Integrated STEM

Integrated STEM

Enhancing Learning and Interest through STEM Integration

If there is a URL in the Redirect URL field, or if you put anything in the Body of the event document, the carousel item will be a link.

If you build a page in the Body and have multiple images in your document, select "Use as thumbnail" only on the one that you want to appear in the carousel.

The image for the carousel should be about 800 pixels wide by 600 pixels tall, and the main interest should be concentrated in the middle of the image. That should allow it to work reasonably well with our responsive design as the page reconfigures itself for different window widths.

To hide all the captions in the carousel, add "hide-caption" to the image filename (Id). So instead of naming the carousel image image-1.jpg, you might call it image-1-hide-caption.jpg, for instance.

Similarly, if you want to hide only the title, add "hide-title" to the image's filename. To hide only the intro (while still having text in it which will be displayed if someone clicks through to view the event document), add "hide-intro" to the name.