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Journals (2021-Present)


  • Pérez-Cardona, J.R., T. Maani, F. Zhao, and J.W. Sutherland, “Parametric Design, Life Cycle Assessment, and Optimization of a Discrete Product with Application to an Electric Traction Motor,” Resources, Conservation and Recycling, 201, 2024, 107344.


  • Abdallah, M., Joung, B-G, Lee, W.J., Mousoulis, C., Raghunathan, N., Shakouri, A., Sutherland, J. W., & Bagchi, S., “Anomaly Detection and Inter-Sensor Transfer Learning on Smart Manufacturing Datasets,” Sensors, 2023, 23, 486.

  • Maani, T., N. Mathur, C. Rong, and J. W. Sutherland, “Estimating Potentially Recoverable Nd from End-of-Life (EoL) Products to Meet Future U.S. Demands,” Resources, Conservation and Recycling, 190, 2023, p.106864.

  • Triebe, M.J, Deng, S., Pérez-Cardona, J.R., Joung, B.G., Wu, H., Shakelly, N., Pieper, J.P., Zhou, X., Maani, T., Zhao, F., and Sutherland, J.W., “Perspectives on future research directions in green manufacturing for discrete products,” Green Manufacturing Open, Vol 1(1), 2023, p.10.

  • Wu, H., Triebe, M.J., and Sutherland, J.W., “A transformer-based approach for novel fault detection and fault classification/diagnosis in manufacturing: A rotary system application,” Journal of Manufacturing Systems, Vol 67, 2023, p. 439-452.

  • Ehmann, K.F., S.G. Kapoor, T.R. Kurfess, A.J. Shih, M.J. Triebe, J.W. Sutherland, “The 50th anniversary of NAMRC,” SME Journal of Manufacturing Processes, Vol. 98, 2023, p. 302–336

  • Raj, A., D. Huang, B. Stegman, H. Abdel-Khalik, X. Zhang, and J.W. Sutherland, “Modeling Spatial Variations in Co-axial Melt Pool Monitoring Signals in Laser Powder Bed Fusion,” SME Journal of Manufacturing Processes, to appear.

  • Pérez-Cardona, J.R., J.W. Sutherland, and S.D. Sudhoff, “Optimization-Based Design Model for Electric Traction Motors Considering the Supply Risk of Critical Materials,” IEEE Journal of Power and Energy, 10, 2023, p. 316-326.


  • Bapat, S., V. Koranne, N. Shakelly, A. Huang, M. Sealy, J. W. Sutherland, K. P. Rajurkar, and A. P. Malshe, “Cellular Agriculture: An Outlook on Smart and Resilient Food Agriculture Manufacturing,” Smart and Sustainable Manufacturing Systems, 6(1), 2022, pp. 1–11.

  • Triebe, M. J., Zhao, F., & Sutherland, J. W., “Modelling the effect of slide table mass on machine tool energy consumption: The role of lightweighting,” SME Journal of Manufacturing Systems, 62, 2022, pp. 668-680.

  • Kara, S., M. Hauschild, J. Sutherland, T. McAloone, “Closed-loop systems to circular economy: A pathway to environmental sustainability?” CIRP Annals, Vol. 71(2), 2022, p. 505-528, ISSN 0007-8506,

  • Zhang, Y., Li, L., Liu, W., Li, L., Gao, Y., Cai, W., & Sutherland, J. W., “Dynamics analysis and energy consumption modelling based on bond graph: Taking the spindle system as an example,” SME Journal of Manufacturing Systems, 62, 2022, pp. 539-549.

  • Deng, S., Kpodzro, E., Maani, T., Li, Z., Huang, A., Yih, Y., Zhao, F., & Sutherland, J. W., “Planning a circular economy system for electric vehicles using network simulation,” SME Journal of Manufacturing Systems, 63, 2022, pp. 95-106.

  • Mathur, N., Sutherland, J. W., and Singh, S., "A study on end-of-life photovoltaics as a model for developing industrial synergistic networks." J. of Remanufacturing, 2022, in print,

  • Pérez-Cardona, J.R., T-Y. Huang, F. Zhao, J.W. Sutherland, A. Atifi, R.V. Fox, and D.L. Baek, “Molten Salt Electrolysis and Room Temperature Ionic Liquid Electrochemical Processes for Refining Rare Earth Metals: Environmental and Economic Performance Comparison”, Sustain. Energy Technol. Assess., 2022, 54, 102840,

  • Stegman, B., A. Shang, L. Hoppenrath, A. Raj, H. Abdel-Khalik, J. Sutherland, D. Schick, V. Morgan, K. Jackson, X. Zhang, "Volumetric energy density impact on mechanical properties of additively manufactured 718 Ni alloy," Materials Science and Engineering: A, Vol. 854, 143699, 2022,

