ABE GSA Hiking Trip to Shades State Park

On Saturday, July 7th ABE GSA will be headed to Shades State Park (Waveland, IN) for a few hours of hiking. Shades State Park (~50 minute drive) has a lot of hiking in ravine beds as well as some beautiful gorges, so bring some comfortable shoes that you can hike with.
If interested in attending, please fill out the attached survey for attendance purposes and organizing a carpool. https://goo.gl/forms/rQjxZLRCaYMIZURM2
For the carpool we ask that you bring $3 to chip-in for gas with your driver and ABE GSA will be bringing drinks (water, maybe Gatorade/Powerade) and some snacks for the hike (trail mix, granola bars, etc.) as well as paying for the park entrance fee.
*Note: In July it gets hot and sunny, so make sure bring sunscreen and it may be helpful to also bring a personal water-bottle as well to keep hydrated.
We hope to see you there!!!