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Remembering Professor Mark Stockman - a colleague and a friend (photo credit: N. Zheludev): here is one of the cherished moments with Mark. You can learn more about Mark Stockman here, and still more here:


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February 2024: Our paper Plasmonic Enhancement of Second Harmonic Generation in Weyl Semimetal TaAs came out in Advanced Optical Materials journal.

February 2024: Check out Prof. Shalaev's recent presentation entitled "Extreme Space-Time Optics & Quantum Meta-Photonics": VIDEO.

December 2023: Our paper Designing Metasurfaces for Efficient Solar Energy Conversion came out in ACS Photonics journal.

November 2023: Our paper Wide-Range Angle-Sensitive Plasmonic Color Printing on Lossy-Resonator Substrates came out in Adv. Opt. Materials journal.

October 2023: Groundbreaking Discoveries in Photonic Time Crystals - an AzoNano article highlighting our researh into materials that change their optical properties rapidly and significantly - photonic time crystals.

September 2023: Our paper Engineering the temporal dynamics of all-optical switching with fast and slow materials came out in Nature Communications.

September 2023: Our paper Nonlinear Loss Engineering in Near-Zero-Index Bulk Materials came out in Advanced Optical Materials journal.

September 2023: Faster than can be explained: Optical time crystals could revolutionize optics, SciTechDaily.com - a news article based on out paper Time-refraction optics with single cycle modulation

Prof. V. Shalaev

Vladimir M. Shalaev - The Robert and Anne Burnett Distinguished Professor of Electrical and Computer Engineering, Purdue University

V. Shalaev is ranked #28 by Research.com among "Best Electronics and Electrical Engineering Scientists in United States".

For some detail on Prof. Shalaev's career path see his bio at OPTICA site.

Whether you are a Student, a Researcher, or the CEO

of a dynamic company active in the field of photonics and nanotechnology, I hope you will find something interesting for you on this website and that you will visit us again.

I am looking for bright students to join our group with expertise in the areas of quantum photonics, machine learning, nanolasers, and novel optical materials.

You can reach me via:

Phone: +1 765 494-9855
E-mail: shalaev@purdue.edu
Mail: Purdue University (contd.)

Birck Nanotechnology Center
1205 West State Street
West Lafayette, Indiana 47906

More info on our research and collaborations can be found here:

The video below outlines nanophotonics effort led by Professors V. Shalaev, A Boltasseva, and A. Kildishev at Purdue's Birck Nanotechnology Center:

news (cntd.)

August 2023: Check out our newly issued patents:

August 2023: Purdue streak camera innovation could capture actions that last femtoseconds or less - a Purdue News article highlighting our research aimed at improving upon traditional streak cameras' performance whose time-resolution lies in the 600 to 800 femtosecond range.

August 2023: Advancing Quantum Super-Resolution Imaging with Machine Learning - a Purdue ECE News article highlighting our paper Machine learning assisted quantum super-resolution microscopy.

August 2023: Our paper Photophysics of Intrinsic Single-Photon Emitters in Silicon Nitride at Low Temperatures came out in Advanced Quantum Technologies journal.

August 2023: Our paper Machine learning assisted quantum super-resolution microscopy came out in Nature Communications.

July 2023: Our paper Nanophotonics for a sustainable future came out in Physics Today.

July 2023: New study demonstrates oscillations in refractive index that are faster than can be explained by current theories, Purdue ECE News,July 19, 2023;highlights our paper Time-refraction optics with single cycle modulation.

May 2023: Our paper Time-refraction optics with single cycle modulation came out in Nanophotonics journal.