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The long-term goals of our research program are to understand the neural bases for robust speech perception by studying the effects of sensorineural hearing loss on neural coding, and to transfer this knowledge to technologies that improve the lives of people with hearing loss. Our research involves the coordinated use of neurophysiology, psychoacoustics (animal and human), and computational modeling. This multi-disciplinary approach provides a powerful framework to extend our understanding of the effects of different types of hearing loss on neural and perceptual responses to sound. This knowledge will be extremely valuable for developing diagnostic tests, for evaluating the limitations of current hearing aids, and for suggesting novel strategies for hearing aids and cochlear implants. In addition, a better understanding of the salient features of speech and how the normal auditory system processes these features with ease will have implications for auditory signal processing technologies, such as automatic speech recognition, speech compression, and sound-source segregation.


Specific Interests

  • neural coding in normal and impaired auditory systems
  • neural mechanisms for enhanced speech coding
  • models of auditory signal processing and perception
  • psychoacoustics
  • auditory prostheses

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