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What to expect during STAR

STAR (Summer Transition Advising and Registration) is Purdue's summer program that helps new students receive academic advice and create an initial course schedule. Daily agendas and registration instructions are available on the Student Success at Purdue website.

STAR will include information about all aspects of student life at Purdue, and both students and parents will have a chance to attend a orientation session from First Year Engineering. After the orientation session, students will meet with an FYE Advisor and have a scheduled time in the registration labs.


You will have a half-hour advising meeting with an FYE Advisor (Engineering Honors students will have a 45-minute meeting). In this meeting, the advisor will go over the FYE plan of study with you and help you make decisions about your courses for the fall semester. A typical schedule for students who are calculus-ready and who have no AP credit includes four courses: ENGR 13100, Calculus I (either MA 16100 or MA 16500), Chemistry 11500, and a communications foundational outcome course (usually either ENGL 10600 or COM 11400). The advisor will work with you to see if this typical schedule is right for you, and will also help you decide about other course opportunities, including the ENGR 10300 or ENGR 10400 seminars, or other courses such as Band and ROTC.

Also, you will have an opportunity to talk with your advisor about any AP credit that you may have or may be expecting (if you do not yet have your AP scores). The advisor can help you understand what scores count for what credit, and can also provide advice about whether you should accept the AP credit, or decline it and take the course on campus.


Purdue students register for classes online using the MyPurdue system. During your advising appointment, you will get a registration PIN that will let you use the system when your time ticket opens. Your registration will be open from 3:00pm to 11:59 pm on the day that you attend STAR. A campus computer lab will be available from 3:00 pm to 5:00 pm, with advisors ready to help and to answer questions. After your day of STAR, your registration ticket will be closed until after the end of the four weeks of STAR.


FYE students are assigned to a particular advisor -- you will receive the name and business card of your advisor during STAR. If you have any questions after your day on campus, you may contact your advisor (though please understand if advisors are slow to respond during the very busy four weeks of STAR). Once you are on campus, you may use the Advisor appointment scheduling system to set up a time to talk to your advisor.