  • Zhang, H., L. Li, L. Li, W. Cai, J. Liu, and J. W. Sutherland, “An integrated energy efficiency evaluation method for forging workshop based on IoT and data-driven, SME J. of Manufacturing Systems, Vol. 65, 2022, p. 510-527, ISSN 0278-6125,

  • Zhao, J., L. Li, C. Li, J.W. Sutherland, and L. Li, “Energy-aware sub-regional milling method for free-form surface based on clustering features,” SME J. of Manufacturing Processes, Vol. 84, 2022, p. 937-952, ISSN 1526-6125,

  • Zhang, P., F. Qiao, J. Wang, and J. W. Sutherland, “Novel Multi-Criteria Sustainable Evaluation for Production Scheduling Based on Fuzzy Analytic Network Process and Cumulative Prospect Theory-Enhanced VIKOR,” IEEE Robotics and Automation Letters, Vol. 7(4), 2022, p. 9969-9976, doi: 10.1109/LRA.2022.3192210.

  • Lee, W.J., B.G. Joung, and J.W. Sutherland, “Environmental and Economic Performance of Different Maintenance Strategies for a Product Subject to Efficiency Erosion,” Journal of Cleaner Production, in press,

  • Deng, S., Z. Xiao, W. Zhang, A. Noble, S. Das, Y. Yih, and J.W. Sutherland, “Economic Analysis of Precious Metal Recovery from Electronic Waste Through Gas-Assisted Microflow Extraction,” Resources, Conservation and Recycling, 190, 2022, p.106810.

  • Huang, A., Triebe, M.J., Li, Z., Wu, H., Joung, B.G., and Sutherland, J.W., “A Review of Research on Smart Manufacturing in Support of Environmental Sustainability,” Intl. J. Sust. Manf., Vol. 5 (2/3/4), 2022.

  • Sutherland, J.W., Skerlos, S.J., Haapala, K.R., Cooper, D., Zhao, F. and Huang, A., "Industrial Sustainability: Reviewing the Past and Envisioning the Future, ASME J. of Manuf. Sci. and Eng., 142(11), 2021, p. 110806.
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  • Ren, Y., Jin, H., Zhao, F., Qu, T., Meng, L., Zhang, C., Zhang, B., Wang, G. and Sutherland, J.W., "A Multiobjective Disassembly Planning for Value Recovery and Energy Conservation From End-of-Life Products," IEEE Trans. on Automation Science and Engineering, 18(2), 2021, p. 791.
  • Lee, W. J., Xia, K., Denton, N.L., Ribeiro, B. and Sutherland, J.W., "Development of a speed invariant deep learning model with application to condition monitoring of rotating machinery," Journal of Intelligent Manufacturing, 32, 2021, p. 1.
  • Wang, K., Li, X., Gao, L., Li, P. and Sutherland, J.W., "A Discrete Artificial Bee Colony Algorithm for Multiobjective Disassembly Line Balancing of End-of-Life Products," IEEE Transactions on Cybernetics, 2021.
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  • Peddireddy, D., Fu, X., Shankar, A., Wang, H., Joung, B. G., Aggarwal, V., Sutherland, J.W. and Jun, M.B.G., “Identifying manufacturability and machining processes using deep 3D convolutional networks,” SME Journal of Manufacturing Processes, Vol. 64, 2021 pp. 1336-1348.
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  • Deng, S., Prodius, D., Nlebedim, I.C., Huang, A., Yih, Y., Sutherland, J. W., “A Dynamic Price Model Based on Supply and Demand with Application to Techno-Economic Assessments of Rare Earth Element Recovery Technologies,” Sustainable Production and Consumption, 27, 2021, pp. 1718-1727.
  • Triebe, M.J., Zhao, F., & Sutherland, J.W., “Development of a Cost Model for Vertical Milling Machines to Assess Impact of Lightweighting,” J. of Manuf and Materials Processing, 5(4), 2021, p. 129.
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  • Wang, G., Li, F., Zhao, F., Zhou, L., Huang, A., Wang, L., & Sutherland, J. W., “A product carbon footprint model for embodiment design based on macro-micro design features,” Int J Adv Manuf Technol., 2021, 116(11), pp. 3839-3857.
  • Wu, H., Huang, A. & Sutherland, J.W., “Layer-wise relevance propagation for interpreting LSTM-RNN decisions in predictive maintenance,” Int J Adv Manuf Technol, 2021,
  • Chowdhury, N. A., Deng, S., Jin, H., Prodius, D., Sutherland, J. W., & Nlebedim, I. C. (2021). Sustainable Recycling of Rare-Earth Elements from NdFeB Magnet Swarf: Techno-Economic and Environmental Perspectives. ACS Sustainable Chemistry & Engineering. 9(47), 2021, pp.15915-15924.

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