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RCR Discussion on Rigor and Reproducibility - Mar 25 2021

RCR Discussion on Rigor and Reproducibility - Mar 25 2021

Author: M. Heinz
Event Date: March 25, 2021
More than 50 faculty, research staff, and students from SLHS and other departments across campus gathered on zoom for an invigorating RCR Discussion on Rigor and Reproducibility: Power analyses, open science/pre-registration, etc.

An RCR discussion on Rigor and Reproducibility was held during the Seminar in Hearing Science this week (March 25th), led by Professors Lucas (BIO) and Bharadwaj (SLHS/BME).  The discussion included topics such as power analyses, open science/pre-registration, transparency and communication, as well as available tools to address some of the key issues in the reproducibility crisis that has been noted in many fields. This RCR discussion was co-sponsored by our two NIH T32 Training grants (Interdisciplinary Training Program in Auditory Neuroscience (TPAN), and Communication Disorders). Links to the slides, video, and chat from the discussion will be made available here soon for those at Purdue.



Two of the cornerstones of science advancement are rigor in designing and performing scientific research and the ability to reproduce biomedical research findings. In response to the reproducibility crisis noted in many fields, the NIH, the NSF, and many journals are considerably ramping up their guidance, infrastructure, expectations to emphasize and incentivize practices that enhance rigor and reproducibility. This week at SHRP we will have a discussion on power analyses (facilitated by Prof. Jeff Lucas), tools and workflows for reproducible science (facilitated by Prof. Hari Bharadwaj), and any other related topics that come up in the discussion process.