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We're hiring a histologist!

We're hiring a histologist!

Event Date: February 2, 2024
We have an opening for an auditory histologist in the lab. Contact Mike ( if interested - especially if you are at ARO (let's talk).

***February 2024:


The Auditory Histological Technician will be responsible for evaluating the effects of noise and ototoxic exposures on cochlear and neural anatomy within the auditory system of rodents as part of NIH and DoD funded projects.  Responsibilities will include performing rodent perfusions, cochlear and brain dissections, immunohistochemical staining, imaging (brightfield, DIC, confocal) to quantify cochlear (e.g., hair-cell and stereocilial) damage as well as neural damage in the brain. Other responsibilities will include student training on dissections/histology/imaging, maintenance of the histology lab and microscope and associated software, histological data curation and backup, as well as general lab organization including ordering of supplies. Ability to keep accurate records and excellent organizational skills are essential.


If you are interested and at ARO 2024 this week, please email Mike Heinz to set up a time to discuss your experience and interests.


Formal appications must be submitted through Purdue's HR system: