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Audiology Research Diagnostics Core

Housed in Lyles-Porter Hall, the Audiology Research Diagnostics Core (ARDC) at Purdue has been created as a collaborative effort to reduce the entry barrier to auditory neuroscience for new and cross-disciplinary investigators. In addition to the listed services our facility offers, we are developing a solution for harmonization and analysis of human and animal subject data across multiple laboratories, as well as large-scale web-based data collection, to investigate trends and comprehensively study hearing pathologies.

Our Standard Evaluation:
  • Wideband Tympanometry
  • Acoustic Reflexes
  • Pure Tone/Bone Conduction Audiometry (with Extended High Freq.)
  • Distortion Product Otoacoustic Emissions
Additional Capabilities (in development):
  • Other Otoacoustic Emissions (TEOAEs, SFOAEs, swept-tone)
  • Auditory Brainstem Responses (ABRs)
  • Frequency-Following Responses (FFRs)
  • Word-Recognition Testing
  • Quick Speech in Noise Text (QuickSIN)
  • Most Comfortable/Acceptable/Uncomfortable Level Hearing
  • Customized Protocols Upon Request
  • GSI AudioStar Pro
  • Interacoustics Titan Clinical Testing Device
  • Interacoustics Eclipse Pre-Amp for ABRs
  • Isolation Soundbooth



If your study could benefit from our audiometry measures or large-scale data approach, please contact us (!