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Prof. Amisha Shah receives Instructional Excellence Award

EEE Assistant Professor, Amisha Shah is the recipient of the Society of Environmental and Ecological Engineers (SEEE) Instructional Excellence Award.

This award recognizes an EEE faculty member for outstanding achievement in the area of teaching with an emphasis on the past academic year. Students in the EEE undergraduate degree program vote for an instructor based on the faculty member's commitment to student success, ability to effectively communicate the material to students, and desire to motivate students to learn.

Shah’s nominations included a repeating thread of praises on her passion for the classes she teaches and her eagerness to help students understand the material, however long it takes.

Maddy Callahan (President, SEEE) (left) and John W. Sutherland (Professor and Fehsenfeld Family Head, Environmental and Ecological Engineering) (right), present EEE Assistant Professor, Amisha Shah with the 2018 SEEE Instructional Excellence Award at the 2018 EEE Recognition Night.


“Well, of course, I am honored the award was voted on by the undergraduate students,” Shah said. “I hope they work hard and are inspired to use this educational experience to do great things in the future.”

This award provides additional significance due to Shah being the first female recipient.

“I think I can speak for all of my female cohorts by saying that it is always nice to be acknowledged for our hard work,” Shah said. “We all want to see the students do well.”