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Our People

Principal Investigator

Denny Yu
Assoc Professor Industrial Engr

Graduate Students

Chiho Lim
Graduate Teaching Assista
Marian Obuseh
Graduate Research Assistant
Jing Yang
Graduate Research Assistant
Guoyang Zhou
Graduate Research Assistant


Jackie Cha
PhD (2020)
Assistant Professor at Clemson
Dissertation: Objective Measurement of Non Technical Skills in Surgery
Mina Ostovari
PhD (2019)
Senior Clinical Research at Christiana Care Health System
Dissertation: The Impact of Healthcare Provider Collaborations on Patient Outcomes: A Social Network Analysis Approach
Yuhao Peng
MS (2019)
Human Factors Consultant at Carillion Clinic
Dissertation: Communication Features Associated with Clinical Performance and Non-technical Skills in Healthcare Settings
Chuhao Wu
MS (2019)
PhD student, Penn State
Dissertation: Eye tracking and electroencephalogram (EEG) measures for workload and performance in robotic surgery training