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Meet our officers!

Please do not hesitate to reach out to us if you any questions regarding life at Purdue.

Executive Board

PGSG Senator

CEGSAC Committees

CEGSAC committees organize and host events throughout the semester for the Civil Engineering graduate students, faculty, and staff.

Professional Development Committee

  • Foster relationships between successful alumni and students
  • Create seminar programs to help students with future professional skills
  • Develop workshops to help students succeed academically in graduate school

Sports, Health & Wellness Committee

  • Make students aware of, and encourage them to take advantage of, resources on campus related to: dealing with stress, mental health, work/life balance and good nutrition/fitness

Cultural & Community Outreach Committee

  • Provide students and faculty with social activities
  • Help with new student orientation and recruitment
  • Develop a stronger community atmosphere between students and faculty

Office of Public Relations

  • Maintain the website and the social media accounts
  • Communicating events and important information through social media and the website
  • Issue CEGSAC newsletters and editorial activities for the newsletter