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The community of Interdisciplinary engineering (IDES and MDE) may be small, but we believe that is what allows us to form the tight knit group we have become - as the proud Purple Squirrels, with a home in Armstrong Hall (Rm 1337) that we call “the Nest”!

If you don’t know the story of the Purple Squirrel, make sure to connect with IDES or MDE upper classmen in the Nest, or on LinkedIn to learn more about how we think our degrees help articulate unique value we plan to bring to our professional worlds of engineering, medicine and more.

Join our staff, faculty, and your IDES/MDE colleagues throughout the year, in a wide variety of professional development, alumni, employer/recruiter and social events – both formal and informal.  It’s a great way to meet others in the program, and benefit from how being small in size can feel LARGE in our ability to help you feel welcome.