Brief CV


Vladimir M. Shalaev

The Robert and Anne Burnett Distinguished Professor of Electrical and Computer Engineering
School of Electrical and Computer Engineering, Purdue University

Phone: (765) 494-9855, fax: (765) 494-6951
E-mail: (this site)


Ph.D. Siberian Federal University (Russia), physics and mathematics (summa com laude), 1983

Professional Career

Director of Tellabs Center for Quantum Photonics, College of Engineering, Purdue2019-pres.
Founding co-Director of Purdue Quantum Center2015-pres.
Scientific Director for Nanophotonics, Birck Nanotechnology Center, Purdue,2011-pres.
Bob and Anne Burnett Distinguished Professor of Electrical and
Computer Engineering 2011-pres.
Robert and Anne Burnett Professor of Electrical and Computer Engineering,2004-2011
Professor of Biomedical Engineering2005-pres.
Professor of Physics 2011-pres.
Professor of ECE Department, Purdue University2001-pres.
George W. Gardiner Professor of Physics, New Mexico State University1997-2001
Associate Professor, New Mexico State University1993-1997
Research Associate Professor, University of Toronto (Canada)1991-1993
Humboldt Foundation Fellow, University of Heidelberg (Germany)1990-1991
Assistant Professor, Krasnoyarsk State University (Russia)1983-1990
Research Fellow, Institute of Physics, Krasnoyarsk (Russia)1983-1990

Professional Recognitions, Awards, and Honors

Ranked #9 in category "optics" out of 64,044 in the Stanford list of top 2% World's highest-cited scientists (career-long)
Recognized as a Highly Cited Researcher (in physics) by the Web of Science Group for 6 consequitive years, in 2017-2022, including the latest 2022
Most citated author or/and published a most cited paper for various years in a number of journals, including Laser and Photonics Reviews (lifetime most cited author); Optics Letters (2005); Applied Physics B: Lasers and Optics (2010); Laser Physics Letters (2006); Optical Materials Express (2015, 2016); Journal of Optics (2005, 2018, 2019); Journal of Nonlinear Optical Physics and Materials (2002); Light: Science and Application,Nature Publishing Group (2013); Springer Tract in Modern Physics (2000); Metamaterials (2008); Zeitschrift Fur Physic D – Atoms Molecules and Clusters (1988); Journal of Optical Society of America B: Optical Physics (2015). Second-most cited author or/and published 2-nd most cited paper for different years in several journals, including Journal of Nonlinear Optical Physics and Materials (lifetime 2-nd most cited author); Nature Photonics (2007); Journal of Optics (2018); Optical Materials Express (2018). Fourty one times listed among top ten most cited authors or /and as publishing a top-ten-most-cited paper for different years in various journals.
Lead Specific Aim “Hybrid Quantum Sensors” in the DoE Quantum Science Center
American Physical Society 2020 Frank Isakson Prize for Optical Effects in Solids
Honorary Doctorate from University of Southern Denmark, 2015
IEEE Photonics Society William Streifer Scientific Achievement Award, 2015
Rolf Landauer medal of the ETOPIM (Electrical, Transport and Optical
Properties of Inhomogeneous Media) International Association, 2015
Elected to the Purdue Innovator Hall of Fame (2014)
2014 OSA and SPIE Joseph W. Goodman Book Writing Award for the book
Optical Metamaterials: Fundamentals and Applications; authors: W. Cai and V. Shalaev
The 2012 Nanotechnology Award from UNESCO
The 2010 Optical Society of America Max Born Award
The 2010 Willis E. Lamb Award for Laser Science and Quantum Optics
The 2006 Top 50 Nano Technology Award Winner for "Nanorod Material"
The 2009 McCoy Award, Purdue's highest honor for scientific achievement
The 2006 College of Engineering Research Award
The Acorn Award: Seed for Success, 2007
Fellow of the Materials Research Society (MRS), 2015 -
Fellow of the Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers (IEEE), 2010-
Fellow of the American Physical Society (APS), 2002-
Fellow of the Optical Society of America (OSA), 2003-
Fellow of The International Society for Optical Engineering (SPIE), 2005-
Robert and Anne Burnett Professor of Electrical and Computer Engineering, 2004-pres
George W. Gardiner Endowed Professorship, New Mexico State University, 1997-2001
Member of the Scientific Advisory Board for the Russian Quantum Center
Member of the Executive Committee for the Russian Quantum Center
General co-Chair for the 2011 CLEO/QELS conference
Program co-Chair for the 2009 CLEO/IQEC conference
Chair of the OSA Technical Group "Photonic Metamaterials", 2008-2010
Chair of the OSA Topical Group: Photonic Metamaterials: from Random to Periodic, 2004-2007
Vice-Chair of the OSA Topical Group: Waves in Random and Periodic Media, 2002-2004
Reviewing Editor for Science
Co-Editor of Applied Physics B - Lasers and Optics, 2006-2013
Co-Editor for Advances in Nano-Optics and Nanophotonics book series (Elsevier), 2006-2008
Co-Editor for Series in Nanooptics and Nanophotonics, Taylor & Francis Books, Inc.2008-
Topical Editor for J. of Optical Society of America B, 2005-2011
Editorial Board for Nanophotonics journal, 2012-
Editorial Advisory Board Member for Laser and Photonics Reviews, 2008-
Editorial Advisory Board Member for Laser Physics Letters, 2006-
Editorial Board Member for Metamaterials Journal, 2006-
Editorial Board Member for Journal of Nanotechnology, 2008-
Editorial Advisory Board Member for International Journal of Theoretical Physics, Group Theory, and Nonlinear Optics
Editorial Advisory Board Member for The J. Nonlinear Optical Physics and Materials (JNOPM)
Editor for Special Issue "Optics on the Nanoscale: Pronciples, Instrumentation and Applications" of Applied Physics B, v. 84, ##1 and 2, July/Aug. 2006.
Guest Editor for IEEE's Journal of Selected Topics in Quantum Electronics (JSTQE) on Negative Index and Metamaterials, 2009
Guest Co-Editor for J. of Optics B: Quantum and Semiclassical Optics special issue on Metamaterials, 2005.
Associate Guest Editor for IEEE's Journal of Selected Topics in Quantum Electronics (JSTQE) on Nonlinear Optics, 2005
Guest Editor/Coordinator for Journal of Optical Society of America B (JOSA-B) Focus Issue on Metamaterials, 2005
Editor for Feature Issue of J. of the Optical Society of America A and B on "Photonic Metamaterials", v. 24, #10, 2007
OSA Max Born Award Committee, Member, 2005, 2006
Organizer of a number of symposia for ACS, OSA, APS, and CLEO/QELS Annual Meetings, 1997-2005
Chair and Member of Program Committees and International Advisory Committees for a number of International Conferences, Symposia, and Schools
Visiting Professorships (1999-2000; sabbatical year) at:
Ecole Superieure de Physique et de Chimie Industrielles, Paris
University of Science and Technology, Hong Kong
Ludwig-Maximilians Universitat, Munich
The Associated Western Universities Faculty Fellowship (Sandia National Laboratories), 1995
International Humboldt Foundation Scholar (Paris-Sud Universite, France), 1991
Humboldt Foundation Fellow (Heidelberg, Germany, and Paris, France), 1990-1991
USSR Academy of Science Grant for Young Investigators, 1988-1990
2nd Prize in the USSR Academy of Science Competition on Fundamental Studies, 1983

