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Hearing Research Labs and Clinics at Purdue

Josh Alexander           (SLHS)                         Purdue Experimental Amplification Research Lab

Ed Bartlett                   (BIO/BME)                   Central Auditory Processing Lab

Ximena Bernal            (BIO)                            Evolutionary Ecology - Animal Behavior - Animal Communication

Hari Bharadwaj           (SLHS/BME)                Auditory Neuroscience Laboratory

Patricia Davies            (ME)                            Herrick Acoustics Lab - Perception-Based Engineering

Alex Francis                (SLHS)                        Speech Perception and Cognitive Effort Lab (SPACE)

Mike Heinz                  (SLHS/BME)               Auditory Neurophysiology & Modeling Lab

Ravi Krishnan              (SLHS)                        Auditory Electrophysiology Lab

Jeff Lucas                    (BIO)                           Animal Communication Lab

Beth Strickland            (SLHS)                        Psychoacoustics Lab

Audiology Clinic          (SLHS)                        Au.D. Clinical Faculty and Students