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Seminars in Hearing Research (04/21/22) - Joshua Alexander

Author: M. Heinz
Event Date: April 21, 2022
Hosted By: Hari Bharadwaj
Time: 1030-1120
Location: LYLE 1150
Contact Name: Bharadwaj, Hari M
Contact Email:
Open To: All
Priority: No
School or Program: Biomedical Engineering
College Calendar: Show
Josh Alexander (Associate Professor, SLHS) will present "Modern Hearing Aid Technology to Improve Speech Intelligibility in Noise" at our next Seminars in Hearing Research at Purdue (SHRP) on April 21st at 1030-1120 in LYLE 1150.

Seminars in Hearing Research at Purdue (SHRP)


Date: Thursday, April 21,  2022


Time: 10:30 – 11:20 am

Location: LYLE 1150

Title: Modern Hearing Aid Technology to Improve Speech Intelligibility in Noise

Speaker: Joshua Alexander, PhD, Associate Professor, SLHS

Abstract: This talk will be an abbreviated overview of the contents of the fall 2021 issue of Seminars in Hearing on approaches currently being used to combat problems related to environmental and wind noise.  As the guest editor of this issue, the intended audience is professionals and students in audiology, hearing science, and engineering.  The goal is to bring the innovators and the users of the technology closer together by introducing each group to the nuances and limitations associated with the various solutions available today.  Technologies that will be discussed include classification, directional microphones, binaural signal processing, beamformers, motion sensors, and machine learning.

Zoom info (for remote attendees):

Meeting ID: 931 0815 8900 

Passcode: 11501150



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