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Remembering Professor Mark Stockman - a colleague and a friend (photo credit: N. Zheludev): here is one of the cherished moments with Mark. You can learn more about Mark Stockman here, and still more here:


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June 2024: Check out our newly granted US patent Sensor For Hyperspectral Imaging Based On A Metasurface-Integrated Light Detector Array.

May 2024: Our paper Molecular templating of layered halide perovskite nanowires came out in Science magazine.

May 2024: Prof. Alain Aspect (France) - the 2022 Nobel Prize Winner in Physics - visits Purdue for lecture series (wlfi.com, May 13, 2024) and meets our research team (pics below).

April 2024: Our tribute to Professor A. Weiner: Andrew M. Weiner (1958-2024)

May 2024: Check out our newly granted US patent entitlted Single Photon Source.

April 2024: Our paper Reducing Effective System Dimensionality with Long-Range Collective Dipole-Dipole Interactions came out in Phys. Rev. Letters journal.

April 2024: Purdue's Golden Taps Ceremony - the latest has taken place on April 22, 2024 - is a time to honor the students who have passed away in the past year and to reflect upon their unfinished Purdue experience. We lost our research team member Zelong (Bruce) Ding last year, who we remember fondly today and always.

April 2024: Our research team member Sam Peana received Purdue University Outstanding Graduate Researcher Award in recognition of his demonstrated excellence and leadership in his PhD research related to the large scale manufacturing of single photon emitters in SiN/SiO2.

S. Peana with Prof. V. Shalaev

April 2024: Our paper Photonic time crystals: from fundamental insights to novel applications: opinion is among Top Downloads from Optical Materials Express in March 2024.

February 2024: A paper Roadmap for Optical Metasurfaces, to which our research team member have contributed, came out in ACS Photonics journal.

February 2024: Our paper Plasmonic Enhancement of Second Harmonic Generation in Weyl Semimetal TaAs came out in Advanced Optical Materials journal.

February 2024: Check out Prof. Shalaev's recent presentation entitled "Extreme Space-Time Optics & Quantum Meta-Photonics": VIDEO.

December 2023: Our paper Designing Metasurfaces for Efficient Solar Energy Conversion came out in ACS Photonics journal.

November 2023: Our paper Wide-Range Angle-Sensitive Plasmonic Color Printing on Lossy-Resonator Substrates came out in Adv. Opt. Materials journal.

October 2023: Groundbreaking Discoveries in Photonic Time Crystals - an AzoNano article highlighting our researh into materials that change their optical properties rapidly and significantly - photonic time crystals.

September 2023: Our paper Engineering the temporal dynamics of all-optical switching with fast and slow materials came out in Nature Communications.

September 2023: Our paper Nonlinear Loss Engineering in Near-Zero-Index Bulk Materials came out in Advanced Optical Materials journal.

September 2023: Faster than can be explained: Optical time crystals could revolutionize optics, SciTechDaily.com - a news article based on out paper Time-refraction optics with single cycle modulation

Prof. V. Shalaev

Vladimir M. Shalaev - The Robert and Anne Burnett Distinguished Professor of Electrical and Computer Engineering, Purdue University

V. Shalaev is ranked #28 by Research.com among "Best Electronics and Electrical Engineering Scientists in United States".

For some detail on Prof. Shalaev's career path see his bio at OPTICA site.

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I am looking for bright students to join our group with expertise in the areas of quantum photonics, machine learning, nanolasers, and novel optical materials.

You can reach me via:

Phone: +1 765 494-9855
E-mail: shalaev@purdue.edu
Mail: Purdue University (contd.)

Birck Nanotechnology Center
1205 West State Street
West Lafayette, Indiana 47906

More info on our research and collaborations can be found here:

The video below outlines nanophotonics effort led by Professors V. Shalaev, A Boltasseva, and A. Kildishev at Purdue's Birck Nanotechnology Center:

news (cntd.)

August 2023: Check out our newly issued patents:

August 2023: Purdue streak camera innovation could capture actions that last femtoseconds or less - a Purdue News article highlighting our research aimed at improving upon traditional streak cameras' performance whose time-resolution lies in the 600 to 800 femtosecond range.

August 2023: Advancing Quantum Super-Resolution Imaging with Machine Learning - a Purdue ECE News article highlighting our paper Machine learning assisted quantum super-resolution microscopy.

August 2023: Our paper Photophysics of Intrinsic Single-Photon Emitters in Silicon Nitride at Low Temperatures came out in Advanced Quantum Technologies journal.

August 2023: Our paper Machine learning assisted quantum super-resolution microscopy came out in Nature Communications.

July 2023: Our paper Nanophotonics for a sustainable future came out in Physics Today.

July 2023: New study demonstrates oscillations in refractive index that are faster than can be explained by current theories, Purdue ECE News,July 19, 2023;highlights our paper Time-refraction optics with single cycle modulation.

May 2023: Our paper Time-refraction optics with single cycle modulation came out in Nanophotonics journal.