Bansal Research Group

Bansal Research Group at Purdue University is focused on reliability and sustainability challenges in electronic, optoelectronic, and heterogeneously integrated devices. Researchers are developing sustainable and stable materials for renewable energy and semiconductor packaging applications. The underlying theme of our research is to enable innovation and design of high-performance materials and devices by exploiting the fundamental connection between material structure/defects and resulting electro-thermo-chemo-mechanical device degradation mechanisms and develop solutions to mitigate degradation. We follow a unified approach of device and materials modeling, fabrication, testing and characterization. Our current research focuses on (1) dimensionally modified halide perovskite and chalcogenide materials for emitters, detectors, photovoltaic and photocatalytic devices (2) dimensionally modified materials for semiconductor packaging (3) electro-thermo-mechanical reliability of thin-film solar cells (4) electro-thermo-mechanical reliability of semiconductor packages: thermal interface materials, chip-to-package interconnects, through Si (substrate) vias, embedded interfaces (5) extreme environment semiconductor packaging. In addition to research, Bansal is passionate about workforce development and spends significant effort on student mentoring and research.

Dr. Shubhra Bansal is an Associate Professor at Purdue University with a joint appointment in School of Mechanical Engineering and School of Materials Engineering.