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Safety Committee Meeting Minutes

Purpose: Bi-weekly meeting of the ENE safety committee

Date: December 5th, 2014 at 10:00am


J. Huddleston

P. La Petina

M. Ohland

K. Rodgers

J. Whitford

R. Womack


P. La Petina

J. Whitford

R. Womack

1. New Business

  • Wrap-up on 2014 REM Recertification
    • All paperwork has been completed and ENE has been recertified for this year!
    • Documentation available for review via Patrick.  
  • Changes to FYE Emergency Response Plan
    • Small modifications made to remove course specific terminology from the plan.
    • Updated documentation has been distributed to all Emergency Response Manuals.  

2. Review of College of Engineering Safety Committee Meeting Minutes

  • Meeting held on November 14th
  • Discussion was centered on proper use of fume hoods and chemical safety
    • No laboratory doors should be propped open as this reverses building airflow
    • All other issues do not affect the ENE department as fume hoods are not used

3. Review of Open Safety Items List

  • Item #37: Working on corrective action implementation in January 2015
  • Item #38: Working on corrective action implementation in spring semester 2015

4. Review of Open Near Miss Items

  • Item #10: Updated. Faculty/staff machines should pick up Alertus in spring 2015
  • Item #36: Updated. Sample gloves have been ordered by REM. This includes standard cut resistant gloves and long length gloves.  

Next Meeting: Friday, December 19th at 10:00am in ARMS B098