Lab and Facilities

Computing Resources: We have funding to access a variety of high performance computing clusters at Purdue provided by the research computing group, as well as to purchase high performance shared workstations for members of the group.

Software: We have access to a wide variety of tools to assist in developing computational quantum electromagnetics codes. This includes standard high performance computing libraries, compilers, and development environments. We also have access to many commercial tools through Purdue's general licensing pool. Specialized software like Ansys HFSS can also be accessed through departmental resources.

Labs: We are not actively engaged in experimental work, but many groups at Purdue focus on this in areas of mutual interest to our research. Purdue provides many opportunities for interdisciplinary work and a strong culture of collaboration. Other research groups have access to state of the art facilities at the Birck Nanotechnology Center and actively seek to develop interdisciplinary teams through regular engagement at the Purdue Quantum Science and Engineering Institute.