Research Interests

Photonics and materials science. Optoelectronic properties of mesoscopic and nanostructured systems. Nonlinear optics and spectroscopy. Optical sensors. Optical properties of nanostructured materials. Metal-dielectric nanocomposites and thin metal films. Nanoparticles and their aggregates. Fractal and percolation composites. Optical communication and quantum electronics. Photonic crystals. Plasmonic nanomaterials.

Publications, Presentations and Patents Summary:

h-index is 116, as of January 5, 2023, according to Google Scholar. Over 800 publications, in total, including over 400 research papers in refereed journals, one monograph and two co-authored books, 4 edited/co-edited books, 30 invited book chapters, 30 patents, and over 400 conference proceedings and other publications; over 63,000 citations, in total. Over 500 invited presentations at International Conferences and leading research centers, including a number of plenary and keynote talks.

The OPTICS category in the ISI Web of Science contains 94 journals; over 50,000 research articles, conference proceedings and book chapters are published each year in this category. Out of roughly 800,000 publications in total in the optics category of the Web of Science from January 2005 to January 2022, five papers from the Shalaev group are among the top 100 most cited publications.

For 6 consequitive years, listed as Highly Cited Researcher (multiple highly cited papers that rank in the top 1% by citations for a field and year in Web of Science) by the 2017-2022 Clarivate Analytics Essential Science Indicators (ESI) - see link 1 and link 2.

40 Most Cited Papers and Books (as of January 2023, according to Google Scholar)

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  2. Kildishev, A. V., Boltasseva, A., Shalaev, V. M. Planar Photonics with Metasurface. Science 339 (6125), 1232009 (2013). - 2671 citations
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