Birck Nanotechnology Center
Birck Nanotechnology Center is home to 220 resident graduate students, 60 faculty and more than 40 engineering, scientific and administrative staff. Research groups come from six academic colleges (engineering, science, agriculture, pharmacy, polytechnic and veterinary medicine). The facility includes one of the largest and cleanest university cleanrooms (25,000 sf, 20% class 1, the remainder is class 10,100 and 1000). This includes one of the first integration of biopharma and semiconductor cleanrooms in universities. Birck is a user facility for an additional 300 users from more than 125 academic units across campus and from outside industries & universities. Students and researchers have access to 33,000 sf of shared labs with state-of-the-art nano fabrication and nano characterization tools. Shared labs and office space provide ample opportunities for students to learn from each other and to work on societal grand challenge problems. Some of the state-of-the-art equipment include Themis double aberration corrected TEM, Helios FIB, Apreo SEM, XPS and Omicron surface analysis, and JEOL 6300 e-beam writer among others.
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