Purdue Semiconductor Degrees

Purdue launches comprehensive semiconductor and microelectronics education at scale

U.S. economic security critically depends on developing talent pipeline in this vital field.

In the next five years, a minimum of 50,000 trained semiconductor engineers will be needed in the United States to meet the overwhelming and rapidly growing demand. Purdue University is answering that call with a comprehensive set of innovative, interdisciplinary credentials and degrees in semiconductors and microelectronics.

Purdue's comprehensive new Semiconductor Degrees Program (SDP) is a suite of innovative credentials and degrees that will educate both graduate and undergraduate students, enabling a quick ramp-up of skilled talent and creating the next-generation of semiconductor workforce to reassert American preeminence in this critical industry.

Purdue's semiconductor and microelectronics program includes these special features:

6-in-1 content

Chemicals/materials, tools, chip design, manufacturing, and packaging — all semiconductor industry's key steps in one interdisciplinary program, plus supply chain management.

Choice of credentials

Master of Science degree, stackable certificates at post-graduate level, Bachelor of Science minor/concentration; plus associate degrees through partner Ivy Tech Community College.

Flexible modality

Both residential and online programs. First-of-its-kind online offering in the United States dedicated to semiconductors.

Innovative delivery

Through online learning platform nanoHUB and virtual labs, co-op and internship opportunities, and design-to-fab team projects.

Broad scope

From semiconductor materials, devices, and manufacturing to system on chip design, thermal management of electronics, heterogeneous integration and advanced packaging, rad-hard microelectronics, security, and green manufacturing.

Broad partnership

Cornerstone with Department of Defense's SCALE (Scalable Asymmetric Lifecyle Engagement) program, American Semiconductor Academy (ASA), and other Creating Helpful Incentives to Produce Semiconductors (CHIPS) Act workforce consortia. SDP is also advised by a leadership board of industry senior executives as listed here.

To learn more about Purdue Semiconductor degrees, please email semiconductors@purdue.edu.

To apply to Purdue, go to https://www.purdue.edu/purdue/admissions.