Ph.D. Students

  • Karim A. ElSayed
  • Ian Walter
  • Vikranth Gadi
  • Athul Chakkithara Dharmarajan
  • Wangchuan (Bradley) Feng
  • Zichong Yang

M.S. Students

  • Robert Seif


    Alumni - PhD

  • Murtuza Shergadwala (PhD, 2020): Sequential Information Acquisition and Decision Making in Design Contests: Theoretical and Experimental Studies.
  • Adam Dachowicz (PhD, 2020): Tailored Traceability and Provenance Determination in Manufacturing (co-advised with Mikhail Atallah).
  • Ashish Chaudhari (PhD, 2020): Information Acquisition in Engineering Design: Descriptive Models and Behavioral Experiments.
  • Piyush Pandita (PhD, 2019): Bayesian Optimal Design of Experiments for Expensive Black-Box Functions under Uncertainty (co-advised with Ilias Bilionis).
  • Siva Chaduvula (PhD, 2019): Secure Co-Design: Confidentiality Preservation in Online Engineering Collaborations (co-advised with Mikhail Atallah, CS). Recipient of 2020 Best Dissertation Award from the ASME Computers and Information in Engineering (CIE) division.
  • Joseph D Thekinen (PhD, 2018): Analysis & Design of Mechanisms for Complex Systems.
  • Zhenghui Sha (PhD, 2015): Decision-centric Foundations for Complex Systems Engineering and Design. Recipient of 2017 Best Dissertation Award from the ASME Computers and Information in Engineering (CIE) division.
  • Ahmad Taha (PhD, 2015): Secure Estimation, Control and Optimization of Uncertain CPSs with Applications to Power Systems (co-advised by Oleg Wasynczuk).
  • Qize Le (PhD, 2012 from Washington State University): Analysis and Modeling of the Product Structure and Community Structure in Open Source Processes.
  • Alumni - MS

  • Atharva Sonanis (MS, 2023): A Multi-Fidelity Modeling and Experimental Testbed for Testing and Evaluation of Learning-based Systems
  • Vikranth Kattukuri (MS, 2019): Failures in Spacecraft Systems: An Analysis From the Perspective of Decision Making.
  • Ashish Chaudhari (MS, 2017): Crowdsourcing for Engineering Design: Theoretical and Experimental Studies.
  • Parth Paritosh (MS, 2017): Gaussian Process Dynamical Models for Designing Multi-stage Manufacturing Processes (co-advised with Ilias Bilionis).
  • Naman Mandhan (MS, 2016): A Decentralized 3D Printing Framework Based on Gale Shapley Matching.
  • Sainath Varikuti (MS, 2014): A Web-based Online Collaboration Platform for Formulating Engineering Design Projects.
  • Bryant Hawthorne (MS, 2012): Towards Feed-In-Tariff Policy Design Considering Multiple Objectives and Incomplete Preferences.
  • Yiwen Liu (MS, 2011 from Washington State University): Evaluating the Technical, Economic, and Environmental Impact of the Level of Decentralization in Energy Investment Decisions.
  • Marc Somers (MS, 2011 from Washington State University): Collective Innovation Ecosystem for Design Courses.
  • HaoYun Huang (MS, 2010 from Washington State University): Analysis of the Structure and Evolution of an Open-Source Community.