Lab and Facilities

Dr. Kari Clase

Dr. Clase's research space is currently located in Purdue's Agricultural and Biological Engineering building on the 5th floor. It is approximately 1300 sq. ft. in size for three graduate students and six undergraduate research students. Facilities include a cell culture room, DNA and protein gel casting and imaging equipment, HPLC, PCR, a thermocycler, a nanodrop spechtrophotometer, and standard laboratory equipment. She also has access to Purdue's Proteomic and Lipidomic Facilities.

Dr. Stephen Byrn

Dr. Byrn currently occupies space in Purdue’s Pharmacy building.  He has laboratories on the second floor for analysis and formulation and the 4th floor for synthesis and additional analysis. He has a total of about 1000 sq. ft. for a senior research scientist, a postdoctoral fellow, and one graduate student as well as about 12 undergraduate research students.  Facilities include dissolution, HPLC, and standard laboratory equipment.  He also has access to X-ray powder diffraction facilities, NMR facilities, and a fully equipped pharmaceutical manufacturing laboratory equipped with a tablet machine and coater as well as several granulation units within the pharmacy building.