Models and Modeling in Engineering Education: Designing Experiences for All Students


Preface vii
Chapter 1: A Modeling Perspective on Learning and Teaching in Engineering Education 1
Judith S. Zawojewski, Margret A. Hjalmarson, Keith J. Bowman and Richard Lesh
Chapter 2: Model-Eliciting Activities for Engineering Education 17
Heidi A. Diefes-Dux, Margret A. Hjalmarson, Travis K. Miller and Richard Lesh
Chapter 3: Designing Model Development Sequences for Engineering 37
Margret A. Hjalmarson, Heidi A. Diefes-Dux and Tamara J. Moore
Chapter 4: Modeling Activities in a First-Year Engineering Course 55
Heidi A. Diefes-Dux and P.K. Imbrie
Chapter 5: Designing Modeling Activities for Upper Level Engineering Classes 93
Keith J. Bowman and Thomas Siegmund
Chapter 6: Learning From First-Year Engineering Student Surveys 111
Denise M. Driscoll, Judith S. Zawojewski and John Stahura
Chapter 7: Learning from Student Interviews 137
Brenda M. Capobianco
Chapter 8: Learning from First-Year Engineering Students' E-Learning Discussion Boards 157
Deborah Follman, Carla Gerberry and Cynthia Watkins
Chapter 9: Learning From Students' Responses to MEAs 173
Margret A. Hjalmarson
Chapter 10: Learning to Design in Small Group Mathematical Modeling 187
Terry Wood, Margret A. Hjalmarson and Gaynor Williams
Chapter 11: Learning from Observation: Using Cases to Identify Researchable Questions 213
Erin R. Moss, Terry Wood and Juan Camilo Zapata
Chapter 12: On The Front Line�Learning from the Teaching Assistants 225
Heidi A. Diefes-Dux, Kathryn Osburn, Brenda M. Capobianco and Terry Wood
Chapter 13: Learning from a Faculty Self-Study 257
Heidi A. Diefes-Dux and Brenda M. Capobianco
Chapter 14: Directions for Future Research and Development in Engineering Education 271
Richard Lesh