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Safety Committee Meeting Minutes

Purpose: Bi-weekly meeting of the ENE safety committee

Date: November 7th, 2014 at 10:00am


  • J. Huddleston
  • P. La Petina
  • M. Ohland
  • K. Rodgers
  • J. Whitford
  • R. Womack


  • J. Huddleston
  • P. La Petina
  • K. Rodgers
  • J. Whitford
  • R. Womack

1. New Business

  • Discussion of FYE injury
    • On Thursday, November 6th an FYE student cut his finger while using scissors on a class prototyping project. Paramedics were called to treat the student.
    • Safety Committee members discussed the root cause and proposed corrective action during the meeting. A full report will be prepared to address these issues. This will be available by the end of November.
    • Ultimately, implementation of the corrective action will be driven by the respective development groups within FYE and will be monitored by the Safety Committee.
  • Update on AFL Injury
    • On Tuesday, November 4th, the AFL staff met to discuss the implementation of corrective action related to the AFL injury.
    • A “train the trainer” workshop is being developed for implementation during the spring semester of 2015.
    • This workshop will seek to raise the situational awareness of all TAs working in the AFL.
  • Modifications to the FYE Emergency Response Plan
    • The Safety Committee approved changes to the ERP with respect to the changes made to the door locking hardware in ARMS B061.
    • These changes communicated to the affected teaching teams at the next available meeting.
  • Status update on REM reindemnification progress
    • REM audit meeting scheduled for November 21st at 2pm.
    • Audits/signatures are being completed.

2. Review of Open Safety Items List

  • Item #28: Closed. Air monitoring completed with REM on October 24th. Results show hexavalent chromium levels of <0.031 ug/m3 to be substantially below the OSHA PEL of 5 ug/m3. No restrictions on stainless steel welding will be put in place.
  • Item #37: Updated per the discussion above.
  • Item #38: Opened. Relates to the student injury in FYE.

3. Review of Open Near Miss Items

  • Item #36: Updated. Discussed the implementation of cut resistant gloves and sleeves in the lab. Also, considered adjusting protocol to remove scenarios where cuts are prevalent. Deburring will be completed using a belt sander, when applicable. Follow-up in the next meeting.

Next Meeting: Friday, December 5th at 10:00am in ARMS B098

REM Reindemnification Audit: Friday, November 21st at 2pm in ARMS B098