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Choosing a Science Selective Course

To complete First-Year Engineering requirements, you need credit and a grade of C- or higher (if the credit is graded) in any one of the Science Selective courses. Some professional schools have preferences for students who enter their program. In the table below, "preferred" means that the professional school believes that it is better for the student to have credit in the course before entering the school. Note that in some cases a course may be required for graduation from a professional school even if it is only listed as "preferred" for entrance into the professional school.

Professional School Science Selective Preferred
Aeronautics and Astronautics CS 15900 preferred
Agricultural (in ABE) CHM 11600 preferred
Biological (in ABE) CHM 11600 strongly preferred
Biomedical CHM 11600 strongly preferred
Chemical CHM 11600 strongly preferred 
Civil CHM 11600 preferred
Construction Management no preference - any Science Selective is ok
Electrical and Computer CS 15900 preferred
Environmental and Ecological CHM 11600 preferred
Industrial CS 15900 preferred
Interdisciplinary/Multidisciplinary no preference - any Science Selective is ok
Materials CHM 11600 preferred
Mechanical no preference - any Science Selective is ok
Nuclear CS 15900 preferred

Last Updated August 24, 2018