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Seminars in Hearing Research at Purdue


Working Schedule 2021-2022

Time: Thursdays 10:30-11:20

LYLE 1150 (hybrid on Zoom **)

Link to Abstracts


Aug  26   Audiology Research Diagnostics Core (ARDC) (Heinz, Sivaprakasam, Bharadwaj)
Sept   2   Bharadwaj Lab (​Agudemu Borjigin - MedEl)
   9   Heinz Lab (Jonatan Märcher-Rørsted - DTU
   16   Strickland Lab (Will Salloom)
   23   Bharadwaj Lab (Rav Singh)
    30   Lucas Lab (Jeff Lucas)
Oct 7
  Bharadwaj Lab (Subong Kim)
   14   No Seminar - Fall Break Week!
   21   Heinz Lab (Andrew Sivaprakasam)
   28   Barlett Lab (Ed Bartlett)
Nov  4  Heinz Lab (Jonatan Märcher-Rørsted - DTU)
   11  Elle O'Brien (Univ. Michigan School of Information)
   18   Francis Lab (Alex Francis)
Dec  2   Acoustical Society of America - NO SHRP TALK
   9   Odile Clavier (Creare LLC)
  16   EXAM WEEK
Jan  13   Subong Kim (Job talk practice) (Bharadwaj Lab)
   20   SLHS Faculty Candidate Talk 
   27   SLHS Faculty Candidate Talk 
Feb  3   SLHS Faculty Candidate Talk 
  10   SLHS Faculty Candidate Talk 
  17   Heinz Lab (Francois Deloche)
  24   Francis Lab (Alex Francis)
Mar  3   Strickland Lab (Will Salloom)
   10   Bharadwaj Lab (Hari Bharadwaj)
   24   Shader Lab (Maureen Shader)
    31   Wei-Ming Yu (Loyola U.), Visiting speaker (Fekete/Pluta labs) [ZOOM ONLY - joint with Biological Science Seminar Series]
Apr  7  TPAN T32 RCR Discussion on "Open Science: Benefits, and Barriers to Participation"
   14   Bharadwaj/Heinz Labs (Samantha Hauser)
   21   Alexander Lab (Josh Alexander)
  28   TPAN T32 DEI Research Presentation  (Dr. Jasmine Kwasa, Carnegie Mellon University)  [ZOOM ONLY]
**Please e-mail the host to join the SHRP seminar mailing list. Seminar announcements and Zoom links are sent to the mailing list on a weekly basis.

PAST Seminars in Hearing Research at Purdue








2012-2013 (Inaugural Year)