Tarek Ameen

Tarek Ameen's Biography

Tarek Ameen received his BSc in Electronics and Electrical Communications from Cairo University, Giza, Egypt in 2009. Tarek also received his MSc in Engineering Physics from Cairo University in 2013.

In his masters, he has worked on modeling the absorption coefficient and the dark current of quantum dot infrared photodetectors (QDIPs).

From Aug. 2013, Tarek is a PhD student at Purdue University in Prof. Klimeck's group. He is currently a member of NEMO5 (Nano Electronics Modeling Tool) development team. Tarek has developed the Local band structure solver in NEMO5, he has also contributed in the development of the optical solver in NEMO5. Since Aug. 2013, Tarek has been conducting research on many topics, here are some of them:

  • Studies of atomistic strain behavior in quantum dots.
  • Optical absorption in quantum dots.
  • Atomistic and ballistic transport in L-shaped Nitride TFETs.
  • Ballistic transport in hetro-PIN Nitride Junctions.