J. Eric Dietz, PhD PE

Dietz.jpgDirector, Purdue Homeland Security Institute
Director, Purdue Military Research Institute
Professor of Computer and Information Technology

Phone: 765 494-8130


Dr. Dietz’s research interests include measurement and optimization of emergency response, homeland security and defense, energy security, and engaging veterans in higher education.   As a Director of the Purdue Military Research Institute, Dr. Dietz organizes faculty to involve current and former military in Purdue research with focus on defense and security projects to increase Purdue’s involvement in national defense.   As a Director of the Purdue Homeland Security Institute, Dr. Dietz organizes interdisciplinary homeland security research including increasing the impact of Purdue research on society, and organizing interdisciplinary projects within the university.   Prior to his current responsibilities, Eric was on loan from Purdue to Governor Mitch Daniels to serve as the founding Executive Director for the Indiana Department of Homeland Security, a new state agency responsible for emergency planning, training, fire and building safety, and disaster response for Indiana citizens.  During this period, Eric led Indiana’s response to seven Presidential Major Disasters and Emergency Declarations, which included restoration and recovery of critical infrastructure.  Eric also led the creation of the Indiana Intelligence Fusion Center and the Indiana Fire Training System both new government functions that were created with new laws and funding.  Retiring as a Lieutenant Colonel from the U.S. Army in 2004 with 22 years of service, Dr. Dietz led Army Acquisition and research programs throughout his career meet needs for military power systems, chemical sensors and command and control technology.   An Indiana native, Eric graduated in 1984 from Rose-Hulman Institute of Technology after earning a bachelor of science in chemical engineering. He also earned a master’s of science from Rose-Hulman Institute of Technology in 1986 and a PhD in chemical engineering in 1994 from Purdue University.