Klimeck Group for nanoHUB is operated b the Network for Computational Nanotechnology. Its major goal is to enable online simulation for the nanotechnology and nanoscience community at large. Over 100 simulation tools have been deployed on the nanoHUB and the number keeps growing, as does the number of annual users of, which is now over 80,000 in 172 countries. A comprehensive and up-to-date analysis of the nanoHUB usage can be found at the page.

The Klimeck research group is a significant contributor to in a variety of ways: We contribute tools, support tools, develop educational material for the tools, and contribute research results in forms of research seminars. Since we are deeply involved in tool deployment we are also serving as a technology driver for the underlying middleware.

A comprehensive list of contributions by Prof. Klimeck can be found on the contributor page. All the group members are strongly encouraged to think critically how they can contribute to the nanoHUB with their work and how to have impact on literally thousands of users.