Spring 2019 Philanthropy Opportunities

January: We’ll be going back to Hanna community center to help kids with homework again! We did this last semester and everyone that went really enjoyed it. It will be Monday January 28th at 3-4 pm at the community center in Lafayette. Same as last time, there will be no official carpool but if you need a ride let me know and we’ll see what we can do.
+Bonus January event: You probably already got an email asking for donations for the Lafayette homeless center. The drop-off is conveniently located in Pfendler, see fliers for more details.
February: We will be helping out at Imagination Station for their “Love is Sweet” lab on Saturday February 16th  to bring the joy of chemistry to children of all ages. Simple chemistry kits will be provided, so you really just need to show up! Times are flexible: you can volunteer for any combination of one-hour slots from 9:30-3 pm (one hour plus arriving about 20 minutes early to get familiar with the set up). We will need the most help from about 11-1 pm, but helping with any of the time slots would be great! If you are interested or have questions, please Jenny me! Let Jenny know the end of the day next Wednesday, February 13th.
March: No philanthropy event this month. If you’re just dying to help people out, consider offering your services to the Symposium Chairs! I’m sure they would appreciate extra hands.
April: TBD: If anyone is interested in doing a science demo for the kids at the Hanna center, let me know and we may be able to schedule it for April. Otherwise we may do more homework, could help with a spring clean up, or might go to a soup kitchen. If you like any of those ideas or have more let me know.
Email Jenny Stevens with questions: steve238@purdue.edu

Hope to see you all at these activities!

Tutoring Philanthropy Event October 30, 2018