A Symposium on Clean Energy at Purdue University


Atoms for Humanity aims to highlight the role of nuclear energy in achieving a clean energy ecosystem through synergisms and complementarities with various energy sources. Topics include, but are not limited to, decarbonization, hydrogen production, electrification of transportation, integrated energy storage with renewables, district heating/CHP, desalination, agriculture, and manufacturing.

The 2-day symposium is organized by the Center for Intelligent Energy Systems (CiENS) as part of Purdue's technical and scientific leadership in clean energy.  It will host industry, government, and academic thought leaders as well as students working on scientific, technical and policy approaches to attain clean energy goals. 

Atoms for Humanity brings together a committed community of scholars from a wide range of technological domains leading the development and integration of clean energy and its impact on value-adding enablers for sustainable growth in health, prosperity, and the environment.