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Interdisciplinary Engineering Program

The Interdisciplinary Engineering Program offers two baccalaureate degrees; Multidisciplinary Engineering (MDE) which is ABET accredited and Interdisciplinary Engineering Studies (IDES). MDE offers a variety of plans of study at the cutting edge of new and emerging areas of engineering. Students also have the option of creating a customized plan to suit their individual needs. IDES is designed for students who do not plan to practice as an engineer. IDES also offers a customized, student-designed option.

Why Multidisciplinary Engineering?

The Alex Plan

“Motorsports has been an interest of mine my whole life, and Multidisciplinary Engineering was the only major that allowed me to shape my classes towards my unique interest. I also excel greatly in small classroom environments, and no other engineering discipline can offer that. This is much more than a program, it's a community."

Alex Offenbach, Alumni in Multidisciplinary Engineering

Alex's multiple disciplines - 

CONCENTRATION: General Engineering
EMPHASIS: Mechanical Engineering
CAD MINOR: Purdue Polytechnic Institute