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Yu presents at robotics seminar

Yu presents at robotics seminar

Photo of Denny Yu
Dr. Denny Yu
Dr. Denny Yu presented a seminar as part of the Purdue Robotics Accelerator seminar series.

The seminar took place on Nov. 16, and his title was "What about the user? Modeling the Human During Teleoperation".


Teleoperations in many domains are often characterized as highly taxing and dynamic, since task demands can induce a wide range of experiences from long periods of monotony to sudden, extremely demanding and difficult situations. Physiological sensing technology can transform and enhance our current capabilities to monitor and train personnel for these in high-workload team operations. It can provide objective and automated feedback to trainees and educators on physiological responses to task demands that offer insights for individualizing training and accelerating the learning curve. This talk will focus the application of sensing in the military and surgery domains. 

The ROBOTICS SEMINAR is a bi-weekly series of seminars of internal and external speakers covering applied and basic research and applications on the connection of sensing, computation and actuation for robotics, internet of things (IoT), active materials, autonomy, assistive technologies, autonomous vehicles, AgRobotics, advanced manufacturing, emergency response, and many related application areas. It is sponsored by the Purdue Robotics Accelerator, College of Engineering, School of Engineering Technology and the Polytechnic.