Component Datasheets, Manuals, Downloads, and Suppliers

Below are important links for various components of the kart.

Popular Powertrain Suppliers

For collegiate teams

Alltrax Motor Controller

SR48300 Product Page    (includes spec sheet, data sheet, & manuals)

Alltrax Software Download (PC only)

Interstate Batteries SLA 1156

Throttle Potentiometer

Throttle Potentiometer PB-6.  0-5K Resistance 

All 2-wire potentiometers can be opened up and turned into a 3-wire potentiometer. Sevcon controllers need a 3-wire pot.

Anderson Connectors

** Be sure to purchase the correct gauge (AWG) lug to fit your cable.

SB175 (red):  Manufacturer Datasheet          Supplier – Powerwerx

SB50 (for charger adapter, gray): Supplier – Powerwerx

Orion BMS

** BMS necessary for collegiate lithium battery packs. Orion is recommended brand

Orion BMS 2          Orion BMS Jr (48v systems)


Tyco LEV200 48v (LEV200A6NAA)       Tyco LEV200 72v (LEV200AKNAA)

(Manufacturer page includes distributors & datasheets)

GIGAVAC GV200QA 48v (comes in Top Kart kit)

DC-DC Converters

**Alibaba and AliExpress are very popular websites to purchase electronics & other components straight from the manufacturer.

48v to 12v converter, 20 amp (240W) waterproof. Amazon. (Good for most karts where 12v is not used for traction or high power. Most often 12v is to power ancillary electronics such as a BMS or lights).

48v to 12v converter. 60 amp (720W) waterproof  (high power for applications such as steering column control in autonomous karts)

Low Current Wiring

Wire Stripper (and Crimper)

Wire Crimper  (Very good, crimps will not come out)

On/Off Switch (Single Pull Single Throw SPST)

Forward/Reverse Switch (Single Pull Double Throw SPDT)

In-Line Fuse (be sure to replace with 1A or 2A fuse)

Wire Crimp Connector. 14-20AWG  (Get male & female. Blue = 14-20 gauge)

Wire Crimp Connector. 18-22AWG (Get male & female. Red = 18-22 gauge)

Wire Crimp Ring & Spade Terminal Kit (Many different sizes & gauges)

22 AWG Wire Kit (5 colors. 25 feet each)

Another Wire Kit (10 colors)

22 AWG Wire   (Choose color & length. Get stranded tin-plated. Find other gauges here too)

Plastic Wire Channel Conduit (To clean up & protect all those wires.  1/4, 1/2, and 3/4 inch available)

Zip Ties (To secure down the high current cable & wire conduits)

High Current Wiring

Hardware (bolts, nuts, etc)

Your local Tractor Supply Co. will have the most options and best prices on bolts, nuts, washers, and more.  Home Depot & Lowes do not have the best selection for hardware.

McMaster-Carr is great for ordering bulk online hardware and getting it in a 1-2 days.

Motor Sprockets

Front Motor Sprocket  ** Go to “Sprockets for ANSI Roller Chains”. Scroll down to size 35 chain. 7/8″ shaft diameter. 3/16″ keyway.

Rear Motor Sprocket (chain #35 split sprocket. Choose from 53-85 tooth. Recommended to have multiple different sizes for testing)

Keyway  Item #98535A140.  3×16″ x 3/16″ spring steel machine key stock.

Size 35 Chain  (Will need to adjust size using chain break or master link)

Chain Break Tool (In case your chain does not have a master link)

Go-Kart Tires

See the current evGrand Prix rules to determine if there is a tire spec and what tire is spec.

Tire Pressure Gauge  To fill the tires, no need for fancy air compressors or tanks.  A classic bicycle pump would work just fine.  The gauge can release pressure to where you want it.