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Thomas E. Roth

Assistant Professor of Electrical and Computer Engineering


Phone: 765-496-5308

Office: WANG 3063

Preferred contact method is email.

Opportunities for Graduate Students

We have multiple project opportunities available for graduate students in the areas of computational electromagnetics and quantum electromagnetics research. Project topics are primarily aimed at developing efficient modeling methodologies for analyzing circuit quantum electrodynamics architectures. However, there are also opportunities to apply the computational electromagnetics methods being developed to a variety of classical applied electromagnetics technologies that are challenging to model efficiently. Interested PhD/MS students should contact Professor Roth directly and include a copy of their CV/resume.

Opportunities for Undergraduate Students

We are always interested in working with highly motivated undergraduate students that want to gain research experience. We have a number of projects that are appropriate for various levels of experience and research interests, ranging from supporting graduate students in developing meshing and visualization tools to developing numerical models for simple quantum systems. We are typically looking for electrical engineering and physics students, but mathematics and computer science students who are interested in modeling physical systems are also encouraged to contact us. Interested students should contact Professor Roth directly and include a copy of their resume.