphic design using applications like Adobe Illustrator, Photoshop, and After Effects. Coco is part of many clubs and organizations including the Alpha Delta Gamma Sorority, Fashion Retail Organization Club, and Women in Technology Club. When she is not in the classroom or in meetings, you can find her spending time with her friends or crocheting on the couch watching her favorite TV shows and movies.
She may be reached at


Cristina Pascua is a freshman pursuing a degree in User Experience Design at Purdue University and looking to minor in Psychology. A combined passion for technology, psychology, and design led her to discover and develop an interest in UX Design. Cristina is passionate about learning and self-improvement which drives her to strengthen her skills in design and grow professionally. Within the field of UX, she hopes to learn more about the applications of UX Design in different fields and is excited to work on a variety of projects to gain more experience. Cristina can be reached at