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Seminars in Hearing Research at Purdue


Working Schedule 2022-2023

Time: Thursdays 10:30-11:20

LYLE 1150 (hybrid on Zoom **)

Link to Abstracts


Aug  25   Strickland Lab (Beth Strickland)
Sept   1   Heinz/Bharadwaj Labs (Andrew Sivaprakasam)
   8   Lucas Lab (Jeff Lucas)
   15   Shader Lab (Maureen Shader)
   22   Bharadwaj/Heinz Labs (Samantha Hauser)
   29   Brittany Jaekel (invited speaker; Starkey Hearing, Research Scientist)
Oct 6
   Harinath Garudadri (invited speaker; UC San Diego Qualcomm Institute of Calit2, Research Scientist) 
   13   Bharadwaj Lab (Varsha Mysore Athreya )
   20   Bartlett Lab (Ed Bartlett)
   27   Matt Hay (invited speaker; ABI user and active research participant)
Nov  3  Heinz Lab (Sarthak Mangla)
   10  RCR Discussion (led by Alex Francis) on "pre-registration"
   17   Shader Lab (Eric Rodriquez)
Dec  1   SLHS Faculty Candidate Talk 
   8   SLHS Faculty Candidate Talk 
  15   EXAM WEEK
Jan  12   Francis Lab (Alex Francis)
   19   Bharadwaj Lab (Hari Bharadwaj)
   26   Krishnan Lab (Aditi Gargeshwari)
Feb  2   Alexander Lab (Josh Alexander)
   9   pre-ARO practice talks/posters
  16   post-ARO debrief/discussion
  23   Bartlett Lab (Ed Bartlett)
Mar  2   SLHS Clinical Faculty Job Candidate Talk 
   9   Invited Speaker (Hubert Lim - Unniversity of Miinesota)
   23   Shader Lab (Leroy Medrano)
   30   Invited Speaker (William Salloom - USC)
Apr  6   Heinz Lab (Jim Bundy)
   13   Strickland Lab (Beth Strickland)
   20   Bartlett Lab  (Meredith Ziliak)
  27   Invited Speaker (Julie Cohen - FDA) 
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PAST Seminars in Hearing Research at Purdue

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