Previous Students & Staff

  1. Sivanandan S. Harilal, Research Associate Professor of Nuclear Engineering (2008 - 2014) (Currently at PNNL)
  2. Filippo Genco, Ph.D. (10-14) Thesis title: Response of plasma facing components in Tokamaks due to intense energy deposition using Particle-In-Cell (PIC) methods (Currently at ALHOSN University, UAE)
  3. Nicole LaHaye, Ph.D. (10-14) Thesis title: Optimization of LA and signal enhancement for nuclear material detection (Currently at PNNL)
  4. Justin Freeman, Ph.D. (10-14) Thesis title: Optimization of LPPs for nanolithography and materials detection (currently at DTRA)
  5. Anoop Kiliyanamkandy (2014 summer) Visiting graduate student
  6. Alice Hu Ph.D. (09-14)
  7. Nicholaus O McKenna, Undergraduate Research Assistant (2013-2014)
  8. Kaitlin D Grundy, Undergraduate Research Assistant (2013-2014)
  9. Emily Gordon, MSNE (2012-2014)
  10. Al-Montaser BA Al-Ajlony Ph.D. (2009-2014)
  11. Ghadeer Hamzeh Al-Malkawi, Ph.D. (2009-2014)
  12. Anastassiya Suslova, MSNE (2012-2014)
  13. Xue Yang, Ph.D. (2009-2014)
  14. Dr. Amitava Roy (08/2013-10/2013), Visiting Scientist, Fyzikální ústav AV CR, Czech Republic
  15. Khaled Al-Shboul, Ph.D. (08-13), Thesis Title: Effect of Colliding Plasmas Dynamics, Evolution, and Stagnation on Carbon Molecular Formation
  16. Mark Catalfano MSNE (09-13), Thesis Title: Electron roles in EUVL mirror contamination and flasover,
  17. Norris Watkins II, Summer 2013, Tuskegee University, NSF-PIRE exchange student
  18. Jonathan Rocha, Summer 2013, Tuskegee University, NSF-PIRE exchange student
  19. Zhou Pu, (2012-2013), Graduate Research Student
  20. Nazar Farid (01/2013-07/2013), Dalian University of Technology, Dalian, China,
  21. Dr. Aloke Kanjilal (2010-2012), Postdoctoral Fellow (Currently Asso. Prof. at Shiv Nadar Univ. Delhi,
  22. Amina Hussein (Summer 2012), McGill University Canada (Undergraduate visiting researcher)
  23. Matthew Crank MSNE (09-12), Thesis Title: Spectral analysis of solid and gas target LPP water-window sources
  24. Brandon Verhoff MSNE (10-12), Thesis Title: Expansion dynamics and angular emission features of ns and fs LPPs (Currently at Cymer San Diego) Email:
  25. Matthew Fields, MSNE (09-11). Thesis Title: Effects of Ru mirror contamination and Sn LPP debris for EUV lithography applications
  26. Ryan Coons, MSNE (08-11), Thesis Title: A comparison of the emissions, densities, temperatures, and debris features of laser-produced plasmas (Cymer San Diego);
  27. Walter Schostak, Undergraduate Research Assistant (05/11-08/11)
  28. Patrick Ochynski,Undergraduate Research Assistant (05/11-08/11)
  29. Andrew M Oldiges, Undergraduate Research Assistant (05/11-08/11)
  30. David Campos, MSNE (08-10), Thesis title: Emission characteristics of Nd:YAG and CO2 Laser-produced Tin plasmas for EUVL source development. (Currently at UW Madison)
  31. Yimeng Shi, MSNE (08-10), Thesis title: Modeling and mechanisms of macroscopic erosion of melt layers of PFC in fusion reactors.



  1. Dr. Atsushi Sunahara, Osaka University, Japan (Visit, 02/14)
  2. Mr. Kazushige Takaki, Osaka University, Japan (Visit 02/14)
  3. Prof. Igor Tralle, Rzeszowski University, Poland (visit, 05/2013)
  4. Dr. Krzysztof Kucab, Rzeszowski University, Poland (visit, 05/2013)
  5. Dr. Pawel Jakubczyk, Rzeszowski University, Poland (visit, 05/2013)
  6. M.S. Klaudiusz Majchrowski, Rzeszowski University, Poland (visit, 05/2013)
  7. Dr. Wioletta Pasko, Rzeszowski University, Poland (visit, 05/2013)
  8. Prof. Reji Philip, Raman Research Institute, India (visit, 07/2012)
  9. Prof. Igor Tralle, Rzeszowski University, Poland (visit, 04/2012)
  10. Dr. Jeremy Yeak, PM&AM, TX (visit, 03/2012)
  11. Prof. Toshinori Yabuuchi, Osaka University (visit, 03/2012)
  12. Dr. Atsushi Sunahara, Osaka University, Japan (Visit, 01/11)
  13. Dr. Riju C. Issac, University of Strathclyde, Glasgow UK (visit, 01/11)
  14. Dr. Padraig Hough, Dublin City University, Ireland (visit, 10/09)